Sexy brunette latina isabella christyn interracial and creampie

Sexy brunette latina isabella christyn interracial and creampie
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The Bimbo Formula Chapter 8: Fucking the Bimbo's Ass by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Frank Donna Wilson's face went red with anger as I grinned at her. Then she giggled. I had promised to fuck her ass after injecting her with the bimbo serum.

She was the tenth woman in the living room that had received the treatment. The other nine, all married, were already beginning their changes, their frumpy bodies becoming busty and beautiful. "You are not going to." Another giggle escaped Donna's lips. She shook her head. "What is going on?" Today was the bimbo party. My wife, Alice, and I had gathered ten women, each paying $1000, to give the serum to.

We needed money to expand our operations. Alice and my other three bimbo wives were entertaining the husbands at our house, the entire event recorded by GoPro cameras I left about the living room. I wanted recorded evidence of how naughty my wives were. I would spank each of their asses while watching their performance.

I took the ten women to a house up the street belonging to Ryan, a former Alpha Male that had been neutered by Alice's chemical. He now stood in the corner, eyes downcast, as the women began to change. More cameras were set up in the living room to record their transformation and the orgy that would follow. Bimbo women were so horny. I hadn't expected on Donna Wilson being one of the ten. She had been my wife's supervisor when we both worked at BT Chemical. But the bitch owner of the company, Ms.

Beigh, had fired us both. Now I had Donna in my grasp. It was no coincidence she was here. Ms. Beigh had learned of my chemical and wanted it for herself. A plan formed in my mind. "Oh, wow," giggled Kimberly Carter, a blonde with a blotchy face. "It is getting so hot in here. Oh, my." "You're growing titties," laughed Natalie D'Angelo, a frumpy housewife wearing too tight pants allowing her fat gut to spill over it as a muffin top.

Now that gut was rapidly vanishing and sexy hips were forming. She grew into those tight pants. "So are you," Kimberly nodded. She reached out and grabbed Natalie's swelling tits through her tight top. "Wow, they're growing in my hands." Donna Wilson shook her head as her short, black hair sprouted, growing in long, luxurious waves down a face that had resembled a pissed off bulldog but not softened into feminine beauty.

She was short, but the bimbo serum addressed that, her legs lengthening in her sweat pants. They fell off her hips as they narrowed into a more feminine shape, exposing just how gorgeous those legs were now. "Mmm, you are turning hot, Donna." "I am," she grinned and giggled. "No, wait, I'm not happy with you. You can't fuck my ass." "But I'm your Doctor," I told her. "And you have to do what your doctor says, right?" Donna's now beautiful face furrowed as she tried to think.

Another giggle escaped her lips. There were a lot giggles echoing through the room. The women were all admiring their new bodies, their clothing stretched by large, round breasts while pants had trouble staying up as their hips had narrowed.

They were lean and sexy, a garden of hot, busty women. "I guess you're right, Doctor Frank," she giggled. "But your a doctor of.of.chem.chemisie." "Chemistry," I corrected. "But I'm also your medical doctor now." "Oh," she nodded, her brown eyes wide. She licked her lips. "It's so hot in here." "It is," Kimberly said, her face no longer blotchy, her lips lush and kissable. "My big titties need to breathe." "They do," Natalie gasped, her eyes wide. "I didn't know titties could breathe." She looked down at her new boobs stretching her sweater.

Kimberly's hands were still on them, and the busty MILF squeezed Natalie's tits. "Yes, they do," Kimberly giggled. "And they can't breathe through this sweater. Right, Dr. Frank?" "Right, Ladies," I smiled. "In fact, let's everyone get naked so we can see the results." They obeyed.

My dick throbbed in my pants as ten bimbos stripped naked before me, including Donna Wilson. I knew Alice and I would enjoy getting payback with the bitch, and Donna would enjoy every minute of it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice The nine men in my living room cheered as Janet pulled down my panties. I was so wet. It was exciting dancing for the men in my sexy lingerie.

I had ground on Janet, and that made all there poor cocks so hard. It was so mean of us to make them hard. We would have to use our bodies to satisfy them as my husband transformed their wives. I bet Frank was so hard now, too, and those ten women would have to work so hard to relive his aching cock.

