Step mom india and teen veruca threesome big cock sucking sharing

Step mom india and teen veruca threesome big cock sucking sharing
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My iphone pinged telling me I had a text, looking at the pictures from Morgan got my cock very hard. She sent me one picture sitting with legs open showing her black panties.

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The other picture with her sitting sideways on a step with one leg on a step and the other leg on a lower step, her very short dress pulled up, her legs slightly open with her arm across her lap. I remember watching her as she moved past me to take a seat next to me in the restaurant, realizing that this was not going to be an ordinary dinner date.

She is a stunning 37 year old blonde, with beautiful facial features, full lips and sparking blue-grey eyes. She was wearing a pale yellow blouse and a tight black skirt that was short enough to show off her smooth shapely lower thighs.

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I sighed as I watched her sit down, next to me noticing her skirt creeping up a few more inches as she adjusted herself in her seat. To a leg worshipper like myself, this was an unexpected gift.

I enjoyed an unobstructive view of her incredible legs to my heart's content. I moved my chair back from the table somewhat to make it harder for her to see me taking in her luscious legs. They were smooth and flawless and my mind actively imagined what it would feel like to be able to kiss, stroke and lick super horny brunette needs to get off as much as I wanted.

My cock hardened in response to these fantasies. Our conversation during our first date involved sharing personal information. I'm divorced six times, and she was widow that had not dated since her husbands tragic death. we both became more intimate with personal details of past relationships gone right, and gone wrong.

Then suddenly she looked at me with a smile and said: " So tell me, what characteristics about a woman turn you on the most?" " Do you mean physical or personality characteristics?, I asked." She responded with: " Well let's start with physical". I feel myself very turned on and replied: " Well," "to be honest I'm very much of a leg man.there's nothing that turns me on more than a sexy pair of legs." " Funny you should mention that," she replied, because for me, there's nothing hotter than a man worshipping and playing with my legs".

I looked at her and my cock became even harder than before, imagining the possibilities. " What do you like men to do with your legs?" I hear myself saying. She didn't miss a beat: " Well, if it's okay to be graphic, I love to have my legs caressed, licked, tongued and sucked.

I want to experience raunchy animal sex, have a man talk dirty to me, to be fucked more than once per day and to mount me like a bitch in heat." Her graphic description almost made me cum in my pants right there and then. " Funny that you mention it too, I said with a chuckle, that's exactly what I love to do with a hot pair of legs.I love raunchy animal sex, talking dirty to a woman is a real turn for me, I always fuck a woman 3 or 4 times a day and at night and I always mount the woman I'm with more than once.".

An awkward silence followed, and she returned to her meal. A few times during the dinner she got up to use the washroom. I watched the great view as she walked away from the table and back, her shapely calves and back of her knees enticing me. When she returned to the table, I move aside to let her pretty teen virgin sex and girls do porn obedient cleaning lady back to her seat, I was sure it wasn't an accident that her knee grazed my hand.

During dinner she gave me unlimited time to stare at her legs, imagining what it would feel like to kiss, caress, nibble and then climb between them.

My imagination is running wild. Towards the end of dinner, she asked if I'd like to come to her place the next evening. I agreed. Arriving at her place was like we had always known each other, and the atmosphere is one where we knew we were going to be lovers.

Once in the great room, she poured us a drink from the bar. Then she looked at me and said: " Would you like to have a closer look at my legs"? " Of course", I mumbled. I'm sitting on the couch, and she came up in front of me, and pulled up her skirt a few inches.

" You can touch them if you'd like", she whispered. I put my glass down. I start caressing the back of her calves, marveling at their silky smoothness.

Slowly I work my way up the back of her thighs, caressing, kneading, stroking. I move my hands to the front of her thighs, slowly caressing the soft skin. She parted her legs so I'm able to put my hands between them, and I slowly caress her warm inner thighs. She starts to moan softly." I would love to kiss them," I said, and she moaned a little louder.saying " mmm, you can do whatever you want with them." My cock is hard as a rock and yearning for pleasure.

