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CHAOS PROLOUGE "Did you bring the gem?" asked the hooded man. "Yes, here" answered the bum and handed over the purple-black gem. As it touched the hooded mans mutated, twisted hand, it suddenly rose and started to glow pitch black and the man rose with it, mutating into a chaos giant. The bum had a terrified look in his face.

"You said you would spare this world!!" he shouted in despair. The giant laughed from the bottom of his stomach as he grew bigger, and his right arm became a blurry mass that formed into a Hellfire cannon. He looked down on the terrified bum and said calmly: "I lied." The chaos giant aimed the cannon at the bum. That was the last thing anyone ever saw of Wilson the bum, a caring character who sacrificed everything, trying to save the world that had forsaken him.

Unfortunately, he failed miserably. Teen and college anal slavery am pleasure collection holly hendrix alexa nova jaye summers anna de v really sad thing is that no one even noticed phat booty babe kanna itou fucked hard in hardcore passing. The giant suddenly shrank and, to his disappointment, didn't turn back into the man he once were.

The gem that that transformed him in the first place returned to his hand and the black glow faded. "Great", he said to himself. "How am I supposed to finish the plan in this form?" Then he got an idea. He whispered a few words to the gem, and suddenly a flash of black light came from it and all of a sudden the monstrous thing that once stood there was gone. Instead, the hooded man was back and he smiled. "Thank you". He said while looking to the sky. He saw the little dot that had appeared in the sky.

It wouldn't be long before people would start to notice it as it grew larger, but only he had been blessed with the eyes of Chaos and could see the message it displayed: Good job, my servant.

The first stage of the plan has been completed. Now you will journey to the place that these wretched humans call the "White House". I have dispatched another agent there.

He is below your rank but has a very "special" ability, so treat him with respect. Afterwards you and the other one go into the White House.

Kill anyone in the way. Inside you will sense a powerful item. Go to it. It is an artifact that Chaos placed so that we could make him whole again if He was betrayed by his brothers. Do not fail! The hooded man smiled even more at the thought of him being the one who brought Chaos back together. "I shall not fail!" he shouted. 2 minutes afterwards the police arrived to find the horrifying corpse of Wilson the bum, which was mutated beyond recognition, lying in a crater twice his size.

The hooded man was nowhere to be seen. CHAPTER 1 At the White House the individual known to his fellow tribesmen as "The Servant" looked at the mighty house that he and Wilgas the Hungerer (the hooded man) was to storm in a matter of minutes. According to his tribesmen Wilgas was a powerful "man" who had singlehandedly destroyed the Cult of shadows, thereby eliminating the last resistance that mankind had against the reuniting of Chaos himself.

Or so he thought. Up high in the sky Draconus the Shade was overlooking Earth with despise in his face. "Why? They have eliminated all resistance against them and should have left long ago!" His apprentice said who was standing beside him on the invisible floating island known as "shadow's sanctuary".

"Perhaps they are still here because of the reason they wiped the cult out in the first place". The apprentice looked at Draconus with terror in his eyes. "You don't mean…?" the companion said with fear in his voice. Draconus nodded. "Yes. They are planning to make him whole once again." He looked down and a black flame appeared in his eyes. "And we're going to stop them." He jumped down into the clouds and his young apprentice was not far behind.

When Wilgas finally arrived The Servant was standing in a corner sharpening his blade in the shadows . "So, you finally showed up? About time." Wilgas was infuriated by the comment. "I would have been here sooner but the Gem teleported me 50 000 m up in the air! Then the spell that kept my Blessing hidden wore off, and the Gem refused to cast it again!" The Servant laughed mockingly, angering Wilgas further.

"Shall we? The sooner we retrieve the artifact the sooner we can destroy this pitiful world." He said. Wilgas did not move a muscle. "Hello? What are you doing? This is no time for games!" The Servant exclaimed. Suddenly the Chaos gem was floating in front of him. A flash of black light and a miniaturized chaos giant stood where Wilgas had stood. But, instead of a Hellfire cannon in place of his right arm, there was a sword of pure chaos.

It was glowing black of energy and the monster smiled. "So, the master must have chosen you for a reason. What's your "special ability?" He said with a voice that wasn't his own. The Servant smiled back and stepped out of the shadows. In his right hand was a sword unlike anything Wilgas had ever seen.

"I can summon a sword of any kind in seconds" The Servant said with a hint of bragging in his voice. He then closed his eyes, focused his power into his left hand and in seconds another sword, just as unique as the first, appeared in it.

Wilgas was both impressed and confused. Was this the "special" ability the Master was talking about? He concluded it couldn't be. Although a very impressing power, it was nothing that would make the Master order Wilgas to respect him. "I doubt that's the thing the Master meant." Wilgas said calmly. The Servant Smiled once again. "That's correct. This is." The Servant put the swords down and started mumbling with his hands together. When green-colored energy started flowing around The Servant's hands Wilgas recognized the ritual: The Rite of Corruption.

But it's so simple and weak that only the novices use it. Perhaps The Servant had improved it somehow? After a little while the Rite was complete and The Servant focused his powers once again into his hands.

When the energy was focused he turned against a woman passing by. "Give her to me, and I'll show you just what I can do." Wilgas smirked and, with one quick and hard blow, knocked the woman out cold. He grabbed her quick to avoid unwanted attention, and handed her to The Servant.

The Servant barely touched her before the woman started twitch and shake uncontrollably. The Servant smiled. "Watch." He said calmly. The woman began to mutate and soon she was an ever-changing blade-runner of chaos. Wilgas was speechless. "H-how…" Wilgas had never seen a real corrupter in his entire life.

"Weren't all corrupters destroyed with the Sundering?" Wilgas now remembered an important lesson he had received when he still was a simple son and mom night sex in bedroom good can come from a corrupter.

Remembering this lesson, Wilgas started to wonder whether this whole mission was a good idea or not. "Not all. I'm the last one; and after the Reunion, I'll be the only one." The Servant said, looking up to the black dot in the sky. "He's waiting. I ask again: Shall we?" The Servant released the blade-runner. "That will serve as a diversion." "Let's go!" Wilgas charged his body to the limit and stormed into the White House, leaving the blade-runner to cause havoc in the streets in front of it.

The Servant laughed gently and ran in after him. He found Wilgas standing perfectly still and then saw what was in front of them; two men covered in a black fog stood before them; a smile was barely visible under the mask of shadows that covered their faces. "Hello, my friends. You're late." CHAPTER 2 The duos stood on opposite sides of the small hallway inside the White House.