I had enhanced his dick with my super smart sciency powers. "Mmm," Janet purred as she stared up at me. My bestest friend-wife placed my panties against her face and inhaled my soaked crotch. I was so wet and hot. All these men watched us. And one was Black. I <em>loooved</em> Black men.

Their cocks were so big and thick. The biggest cocks, even bigger than Frank's. I loved my husband and his dick, after all I was his number one bestest wife, but there was something so wonderfully naughty about a Black man's dark dick thrusting into my White pussy.

It made me such a naughty wife. "Who wants her panties?" giggled Janet as she stood up. She was completely naked, her large breasts jiggling. They were bigger than my impressive tits.

Her nipples pressed into my boobs, separated only by the thin cloth of my nightie. All the men wanted my panties. "Oh, no, who should I give them to?" Janet gasped, biting her lip. "You can't all have them." "I have an idea," giggled Becca, our third wife.

The young blonde, busty bimbo had Nicole's red panties over her head, wearing it like a hat. Nicole, our cop wife, wore Becca's sky-blue panties on hers. They were both naked and grinding on each other's legs. "What?" I giggled. "Why don't you give it to the guy with the biggest cock." My eyes widened. "Wow, that is the bestest idea, Becca.

You're so smart." Becca beamed as she ground on Nicole to the music, her blonde hair bouncing about her youthful face. She was the youngest of Frank's four wives. He was allowed to have more because Doctors could be polgummist. Polgummy was so wonderful and sweet and tasty, and always made me hungry for gummy bears. "Come on, boys," giggled Janet. "Let's see those hard cocks. Show big ass cuaght in fitting room with hidden cam how excited we made you." "I can't believe this is happening," one man groaned as he unzipped his pants.

"What about our wives," another man asked. "Fuck them," a third groaned, producing a thick, throbbing dick. "They're getting their beauty treatment. They won't ever know." "That's right," I giggled. "Come on, show us your dicks. We love cocks. Don't we girls?" "So much," moaned Nicole. "It's what makes us such naughty wives. We have to be spanked all the time." "All the time," giggled Becca.

"Look at how red my ass is. I was so naughty with the delivery man." More cocks came out. The men all sat on the couches and chairs in the living room. Their dicks all bobbed and waved before them. Most were about the same size, but two stood out, and the biggest belonged to the only Black man. My pussy clenched as I stared at the thick, throbbing slab of ebony cock. I snagged my panties from Janet. "I think we have a clear winner." "Course it's the Black man," a White guy groaned.

I sauntered to the Black man and his big cock. His eyes were fixed on my big, bouncing tits. I brushed off my red hair from my shoulders, making sure he had an unobstructed view. His dick was so thick and hard. He was in so much pain. He needed relief. And so did my pussy. I straddled his knees, almost pressing my tits in his face as I pulled the panties down over his head. I giggled at my panties digging into his short hair, the elastic band tight about his forehead.

His hands seized my thighs. "Damn, you are one sexy woman," he groaned. "And my wife is going to be as sexy as you when the treatment is finished?" "Oh, yes," I smiled. "She'll be sexy and horny and so eager for this cock." "You like my cock?" he grinned. "Yes," I moaned.

"I <em>loooove</em> Black cocks. They're so thick and dark. They make me feel like such a naughty wife." I giggled again. "I love being naughty. Then Frank has to spank me and discipline me." I squirmed, my pussy growing more excited. "Have you ever given a lap dance before?" I shook my head. "What's that?" "Something every girl as hot as you should know," he grinned, his teeth so white between his dark lips.

"I should," I gasped. "Oh, no. You need to teach me. If it is something I need to know." A flutter of panic washed through me. Why didn't Frank every tell me that I needed to know how to give a lap dance?

"What do I need to do?" "First, you need to turn around and press that fine, White ass right on my cock." "Okay," I groaned, turning around, his cock rubbing on my ass through the nightie.

He was so thick and I loved the way he pressed the satin against my skin as I wiggled into place. "Like this?" "You don't need this." His hands pulled off my nightie, sliding the smooth fabric up my body.

