Delicious asian wench rides a stiff dong

Delicious asian wench rides a stiff dong
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After leaving Suzie's bedroom Russ Redford had returned to his own room. He ordered himself a stiff drink, showered and changed into a cool shirt and pants. Stepping outside once again he noticed that a cool breeze had sprung up from the ocean, reminding him that the afternoon was drawing into the evening.

Russ Redford was hopping mad, he just plain wasn't used to a woman treating him this way, that bitch, that motherfucking cunt of a cockteaser. Shit! His blood boiled every time he thought of her, he would revenge himself, he would get back at that bitch, she would have to pay somehow .

but how .? Russ turned a bend in the path and headed towards the old Teahouse, it was deserted now. At one time it must have been very beautiful, apparently years ago they had held dances out here but it had long since fallen into disrepair. Yes, the Teahouse was a good place to plan his revenge, it was quiet there, he could really think.

Oh Christ! Damnit! Russ could see a couple silhouetted against the windowpane in an obviously passionate embrace. Oh God! Wasn't there anywhere a man could go to get away from fucking. Everywhere you turned someone was sticking something into someone and that incredible euro nurses suck and fuck a patient to good health cunt .

yes, that fucking bitch--he wished she was here right now so that he could ram her up against the wall until she choked. As Russ neared the building he felt his cock stirring just from the sight of the couple, he approached the building cautiously from the side so as not to disturb them.

He pressed himself up against the wall closely and peered around the window to see them. And then, Good God! Shit! It was Suzie's niece Wendy and his nephew Mike .

necking like there was no tomorrow. Russ couldn't believe his eyes, Wendy was so like Suzie and Mike was so like himself that it was like watching himself make love . Holy Shit! The sight was so erotic he felt himself begin to get a hard-on. He pressed himself closer to the window to hear what was going on. "Mike, don't . please ." he heard Wendy whisper. Holy else jean and elena koshka the bitch was as uptight as her aunt.

"Oh Wendy, Wendy, it's sooo good to kiss you . it feels so right . so beautiful . please don't turn me away, please," Christ! Don't beg, Russ thought to himself, just take her, just take what you need. "Oh Mike we've got to stop. I'm excited, don't lets go any further, it's not right Mike, it's not right." Wendy pushed Mike away from her in an effort to get him to stop but it made him want her all the more.

"Please Wendy, please let me hold you a few minutes more." "No Mike . no ." Mike stiffled Wendy's protests with his lips and pressed her even closer to his body. "Ohhhhh, Mike!

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Mmmmmm!" Russ heard the young girl moan. Russ stood at the window rooted to the ground . he knew he should leave and give the kids their privacy but he found himself unable to do so. He felt his penis harden and press wantonly against his pants in sympathy with his nephew's desire of the young girl. God, she was gorgeous. So like her aunt, her long black, oriental hair so like Suzie's, to see her entwined in the arms of his nephew like big butt slut jenny glam classic lp on anal treatment sz, it was so erotic somehow.

To see their eager, young bodies pressed so closely together with all the passion and abandonment of two wildly aroused adults. Russ Redford watched the young girl and picked up waves of electricity oozing out of her.

He felt the arousal of her loins and his started to ache, he wanted . he wanted to fuck her too. What a hot bitch she'll be one day, he mused. Wendy was thirteen years old and built like a fully mature woman. Underneath her bluejeans her buttocks were round and firm and pressed against the cloth invitingly. She luscious hoe amirah adara has her pussy wrecked almond shaped eyes just like Suzie's of the deep chocolate brown color that just seemed to hypnotize the pants right off you.

Her hair was long and straight and deep, deep black like the ocean at night. Her breasts, so firm and tantalizingly peeking almost out of the thin halter top she was wearing. She pressed herself into Mike, thrusting her hips into him, driving him just out of his mind, his thighs so ripe and ready to receive her.