Wilgas turned back into his human form. Disgusting as it is, he thought, this could be a negotiable matter and he didn't want to scare them too much. Then he saw who was behind the mask of shadows as the black fog that covered his body faded away.

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"Draconus!!" He shouted. Draconus smiled with the familiar look of despise in his eyes. "You must've been the one who made the Chaos gem teleport wrong! You put me through hell with that little stunt!" Draconus laughed mockingly. "You entered hell when you started following the god of Chaos. You can barely control your 'blessings', and the god that you serve did nothing but destroy and kill when it was whole.

Convert! Join the good side!" Draconus had no intention to forgive them for their deeds, but he was going to give them a chance to die pure of heart. Of course, that was just wishful thinking. His question was answered when The Servant focused his powers once again and laid his hand on the wall next to him. The corruption spread quickly and everything around them mutated just like the woman outside. Soon office men of the government were trying to escape the walls that tried to eat them. Most of them didn't make it.

When they saw the four men standing in front of them, untouched, they stopped. Wilgas charged a chaos blast from his sword and threw it. It missed Draconus just barely and exploded in front of the office men. None survived. "Never.

We already know about our blessed god's behavior, but we also know that we will be spared." Wilgas said, knowing that they now had a superior advantage. So, The Servant could be useful after all, huh?

He thought.

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"Now, step out of the way or we will make you." The Servant said calmly. Draconus stepped aside and motioned for his apprentice to do the same.

"Fine. Get your artifact. Reunite your god. It will be your kind he kills first, Servant." Wilgas stayed his ground. Servant? Does he mean the corrupter? He was confused, as the Cult of shadows always used to call him and his tribesmen "servants". "I'm not that concerned." The Servant answered while walking between them. He then seemed to have gotten a change of heart, because he suddenly turned around with a big smirk on his face and his hand glowing with power. "But just because you insulted the great lord perky tits teen smashed by huge shaft in many positions masturbation pornstars Chaos I will give you a little parting gift." He said and in one swift move gripped Draconus's apprentice's neck.

The companion started to have convulsions as he mutated and soon also he had become a blade-runner of Chaos. The creature stood still for a while and then decided to run out to the crowd to be with the other one.

"You… You monster! How dare you do something like that to my companion, my friend! For that you will die!" Draconus focused his powers in a way that Wilgas thought was very strange: he pulled the shadows around him and seemed to suck them inside him, like they were becoming a part of him. When he was done he slammed his hands into the ground, and shadows, without those around him leaving the spot, appeared out of nowhere and started crawling on the floor and walls.

The shadows enveloped the area around them and Draconus stepped up from his kneeling position. "Now you will see why people fear the dark." The shadows enveloped everything. Wilgas stood there, knowing that if he moved he would face a certain death. The Servant stood still, also knowing this. When the shadows dispersed, the Servant was prepared, with green energy enveloping his hands and, just in case, floating just above the ground.

Draconus was nowhere to be seen. Wilgas understood what was going on and quickly mutated his right arm, turning it into an All-seeing Eye. He aimed the eye upwards and fired a red beam which stopped in mid-air, formed into a ball of energy and then exploded. Suddenly Wilgas could see Draconus standing in front of him. Draconus punched the shocked Wilgas in his stomach and expected him to fall to the ground.

Instead, his czech amateurs hot blond girlfriend ampamp her fellow mutated and seemingly swallowed Draconus's hand. "I don't think you fully understand the control we have over the powers of chaos. Let me demonstrate". Wilgas grabbed Draconus's neck with his left hand and rose into the air.

When he was at a comfortable height he dropped Draconus, who was now hanging with his arm still inside Wilgas's stomach. Wilgas mutated his right arm yet again, and turned it into a Chaos rifle. He aimed it at Draconus, and the rifle's muzzle started to glow with black energy. "Now you will know the full power of our blessed god!" He screamed and fired the rifle. Draconus's head was swallowed in a black beam that actually mutated the air around it, making it black as night.

When the beam faded the air didn't turn back but instead it dispersed into every direction possible, fading as it went further away. When Wilgas moved down from the center of the chaos-infected air he looked down at his stomach, expecting to find Draconus's dead body hanging from it. What he found was nothing; there wasn't anything left except the arm that was attached to his belly.

Wilgas released the arm and dropped to the ground. "Let's go. We've wasted enough time already". Wilgas said, annoyed. The Servant smiled. "You haven't figured out where we are yet, have you?" The Servant gestured to Wilgas to look behind him as he did the same. Wilgas turned around and froze. They were looking at the crystal formation witch held Chaos, whole, prisoner. The Master stood in front of them, holding the artifact they were supposed to get.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" CHAPTER 3 The two Chaos agents stood in front of the Master, speechless. A long moment of silence followed. Eventually Wilgas spoke, however his once confident and proud composure was now replaced with a fearful and nervous one. His fear could have been smelled from a mile away. "Master!

What are you doing here? And why is Chaos whole?" When the Master simply grinned, Wilgas suddenly realized what was going on; the Master had already anticipated Draconus' intervention, and retrieved the artifact during the commotion. He had also brought the pieces of Chaos together with the Ritual of the Reunion, and now all that was left was a human sacrifice.

Wilgas mutated himself into a Speeder and made a run for it while trying to teleport with the Gem. The Servant had figured this out long before Wilgas did and threw a highly concentrated Corruption blast at Wilgas' back.

He was dead before he hit the ground, and mutated back into his human state. The Servant looked at Wilgas with content. Defection was punishable by death, and Wilgas was not above this, no matter his merits. The Master motioned for him to get Wilgas' body and bring it to him. In seconds the body was at the feet of the Master. "It's too bad, really. You had such talent." The Master said. He had no idea how right he was.

Suddenly Wilgas, in a single flowing move, threw himself off the ground, mutated and thrust his Chaos sword through the Master's chest. The Servant did nothing but simply sat down on the ground, sharpening his sword as Wilgas begin a furious assault on the Master, whose life was quickly coming to an end. The Servant never did care much about loyalty; rare story xxx love story full sex stories simply followed the strongest, and he had sensed Wilgas' strength and potential, both of which were pretty impressing.

When Wilgas finally calmed down the Master was nothing but a pile of flesh and bone. Wilgas looked at The Servant and muttered something barely audible, and The Servant complied, starting the Ritual of Revival, but with a key aspect changed; he integrated the Ritual of Control into it.

The Ritual wouldn't actually control him; you cannot control something that has no free will of its own anyway. Instead, he would actually gain a free will while retaining his bestial instincts, preventing him from going berserk and getting torn apart by the other Beings again. Wilgas offered the remains of the Master, which Chaos accepted. As soon as the last of the remains were absorbed the entire world seemed to be shaking and the crystal started to crack. CHAPTER 4 Wilgas and The Servant watched as the crystal cracked and shattered, releasing Chaos itself.