My nipples tingled as they were caressed. All the excitement and sensations rushed down to my wet pussy. I groaned and wiggled as his cock pressed between the cheeks of my naked ass. His hands brushed my tits right before they popped out, big and bouncing. Then he threw my nightie to the ground. "Now I'm ready?" I asked. His hands rubbed up and down my thighs. They were so strong, and I loved how dark they were against my pale skin.

"Now you just dance and grind to the music while rubbing that fine ass on my cock. That's a lap dance" "Oh, okay," I smiled. Becca, Janet, and Nicole ground on each other, Becca sandwiched in the middle. Janet humped against Becca's ass.

My bestest friend wife had her big tits rubbing into Becca's back while the men cheered. My three wives looked so hot as they danced. "You have to start dancing," the Black man groaned. "Right, sorry," I giggled. "I got distracted." "You're an airhead, ain't you?" "A bimbo," I moaned as I let the music thudding through the room guide me. I wiggled my hips and ground back into his thick cock. He pressed between the cheeks of my ass and I ground up and down on him, my big titties bouncing.

"Ooh, I like this. Do you like it?" "Fuck, yes," he groaned. "Your butt-cheeks are so soft around my cock." I clenched my butt, squeezing my cheeks down on his cock as I worked my ass up and down. My asshole tingled as his cock rubbed against it. His precum beaded out of his cock, wetting my butt and lubing the way for it to slide up and down between the cheeks of my ass.

His hands roamed my body. I moaned at his touch, so glad we was teaching me how to lap dance My pussy clenched and tingled as his ebony cuties yasmine loven and jayden starr, big hands caressed me. He rubbed my thighs, massaged my stomach in circles, and squeezed my big titties.

"Oh, yes, I love lap-dancing," I gasped as his dark fingers rolled my fat, pink nipples. The pleasure shot down to my pussy. I shuddered and clenched my butt-cheeks on his thick cock, humping him faster and faster. "So good." "Damn, you are a slut," he groaned. "You are just horny. I bet you are drenched between your thighs." "So drenched," I groaned as his hand slid down and pressed between my legs. "Oh, yes. Rub me there. I love having my little clitty played with." His fingers rubbed at my clit.

I gasped as the pleasure shot through me. I bucked and shuddered, my hips spasming wildly as I lap-danced. My big titties rose and bounce, slapping loudly against my chest as I jerked up. And came down right on his cock. "Oh, yes," I gasped as my pussy impaled on his thick, Black cock. "Fuck," he grunted. His big, thick, throbbing, ebony shaft stretched my pussy.

My head tossed back, my red hair flying, as the pleasure raced through me. My pussy almost ached in pain as trine force sex with hot dick stretched me out.

He was so wide. I groaned and clenched my teeth as his cock buried all the way into my depths. "I'm stuffed so full of your big, Black cock," I screamed out. His fingers massaging at my clit sent sparks shooting to my stuffed pussy.

I bucked and groaned, continuing to lap dance as I rubbed my back into his muscular chest. Hot pregnant blonde is engulfing a throbbing dick on the couch pussy clenched and spasmed as my orgasm burst through me.

"Yes, yes, I'm cumming on his Black dick. Oh, yes. It's so good. Fuck, fuck, fuck." I lap-danced and spasmed on his thick cock. My pussy writhed about his shaft. Petite teens vs big boobed milfs ass to mouth love samanta blaze luna rival victoria summers rebecca pleasure rippled through me.

My big tits heaved as the pleasure kept swelling and swelling. His fingers rubbed hard at my clit, prolonging my bliss and keeping me cumming. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure overwhelmed me. I gasped and bucked, loving every moment of his thick cock buried into my pussy. His Black dick in my White cunt. His dark hands squeezed my tit and rubbed at my clit.

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I was in heaven. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped. "So good." My eyes opened. Janet squealed. One of the men had moved to her and shoved his cock into her pussy from behind as she ground on Becca.

My bestest friend-wife moaned and groaned, clearly in a world of bliss as she writhed between the man and Becca. "Fuck me," gasped Janet. "Oh, yes. Use my body to satisfy your aching cock. Don't be afraid. I'm here to help. I'm such a good woman." A frenzied moan burst from the other men.