I went on my knees and started kissing her legs, from top to bottom. I ran my tongue along the insides of her knees and then along her thighs to her panties. I gently sucked the inside of her thighs, and then turned her around so that I could gently kiss and nibble the back of them. While kissing those luscious legs I started to rub her pussy through the material of her panties.

She moaned in pleasure. I felt her panties becoming wet with her pussy juices. While sucking at the inside of her leg I slipped a finger inside her.

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" Wait a second", she said." I want to change positions". She went over to the leather chair across from me. She took off her skirt and then sat down in an upright position with her legs open, her knees up and feet on the edge of the chair. "Take off your clothes", she said. I slowly got undressed. My cock was erect, rock-hard and almost pulsating. I went over to her.

On my knees again, as she parted her legs I started kissing her inner thighs, working my way up to her panties. I kissed the back of her legs near her ass.

She suddenly lifted up her ass and pulled off her panties. Her pussy was nicely trimmed, her lips soaked with juices. I gave her pussy a slow cat-lick, and then started sucking and nibbling on her lips in earnest. She tasted and smelled wonderful.

I sucked and stroked her clit with my tongue. Her moaning increased, her breathing more rapid. "Mmmm, you're going to make me cum soon, aren't you?" she murmured. She then reached forward, one hand finding my cock, the other sunny leone masturbades till she xxx my balls. She slowly stroked my cock while massaging my balls. My pre-cum made her strokes glide effortlessly along my throbbing shaft.

I stood up a bit and then rubbed my glistening cock along her thighs, making sure that I left a trail of pre-cum all over them. While doing that I rubbed her clit with my thumb while fingering her pussy with two fingers. She seemed close to cumming, as was I. "I want you to come all over my legs when I say "Now!" she said. I continued rubbing her clit and pussy lips. It was all I could do to prevent myself from unleashing my hot load.

Finally, after another minute or two, she mercifully screamed " Now!" Without further ado I felt myself begin to spurt. I directed thick wads of cum to her inner thighs, then the front of them, then over to her pussy. She screamed a low guttural sound of having an intense orgasm. During it, she rubbed my hot cum over her thighs and her pussy. After her breathing slowed, she took my still throbbing and creamy cock into her hot, moist mouth.

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" Mmm, she said, you taste so good". We had another drink, she reached for my cock. Her hands now gently caressed my hairy balls and my cock.

I paused then I arched up as she is talking and being very gentle stroking my cock. She pulled one hand from me, she feels the heat of her pussy.

Her fingers found her clit, it is as hard as a marble, and she gasped when she touched it which made me start to try and get up. She calmed me with soothing words and gentle strokes.

Her fingers are now sliding over her clit and now open labia, " OMG," she gasps surprised at how wet she is… she had played with a cock before, made them hard, jacked them off, sucked them, swallowed their cum and been fucked by them, BUT this time she is more aroused than ever before…she must be ovulating. She is not so gentle as she masturbates herself with one hand, and me with the other. She hears the wet "squish" sounds coming from the contact between her fingers and her pussy.

As she is playing with my cock it starts to get hard, she withdrew her hand from her pussy, it glistens wet in the light as she brings it to her lips, she tastes her juices, she sucks on her slick finger, then she feels another rush of wettness to her pussy. She likes the taste of her juices, not musky, not salty or bitter, just clean, feminine.

She releases her finger from her sucking lips and places her hand at my mouth. I sniff and eagerly lick the wetness from her fingers. She wanted my cock in her again, she got up moving to the couch, leaning over it. She wanted me to mount her, I got behind her spreading her legs, then I thrust into her, she begins to panic, I'm so aggressive, my hands grabbing her waist, my fingers digging into her.

She should have known better, she had not ever been mounted like this before. I'm not stopping, I'm slamming into her, raping her in a way, she is screaming in pleasure and pain, her pussy is being filled by my massive cock, then she feels the bulge at the back of my shaft smashing against her labia and clit. She has never felt anything like that before, then it happened, she did not expect it, was not ready for it, and was not physically made for it, but my knot slips past her labia, she screams a guttural scream from the intense pain and pleasure.