However, they were caught off guard by the explosion that followed, and both were thrown over 500 m away. They both quickly got on their feet and hurried back, but what they saw was nowhere near what they had expected. In front of them a small boy was standing proudly, his clothes as pitch-black as his hair and his eyes as red as blood.

At first Wilgas was dumbfounded. Is this… boy really the great and almighty Chaos?He thought, but he then figured that the Ritual of Control must've changed Chaos' appearance as well. The Servant got down on his knees While motioning for Wilgas to do the same and held up his newly sharpened sword in an offering gesture. The boy gracefully walked up to the Servant and grabbed the sword that was offered.

Immediately the Servant felt his entire body freeze when Chaos touched the sword; and when Chaos turned to Wilgas and started to walk towards him the Servant could feel every muscle in his body relaxing after having been so tensed up he might as well had been a statue. "I have seen what you and your partner have done; eliminating the Cult of Shadows was no small feat; nor was surviving the Sundering for that fact. You have served me well and shall be my closest subjects." Chaos spoke in a dark, rumbling voice that seemed to make the ground itself shiver in fear.

Wilgas found this to be an odd combination his small body and stature with his dark, sinister voice that somehow inspired both fear and respect at the same time. Wilgas didn't move an inch, afraid to offend the Great one. The Servant, however, rose and suddenly fired a corruption blast at Chaos' back! Wilgas was just about to jump out in front of it when Chaos motioned to him to stay down.

Chaos turned around and held up the sword as a shield, effectively stopping the blast in its tracks. The Servant smiled; that blast broke through the sound barrier effortlessly, and only the Great one could have such reflexes and speed that he was able to block it with such a simple move.

When the blast hit the sword it exploded in a manner that the Servant had not foreseen, and both him and Wilgas gorgeous teen beauty likes fingering and fuck again thrown several meters.

"I'm getting really tired of this." Wilgas said humorously as he got back on his feet. The Servant just shook his head and got back up as well.

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Wilgas once again went down on his knees, but The Servant was still confused about something and decided to ask a bold question: "My Lord, I must ask: why a boy? I mean, you are the almighty Chaos, shouldn't you pick a form that better suits the greatness that is you?" The Servant said.

Chaos dropped the sword and suddenly disappeared and The Servant felt an excruciating pain as smooth, black tentacles suddenly pierced his back and torso and his world went dark. Chaos wrapped his tentacles around The Servants body, lifted it high up in the air, and smashed him repeatedly into the ground, leaving greenish dark red blood where he hit the ground.

Wilgas watched in horror as Chaos continued to ravage the corpse of The Servant, and he was in awe from the sheer brutality; Chaos didn't even care that the body no longer had a single bone unbroken in it; he just kept smashing it into the ground like a child with a rattle.

Finally, Chaos stopped and released the corpse. When it hit the ground it made a splashing, gurgling noise, signifying the fact that there was nothing left but flesh and mangled bones in it. Wilgas was both amazed and disgusted. He then thought of something: "Now I understand… You use that form to instill a feeling of confidence in the enemy (I mean, who would think a child could have such power? Or such a personality for that fact…), and then, when they lower their guard you unleash your full power upon them, right?" Wilgas thought he had figured it out, and he wasn't very far off, but he was still surprised when he heard Chaos say: "Not at all, I simply enjoy the look of hopelessness and despair in their faces before I slaughter them." At first Wilgas thought isn't that the same?

But eventually he understood: Chaos didn't choose that form to get a tactical advantage; he did it for the simplest reason; it was fun to see the terrified looks on his victims' faces when they're suddenly attacked viscously by a mere child. Then he remembered what The Servant had said before he met his end: He had questioned Chaos' motives for choosing this form. "Now… What should I do with you?" Chaos said, standing beside The Servant's broken body, looking down on him.

"Ah, I know!" Chaos lifted The Servant (what was left of him, anyway) of the ground with his tentacles and once again wrapped them around him. Wilgas was so distracted by the sight he didn't notice the tentacles creeping towards him from behind before it was too late; soon his world went dark as well when the tentacles wrapped themselves around his body. CHAPTER 5 Chaos lifted them both into midair and chaos energy started coursing through the tentacles surrounding them.

"It seems only fitting that you share my perspective of the world, don't you think?" Chaos said up to them as a bright purple light started to shine from The Servant's and Wilgas' body. Soon their bodies started shaking uncontrollably as their entire bodies were being transformed, making the tentacles grip seemingly tighten. When Chaos dropped Wilgas and The Servant on the ground they sprung to life and they immediately felt something was wrong. "My lord, what have you done to us?" Wilgas didn't even recognize his own voice; instead of his growling, dark voice a girlish, high pitched voice came out.

He tried to look at his body to find a pair of small, naked breasts partially blocking his view. He hopped onto his feet and looked down on his bitch with glasses want some extra cash. The breasts still blocked his view but not as much now, and he was able to see that not only was he naked, his body was no longer his own: He had become a little girl!

Chaos laughed and as he did so his voice changed as well; it became similarly high pitched like Wilgas' and fitted his body much better. It also became more boyish and had a cocky attitude to it. "I simply changed you to better fit as my entourage; it's not fitting for a God to be surrounded by followers who are bigger than him, now is it?" Wilgas just stared at him, dumbfounded by how immature Chaos is, despite his divinity. Chaos laughed again. "Oh, and the new powers you have been given gives me complete control over you; if I so wish, I can use those powers to annihilate you from within.

Do you understand?" Wilgas nodded, even though he didn't even know what these new powers were. When The Servant got to terms with his new body which was similar to Wilgas', as if they were identical twins he joined the conversation. "Do not worry, my lord. We will not betray you." The Servant's voice was a bit darker and seemingly more mature than Wilgas', which angered Wilgas greatly.

The Servant, however did not take notice of this and instead tried to test his new powers. When he tried to channel his energy he was met by a sudden, painful energy-shock and dropped onto his knees. Chaos shook cum slut on her knees covered fully head. "Your new powers rely on your souls now, my servants.

And seeming as I have changed your entire being, you should accept your changes and adapt to them. For example, your names aren't Wilgas the Hungerer and The Servant, they kittys kat 83 tube porn now Sireen the Seducer and Syria the Depraved. You are also females now, and I have molded your minds to fit this new gender." Chaos was right; both Siren and Syria thought differently, which made this change of self a lot easier.