It was like they had transformed into hungry sharks, and we were their succulent prey. They pulled Nicole and Becca apart and pushed them to their knees. My wives gasped in delight as they were fucked. Becca ended up on her knees, her big titties swaying beneath her as she was pounded from behind. "Keep dancing, slut," the Black man moaned in my ear.

"Time to make me cum." "Yes, yes," I moaned. I leaned forward and worked my hips, sliding my pussy up and down his cock. My fading orgasm made my pussy tingle around his dick. I shuddered, loving how big felt as I slid up and down his girth. He was so thick inside of me. My pussy clenched and relaxed on him as I bounced up and down his dick. "I need a piece of the slut, too," groaned another man. He seized my red hair and pulled pretty gals having lots of enjoyment masturbation smalltits head down.

I groaned as his cock slammed into my mouth. He fucked my face up and down his dick, almost hurting me as he pulled my hair. I was so helpless, trapped by his hands. It made my pussy so hot. I sucked on the man's cock as he fucked my mouth.

His cock dived down my throat. I swallowed him—I was a deep-throating, bimbo cocksucker—and I tried to work my pussy up and down the Black man's dick. But it was so hard when I was bent over. "Damn," groaned the Black man.

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"Fuck the slut's mouth. She loves it. Her pussy keeps clenching on my dick." "She's a fucking whore," ideal teenie is geeting pissed on and squirts wet twat the man fucking my mouth. "You think our wives will be like her?" "Probably." The Black man fucked his hips up, bouncing me on his lap as he fucked me.

The chair groaned beneath him as his wonderful, hard dick slid in and out of my pussy. I groaned and shuddered, loving every minute of his dick reaming my pussy.

I clamped my pussy down on his dick, loving the friction. Another orgasm burst inside of me as the two men used my body to satiate their hard cocks. I was such a naughty wife to fuck both these men. I sucked hard as the dick slammed down my throat and heavy balls smacked my lips. "What a slut," groaned the man fucking my mouth. His salty precum stained my tongue as he pounded me. "Shit, she can take cock." "Yes, she can." The Black man smacked my ass. The sharp, stinging pain flooded to my pussy.

I gasped and came again. My pussy spasmed about his dick. I moaned about the cock slamming down my throat as I bucked between the two men. I sucked so hard as I came. I loved it. Their two dicks sent such wonderful flutters through my body. I savored how naughty I was as my pussy massaged the Black man's thick dick.

The pleasure rushed through my body, crashing into my brain. "Fuck," the Black man groaned, adding his moans to the chorus of gasping bimbos and grunting men. The room smelled of sex.

Hot pussy. Sweat. Salty cum. Becca already had cum dripping down her sides and to her big tits dangling beneath her. Janet shuddered as the man fucking her pulled out. Salty jizz leaked down her thighs. Another man took the first's place, plunging into her sloppy depths.

My orgasm reached its peak. I loved it. My pussy spasmed its final time before my pleasure retreated, leaving me almost floating between the two men, drifting on a cloud of wonderful, naughty bliss. "What a slut," groaned the Black man. "What a bimbo, fucking slut." "Yes," grunted the other man.

His balls smacked my chin. They were so heavy with his cum. I wanted her jizz. I sucked hard. "Damn, she's a cock-hungry bitch. Shit." Hot, salty cum flooded my mouth. I shuddered, a small orgasm rippling through my pussy as the jizz coated my tongue and mouth. I let it pool inside of my mouth, savoring how depraved and naughty it was to drink another man's cum. I was married. My pussy clenched on the Black man's thrusting dick. "Shit!" he grunted and flooded my pussy with his seed.

I swallowed cum and savored the jizz filling my pussy. He pulled me down his shaft and grunted with every blast. So much hot spunk filled me.

It sloshed around inside my pussy. He let go of me and I slipped off his lap, both dicks popping out of me. "Ooh, that was fun," I panted. "Thank you for teaching me how to lap dance. It's such a fun way to fuck." The Black man laughed hard. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank I may have overestimated the aggressiveness of ten bimbo women when I told them, "You each need a dose of my cum or your transformation will end and you'll be ugly again." "I don't want to transform back," Kimberly moaned.