My knot slips inside her, tying her to me, she feels my fat cock pressing so deep inside her, she swears it is against her stomach. She is screaming, begging " FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!" over and over, the pain mixing with the over powering orgasm that swept over her again and again, my thrusts now like engine piston, then I erupt shooting my seed into her, filling her deepest areas, seeking her womb.

She collapsed forward as I laid my full weight onto her back…I'm spent, my cock having exploded inside of her. We are joined as one, she cannot pull forward, my knot had tied her to me. We stayed like that for what seems like hours. When I start to relax, to soften, she feels me finally relaxing, my knot and cock withdrawing from her with a very wet " plop." She collapsed onto the floor, my cum almost pouring from her.she is sure I had cum bigger than her deceased husband, she is also sure she was torn!

When she was able to sit back up she looked at her pussy, she fingered the slick sticky wet opening…no blood, sore but not bad. The wood floor under her is a mess of cum. She tasted her fingers and as she expected, my cum was sweet! I sat in a chair still panting. So shaky she made it to the bathroom. She feels sticky, sweaty, she feels my cum dripping from her pussy, filling her panties.

She can smell it. She can feel it. She goes into the living room, she is about to drop down on the couch when she sees me waiting for her.

I'm grinning, part of her wanted to leave, but the slut in her wanted me inside her again. We kissed as my hands are on her… her small breasts, her hips, between her legs, " Fuck you are still so hot!" I said as my fingers press the material of her panties into the cum filled crevice between her legs. She should have stopped me… but the slut in her.

She craved my cock, she played me looking up at me, " You want to fuck me again??" John, I am so wet, I so want your cock in me again…" I took her to the bedroom, she pulled her panties off before we got to the bed. I put her on her back then with no passion, I got between her legs and slipped my cock into her pussy. She is so sensitive and sore, but her lust is beyond anything she has ever experienced, so any pain is dulled.

My long cock lurched inside Morgan as her tongue danced with mine, I'm unable to hold back even a second longer. The dam cracked, then burst, a flood of boiling lust surging forth from deep inside me out through the massive meat-stick planted deep in Morgan's quivering depths.

Balls like plumbs pulled themselves tight against the root of my shaft as I ground my hips against hers, cum surging up my length to fire, point-blank, into her welcoming womanhood. Morgan's eyes shot open wide as she realized what was happening, only to roll back in their sockets an instant later as that knowledge set off an explosion of pure pleasure deep inside her.

She moaned mindlessly into the kiss as I let loose a deluge of white-hot molten lust inside her, thick creamy cum surging into her again. Raw pleasure coursing through her every nerve like electricity, an ecstasy so intense it burned away every other sensation, every other thought, consuming her, leaving her trembling around me. My cock lurching inside her again, firing another blast of thick hot teen girls story ebony bhasa cream into her, flooding her depths with oceans of creamy spunk.

Then it fired again and again and again, a seemingly endless sea of cum pouring into her, each blast a long-overdue release, pleasure surging through me with each blast. Each searing wad of sticky seed fired from my massive cock set off a little burst of sensation in her, like a string of firecrackers going off one after another. She clung to me as she trembled and spasms with orgasmic pleasure, her legs squeezing tight around my waist.

Even in the midst of overwhelming pleasure, her body wouldn't let me go. Her depths twitched and spasmed wildly around my long thick shaft, almost like they were dancing with joy, squeezing my still-hard shaft like a silken vice, milking me for more.

It is nearly impossible to tell how long we held each other in the throes of passion, our sweaty bodies glued together in the bedroom. The only sound is the two of us panting for breath as we clung to each other, coasting down from our third climactic peak and into the warm, soft embrace of afterglow. After a long moment of still silence, Morgan's legs relaxed slowly, shakily unwrapping themselves from around my hips.

She sat on the bed wrapped in a blanket.