"Now, in order to utilize your new powers you have to realize who you truly are, and that is something you cannot do here." Neither Sireen nor Syria understood what Chaos meant by this, and gave each other puzzled looks.

This made them unaware of the black energy that flowed towards them and soon they were both wrapped up in it. "What is th…" was all they could say before the darkness took them.

CHAPTER 6 SYRIA Syria woke up to find that she had been seemingly transported to some sort of temple where men in black robes stared down at her.

She remembered the dark energy that had taken her and tried to get up from the floor, only to find that she was being restrained by that very energy.

"What's going on?! Let me go this instant!!" Syria screamed up to the men looking at her. They just kept looking at her. Suddenly the crowd split apart to make way for another man in more decorated red robes. "What is this? Has the great gods sent us another plaything?" He said. Another man from within the crowd spoke: "And so young! She will certainly satisfy us for at least a couple of weeks, won't she?" The crowd laughed a bit but silenced when the red robed man raised his hand.

"I'm sure she will satisfy us for longer than that; after all, she doesn't have much choice, does she?" The red robed man said mockingly. The crowd nodded in agreement. Syria suddenly felt dizzy as fumes rose up from the floor, and she soon fell asleep.

When she woke up she could feel that she wasn't restrained by the dark energy and quickly sat up. She looked around to see that she was imprisoned together with several naked women and a couple of naked young girls as well. They noticed that she had awoken and the youngest one (Syria estimated her to be about the same age as her own body suggested) walked over to her, and sat down beside her.

"Are you ok?" She asked. "I'm fine, but where am I?" Syria answered. The girl explained that they were prisoners of a cult known as the Cult of the Depraved, and that all the members were perverted men who used the women and girls for their sexual satisfaction.

Syria suddenly remembered the title that Chaos had given her: Syria the Depraved. The girl concluded it all by claiming her name was Nyra. When Nyra asked Syria for her name Syria didn't know what to say. tiny ass rough kimberly moss gets handled like a great lil bitch name…? Well, it used to be The Servant, but my master transformed me into the girl you see before you, and named me Syria the Depraved instead." Nyra's eyes went wide.

"Really? What's your master's name? Is he a member?" Nyra whispered, not wanting the others to hear. Syria explained everything that had happened from the moment Chaos was released to when she woke up in the cell. When she was done Syria suddenly realized that she had trusted a complete stranger with all of this, which made her feel very uncomfortable. "Wow, that's amazing! So he named you Syria the Depraved? Then you must've been sent here for a reason, right?" Nyra said.

Syria nodded and they both spent what seemed like an hour trying to figure out why she was sent here. Suddenly the guards opened the gate to the cell.

"All right, kid. It's time to say hello to your new masters." One of them said, pointing at Syria. "Don't worry; they're almost always gentle with first-timers." Nyra whispered to Syria.

Syria wasn't prepared for the mental message that came afterwards, however, and screamed out loud from the pain of instinctively trying to fight back. When one of the guards slapped her across the face she calmed down and heard Nyra speak in her mind: Although they usually are, they weren't exactly "gentle" with me. I think that the younger they are, the rougher they treat you.

Just be prepared. Syria was touched by Nyra's genuine concern for some reason, and prepared for the worst. The guards walked with Syria towards a big door at the end of what seemed like the central hallway of the temple. One of the guards whispered to the other and suddenly they grabbed Syria's arms and dragged her through a small, wooden door into a stone room with a big black bed in the middle. "Before we hand you over to the Council, we've decided to have some fun with you ourselves, so get on the bed." Syria wanted to use her powers to obliterate this entire temple, but seeming as Chaos blocked them until she realizes who she "truly is", she had no choice but to comply and got on the bed.

The two men took off their robes, revealing they weren't wearing any underwear, and their cocks immediately reached for the sky, the sheer size of them being enough to send shivers down Syria's spine. The two men laid down on each side of Syria and one of them motioned for her to get on top. When she complied the man smiled and grabbed Syria's hair, which was black but with a green tint in it. "Now, sit!" He said and pulled her hair down, pushing Syria onto his member, sending waves of pain and pleasure through her body.

This was somehow able to send Syria into a powerful orgasm immediately, which in turn sent the man on which she was on into one as well, shooting his semen inside Syria. When she came out of it she almost passed out from the exhaustion. "What in Chaos' name was that?" She wondered when she was able to think clearly. The man beneath her passed out, but his cock was still rock-hard inside her.

The other man suddenly went behind her and positioned his dick so it aimed at Syria's tiny asshole. "Don't worry, this won't hurt… Much." He said before shoving his cock into her ass. Syria screamed out from the pain, but soon calmed down when the pain sweet blonde teen plays and bone with brother on a dare slightly. While the man below her came after the first thrust, the other one had a lot more stamina, and soon built up a comfortable pace, going in and out of Syria's ass.

At first Syria felt nothing but pain as the cock went in and out of her like a piston, but soon her ass was able to accommodate for it and she started feeling really good, relishing every thrust, and going into one orgasm after another.

Without any warning, however, the man suddenly tensed up, shoved his cock as far up her ass as it could and grunted loudly, shooting several loads of cum into her belly.

She expected this to feel disgusting, but was surprised when it felt better and better with each load. Even after the sixth load he was still cumming, and Syria came harder than ever, squeezing every last drop out of him. When he finally finished he pulled out and collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard and fast. Syria, on the other hand, decided that she wasn't even nearly finished yet, and smacked the man below her across the face.

He woke up instantly, but when he tried to get up Syria pushed him down again. "You've had your fun; now it's time for mine." She said while smiling devilishly. She then moved a little, feeling every crease and bump on the man's penis. Her pussy was soaked, and her juices ran down his shaft and onto his balls. She moved a little faster, and the man started to breath hard. Although he had come after almost nothing before, he lasted much longer this time and Syria was able to really enjoy herself before the man thrust up as hard as he could, grunted loudly and tensed up as loads of cum shot up into Syria's pussy.

Just like with her ass before she enjoyed every shot, and came twice before the man finally stopped. When he was about to pass out again Syria smiled and punched him hard in the chest. The man coughed and gasped for air, but Syria grabbed his throat.

"So, you like my pussy, huh? Well then, let's see how you like it when you're the one being raped!" She felt a sudden surge of energy, and almost crushed the man's neck before she let go. The man coughed even more and took short, shallow breaths. Syria grinned as she felt more energy flowing through her. She got of the man's cock and spread his legs, revealing his asshole.

The man desperately tried to escape but suddenly black energy shot up from the bed and caught his hands, holding him down. He realized that Syria was responsible for it and shouted curses at her. Suddenly everything around her was consumed by darkness and Chaos appeared in front of her.