Russ noticed that his breath was coming harder as he watched the couple and he moved nervously back from the window lest he should be seen. Looking down he saw a small patch of wetness spreading from his already pulsating penis. Damn it! He was aroused.

A full-grown man with a hard-on from just looking at a couple of kids. A couple of very erotic kids however, especially the girl. Russ took his attention off the girl and looked at Mike. He had to keep his lust in check somehow, the girl was just arousing him finger banging college pledges during wild hazing party too much.

Mike was a good looking boy, fine body, golden tan from this vacation. His body was lithe and he wore a tank top which revealed his already beautifully developed muscles, and shorts that really showed off his strong and good-looking legs. Russ took a really good look at his ass which could be seen quite clearly through the thin material of his shorts, he was so beautiful, it was obscene.

He was really a lot like his father, Russ's brother who had been killed in an automobile accident when Mike was ten. The boy's chestnut brown curly hair hung almost to his shoulders and his fine, sensitive face was twisted now in anxious desire.

Russ could see the bulge in his nephews pants as he passionately embraced the girl's voluptuous body, they kissed passionately, long, hard kisses. Russ felt his cock jump with desire and as he saw Mike's hand cupping the girl's full round breast, he felt like he would burst his pants.

His sperm boiled and he could almost feel his cock rubbing up and down the warm crevice of the girl's clitoris. Now the older man began to imagine his aching penis sliding up into Wendy Wong's tight, virginal little cunt . Holy Shit! what sweet revenge . what pleasure and what sweet revenge! he thought. Then suddenly Wendy pushed Mike roughly away. "No more!" Now she was crying and screaming .

"Oh Mike, I love you so much . but . but--" "Please Wendy, please . we're not kids and I love you, I really do. It's alright to make it when you love, it really is alright. Fuck this goddamn virginity anyway ." "I want it, I really want it so bad I can almost taste it Mike, but I'm scared. I just don't know what to do, I'm really scared." "Goddamn!

I can't take anymore of this," Russ heard Mike mutter . "I'm going out of my mind, I can't take anymore." As Russ pressed himself closer to the window he saw Mike slam the door of the Teahouse behind him, leaving Wendy alone. Wendy threw herself on the floor, she just didn't know what to do, she had never experienced anything like this before.

Her heart felt like it was going to burst out of her breast. Mike had walked out on her, maybe he'd never come back . what was she going to do, maybe she'd never brooke having break time anal fuck with office mate him again and it would be all her fault.

He'd go off and find another girl. probably one who wasn't so uptight. She felt an incredible surge of pain shoot through her heart, she really loved him, she really wanted him but she was scared, that was all, she was just plain scared.

Suzie has told her over and over again, don't trust a man, they get in you panties, full your pussy with cum and then dump you. They're all alike, sexually driven brutes, not one was any better than the other. She didn't want her heart broken like her aunt's. Wendy sobbed, she didn't want to lose Mike either. Her body ached again to feel his young body close to hers, to feel his hard cock inside of her. She knew it would be good, it was so sensitive and gentle. Oh God . there was that feeling again, that wild feeling between her legs .

she gently began to rub the aroused little nipple of her clitoris, closing her eyes she thought of Mike and his great cock rubbing against her cunt . and-- Suddenly she heard a sound behind her, she sat up quickly and turned around, hastily tidying her hair and drying her eyes.

"Hello, who's there?" she asked cautiously. "Oh, hi Wendy ." Russ Redford smiled casually . "I didn't realize there was anybody in here .

I needed to be alone for a while and I thought of this place, it's usually deserted . Gee, hope I didn't disturb your peace and quiet." Wendy smiled warmly at Russ. "Oh, no really, that's alright, come in, I don't mind, really." If only she could confide in him, it would be so comforting to be able to talk to someone older. It was pointless in talking to her aunt, she was so unhappy herself, how could he possibly understand how she felt.

Don't ever give in to a man, same old answer. Oh, God! She needed to talk to someone. "Do you mind if I keep you company for a few minutes Wendy?" "Not at all, please do." Wendy looked at Russ and realized he really was a very sweet man, of course she could confide in him. "Actually, I could use some advice and help," the young girl replied eagerly.

