Busty vanesa plays with her meaty pussy

Busty vanesa plays with her meaty pussy
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I'm not really sure where I was, but it was pretty dark. I was walking through a field of wheat, there was a full moon above me and a slight breeze making the wheat wave back and forth. It felt like I had been walking a long time, my feet were tired and I was pretty dirty, my clothes were dirty and had holes all in them. I was looking around for something, the area felt familiar.

After a little more walking, I saw what I was looking for; in the distance I saw lights from the window of a house. I started walking faster and faster, as I got closer, I started sprinting to my long neglected destination. I began to yell out your name, joy in my heart rose as I came closer and closer to the house. The house was older, not falling apart… but it looked like it had been lived in for many years.

It was a bigger house. Two stories, had a white porch swing on it with the paint peeling off, showing about how long the man of the house had been away. One of the steps was broken as I walked up to the front door and the others creaked under my weight. I set my bags down when I reached the top of the stairs, looking at my bag, I realized that it was an olive drab army issued duffel bag. This made me realize I sister begs for brothers glasses have been away at war.

As this realization hit me, memories came flooding back to me in waves. Memories of blood and fighting, people dying all around me. I remember people yelling for the Doc, and I would run to them and see what I could do to save them, or to just make them comfortable as they died. Dwelling on these memories for that brief time, I realize that I am not in a place or time that I'm used to. Our uniforms were grey, the enemies blue. It was the civil war. Pushing these thoughts out of my head, I put my hand on the door handle of my old house.

I open the door and walk in. Things are exactly how I remember them, everything in the exact place it was before I left. The house is clean, and tidy. I look around and call your name, but I hear no answer. I realize how late it must be, thinking mamita from brazil likes hard dicks brazilian hardcore must be asleep.

The wind outside picks dont fuck me im pregnant son, the light from the moon dims, I hear the faint sound of thunder in the distance.

It's rainy season in Louisiana. I quietly close the door and take my shoes off. I creep up the stairs, trying in futile carefulness to not let the stairs creak as to not wake you.

I make it to the top of the stairs and creep over to our room. I slide the door open, seemingly, the only thing in this house that doesn't need a good oiling. The room is completely dark, aside from the dim light of an oil lamp left on, on top of the night stand. I make my way to the lamp and lengthen the quick a little to shed more light on my destination. Outside the window to the left of the bed, lightning flashes. That moment, as I'm looking at the bed and the flash from god illuminates the room for a split second is a picture that I know will be burned into my mind for the rest of my life.

There you are; laying in bed with the sheet wrapped one half around you. One bare leg laying outside the sheet, long and slender, smooth and inviting.

One arm is laying across your chest, your elbow covering one breast, your hand ineffectively covering the other.

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Your head is turned to the left, allowing me to see the nape of your neck to your jaw line. The beautiful image that kept me going all of this time while I was away was a memory no longer.

The realization that you were mine again overtook me. I sat down on the bed beside you, leaned over and kissed your neck right below your ear. You make a soft whimper and readjust yourself. I rest my hand on the side of your face and lightly run my thumb across your cheek like I've always done.

Your eyebrows furrow as if confused. You open your eyes a little, look at me for a second and close your eyes and turn your head. You realize what is happening and you jerk fully awake, you stare at me for a second as if you're still dreaming.

I say, "It's me baby". Your eyes tear up asking, "I'm not dreaming again?". I wrap my hand around the back of your neck and pull your face close to mine. I look you in the eyes, and say again, "it's me, school teacher caught student sex I pull you closer and softly kiss you on the lips. You finally react as if realizing that this moment is real, that this is actually happening. You grab me around the neck and waist, pull me as close to you as you possibly can, our bodies touching for the first time in ages.

Both of us are shaking as we express our longing for each other that has only built over time. Tears streaming down both of our faces, I pick you up and turn you around, laying you on your back, on the bed. You wrap your legs around me tightly as if to never let go again.

Like a woman who has gone blind, you run your hands over my entire body, not knowing what to touch. I pull myself away from you a few inches to look you in the eyes, at that instant the lightning flashes, a perfect connection is made between the two of us in that second. You grab my shirt by the middle and rip the two halves away from each other, shooting buttons all over the room. I quickly fight my shirt off. I grab you by the hips and pull you closer to me, I bend down and start kissing your neck, biting your shoulder and massaging you with my tongue.

Your back arches, even small physical contact like this is something you've longed for since your lover left. With your hands on my back, grasping for something to hold onto, you pull me to you, touching your skin to mine for the first time. I feel your nipples hard on my chest, I work my tongue to your ear, massaging your lobe. You reach your hands down to my belt buckle and quickly undo what's barring you from your desires.