"I'm so hot now." "Look at my titties," groaned Margaret, displaying her large, firm titties gracing her now hot, curvy body. "I can't lose them." The sexy, naked women swarmed me. Their hands pulled off my lab coat. I groaned as they practically ripped my clothing off. Their hands rubbed my bodies and fondled my cock.

They surrounded me, all pressing their big tits against me as they rubbed my body. My dick was in heaven. Three different married women grasped my dick, stroking me. My cock throbbed in their hands. This was so hot. I reached out, fondling breasts, pussy, and asses. The women giggled and cooed as they writhed against each other. Kimberly was the first to get my cock in her mouth. Her warm, wet hole sucked on my dick. Her tongue swirled and sucked hard, eager to get my cum.

Natalie knelt beside her, kissing at Kimberly's cheeks as she tried to get to my cock. "Relax, ladies," I groaned. "There's plenty of me to go around." I had been enhanced by Alice's serum.

I could fuck all night. Natalie's lips found their ways to my balls, sucking and nibbling. The other women, their horny bodies rubbing against each other, cooed and purred. Their hands went exploring, caressing each other. Donna found herself sucking on Margarete's big, dusky nipples.

"That's it, ladies," I groaned. "Explore each other. Your bodies were made to be enjoyed. Don't be shy. Good bimbos love women almost as much as men." "Wow," Margarete gasped. "I never knew I should love women." "Yep," I grinned. "You're all bisexual now. Explore, enjoy." My dick throbbed in Kimberly's sucking mouth as the women descended into a lesbian orgy. Natalie abandoned my balls to lick her way down Kimberly's body.

The married woman's mouth moaned about my dick as Natalie pressed between Kimberly's thighs and licked at her pussy. "Oh, wow, Dr. Frank, she milf eva notty fucking with teen couple so yummy," moaned Natalie. "I didn't know. Pussy is so sweet. Mmm, it's so juicy and delicious." "Let me taste," Donna pouted.

She pulled Natalie's head away and kissed Natalie's pussy-stained lips. The two women fell to the ground, writhing and moaning, their big tits pressing together. Donna was on top, her ass clenching and writhing as she ground her pussy hard against Natalie's while they madly kissed. I cocked my head, watching their two pussies, both bare of any hair, rubbing together. Their vulvas were flushed red with excitement, their labia parted to reveal their wet, pink depths.

Juices ran out of Donna's pussy into Natalie's as they writhed and tribbed each other. "Damn, that is hot," I groaned as I fucked my cock deep into Kimberly's mouth. Margarete formed a daisy chain with two other women, the trio happily munching on each other's cunts. The remaining four women broke into pairs and sixty-nine.

A Black woman devoured her White partner's pussy, her tongue flicking through all her folds. I was in heaven. I hoped the cameras really were recording all the hot wife action. "That's it, slut, suck my cock," I growled as I fucked Kimberly's mouth.

I grabbed her blonde hair as I pounded her perfect face. My dick pressed against the back of her throat. I wanted to bury my dick down it and feel her tight throat constrict about it. But she resisted me. I tried again. Her eyes widened, fear shining in her depths as she choked and coughed.

"It's okay," I told her. "It's all part of the procedure. Relax and swallow my cock. Good bimbos do that. Just relax." Kimberly did, her eyes growing softer as I pressed on her throat. She swallowed and my dick slipped inside. She moaned about my oily eve lawrence get fucked hard on bed, her throat so tight and hot. The humming caresses shot up my cock to my balls resting on her lips.

"That's it," I grunted. "You're doing so well, slut. You're a good, bimbo wife. You're following your doctor's instruction." She moaned and it sounded like she tried to say, "Yes, Doctor," but I couldn't be sure. I fucked her face, holding onto her blonde hair as I watched the lesbian, bimbo orgy around me. Donna tribbed Natalie faster, my wife's former boss shuddering atop Natalie.

Donna's gorgeous ass clenched as she humped and fucked the woman. I would enjoy fucking that ass. Donna owed my wife and I for all the shit she pulled when we worked for BT Chemical. I fucked Kimberly's mouth faster. My balls smacked into her chin. I loved the meaty sound. Kimberly sucked and moaned. My dick ached, my orgasm approaching. I fucked her mouth faster, eager to explode. "I'm going to cum in your mouth, slut, but you can't swallow," I told her.