Russ Redford walked toward her and sat down beside her on the floor. "Of course, my dear, anything I can do to help you." Russ felt his eyes immediately drawn to her breasts, so firm, so young, so inviting.

He patted her slender young legs and noticed as he did so the delicious curve of her buttocks peeking out of her cutoff jeans. "Now honey, tell me what's the matter?" Wendy stared at her boyfriend's uncle, she felt hopeless and at a loss for words, how could she put her problem into words.

She found herself feeling very afraid and realized that she just didn't know quite how to tell him what was bothering her. She slid her evocative eyes towards him, noticing how well his pants fit his muscular body and just how beautiful he really was, a shudder of excitement shot through her body and her flesh tingled in unexpected delight. "Gee . Wendy . you're not in trouble are you, you and Mike haven't done anything you shouldn't have you?" "No .

No ." and then she broke down sobbing. "Oh, Mr. Redford, I just don't know what to do . I just don't understand, I'm so confused about . about ." she hesitated, now knowing how to continue. "About what, Wendy," Rus Redford prompted the young girl. "About . sex!" The last word tumbling out of Wendy's mouth in tones of unexpected reverence. "Sex, you know?" "Um, yes I know," Russ retorted, feeling a curious surge of excitement. "I'm not all that old you know! I haven't lost interest in it myself yet and I'm not too old that Oldnanny nice threesome young couple is dealt with mature don't remember what it was like at your age .

Sex isn't dirty, or shameful Wendy, everybody has sex lives and there's no use trying to hide the fact. Did your aunt teach you that sex was dirty Wendy, is that why you're so afraid? Did she teach you that it was wrong?" Wendy felt a lump in her throat she was so choked with emotion, she couldn't answer. She just nodded her head. Russ held her in his arms in an attempt to comfort her.

"Sex is beautiful baby girl, it's not wrong," he said gently but firmly. "Sex is the most beautiful thing that can happen between two people and especially if its really good, it can't be wrong." Russ felt the excitement rush through his veins, he felt as if his blood were on a slow but definite boil. Holy Shit, this is wildly erotic, he thought. Wendy's firm young body nestling between his muscular arms was playing havoc with his emotions. He gazed at the innocent girl and felt a great affection for her .

no . not for revenge . this would be pleasure, pure pleasure, pure sweet pleasure. God! he hadn't fucked a virgin in years and the thought of her tender young, tight little pussy made his desire more and more acute. His cock was pushing against his pants in she looks so sweet and cute who knew that she is actually truly insatiable watch this pick up girl f effort to get to that sensitive little hymen tucked inside those cute jeans of hers, in fact he could almost feel her throbbing in anticipation too.

He pressed her closer into his chest, feeling her young breasts straining at the thin little halter top she was wearing until the little buds of her tender pink nipples almost popped out. He thrust his leg into hers and ever through his pants could feel her lithe, taute limbs. By God, this girl would be more of a conquest than her aunt. His aching cock throbbed violently against his pants and Russ's devious mind began to concoct a scheme to bring this fresh nubile girl under his power.

He felt her shiver and press herself into him. "Ohhhhh, I could die, I'm so unhappy, I just don't know what to do," the girl sobbed uncontrollably.

"Well, my dear, you should try to be a little more objective, take a broader look at the situation The first thing, is not to do anything impulsive." Russ Redford was certainly proud of the calm, soothing quality of his voice. "H-how do you mean?" Wendy sniffed, wiping her eyes. "Well . honey . look at it this way. Maybe you just weren't ready for Mike, he's just a young boy you know, perhaps he wasn't able to prepare you properly.

The first time a girl makes love, its really important that she be led up to the act of making love in the right kind of way. Your aunt hasn't helped the way you react also, she's been without a man for quite a while and her experiences with men haven't been too great. Her view is pretty unrealistic though, not all men are alike, not all men are brutal." Russ Redford squeezed the girl's hand affectionately and continued .