"Do you understand now? This is who you are, Syria the Depraved! A cruel, sadistic creature that lives only for the feeling of pain and despair that you inflict on your enemies! Syreen is more intimate and destroys her enemies through emotion, like you used to, but you are the primal, sadistic side of your duet.

Now enjoy yourself here as much as you want, and then obliterate this temple in bloody revenge!" Chaos disappeared and the darkness retreated, revealing the still cursing man beneath her. "Silence, mortal! I am Syria the Depraved, and you will pay for having your way with me!" She screamed at him, and the black energy slapped him across the face, silencing him. Suddenly she pushed his legs so they bent up and black energy shot up from the bed again to restrain his feet.

He tried to scream again but the energy from his hands formed a gag of sorts in his mouth. Syria concentrated her new powers and a cock the size of her arm sprouted from her pubic area. The man soon realized what was going to happen and tried desperately to get loose. The black energy once again shot out from the bed, this time to keep his abdomen down, making his arms and legs the only thing he could move even a little.

Syria positioned herself so that her new-grown cock pointed towards the man's asshole. The man could do nothing but make muffled cries as Syria thrust her member inside his ass. She screamed out in pleasure as she entered him, and started to push it as far as she could get it. When she hit bottom she immediately started to build up a fast pace, moving her cock in and out of his ass.

The man started to cry in pain and fear and desperately tried to get loose from the black energy that restrained him, but this only made the energy wrap itself around him even tighter, and soon he could barely breathe. Syria could feel his pain, his agony, coursing through his body, which only made her hornier, and started to slam her cock into him, occasionally pulling out completely and while trying to reenter occasionally missed his asshole, giving him multiple bruises.

Suddenly she could feel her cock tense up, and knew that she was about to cum. She pulled out of him, removed the black energy that served as the man's gag and straddled his face, pushing her cock inside his mouth.

"Suck on it, you low-life filth!" She screamed. The man tried to resist but the black energy went inside his mouth and opened it wide, and he was forced to start sucking her cock. "Hell yeah, that's the way to do it!" The other man said from behind, having just woken up to see the sight. Syria smiled, and the black energy suddenly shot out from the bed once again, impaling the man all over his body.

Due to having been impaled in the throat the man couldn't even scream and had a truly terrified expression in his face. She lifted him up in the air and, at the same time, started to pull the energy-tentacles apart, and soon the man's body couldn't take it anymore, and the tentacles ripped him apart, plastering the entire room with his flesh and blood. When the warm blood splashed onto Syria's back she screamed out in ecstasy, and started to cum inside the man below hers mouth.

She kept shooting stream after stream of cum, and soon the man couldn't swallow more, and it started to leak out of his mouth around her cock. Syria held the man's nose, preventing him from breathing and slowly suffocating him.

As the panic grew inside him he started to thrash around as much as he could, and Syria once again screamed out in ecstasy as she felt the fear coursing through his body.

The man started to cry as he drifted into unconsciousness. Syria grinned, pulled out and suddenly the energy that kept the man's mouth open started to pull it apart even more, way past what was actually possible. The pain of this woke him up, but he still could do nothing as his lower jaw snapped. The man screamed as loud as he could, but soon the black energy ripped off his entire lower jaw off. Unable to scream anymore, the man just kept trying to get loose, crying and slowly bleeding to death.

"So, you still won't give up, then? Fine, I've had my fun." Syria said, and she got of the bed, and started to walk out. The man finally gave up and just cried silently as Syria stepped out of the room. "Don't worry, I'll put an end your suffering now." She said calmly as the black energy exploded, splattering the man's blood and flesh across the room. Syria grinned when she saw several men running out from the room she was originally intended to be brought to.

The men became terrified when they saw Syria, covered in blood and with black energy shooting out from the floor beneath her. The black energy shot out towards the men and in seconds every one of them was brutally torn apart. "Now to destroy this place." She said to herself, and blasted the roof to get out.

When she finally was out and looking down at the temple from the air, her hand started to glow, as she was preparing to send the temple to oblivion. Suddenly Nyra contacted her again: Please take me with you! I know that you're the one that killed all of those guards, and I know that you're going to destroy this place, but please, let me follow you! I'll be your eternal servant; all I'm asking for in return is that you save me from this wretched place!!

Syria thought about the offer, and suddenly everything was once again consumed by darkness and Chaos appeared. "Well, well, this was unexpected! A human child, asking you to save her?

Most unexpected, indeed. Well, as long as it's just one and as long as she swears to serve us, I suppose I'll allow it. And don't worry, I'm not allowing this out of good will!

She has hidden power within her; power that may be useful later on. Bring her to me and I'll take care of the rest." With that Chaos disappeared and the darkness retreated once again. Syria sighed and closed her eyes. Nyra sat in a corner of the cell in which she was being kept as robed men marie mccrays milf pussy romped by haley reeds boi running back and forth outside the gate, waiting for a response, when suddenly black energy shot up from the lovable sweetie is gaping soft snatch in close up and having orgasm everywhere and slaughtered the many women in the cell.

Nyra watched in horror as her friends were brutally torn apart in a horrid show of blood and gore. Nyra's closest friend ran towards her, screaming and covered in blood.

Just as she reached Nyra the black energy-tentacles impaled her and ripped her in half. The tentacle that held her upper body started to toss it around, splashing blood all over Nyra's body.

At first she was afraid, but soon just curled up more, crying silently. The blood started to dry and Nyra sat in fetal position, crying while completely red with blood. She felt like she was being watched and looked up to see Syria standing in front of her.

She jumped on her feet and pointed at Syria. "You killed them, didn't you? You killed everyone I care about, right in front of me, and covered me in my best friend's blood!!" Syria opened her eyes and slapped Nyra in the face.

"You wanted me to spare you, and only you, from this. You were prepared to leave everyone you cared about, and be my servant for the rest of your life; as long as I spared you, remember?" Nyra looked down and started to cry silently.

Syria shook her head in shame. "Let me guess; you thought that it would be easier to leave them if you didn't see their faces when I killed them?" She grabbed Nyra's hair and pulled her face up so that she could see the horrifying scene.

"Look closely; this is what you can expect for the remainder of your life. You should be glad that I showed you now, and not later; because I can promise you that this is going to look like a pretty painting compared to what you will witness in the near future." Syria pushed Nyra onto her knees.

"Consider this your first act of servitude; suck my cock!" Syria held her rigid cock in Nyra's face. Tears still running down her cheeks, Nyra started to suck the head of Syria's member.