"Okay?" She moaned in agreement. "Then you're going to push my cum into Donna's ass. Get your tongue in deep and get her ready for her procedure. You'll be my nurse. Okay?" Her eyes sparkled. My dick throbbed harder. My body tensed. I pulled my shaft back until only the tip remained in her mouth.

She sucked hard, her cheeks sinking in. The pressure pulled at my cock. I groaned and tightened my hands in her mouth. My cock erupted. Cum boiled out of my dick into her hungry mouth. Spurt after spurt flooded her. She shuddered as she drank down my jizz. Her cheeks bulged as she tried to hold it all in, but it leaked out of her mouth, dribbling down to her chin. It was such a hot sight. "Fuck," I panted as my orgasm reached its peak. "Okay, Nurse Kimberly, administer the procedure." Kimberly gave me a blank look.

Had I used too many big words? "Shove my cum into Donna's asshole with your tongue, slut." Comprehension dawned in Kimberly's eyes.

My cock popped out of her mouth as she turned around and spread Donna's butt-cheeks. Kimberly buried her face between them, not even hesitating to tongue another woman's ass.

"Oh, wow," Donna gasped. "Dr. Frank, what is she doing to my asshole? Her tongue is going in me." "She's lubing you to be ass-fucked," I grinned, stroking my still hard cock. "I did promise to fuck your ass, didn't I?" "You did," she giggled. "That's so naughty of you. You're married, Dr. Frank." "And so is Natalie and Kimberly, and that's not stopping them." Donna shook her head with a smile. Then she shuddered again. "Oh, Dr. Frank, her tongue. Oh, wow. She's sticking it so deep inside of me.

Oh, wow. And she's pushing something into me." "My cum." My dick ached as I watched Kimberly work. The blonde's hips shook as she worked my cum into Donna's ass. Juices trickled down her thighs. I couldn't help reaching down and shoving a pair of my fingers into her cunt. She squeezed down on my fingers. So wet and juicy. I brought them to my lips and sucked them into my mouth. I groaned, savoring her tart flavor. I stroked my dick with my other hand, eager to fuck Donna's ass.

Around me, the other bimbo wives gasped and moaned, some already cumming on their lover's mouths. "All the cum is in her, Dr. Frank," beamed Kimberly, still holding Donna's asscheeks apart. My white jizz stained Donna's puckered sphincter.

I groaned at the sight. "Very good, "I told her. "Go have fun with the other women." "Yes, Doctor," she beamed, licking her lips. "Ooh, I want to find another ass to lick. That was so tasty." Kimberly went off in search of that ass to lick.

I dropped behind Donna, my dick absolutely throbbing with the need to plunge it into Donna's ass. It was so delicious and curvy now. I seized her asscheeks and rubbed my cock against her sphincter. "You ready, bimbo?" I groaned. "I." She threw a look over her shoulder, her face flushed with excitement. "Will it hurt?" "No," I told her and thrust. Her eyes widened. She shuddered beneath me, her body writhing atop Natalie's.

The shy japanese schoolgirls enter mixed bathing bathhouse wife beneath gasped and moaned, clearly cumming on Donna's pussy.

Donna herself let out a low, throating moan as euro redhead sucks and fucks in car and more of my cock, wet with Kimberly's spit, slid deeper into her bowels, lubed by my cum.

"Oh, wow, Dr. Frank," Donna groaned. "Oh, wow, that feels so.strange." "But I bet you love it," I growled, drawing back and slamming my cock deep into her bowels. "You love being fucked up the ass. You deserve to be fucked up the ass for all the times you tried to screw over my wife." "Oh, no, I did," gasped Donna, her body shuddering beneath. "Oh, wow, I was so mean to her.

I got her fired." "You did, cunt," I groaned as her bowels clenched and relaxed on my cock, but you're making up for it right now, aren't you?" "I am," she shuddered.

"Oh, yes. You can fuck my ass, Dr. Frank. I was so mean to her. Oh, yes. So mean. Mmm, keep fucking my ass. I'm apolomagizing with it." "Yes, yes," I groaned.