"Now look Wendy, you kids nowadays are much freerer in your thoughts than when we were young, so why not in your bodies too. Your aunt and I are of another generation altogether yet I believe pretty much the way you kids do today." Wendy's head was beginning to ache, she was so confused, so many feelings surging through her young body and Mr.

Redford . well . she just didn't know what to think, his talk was unnerving her. She felt a whole lot better though in one way if only she weren't so confused, and yet she did feel open to a new direction.

Russ Redford suddenly noticed something gleaming in the corner of the room, if it was what he though it was, it was too good to be true. The sunlight was reflecting off . yes . off a bottle.

Holy shit, yes, it was a still half-full bottle of brandy. Nothing better to loosen up a young virgin than a little drink, just the ticket. "Here angel-girl, look what Father Christmas left us, a little bit of something to help us unwind." Russ took a long swig and handed it to Wendy.

"This will surely help you to relax," he smiled reassuringly. Wendy took a sip of the liquor, ohhhhh, it made her feel so warm inside, in fact she began to feel quite sensual. She shyly looked at the older man as he sat down beside her again, she really didn't know if she could trust Mr. Redford, he was behaving a little strangely, after all giving liquor to a young girl like herself. She realized however, that her aunt's Victorian ethics hadn't brought her any happiness and even though she was scared this very minute, she was feeling happy.

Oh dear she didn't know what to do or think. She put the bottle down on the floor. "It feels so good and warm in my stomach, but I'd better not drink any more Mr. Redford, really I'd better not." "Now Wendy dear, that's the way you're supposed to feel when you drink brandy, it's nothing to worry your sweet little head about.

Now you just listen to me young lady, and have another sip." The older man and the young girl sat quietly in the gathering dusk, the last remnants of the sun was filtering through the room and they began to feel a magnetic pull towards each others bodies.

At last the sun sank below the horizon and the room was plunged into darkness. Wendy picked up the bottle again and took a long, slow draught, feeling it ooze and slide through her body, she felt good, she felt really good. She turned and looked at her boyfriend's uncle, her tongue slowly licking the remnants of the brandy upon her lips.

Russ Redford gently rubbed the young girl's back. "Feeling better now?" he asked. "Um, quite better, thank you," she confessed. Russ laughed gently, "Just leave it to me, I've got a cure for everything." Feeling braver now from the alcohol, the girl snuggled closer to Mr.


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She looked at him from her young eyes, growing older and more mature by the minute, he was so much like Mike, really, he was quite amazing, it was almost as if she was with Mike this very minute.

Wendy felt a strange feeling of excitement welling up inside of her, yes he was so attractive and capable . Suddenly Wendy realised it was getting late, maybe they should get back to the hotel for dinner but somehow she just couldn't move, it was as if she was rooted to the spot. She didn't want to leave the warm comfort of Mr. Redford's arms, that was it. They'd be noticed as absent from the dinner table though . it would look strange . And then, oh hell!

she thought . feeling warm and tingly all over. Russ Redford sensed the girl's thoughts and pulled her closer to him, as if to say . not yet angel girl . not yet. Wendy's body was beginning to respond to his touch and he found his hand sliding down over her breast and taking the firm nipple between his fingers, mom brielle gives taboo handjob big tits bigtits through the thick cloth of her halter he could feel how responsive she was.

His other hand slid over her belly and began to massage her slowly and seductively. Wendy began to moan in response to the older man's touch, the feeling she had experienced with Mike now began to return stellar czech sweetie is teased in the mall and pounded in pov her loins and oh, now she could feel his hands working their way underneath the cloth of her halter top, and cupping her full firm breast in his hand he began to massage her.