I stand up and take my pants off, my cock fully erect doesn't get much of a chance to feel the air around it. You hastily get off of the bed and get down on your knees, grabbing my cock by the base, you wrap petite brunette gina valentina fucked in doggystyle soft lips around my head, and massage the tip with your tongue.

I immediately jerk from the touch of a woman on me, my eyes roll back and my back arches.

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I wrap my hand loosely around the back of your neck. You begin to xxx story sex porn dounload the base of my cock and massage me with your hands.

You slowly push my cock in and out of your mouth, working your tongue all the way down my shaft. You take me entirely in, touching my head to the back of your throat, you hold it there and move your tongue around the base, licking my sack. I moan in pleasure, hardly able to remain standing. You pull back and begin to suck harder and move faster. I can feel the pleasure building to ecstasy, the pressure building to eruption; you feel it too.

You take me completely in your mouth and massage me with the back of your throat, a feeling I haven't felt in what feels like lifetimes. I release in your mouth, you swallow it like you're in a desert and I'm giving you lifesaving water, taking in every bit, you massage my balls with your hand I spasm and twitch in your grasp, you having complete control over me, all of the power.

You pull away, very self satisfied.

I fall to my knees, breathing heavily, I wrap my arms around you and kiss you again even more passionately this time. I pick you up to lay you back on the bed. I begin kissing your neck again, slowly working my way down your chest. I take your breast in my hand, massaging around your areola with my tongue. I take your nipple in my mouth, sucking and massaging it with my tongue. Your breathing becomes heavy, your back arching with your hands on my back digging your nails into me, I move further down your body stopping at your belly button.

I kiss your belly button, digging my tongue inside of it; up and down, left and right and in circles. You let out a soft moan.

You begin to push my head down yearning for what you know is about to happen. I allow you to put me in the vicinity of your desires. I kiss your hip bones, lick the spaces just outside your lips. I pull my mouth back from you and softly blow on your slit. You moan in pleasure, pulling on my hair, you try to connect my mouth to you. I resist, continuing my torturous teasing. I lick your outsides again, and blow.

I work my way down to the bottom of your slit, I give it a naughty babes like to please each other lick, your moans getting louder now. I begin to put pressure with my tongue, I feel your lips part easily, a wetness escapes and my tongue enters you.

You gasp for breath as I slowly work myself in and out of your pussy, which is now dripping. You can feel every touch of my hand on your body. Every taste bud inside of you. I taste the sweet taste that I've missed all of this time.

Feel the smooth skin on your pussy. I withdraw from you and run my tongue up to your clit. I take you in my mouth and start to massage you with the tip of my tongue, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I put more and more ichinohe nozomi kyaria ol rinkan anal reipu on you, your moans get louder and louder, your breathing more shallow, ragged and fast.

You feel the pleasure building inside you, so much so it's almost painful.

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You get closer and closer to where you want to be. I bite down on you and just bring your clit into my mouth, I massage it with the tip of my tongue very quickly now. Cold sweats sweep over your body, your eyes roll back as you begin to finish.

You let out a quiet scream as you cum, I feel a new warm wetness spill down my chin, I move my tongue down and lick it up, gathering the sweet taste in my mouth. You lay there, expended from your orgasm. Hard again, I push you further onto the bed and lay above you. I slowly push myself into you, teasing you again; always just short of what you want. In and out I go, getting further and further inside of you with each stroke. Just when you think you cant take the anticipation any longer, I push my full length into you.

You feel a wave of pleasure ripple through your body as I thrust deep inside of you hitting the spot that has been neglected for so long. Grabbing you by the shoulders, I push myself as deep as I can get.

I place a hand on each petite girl and dildo riding show amateur and webcam of your head resting on the bed and continue my rhythm inside of you.

You look down at my chest and stomach, seeing my muscles ripple with each movement. Left and right to my arms, flexing with each thrust. You can feel yourself coming closer to ecstasy as I grab the back of your neck with my hand. I look into your eyes and you feel pressure building as I speed up my rhythm. You grab my ass with both of your hands and assist me in thrusting me deep inside of you, almost there now.

You feel my cock swell, you know I am close too.

I lean my head down to yours and kiss you, massaging your lips with my tongue. I feel huge inside of you, this is what you need, the increased size does everything for you, you feel your toes point unwillingly, your back arch against your will.

A tidal wave of pleasure washes over you as you cum as I cum inside of you. My seed spills into you, we both rock back and forth against each other, completing our pleasure. Staying inside of you, I collapse on top of you and wrap my arms around you. We roll over with you on top now and fall asleep just like that, holding each other connected the entire night.