Indian girl fucked by his brothers friend

Indian girl fucked by his brothers friend
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The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 18 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 18. Enjoy. _______________________________________________________ Mom and Dad and my twin sister and I had gone to visit Grandpa about six months after Grandma had died.

It was about a ten-hour drive to get to his house. We were going to stay for five days. Grandpa had a pretty large four-bedroom house with a pool on the edge of town. We had always had fun visiting him and Grandma as we grew up.

The last time we were here was about a month after the funeral and things were still pretty sad that trip. My name is Donna and my sister is Debbie. We were eightteen about two months ago. My mom and dad are Dick and Jane. We always laugh because of the story about Jack and Jill go up a hill because a few weeks ago a friend told us a different version of it, which made us laugh.

It went. '' Dick and Jane went up a hill. They each had a quarter. Jane came down with fifty cents. They didn't go up for water.'' Grandpa is Paul. He is in his late fifties. He is still pretty active for an old person. He plays ball and tag and other stuff with us out in the big back yard and can swim faster than either Debbie or me. We had been sent to bed a little after nine thirty. We think that we are too old to be going to bed that early. We have our own room at Grandpa's and share a queen-sized bed.

It was a hot summer night. We had taken off our nighties because we have found out how good it feels to play with each other's boobies and rub each other between the legs.

I looked at the clock when I heard Mom, Dad and Grandpa tell each other good night. It was about eleven. Not long after, I we heard noises from down the hall and got up, put on our nighties and went to look. We thought we knew what it was and we were right. We followed the noise to Mom and Dad's room. We peeked in and we were right. Teen sucks bfs cock as he is penetrating her stepmoms pussy and Dad were making love.

They were naked and Dad was on top of Mom, between her legs, and his butt slippery wet oral sex hardcore and blowjob going up and down. Mom giggled and said "Dick me Dick." We watched for a couple of minutes and then started back to our room.

We knew that this is how people make babies and that they also do it for fun because it feels good. We had seen them before at home.

Mom had given us 'the talk' and told us that we should not do it till we were married but then we would find that it was very enjoyable one girl three boys xxxx well as being the way to make babies when we were ready.

She said that she hoped to have several grand children but not too soon. At school, what the teacher said made it sound more like they expected us to start doing it soon and they told us about condoms and venereal diseases and stuff.

On the way back to our room we noticed that Grandpa's door was also open a little. We all left our doors open a little to let the cooler night air flow through the house. We had peeked in Grandpa's room the last time we were here and we saw him sleeping naked on his back.

He had kicked the sheet off of him because it was so hot. The moon was almost full so we could see pretty good and we smiled at each other as we took a look at his penis. This trip was about a month later so the moon was full again but this time Grandpa was sitting up and he had his penis in his hand. It was big and stiff and he was moving his hand up and down on it.

He had his eyes closed. As we both tried to look in the little bit that the door was open, one of us bumped it and it swung open with a squeak. Grandpa opened his eyes and looked toward the door. We were about to run when he put his finger to his lips, "Shhhh." He waved for us to come in. I looked at Debbie.

We went into the room. Grandpa motioned for us to close the door and I did. He spoke savita bhabhi cartoon xxx story. "Were you girls watching me?" We nodded yes. "Have you ever seen a man jerk off before?" I guessed that jerk off meant what he was doing with his penis. He still had his hand around it and it was still stiff but he beauteous bitch likes being nailed by large rods stroking it any more.

We both shook our heads no. "I heard your mom and dad fucking and it made me really feel like my cock needed attention. I sure miss your grandma a whole lot.

We loved each other so much and really liked to fuck." About the only time we had heard the word fuck before was when some of the kids at school talked. We had never heard an adult use it. "Have you ever seen a man squirt?

I mean come." Debbie said that we had never seen a penis up close, only mom and dad when we peeked at them a couple of times and yours a month ago when we saw you sleeping without any clothes on. She said that we knew that that was what went into the woman to make a baby. "When you are an adult and not talking to a doctor you call it a cock and you call your parts a cunt or a pussy. Your boobies are usually called tits. Would you like to see my cock come." We nodded yes.

"Take off your nighties and jump up on my bed." We looked at each other for a second, then we both grinned and pulled our nighties over our head and dropped them on the floor. Grandpa turned on the lamp beside his bed. "You saw me stroking my cock up and down with my hand. I want you to take turns doing that and pretty soon my cock will come for you." I asked, "Who goes first?" Grandpa did einee, meanie, minie, moe and I won. I giggled and put my hand around his cock.

My hand would not go all the way around it. I could put both of my hands around it and my grandpa's cockhead still poked out past my little hands.

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It was a lot bigger than I had thought when we were looking at it from the doorway. I wondered how something like that would ever fit inside of a girl. He put is hand on mine and showed me how to move it up and down.

It felt funny. It was hard inside but the outer skin was soft and smooth and moved without the inside moving, and it was very warm. He took his hand off and I kept stroking his cock.

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In my mind I kept thinking about the word cock and how adult it sounded. About each minute Debbie and I would switch. After several minutes, I was the one that made Grandpa come. He moaned and kind of stiffened up.

I was about to stop because I was afraid that he was being hurt when his cock spurted thick white stuff from the little hole in the end if it. We knew that it was his baby making stuff. Some flew up onto his stomach and some dripped down onto my hand.

I took my hand away but Grandpa put it back and told me to stroke it some more. Soon it started to get soft and smaller and he told me to stop. Grandpa looked at Debbie. "Honey, you didn't get to make my cock come this time so you can rub what is in my tummy in, like you do sun tan lotion. Debbie reached over and rubbed it in. "It feels a little like sun tan lotion too, Grandpa." His cockhead was still covered with his thick cum.

"Donna, rub what's on your worthwhile casting for young beautiful bitches hardcore blowjob onto Debbie's tits." I did as my grandpa said. Debbie moaned and pushed her tits into my hand as I rubbed grandpa's cum in. "Now I want each of you to lean over and taste the cum that is still there on my cockhead.

Debbie wouldn't do it but I did. It tasted salty and a little bitter but not bad. It was thick and slimy. When I lifted my head a little string of it was hanging from my lips. Debbie laughed at me.

Grandpa asked, "May I touch your titties?" We both nodded yes. Debbie said, "We know that feels good. We like to touch each other." We were very much alike. We both and just gotten out boobies and they were still just A-cups.

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Grandpa smiled as he reached out and rubbed each of our tits. Then he leaned forward and kissed and licked each of them. It felt better that when we rubbed each other. "That's enough for tonight, little ones. Thank you. I really liked that. I love you. Now off to your room." "We liked it too Grandpa. Can we do it again?" I asked.

"We'll see" was his reply. Debbie picked up our nighties and peeked down the hall to make sure it was clear, then went back to our room. Before we went to sleep we kissed and licked each other's titties like Grandpa had done and rubbed each others pussies till it felt real good.

We both commented that we were the wettest down there that we had ever been. Then we went to sleep hoping that we would get to spend some more time in Grandpa's bed. 1110

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