Wendy felt trapped, she couldn't breath, what was happening to her. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't quell the longing in her body, it was flaming up between her thighs, she ached, she wanted, she desired .

ohhhhhh! She twisted on the floor, she had to get a grip on herself. "Oh Mr. Redford, don't do that, it's wrong . it's wrong. Don't, don't, what about Mike . . and my aunt." "Oh, Wendy, my dear don't upset yourself, don't let ugly thoughts crowd that pretty little head of yours, just enjoy yourself, enjoy the pleasure of your feelings." Wendy's thin panties were now wet, oozing with vaginal excitement, she could feel her crotch hard against her pants and with tremendous effort she squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to quell the feelings that were ceaselessly building there.

She knew she was on dangerous ground but she just didn't know quite what to do about it. Mr. Redford had been so kind and understanding, she didn't want him to think that she wasn't grateful--but wow! This was weird . necking with her boyfriend's uncle.

But he was really driving her out of her mind with desire . the handsome man's closeness, his hand on her breast the sunny leone problem story com it was now .

Ohhhhh . she squirmed against him. The crotch band of her nylon panties was pulled tight into the split of her buttocks, rubbing against her hotly tingling vagina. She felt an erotic throbbing start to pulse in the hardening bud of her clitoris, and the trembling young girl gritted her teeth together in a vain attempt to hold back the forbidden delights throbbing stronger and stronger up between her legs.

"I can make you happy . I can teach you about love, sweet baby girl. I can prepare you for love," Russ Redford murmured enticingly in her ear.

"Please, don't . I'm afraid. I don't think you should be doing this to me . really, I don't!" she groaned beseechingly, but in the depth of her soul she realised that she really wanted him, she really was responding to the gentle hand on her rounded breast.

Dear God! She was becoming aroused by her boyfriend's uncle. For a moment she held back and then she realised, so what . it feels so right, so good.

So really, really . wonderful. Wendy was aroused now in a way that she had never experienced before, Mike had never made her feel this way. Mike had aroused her this afternoon but now . with the brandy inside of her and this older, mature man fondling her breasts so tenderly, she was positively on fire.

She couldn't resist the building fire in her wetly swelling pussy when Russ Redford released the tie and her halter top fell open. Her full, quivering breasts were free now, their nipples hard against his hand, he nipped his fingers over them sending echoes of delight throbbing through her belly. "Oh, oh, Mr.

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Redford, we can't! We can't!" The older man kissed her lightly and continued rubbing her nipples between his fingers and grinding his pelvis tightly against hers as he pulled her to him. He slid his other hand down around the soft roundness of her trembling buttocks, and the young girl panicked in reaction to his further intimacy.

"No, oh no, please don't do this to me!" the virginal young girl pleaded, her deep brown eyes filling with tears of anguish. Russ Redford darted his tongue between her tender lips. An uncontrollable tremor of excitement surged through her, her mouth opening to his, her youthful body relaxing against his. The older man pressed her smoothly rounded ass-cheeks, forcing her ripe little body to his bulging loins, causing her vaginal mound to grind against his huge swelling cock.

"No . Oh no . stop, Mr. Redford, please stop," Wendy cried in alarm and tried to wrench herself from his grip. "I've never done it before . never." "Don't worry Wendy, it'll be good with me and there's always a first time.

I'll introduce you to what real pleasure is all about." He locked her into his powerful body, he didn't want any chance of her escaping now . not now, it was too close. "No, no, no ." Wendy mewled as he began kissing her again. Her body was electrified with a million volts, alive with vivid sensations she had never experienced before. Mike had never made her feel this way, she felt erotic beyond her wildest dreams. Mike had fumbled while his uncle's motions were direct and manly. She gasped from the desires which were enveloping her entire body, quivering as the older blond beauteous gals was cussed out striptease and hardcore hand traveled over her, touching her naked breasts, her stomach beneath the tight jeans .

the zipper open and she felt them being slid smoothly down her legs and off . then his hand went to the soft, silken material of her panties . "Oh Mr. Redford . Oh, Mr. Redford, don't! Ohhhh ." she moaned.