"Show me how sorry you are." "So sorry," she groaned, her voice throaty. "Oh, yes, I'm so very sorry. With sugar on top and everything. Oh, yes. Oh, Dr. Frank. Oh, wow. I love apolomagizing. I'm going to apolomagize to everyone this way." "Good," I groaned, her asshole rippling about my cock.

She shuddered. "Are you cumming, slut?" "Yes, yes, yes," she gasped, bucking between me and Natalie. "Oh, yes, you're cock feels so wonderful up my ass. Do yo accept my apolomagy?

Huh, do you, Dr. Frank?" "Yes, I accept your <em>apology</em>," I groaned. "Keep making my cock feel wonderful. Massage it with your slutty ass." "Yes, yes, I'm such a slut," gasped Donna. "And a cunt!" "Ooh, yes. A hot, wet, cunt. And it's rubbing on Natalie's cunt.

She's so warm and wet." Donna bucked again, her head tossing. Her asshole kept massaging my cock as her orgasm burned through her body. "Oh, yes. I'm such a slut-cunt.

Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I'm a slut-cunt that apolomagizes with her ass." "Fuck," I groaned, slamming my dick into her asshole. Her butt-cheeks writhed as I pounded her ass. Her velvety grip caressed my cock. I groaned, slamming into her as hard as I could. She was so mean to my wife. She made Alice's work-life hell, and now she was apologizing with that sweet, tight, hot ass.

"Tonight, you're going to apologize to Alice," I growled. "How?" she gasped. "She doesn't have a cock to fuck my ass with? How can I?" "With your whorish, lying mouth," I growled. "You tattled on her and got her fired, so you're mouth will lick her pussy until she cums." "Oh, yes," gasped Donna, bucking beneath me again as another orgasm burst through her bimbo body. "I will. I will apolomagize with my tongue and asshole. I'll be so sorry. I was so mean.

I should make her feel wonderful for being so mean and poopie to her." "Yes," I grunted, my balls tightening as I imagined the bimbo between Alice's thighs, my wife grinding her face against Donna's hungry mouth. It would make my wife so happy. Alice deserved it for all the grief Donna put my wife through. "You fucking cunt will apologize to my wife and make her cum so hard." "Yes!" Donna screamed as her orgasm spasmed through her.

Her asshole clenched so hard on my dick. It was heaven. I couldn't take it any longer.

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I buried into her depths and erupted. Blast after blast of my cum fired from my cock, spewing into the hot, velvety grip of her asshole, basting her with my cum. "Oh, yes, I apolomagized with my ass," cooed Donna, her face flushed and happy. "And it was so wonderful." "Yes, it was, slut," I grinned as I pulled my cock out of her mouth.

Then I seized her hair and pulled her around. I shoved my dirty cock into her mouth. "That's it, slut. That's your ass. Taste it.

Love it." Donna moaned in delight around my cock as I searched around for the next bimbo to enjoy. I couldn't wait to sell footage of this orgy to the porn sites. It would be the sexiest hot wive video ever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice I gasped as the needle went into my ass then giggled as the cool solution flooded my butt-cheek. I shivered and then the marshmallowy, gooey happiness on my thoughts melted away and the bimbo me evaporated.

"Well, well, well," I smiled, staring down at Donna Wilson kneeling before me on our living room floor. Cum dripped out of my snatch. I had been fucked three times my dick gets even harder when she is wearing black stockings hardcore and amateur the men's party while Frank enjoyed every one of the bimbo wives. I think he had more fun then me, but I had been gangbanged last week.

So it was only fair that he had his fun. "I'm ready to apolomagize for being such a slut-cunt to you," moaned Donna as her hands slid up and down my thighs. Her lips were smeared with pussy juices. All the wives were disheveled when they joined their husbands. Their husbands didn't mind. Their wives were knockout hotties now.

We had our $10,000 and the seed money to start our business, but I could tell Frank had other ideas by the glint in his eyes. I stared down at Donna. "She's a spy?" I asked. "Yes," moaned Donna. "Ms Beigh, that dried-up stick, sent me to spy on you and get your formula and trick you. Isn't that she cant take the big dick so mean of her?" Frank nodded, then he bent down and slammed the intelligent serum into Donna's ass.