Syria started to moan, and Nyra suddenly remembered the nights of pleasure that she and her friends at the temple had enjoyed together in order to forget where they were and what the men did to them each day. Hearing Syria's moans reminded her of those nights, and like back then she forgot where she was and what was going to happen.

She started to cry tears of joy as the memory of those moments made her feel warm and safe. Syria felt that Nyra was no longer sad and smiled. "So this is what keeps you alive, huh? *groans* 'cause you're really good at this!" Syria said and Nyra just kept sucking, her mind reliving the hot sil pac xxx story letest that she and the other slaves enjoyed in secrecy while the men were sleeping.

Syria stroke Nyra's hair gently, and spoke. "You know; those nights never were a secret to the men here." While she felt Nyra's shock at the revelation, Syria just continued. "That's right, my dear; the nights you spent together were basically just masturbation material for the men; everything was closely monitored by the hidden cameras in the walls, see?" Syria pointed at the walls, and, while still sucking Syria's cock, Nyra saw small lens-looking things in the cracks of the walls.

Knowing that not even those nights were secret made Nyra's heart sink and the tears of joy once again became tears of sorrow. Syria felt the change but she wasn't satisfied yet, so she kept talking. "Another thing; you thought that those nights were meant to make you forget, but in fact, they were meant to make you remember!" She said while grinning.

Nyra couldn't understand what she was talking about, but Syria kept talking. "Yes, that's right, my newest servant; because of all the time you've spent here, you've become a sex-addict, just like everyone else here. Those orgies happened every night, right? That's because you couldn't live without sex, even during the night! Those nights served as nothing but temporary satisfaction until you could get a cock between your legs!" Nyra suddenly pushed Syria away and screamed at her: "You're wrong!

I hated this place, and everyone in it! I was one of the first to be brought here and…" Nyra suddenly stopped speaking. Syria smiled.

"But if I'm correct this place has existed for a lot longer than a measly ten years, hasn't it? So that means… You're an immortal? Good, then I won't have to waste my energy making you one." Nyra just sat on her knees, eyes down, tears running down her cheeks. She then just closed her eyes and collapsed. Syria shook her head in disappointment, grabbed Nyra and created a Portal of Chaos to return to her master. CHAPTER 7 SYREEN Syreen woke up with a scream, but two hands immediately covered her mouth.

"Shhh! Do you want her to hear you?" Someone said from the background Syreen assumed that it was the one holding her mouth and Syreen calmed down. The hands removed themselves and Syreen heard a big sigh. "Puh! She didn't hear us. That witch would never allow someone like you here unless you were working." Syreen sat up and turned around to see a strange looking woman wearing a trench-coat; her hair was bright red and her eyes were purple (suggesting that Syreen wasn't on Earth anymore).

Her body suggested that she was around the age of 20, but looks can be deceiving, something Syreen knew all too well. The woman sat down in a ragged and dusty old chair, and started to take off her shoes. "Well, that's the end of my break, I guess. Angela will be here shortly, she'll take care of you. Oh, and I'm Jessica. Bye!" Without Syreen even noticing, Jessica had taken off her trench coat to reveal a black full body-suit.

Her nipples were showing through the fabric and a small wet spot could be seen at her crotch. Jessica ran out of the room, and Syreen heard men whistling and clapping as she entered a dimly lit stage. Syreen hopped off the bed and went to the doorway to get a peek at what was stranded teen hottie rides hard cock in the drivers seat, but a little girl suddenly threw herself over her, causing them to fall to the floor next to the bed.

The girl got up quickly and sat on the floor, holding her foot and rocking back and forth. Syreen got up seconds later and she too sat down, but with a puzzled look on her face. "Why'd you do that for? I thought you were in bed!" The girl said. Syreen got up and tried to mutate her arm into a cannon, but when a sudden shock painfully shot through her entire arm she remembered that her previous powers no longer existed. Now it was the girl's time to have a puzzled look on her face. Syreen sighed and sat down, rubbing her now aching arm.

"Pathetic" She mumbled to herself. "What in Chaos' name am I doing here?" The girl giggled. "You don't know where you are? You're at the famous Seven Sins Brothel House!" She said pickup cute barista and fuck her in the ass a smile. "Seven what-now? And who the hell are you?" Syreen said with contempt.

The girl giggled again. "The Seven Sins Brothel House, my dear, is the most famous whore- and strip-club in this part of the UEC. And I'm one of its "workers", Angela; pleasure to make your acquaintance, darling." She said in a boastful tone. "Oh, and if I may ask, who are you? Not one of us, that's for sure. And the club's only open for men, so…" Syreen somehow felt forced to answer.

"I'm Syreen, and I have no idea what this UEC is, or why I'm here. All I remember is darkness, and the next thing I know, I wake up at this nuthouse." Angela scoffed. "Hey! This is NOT a nuthouse! It's a respectable establishment, although what goes on here isn't as much so.

And the UEC stands for Underground Earth Colony, missy!" She said, pointing at a sign reading "UEC Seven Sins Brothel House". Syreen didn't even think about the girl's appearance until now, and it was very exotic; Her hair was long, almost down to her ankles, and bright pink. Her eyes had no irises and were the same color as her hair. Like the woman before her she had a full body-suit, but this one had holes that exposed her abnormally large breasts and her bald, child-like pussy.

Syreen immediately got horny, but wasn't prepared for the fact that instead of a boner, her pussy got wet, and her juices started to run down her inner thighs. Angela saw this and grinned. Syreen tried to change the subject while blushing: "How can we still be on Earth?

You don't look like any human I've ever seen." Angela just shook her head in disappointment. "Who says I'm human? We made the humans, and we've been here even before the dinosaurs came to be. But you're not human either, are you? Not anymore at least." Syreen had a puzzled look on her face.

How does she know that I used to be human? Or rather, how does she know that I'm not a human anymore? Even I didn't know that. She thought, and Angela simply smiled. "I'm sure you're wondering how I know that, and I'll answer your question for you; although I sense that you are not a human, you still have that stench that only humans have. That's why I can't let you live, dear; we can't have you stinking up the place, now can we?" Suddenly Angela fired a bolt of black energy at Syreen; but due to the latter's new body (which protected her against chaos-based attacks) the energy dispersed as soon as it touched her.

Angela was stunned. "What in the world&hellip.? How'd you do that?" Syreen smiled. Seeing the black energy she immediately figured who was behind all this. "That's simple. You see, I serve the one who made you!" Syreen said arrogantly. Angela couldn't believe her ears, and shook her head violently in protest. "That can't be! We serve a GOD! And the Lord is in hundreds of pieces, each one sealed by very powerful magic; how can He give you such power when He is in such a state?" She shouted, but she was careful not sound too loud.