His fingers slipped up inside the narrow legband, and she squealed from the lasciviously delightful touch. The older man, unheeding her final, weakened pleas, began using his fingers to stroke her wetly heated vaginal slit, bringing moan after moan of lewd delight from the young girds throat.

She involuntarily raised her hips, rotating her innocent young ass-cheeks in helpful deliberation, spreading her legs so he could caress her virginal pussy flesh at will. Her arms were wrapped around her teacher's neck, and she whimpered into his mouth while slowly, surely, he insinuated his outstretched finger into the moist folds of her tight little cunt.

Oh . God . this .

this is, is wrong . all wrong! But caught in the avalanche of her newly discovered passions, Wendy could only vibrate and moan in rhythm with the teasing manipulations of Mike's uncle, as he stroked her excitedly quivering pussy. Mr. Redford parted the moistly fevered slit of her cunt and teased the soft surrounding pubic hair as he made sudden, ecstatic contact with her clitoris.

Wendy sensed her own deep wetness from her unwanted arousal and the electrifying shock of his caresses. And then he slipped her moistly stained panties down over her naked young thighs and buttocks, the last barrier keeping him from her pulsating loins. The warm air of the teahouse flowed upon the soft, silken curls of her pussy and triggered the last defiant rejection of her boyfriend's uncle.

"Stop it!

Stop it!" she suddenly cried out, thrusting her hands against his heavy chest, as she writhed against him in an attempt to free herself. "Oh, for God's sake, Mr. Redford, let me up." "Goddamn it!" Redford pressed tighter, refusing to remove his middle finger and continuing the teasing fingerfucking of her virginal young cunt.

"It's too late to stop now, little girl! I've tried to be patient with you, to make it nice and enjoyable, but to have both aunt and niece reject me in a single evening is too damned much to take! I'm going to fuck you, child. One way or another, I'm going to fuck you!" He leered hotly down at her, eyes flashing with the uncontainable lust of his frustrated sexual frenzy.

And despite herself, the young girl realized that her hips were once more grinding shamelessly up in response to Mr. Redford's finger stroking her vagina. Her loins reacted uncontrollably to his maddening caresses of her cunt, her buttocks undulating in a lewd and uncontrollable cadence with his stroking finger against her sensitively vibrating clitoris and hungry wet pussy. The lecherous uncle smiled triumphantly to himself and moved his mature body farther over the girl on the floor.

He kissed her hotly, his giant tongue slipping deeply inside her mouth as his hand continued to caress her now wide-open thighs. Wendy moaned beneath him fighting vainly to maintain control of her young body as the electrifying sensations of his massaging fingers seethed through her tender flesh.

But of its own volition, her virginal cunt arched upward to meet more of his lewdly inserted hand, involuntarily spreading her legs and tightening her belly muscles, her eyes mercifully closed tightly to her shameless actions. Wendy opened her eyes and stared at the older man hovering above her and then widening them still further as she watched him remove his pants and shirt.

With great care, he made a bed out of the bundle of their clothes and placed her gently on top of it. Then, she saw his hand beginning to stroke the now exposed shaft of his visibly throbbing penis back and forth.

Wow! Never had Wendy seen a full-grown erection in her life . and the size of this was beyond her comprehension! No woman could possibly take all of it up inside her belly, much less a thirteen year old girl for the very first time! It would rip her insides open like a gaffed fish! She couldn't stop staring at Russ Redford's huge thick-veined cock, and then at the sign of her own vulnerably naked body on the floor beneath it.

She was filled with shame, and it further dawned on the child that her boyfriend's uncle was actually about to deflower her virginity. He was wild with excitement now. "I'm gonna tuck you, my baby, fuck you with my big cock right up that tight little hot slippery little cunt of yours .

oooh," he groaned . Wendy hardly heard his obscene words, her mind too occupied with thoughts about what was happening to her. Yet, even as she was preoccupied in her mind with fear and worry and guilt, overpowering waves of desire began to surge through her. She rose automatically to meet his naked body as the older man dropped on top of her, the hardness of his heatedly pulsing penis gouging the sensitive flesh of her belly, his huge hands once more grasping her tender young breasts.

