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Pornpros francesca james big ass and fat pussy are fucked hardcore brunette
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Fbailey story number 310 She Was Desperate She was desperate, otherwise she would not have asked for my help. My sister Loraine had changed.

She had grown up and she really looked good. She told me that she needed a place to stay for the summer and asked if she could stay at my cabin. We were a generation apart. Mom had me when she was eighteen and she had Loraine when she was thirty-eight years old.

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Now Loraine was almost sixteen years old while I was thirty-six years old. Anyway it was okay with mom so I said okay and waited for Loraine to pack. She had only gotten out of school for the summer the day before. As I drove out of town Loraine told me her story.

She was pregnant! Oh my God! No wonder she wanted to get away from Mom. Mom was one of those people that believed in, "Do as I say, not as I do." Mom never married my father or Loraine's father either. She was four months pregnant and just starting to show. That was why she was so desperate to get away from Mom. She was going to wait until school was ready to start then tell Mom that she was pregnant.

At seven months charlee chase and bruce venture i would be too late for Mom to do anything about it. Then on the other hand Loraine had no idea who the father was. She had been the center attraction at several orgy gangbangs about that time. Plus she was letting about twenty boys fuck her any time that they wanted too, even in school. In other words my little sister was the school slut.

No wonder she was afraid of Mom. However, in reality Mom was not much better herself. When I parked the jeep outside my cabin I unpacked my supplies and filled the oil lamps before it got dark. Right then Loraine realized just how primitive I lived. I had dug into the side of the mountain, cut down some trees, and built my log cabin. It stayed cool in the summer and just as cool in the winter. I had a wood stove for heat and cooking.

I had a stream not too far away for water and I had dug a hole for my outhouse. All I ever did was shit in it though because I pissed anywhere I wished too.

The stream had a small falls where I could take a shower. Loraine asked for the tour, so I showed her around and when we got to the falls she asked if she could wash up. Well of course she could. She didn't hesitate to lift her loose fitting dress up over her head and slip her panties down her legs.

I was admiring her body as she turned around and simply walked toward the stream. Her ass looked very good as she wiggle it while she walked, her tummy had a nice roundness to it, and her breasts were full and firm. Right then I had a different outlook toward my little sister. We had spent more time together getting to my place than we had in several years. I guess it was because I was always trying to get her to act more mature, not realizing that she was just a little kid.

When she turned twelve she sure webcam show free webcam porn video d1 from private-cam net college le tube porn looking like a little kid. Now however she looked like every girl I had ever wanted to sleep with. Shit! I only had one bed! Well I guess she would just have to get used to sleeping with me. She obviously doesn't mind sleeping with other guys.

Then again they didn't actually get much sleep either, did they? I undressed and joined Loraine in the stream. I got my bar of soap out of the can I keep there and handed it to her. Loraine took it and started rubbing it over her breasts. I just watched intently and then Loraine handed me the bar of soap and told me to enjoy myself. I looked at her and she placed her hands behind her head.

So I started rubbing the soap on her breasts and then I used my hands to lather it up and of course to feel her up too. She was in no hurry and just let me do my thing. When I was ready I went to her pussy and started rubbing the soap into her pubic hair and then got a good lather going. The next thing she knew, my fingers were up in her pussy as far as I could get them. Loraine lifted a foot up onto a rock, spreading her legs nicely, and opening her pussy up for tight pussy asian smokes his pole and swallows fingers to go in further.

At the same time she took the bar of soap and was washing my cock. I was rock hard even in the ice cold water. Having my fingers up some girl's pussy will do that, I guess. Without even rinsing off she guided my cock to her pussy and we were fucking. She felt much better than I could have imagined.

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After a few moments she asked me to slip it in her ass and turned around for me. Now that was tight! Soon she off again and turned to suck it. When she finally came up she kissed me and said that she had dreamed that every cock that had fucked her had been mine.

What! She said that she wanted me to be her first and that when I had continued to treat her like a little girl that she had tried to avoid me. Instead three other boys had been the first to enter her mouth, her pussy, and her asshole.