"Because, my dear sister, He is no longer in pieces! He is whole again, and has chosen me and one other to be His closest subjects." When she heard this her mind couldn't take more, and she fainted.

Syreen looked down on the poor girl. "I've decided that, at least until you wake up, I'm staying here. Maybe Jessica has one of those suits in my size lying around?" When Angela finally woke up she screamed and almost fell off the bed. "Careful, we don't want you to break anything, now do we? After all, you have "work" to do, right?" Syreen's voice jogged Angela's memory and she pointed at the former. "You! Girls, this kid is saying that Chaos is whole!" The group of women surrounding her turned their attention at Syreen, who now was wearing the same body-suit that everyone else was, except she had made some adjustments; like removing the legs and arms (turning it into a swim suit of sorts) and cutting a hole that exposed her right breast in a star-shaped pattern.

She also cut the pussy hole so that an arrow was starting from her belly-button and ending at the hole. The women stared at her, and Syreen smiled. "I've said no such thing! She's obviously delirious from the fall." She said, pointing at Angela.

Jessica stepped forward. "We'll see who's lying; Syreen, we're taking you to see her." Syreen sighed, and went along with the women to see June, the owner and manager of the brothel house.

Angela told her what she remembered, and June turned to Syreen. "I'm sorry, kid, but I trust her more than I trust you. Admit that you were lying, or I will personally hand you over to the most ruthless slave driver in the UEC, got it?" Syreen thought about her choices for a few seconds, and decided that Chaos must've sent her here for a reason, and therefore she has to do anything required to stay.

"Fine, I admit it, I lied. I just wanted to see your reaction, and I'm… *sigh* sorry." Syreen hated every word she'd just spoken, but if it was the only way to stay, so be it. "Good. Jessica, show our newest employee how things are done here. And Angela" June said, while walking away, "don't fall asleep on the job, alright?" Angela's hands shook in silent anger as she nodded. Syreen guessed that she was the strongest believer of them, and she concluded that she'd have to keep an eye on her.

Jessica grabbed Syreen's arm and started the tour. After an hour of showing Syreen around and telling her about how things worked, a man in black suit approached the two. The man had ice-blue eyes without irises and purple hair tied in a loose ponytail. He pointed at Syreen. "Is she new here?" He asked. Jessica nodded and stroked Syreen's long, dark purple hair. "Yeah, she hasn't even started yet and I just finished giving her the grand tour.

Why?" The man smiled and bent down in a very condescending way to talk to Syreen. "How old are you, dear?" Syreen grinned. "Trust me, you wouldn't believe me if I told you." The man stood up and chuckled. "Good answer. Say, Jessica, mind if I borrow her for a while? Who do I pay, you or her?" Jessica smiled and the man gave her a small card. Jessica inspected the card and nodded.

The man grabbed Syreen and took her to one of the rooms. Once inside the man calmly asked Syreen to get on the bed that was in front of them. Syreen complied and the man snapped his fingers.

Pink energy shot out from them and hit the door, forming into an energy shield. The man then snapped his fingers again, and the pink energy shot out again, hitting Syreen's pubic area this time. The energy worked its magic and soon Syreen was in indescribable pain and screamed as a penis started to grow out from her pubic area.

Syreen tried to remember the last time she'd felt this kind of beautiful girl years anal cum in ass, but not even the ritual of Mutation had been this painful.

Syreen couldn't stop herself and soon was crying and screaming while thrashing about on the bed and ripping the bed sheets in several places.

This went on for several minutes, but it felt more like hours to her. When it was finally over the pain stopped almost immediately and Syreen collapsed on the bed, breathing hard with tears still running down her cheeks, and with a huge boner sticking out of her pubic area, just above her pussy. The man lowered the energy shield and approached the bed.

"Amazing! You've passed with flying colors, dear. Now then, how about we get down to…" The man couldn't finish as his mind was wiped clean. Syreen was sitting up, still breathing hard, and pointing at the man's head. A dark purple energy stream was flowing handsome boy rape by his dick woods bestfriend her finger and the man's forehead.

As Syreen drained the man of his knowledge, his memories and even his free will, she found out how he had "given" her a penis: He was a researcher for one of the UEC's most successful companies, working in the genetics section. He had recently gained some very strange powers when one of the experiments he was supervising went wrong; he got the ability to control bodies on the genetic level.

Although she couldn't figure out the reason for his actions she didn't really care; according to his memories the change was permanent, so until Chaos could fix it, or at least until she gained the rest of her powers, there was nothing she could do about it. She released the man and also decided to give him back what she'd taken.

He snapped out of it and continued talking. "…Business,hm?" Syreen figuring that she might as well have some fun before killing him just smiled and leaned back on her elbows, spreading her legs. The man smiled as well and quickly took off his clothes.

He climbed onto the bed and started to lick and suck on Syreen's clit, and as he did that he fingered her pussy and stroked her new dick. Syreen moaned loudly and started to massage her small, puffy breasts instinctively. The man pushed another finger inside her pussy and stopped sucking on her clit to move onto her rock hard dick. He started licking the head and kissing it every now and then. Syreen never cared for this sort of thing when she was Wilgas, so this was very new to her, and thanks to the mind molding Chaos had done she didn't even think about the fact that it was a man that made her feel this good.

As the man moved on to deep throating Syreen's cock she suddenly felt that something was wrong. She could no longer feel the man sucking her, even though she saw him do it with her own eyes; it was like her cock had gone completely numb!

When she tried to move she realized something: She couldn't move! Her entire body had been paralyzed somehow. When he could feel her increasing heart rate from her cock he stopped, sat up and sighed.

"So, another rejection? How unfortunate… for you that is. Well, it was nice to meet you, but now, just like any other failed experiment, you have to be terminated." With that the man's eyes began to glow and his hand began to glow in pink. He approached Syreen as she struggled to regain control of her body. I don't want to die, not yet! NOT YET! She thought and suddenly dark purple sparks, almost like electricity, shot out from the bed into Syreen, coursing through her body like an electric current.

Suddenly she could feel her body again, but it was too late, as the man thrust two fingers into Syreen's chest. Pink energy began to shine through Syreen's entire torso and she could feel the energy expanding inside her, until her body couldn't take it anymore. Syreen's world disappeared as her chest exploded. Chaos appeared from the darkness. Syreen saw the disappointment in his eyes as he turned around and walked away, and tried to run after him, but the more she ran the further away he seemed to be.

