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Brittni de la mora sex
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Brasilian girls are internationally renowned for their beautiful butts. In this true story, I wish to tell one of many experiences I had in the ass-man's paradise of Brasil. --- ass worship, ass kissing, facesitting, analingus (to orgasm), buttsniffing, etc. __________________ Brasil . mmmm . the sweet aromas, heavenly cityscapes, and, oh yes, should I xxx sex stories full storys paley those magnificent butts that are renowned across the world?

Not only are they as gorgeous as they seem in travelogues, they are many times more beautiful in person. And the girls themselves.generally shorter and smaller than American or European girls. Lots of beautiful eyes that flash with a zest for life that matches their infectious smiles. And---those incomparably round rear-ends! Truly a visual feast for an ass man. The girls of Brasil generally love Americans but space here doesn't permit discussion of the reasons why.

They have never asked me for money before spending time with me although I never let them leave without volunteering a good amount because I understand how difficult life can be in emerging nations and because I adore Brasilian girls so much.

In my last trip to a city I favor in northeastern Brasil, I was out after midnight when I decided to leave the warm and tropical beach area after an odd night of not finding a sweet Brasiliera.

The girls along the beach walk had been friendly but things just hadn't clicked although there had been one girl who seemed approachable and had a cute face and a butt that was so round and perfect that I nearly wet myself the first time I saw it.

She wore an older yellow minidress with sandals and those Brasilian eyes---damn! You might ask, if she appealed to me that much, why then was there a problem? Well, pretty simple. She looked to be 12 years old and although she might have been 14, the age of consent, I was not about to break the laws while in a foreign country.

I'm sure local guys got away with 12 year olds but I wasn't going to take that risk, not that I didn't have offers. I had been approached many times by very young girls, in fact, girls too young to mention here. Of course being a man, I was tempted and a couple of times, felt way too weak.

But in the end, no way. When I left the beach area that night, I took a taxi toward town and through the central district. I saw little that interested me and I asked the taxi driver to take me back to the beach area and drop me off although in a little different location than before.

I wanted to walk back to my hotel on streets I had not before seen. It was about 1 a.m. and the lights of the beach had gone dark as the vendors and kiosk owners shut down. I walked eastward and enjoyed the warm night, scented by flowers, the warm breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, and the faint scent of ethanol that powered autos.

After a few blocks, I passed an intersection and noticed a taxi pulled to the curb about a block up the side street. I also noticed a very (very!) shapely silhouette standing on the street, bent at the waist, and leaning into the passenger side window. All I could see of her were legs and ass but when you're a butt freak, those are often the only things you need to see. I had been watching girls on the beachwalk for hours and I had taxi'd downtown hoping to find some "bunda" and yet there it was, just a couple of blocks from my hotel.

Of course, I detoured my path and walked up the inclined street. I had no plan of action whatsoever and I barely spoke Portuguese so I had no idea how I would even talk to her. Plus---and this is big!---I had no idea if she was a she. Transvetites are common, although not so much in Fortaleza at that time, and Brasilian tv's are drop-dead convincing.

The girl leaning into the taxi looked taller than most so, hell, maybe "she" was a he and I was about to fall victim to some violent robbery. Actually, my biggest concern was not that I would have been physically accosted and robbed but rather that I had been tricked by a guy's ass! Horrible! Awful to even think about!

As I neared, she stood straight and, under a simple lamppost, I could see her with a small smile. She was not like typical native Brasilian girls. She was more European with a Caucasian complexion and a face that reminded me of the actress Mila Kunis, except with much darker eyes.

She was five-foot-six and appeared to be about 25 years old. She had shiny black hair that was cut with the same slant as her jawline. I still didn't know for sure if she was a she, but when she turned more towards me, the blend of her waist into her hips was quite convincing. If you want to know her bra size, well, you would have to ask someone else picking up an ebon attractive teen diamond monrow hardcore blowjob I am too much of an ass man to immediately notice a girl's bust.

Uk essex slut southend on sea nina, it's all I can do to get my eyes from a girl's ass to her face. What got me worked up was that this shapely, slender girl with the nice butt was wearing a full black spandex body suit--- like the most sexy and sensual and shiny Catwoman ever! Although that body suit looked "liquid" and might be latex, closer inspection would confirm it was soft, thin spandex.

It clung to her body and accentuated every curve. I have seen girls in black spandex bodysuits, but none like her. Honestly, I could scarcely breathe. Her smile was friendly and I told her "meu nome e Bryan", hoping I didn't just say something stupid like "your cat knows me".