Most likely a forth boy had knocked her up too. Then she wanted me back in her pussy so that I could cum in her properly. Properly hell, I just rammed my cock up into her pussy lifting her off her feet.

She clung to me as I savagely thrust up into her time and time again.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and hung on for dear life. All of a sudden I teen nympho lady bug first on airtight double penetration handles like a pro turned from a man making love to her into a man gone wide. All I wanted victoria rae gets drilled in hardcore fashion that moment was for my own animal lust to be quenched.

I used her body for my own gratification without any concern for hers. When I finally shoved into her that last time I started to cum and cum until I had nothing left to give her. Just as I finished my legs collapsed under me from the weight of both our bodies.

I slowly dropped into the ice cold water. It was a shock to my overheated body and snapped me instantly back to reality. Before I could apologize to my sister for practically raping her she pressed her mouth to mine and tried to stick her tongue down my throat.

Then she said that I had just given her the best sex of her life. She could not thank me enough for fucking her. I had finally scratched an itch that she had had between her legs since she was twelve years old. She begged me to fuck her ever day, every hour, and every minute of the day after that. She said that from now on her body belonged to me. All I could do was thank her, kiss her back, and splash cold water on her to get the rest of the suds off her body. We got out of the stream and carried our clothes back to my cabin.

I knew right then that one bed would be no problem…clothes wouldn't be either. Loraine was just as comfortable naked, as she was clothed. As we walked I let my hand drop to cup one of her ass cheeks and she just snuggled into it. Just before we got back to my cabin Loraine squatted down and peed in the grass saying that my toilet smelled like an outhouse.

Then she laughed. While she squatted she sucked on my cock making it hard again. She asked me if I could wait until we got on a bed but clearly if I wanted to fuck her right there on the ground she would let me. When she stood up I put my arm around her neck, cupped her right breast, and held onto her nipple as we walked.

I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger as we walked pinching it occasionally. I came to the conclusion that I could do anything that I wanted to do to her and that she would let me. After all she had said that her body was mine to do with as I wished and I wanted to get in my cabin and fuck her again.

Loraine walked straight to my bed and got on her back. She wanted it in the missionary position while she still could. She was already planning on a lot of doggy style as her tummy grew but right then she wanted to see my face as I cum in her. Apparently she had liked the look on my face as I cum in the stream.

My little sister had certainly grown up. I was just about to fuck her when I decided to eat her out instead. She was clean from the stream but slightly salty from her urine. I could not get enough of her. I sucked each of her large outer lips into my mouth and tugged on them a little with my teeth. I then opened her pussy lips up with my fingers and licked her clit. That excited her as much as it excited me. I then poked my tongue into her pink moist hole and got a taste of her fresh secretion.

It was very nice. Then I lifted her legs up onto my back and rotated her pelvis enough to allow me to lick her from her asshole to her clit. That excited her too, along with me so I stayed between her legs licking her for about ten or fifteen minutes until my tongue and jaw were too sore to continue. That was when I moved up her body to her face sucking her nipples along the way.

When I slipped my tongue into her mouth I slipped my cock into her pussy. She was shorter than I was so I sort of rested my chin on the top of her head as I fucked up into her. My arms were wrapped under her armpits and shoulders and my chest was pressing down on her firm breasts. As I fucked my fifteen-year-old sister I couldn't help but enjoy it more than I had enjoyed fucking any other woman.

Her pussy was made for my cock. The fit was perfect. Every one of my nerve endings were on fire as I fucked her. Suddenly I just had to cum. It was intense, it was forceful, and it was wonderful.

Loraine enjoyed it too. She more than enjoyed it. She cried out to me and to God that she had finally found her Prince Charming. I had certainly found my Cinderella. The 'glass slipper' had fit perfectly. We fucked as often as we could that summer. Doggy style had become our most popular position with her on top being the next. When it was time for Loraine to go back to school she told Mom that she was seven months pregnant. She looked it too.

Mom listened to reason and decided that Loraine and I had thought everything out, that Loraine was mature enough to raise a child, and that living with me had changed Loraine for the better. She knew that we were having sex, that we were living as a married couple, and she wished us well.

She was even looking forward to becoming a grandmother. The End She Was Desperate 310