The woman gasped. The fuzziness from her eyes vanished. She let out a squeak of outrage and jumped to her feet. "You fucked my ass," she accused Frank.

"And you loved every second of it," Frank grinned. What was my husband up to? Now that I could think clearly, I struggled to come up with any ideas, but I was drawing a blank. I was good at chemistry, but it seemed like Frank had something more devious in mind. "The injection we gave you is the first step to ending the beauty process," Frank said.

"If I don't administer another serum within the hour, you'll go back to be fat, frumpy, and ugly." Donna froze. "That's right," I purred. "Or, you cooperate and we'll make sure you're happy and beautiful for the rest of your life." I had no idea what Frank was doing, but I would play along. Donna didn't know the intelligence serum would wear off in an hour, then she would go back to being a bimbo without us doing anything. In fact, Frank and I had no idea how to reverse the process.

Donna swallowed. She looked down at her tits. Her nipples were hard and I could see the juices trickling down her thighs. She was still horny. So was I. Bimbos were always horny, even if we had are normal faculties back. "Do you want to be fat?" I asked. "I know I don't. With your body, Donna, you could have a billionaire for a husband.

You could have the hunkiest guy with the biggest cock to fuck you. Cooperate, and we'll set you up." Donna swallowed, a shudder rippling through her body. "What do I have to do?" "How would you like to get back at Ms. Beigh?" Frank asked, holding out Donna's phone. Donna's eyes widened. She squeezed her thighs again. "Do I have to be a bimbo though?" "It's the price of beauty," Frank shrugged. "Right, Alice?" "It's so worth it," I purred, reaching out to squeeze her large breast and rub my thumb over her hard nipple.

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"Didn't you love the orgy?" Donna swallowed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms. Beigh My private phone rang as I sat at my desk. Once again, my attempted seduction of Carmanjello had failed. My new, hunky, Black executive assistant just wanted to play hard to get.

I wore my sexiest outfit, but when you were as thin as I was, almost all bones and no flesh, nothing looked good on you. But there was the possibility of Frank's chemical. I was terrified of surgery. My mother had a routine surgery and died on the operating table. It was an outpatient procedure and the doctor bungled things and killed her.

I would not risk my life for just a little beauty. But a single injection that could make me into a supermodel. It was too good to be true. I grabbed my phone. Donna's number flashed. The fat bitch was reporting in. I swiped my phone, "Yes?" "Ms. Beigh," the woman on the other end answered. Her voice was throaty and lush.

"Donna?" I frowned. "Yes, Ms. Beigh. It worked. I sent you a pic. Check your email." I grabbed my mouse and rolled it on the pad to wake up my computer.

I went into the company email, I would never have given that fat bitch my personal address, and found her message. I opened it up and blinked at the picture of the lush, naked woman.

My eyes widened. I could see hints of Donna in the woman's face. To prove it was Donna, she held her drivers license in one hand, the other holding the camera before a bathroom mirror. "Holy shit," I gasped. "It worked. I need to get this chemical." "Well, I have good news," Donna purred.

"Those idiots Frank and Alice are broke for cash. They had to mortgage their house twice and borrow from three different banks.

They're about to hit bankruptcy. Today's endeavor barely lets them tread water. They can't manufacturer and market this chemical without real help." She laughed. "So they asked me to approach you, Ms. Beigh. Can you believe it? The idiots think I'm helping them." "I told you they were morons," I grinned, leaning back in the chair. "They need to meet as soon as possible. They need money fast. They're desperate. I bet with a little work, you could really screw them over." "How about tomorrow morning?

Tell them to be tattooed slut with huge boobs rides a fat boner 9 AM sharp." "I will," Donna answered. "I need to go. They're waiting downstairs for the word. I'll tell them the good news." The phone went dead. I leaned back in my chair and chortled.

Frank and Alice were even dumber than I thought. I would make a fortune on this chemical.

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One injection that would make a woman beautiful. I could charge $10,000 an injection. It would make me a billionaire. And once I was a lush bombshell, I would have all the hot, young studs eager to fuck me. I would enjoy them and ditch them. My pussy grew wet between my thighs. I closed my eyes and fantasized about all my riches as I rubbed my cunt. To be concluded.