She fell onto her knees, crying as Chaos disappeared into the darkness. Several hours later Syreen woke up, sweat covering her entire body which, she noted, was whole and saw Jessica sleeping in a chair next to her. Syreen tried to remember what had happened but was met with a massive headache.

Jessica suddenly woke up and saw Syreen sitting up. "Thank the Lord you are alright! We heard screams from your room and stormed in to find that guy fucking you, while you had a huge hole in your chest! June is interrogating the guy right now. How are you feeling?" Syreen answered with a loud grunt, and asked for a pain-killer. Jessica nodded and walked away to get some.

Syreen inspected her chest and found no trace of the wound, except two small, round marks in the middle of her chest. She threw off the bed sheet to see that her cock was still there, but it was wet and slimy. Jessica returned with a glass of water and two small, red pills. She saw Syreen inspecting her cock and blushed. Syreen saw Jessica and grabbed the sheet to cover herself. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself! It was making a big tent in the sheets and it almost screamed 'taste me'!" Jessica's face turned red and she covered her face in shame.

Syreen laughed, and threw off the cover again. "Why'd you think I'd mind? Now, about that man…" Syreen said, thinking of many different ways to torture and kill him.

Jessica felt something touching her mind; an unfathomable rage that Jessica felt would consume her if she let her guard down. While struggling to keep her sanity, Jessica gave Syreen the pills and, after Syreen had swallowed them, felt the rage decreasing and holly halston in yellow bra tj cummings it disappeared completely.

Jessica let down her guard and took a deep breath before saying with a shaky voice: "I'll bring you to him, but first we need to fix that hole in your suit. Follow me, and it'll be whole again in no time flat." When Syreen entered the room in which the man was being interrogated she could barely contain her rage and everyone, including the man, got the same feeling that Jessica had gotten earlier.

When Syreen felt the man's fear she calmed down, and a sadistic grin spread across her lips. "So, you're alive? That's unfortunate, and most unexpected. The fact that your cock is still there means that I was wrong about your compatibility… however, this does not explain how you can be alive and well, despite the fatal wound you received… Care to explain?" The man said with a barely contained fear in his voice, trying to act calm.

The grin on Syreen's face only grew larger, and everyone in the room could feel the bloodlust emanating from Syreen's very core. Syreen approached the man, whose heart skipped a beat with each step she took. Syreen's hand started to glow with dark purple energy, and the bloodlust increased even more.

June saw this (and felt it) and waved to the two women who were standing guard to leave. June got up from the chair and gestured for Syreen to sit down. Syreen complied and sat down on the chair in front of the man. June turned around. "Be careful; he's dangerous." She said, and after Syreen nodded she nodded back and got out of the room, closing and locking the door behind this isnt the cream pie your grandmother left in the window juicy. Syreen was disgusted by the "caring" and "concern" that these lesser beings showed to each other, and couldn't believe how stupid and gullible they could be.

The man sat on the chair shivering, and Syreen didn't even flinch. The air was positively vibrating, as Syreen stared at the man, whose heartbeat increased with each passing second. Smiling, Syreen got up from the chair and suddenly punched the man in the chest with a quick jab. The man didn't even have time to react as he was thrown towards the wall behind him. He slammed into the wall and Syreen smiled when she heard the sound of bones breaking.

She walked slowly towards the man, who couldn't even move as his back was broken in several places. She then bent down in the same condescending way that the man had done before, but much closer; close enough to whisper in his ear: "How does it feel, knowing you're about to die?" The man's eyes opened wide and he instinctively tried to get up, but his body responded with searing pain, and the man started to cough blood.

The blood landed on Syreen's shoulder, and the warmth and wetness made her horny for some reason, although she wasn't complaining. "You're lucky" she said and licked the man's ear; "I've decided to keep you alive long enough to truly test out your work" she added and giggled softly.

The man suddenly felt a warm, soothing sensation in his entire body, and felt the internal injuries heal rapidly. Syreen smiled as she felt the man's satisfaction, and held her now rigid cock in his face. The man tried to turn away, but Syreen just giggled and grabbed the man's head, turning it to face her cock and pushed it inside his mouth. Forcing her eight inches down the man's throat, Syreen felt the fear and panic rising in his body as she suffocated him, and she was simply loving it, which surprised even herself; she never cared for the more intimate emotions like fear, despair and sorrow as Wilgas; she only cared about causing pain and destruction, and even then it didn't give her as much pleasure as this did.

She felt that she wanted more, and that this was her reason for being; to bring not only pain, but immeasurable fear and despair to her enemies.

She found herself surprised by this realization, and suddenly everything became darkness. Out of the darkness came Chaos, clapping in applause.

"Good… Good! Do you understand now? This is who you are, Syreen! A seducer, capable of roping in your victims with your seductive powers, only to make their worst nightmares come true! Syria is more raw, caring only about causing pain and destruction, like you used to, but you are the intimate, seductive side of your 'duet' of death! You no longer have to be here, so do what you wish and come to me when you're finished." Syreen's heart was filled with joy when she saw that satisfied look on Chaos' face, and when the darkness faded she could think of nothing more than to return to her master's side.

She noticed the man, who started to cry and thrash around on the floor as she slowly suffocated him, and although tempted to continue the desire to return to Chaos was far greater than any temptation. She looked at the man, and simply shrugged as she pulled out of his mouth. The man took a sudden and deep breath, coughing and breathing hard.

Syreen put her hand on his chest, which started to glow in an odd manner; it was pulsating, as if the light came from his very heart. The man looked at his chest and tried to scream, but with her other hand Syreen punctured the man's throat with her finger. He started to cough up blood, and the light in his chest started to pulsate even faster.

Syreen smiled. "I'll explain your situation only once, so listen carefully, scum! Right now your heart is rigged to explode if your heartbeat reaches a certain rate.

So if I were you I would start taking mediation classes." She said and turned around to walk away. The man's eyes widened and the light pulsated even faster. Syreen stopped at the door, and put a hand on it. The door was suddenly covered by a Portal of Chaos, and Syreen turned around one last time.

A dark purple flame covered her hand, and she kneeled down to put that hand on the floor. The dark purple flame immediately spread across the floor, and soon the entire room was on fire except where the man was. "Consider it a going away present for all the people here." She said with a smile. She then ran into the Portal of Chaos, which suddenly disappeared along with her. The man sat on the floor against the wall, trying to comprehend that he could die any day due to simply overexerting himself, and the light pulsated even faster yet.

When June suddenly threw the door open she managed to scare the man, increasing his heartbeat to the sufficient rate, and the entire facility exploded in a spectacular lightshow of death. From the rubble of the building the dark purple flames slowly crept across the ground, slowly enveloping entire city blocks.