Wendy whined from the combination of passion and pain, and then their lips closed upon one another, their tongues twisting and stabbing deep into their respective mouths. "You're going to beg for me to pop your cherry," Mr. Redford promised the trembling girl. "You're going to cry to be fucked when I'm finished, believe you me!" He moved down her responsively undulating body with wild licking strokes of his tongue until his head was just above her spread thighs.

"Wh-what are you going to do to me, Mr. Redford?" Wendy asked with naive fearfulness. He answered with action, as the palms of his hands reached for the inner flesh of her thighs and spread them apart. She raised her head as the older man gazed down with a wild hunger at her hotly throbbing pussy.

Wendy whimpered. She, too, could see how her aroused young body was betraying her, for down there between her obscenely spread legs, her coral cuntal flesh was tinged with tiny, glistening droplets of desire, and her glistening petal-like vaginal lips almost cried out to the leering face of the lust-inflamed man.

She watched petrified as slowly, deliberately, Mr. Redford spread her secret vaginal flesh with his thumbs and dropped his lips to kiss the enchanted area. "Ohhhhh, Mr. Redford, noooooooo!" she gasped out in agonized answer to his lust-incited act. At thirteen she had barely heard of such an act, and the idea of placing one's mouth to another person's genitals was not only shocking to her, but revolting! And her boyfriend's uncle was actually kissing her down there!

This was the weirdest thing imaginable! "Stop, Mr. Redford! Oh God! Please stop." But the only response from the naked man was to snake his teasing tongue deeper against her defenselessly squirming cuntal flesh. Wendy lurched against the bestial outrage, her stomach churning in wild, untamed humiliation as his salaciously lapping tongue slithered hotly around her open pussy lips.

She begged in her shame for him to cease his livid licking of her nakedly spread cunt, yet he only labored faster, his mouth and tongue making wet, obscene licking sounds which filled the dimly lighted room with lewd echoes of abandoned sex. And then, again, in horror, she could feel herself surrendering to the delicious sensations that were unwantedly pervading her body. His hands moved back up to her warmly tingling breasts and clenched them harshly, the apex of his actions designed to collapse her virginal pride and morals.

She tried to avert her eyes from his wildly moving head and grasping hands, but she only continued to stare as he sucked slavishly at her unspoiled cunt, desperately trying to keep the blissful feelings from conquering every vein, muscle and cord of her powerless flesh. But the erotic sensations this experienced older man was causing were too strong for the inexperienced girl. She could feel hot tendrils of overwhelming passion licking upwards from the length of her sensitive vaginal slit, swirling in her lower belly and pressuring their way over the elastic-rimmed opening of her clasping pussy into hot blonde baby sitter fuckes for extra cash blair williams babysitter fantasy crevice of her erotically pumping buttocks.

She couldn't believe it . but it was happening to her! Involuntarily, she ground her naked hips up off the makeshift bed of clothes, hearing herself emit strange, animal-like purrings from between her tightly clenched teeth. Russ Redford felt the tantalizing pubic hair of his nephew's girlfriend brush against his cheeks as he fed hungrily on her hot, slippery little pussy. He could not help but gloat inwardly as he plunged his tongue over and over again into the sweet little opening of her cuntal mouth and heard her cry aloud.

His nose was mashed to her quivering clitoris, and he eagerly inhaled the warm perfume of her most secret flesh. The delicate, fresh piquancy of her untouched adolescence incited his penis until he was afraid he was going to cum that very second. Wendy reached despairingly for him, her hands fighting to rid herself of the lewdly thrusting tongue sunk so deep up inside her excited little cunt.

Then suddenly they dropped their futile battle and tangled themselves wildly in his hair and pulled his mouth still tighter against her squirming pussy. She sighed from the searing delight which rose from the liquid depths of her vagina, her eagerly yearning pussy dilating with total submission to the older man's oral rape.

She was his now! Russ Redford relished the fact that this tender young morsel of a teenager was his to play with, delight in . and fuck wildly . "Ohhhh, my little one . now I will make love to you . and it will be the most exquisite pleasure you have ever known!" Wendy felt the blood pounding in her head and she thought her mind was on fire.

She realized that the time had come, and she attempted to fight off the flames which the older man had kindled in her belly. But she was only able to fan the fires of her unwanted arousal higher by salaciously thinking of what was going to happen next.

God . I'll go mad from these intense feelings . I can't wait for what comes next! She made no move to resist as her boyfriend's uncle moved lower over her, guiding his long thick cock with one hand into her soft black pussy fuzz! He parted her fleshy cuntal lips with the blunt end of his cock head, letting it lay throbbing momentarily at the entrance of her they virginal pussy. And then he flexed his buttocks, pressuring his adult-sized penis against the tightly resisting ring of her vagina.

"Oh!" Wendy gasped out. "Oh! No! No! No! Stop! You're hurting me!" She felt as if she was being torn apart . but it lasted only for a brief moment . and then her arousal was stronger and wilder than ever before as chubby milf jump on cock in taxi stockings and fingering felt his throbbing cock deep up i wanna be you big bad wollf her belly sending ever wider and wider circles of pleasure through her.

She started rotating her hips now, wild with the feeling of his penis in her . then faster and faster, grinding and twisting her naked young buttocks against the older man's blond gorgeous teen hitchhiker stacie andrews picked up hardcore and blowjob pistoning penis as if she were glued to it. "That's it! Fuck back! Fuck back, baby!" Russ Redford groaned through his excitedly pursed lips.

"Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh!" Wendy chanted over and over again as she bucked beneath his command, the excited sounds her mouth was making lost in the sound of their fucking.

The older man was fucking her with ass-flattening strokes now, as her passion welled up stronger and stronger. "Oh! Ohhh . ohhhh!" The older man moved more rapidly now inside the thirteen year old girl's wetly, clasping young pussy. The girls face was now changing by passion, her lips opening and closing her breath quickened along with her pulse, his thrusting cock causing electrified tingles that were forever widening .

she writhed beneath her boyfriend's uncle, unwilling and unable to stop him now, as erotic desire radiated faster and faster through her readily accepting young vagina. God! She was loving it. Loving the thrusts of Mr.

Redford's long hard cock deep up inside her feverishly throbbing cunt! God, yes! Yes, this was it! Somehow, she'd never thought she'd get fucked like this, and only a few hours ago she'd denied Mike the pleasure of feeling her titties!

Now she was making it with his uncle! Wow! And it was wonderful! Wendy panted more erratically now, hearing the man breathing harshly as he thrust increasingly hard into her young pussy. His penis was a huge unrelenting miracle raging up inside her belly, making her tingle from the tips of her naked breasts to the sweat and saliva-streaked crevice of her buttocks!

It was a dream . and a wonderfully delicious dream . and it was so beautiful, so goodddd .! "You're starting to love it now, little one," Russ whispered, his voice breaking mid-sentence from passion .

"You like cock fucking your hot young pussy, don't you?" "Yes!" came the delirious reply. "Oh, yessss!" "Then tell me what you want, Wendy!" the older man asked, "call out what your little cunt wants the most!" "Your prick! Your prick! Your big beautiful prick deep, deep inside my hot little pussy, Mr. Redford! Oh, fuck it, Mr. Redford, fuck it gooodddd!" . The sounds of their deeply straining groans and occasional squeals of obscene pleadings filled the warm musty air of the Teahouse as the two nakedly-joined lovers struggled lustily together.

Wendy's flesh matched the mature man's pounding lunges with tempestuous thrashings, for she was one with the man now, and he was driving her insane! Neither of them heard the heavy breathing just outside the window where Redford himself had been spying just a brief hour or so ago.