She said her name was Naomi. She didn't speak any English but when it comes to sexual things, I've discovered that if two people want it, they'll figure out a way to communicate.

Love conquers all. Lust conquers it even faster. I was concerned about what she would awesome babe jerks off and licks cock once she knew what I wanted. American girls are, sadly, not interested in ass-worship themes much but I've discovered that Brasilian girls are much more tolerant and I've managed to find i higher percentage who seemed to enjoy it.

I mean, what's not to like? You have a guy adoring your beauty and body and---well as for me---your booty. You should feel beautiful and loved and sexy like a goddess. The taxi driver departed. Well, I mean, he took his taxi with him. Drove up the hill and out of sight. After some awkward Portuguese and a few hand gestures, I managed to communicate that I was completely in awe of her bunda.

She smiled and turned sideways to give me a better look. It was even more amazing than I had imagined. I nodded and told her it was "muita bella" which sounded disturbingly like "I want to eat your belly". She said something that I didn't understand. She rephrased it but I still didn't comprehend. Then, she put her right hand in front of her face and formed an "O" with her index finger and thumb.

She raised her left hand and put her index finger into the "O" and moved it in a fucking motion. Then, she pointed to her ass. Instantly, I knew what she meant and I shook my head. She actually smiled. She made the sign again and then waived her index finger in the air as if to say "no". I said, "Nao, nao.

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Nada." She smiled again. Then, her head tilted and her shoulders raised in a shrug and she said, "Que?" and I pointed to my nose and then to my tongue then to her ass. Her eyes widened as she seemed to realize what I was after. She smiled and pointed at her nose and mouth, then to me, then to her ass and she made a sound like "Eh?". I nodded. My insides were boiling. I had hopefully just told this magnificent creature that I wanted my nose and tongue in her ass.

She hadn't fled so my hopes were up, among other things. She smiled again and returned my nod. Unless I was terribly mistaken, she had just accepted my desire to put my face in her round and beautiful bunda. She asked, "Hoteis?" and I pointed to my left and lifted two fingers in an attempt to say "two blocks" but I didn't know what the Portuguese word was for block.

I told her the name of the hotel and she nodded. I don't remember the name of the hotel but it was 1 1/2 blocks from the beach, it offered gated security, swimming pool, continental breakfast, and cost---in today's American market---$30 a night. I know this seems odd, but it happened with every Brasilian girl I ever went with----there was no discussion of money as we made our way to the hotel.

An attendant was on duty. Although the hotel approved of and even advocated that their guests enjoy local girls for entertainment, Naomi was instantly a concern for the attendant. Maybe that could be expected since teen babe hollie sucks a black cock pornstars and hardcore was 1:30 in the morning, but it seemed to me that she might have had some kind of reputation.

I found her to be genuine and likable but the attendant required her i.d. and wrote down some information. His shook his head as he let us in. Yes, I had some concerns about him being so hesitant, but dammmmmmit, I was within minutes of getting my face in that Brasilian girl's round and gorgeous ass and no amount of common sense was going to stop me!

I was fully aware that I could be in danger but you guys know how easy it is to say to fucking-hell with common sense! If she was dangerous, then I would just have to die with my nose wedged in her ass. The nature of my demise might be hard to put on a tombstone, but that would be my relatives' problem, not mine. Was she worth the risk? Mmmmmmm.

You already know. My room was on the second floor, overlooking the courtyard and pool. We reached the stairwell and, being the gentleman that I am, I permitted Naomi to go first.

I honestly did not know if I would survive. She was.her ass could I even come up with words to say how round those glutial globes were nor how perfect her hips and that damned black spandex jump suit clinging to every curve and amplifying every move of her body.

She had one foot on the lowest stair and the other on the step just above and she turned halfway toward me and smiled. My eyes were glued to her ass and I made no attempt to move them as she looked at me because I wanted her to know for certain the lust that her rear-end ignited within me. And yes----she knew!

She knew exactly what it was doing. She knew what that walk up the stairs was about and she smiled as she turned her back completely to me. I wanted so much to just jam my face in that tight ass right there but I also wanted to wait so that my first time would not be interrupted by anyone who might happen by.

She went up slowly, one step at a time and I felt quite sure that she loved being adored. What excited me so much was that she KNEW I was inches from her ass and staring at it and she KNEW that once we were alone, I was going to put my nose and face and tongue there.

At the top of the stairs, she stopped and she held her place and with my face just inches from her rear-end, she looked back at me with a smile while I stared and ogled and admired reporter bangs teen and her step mom craved. Then, she arched her back just slightly and very slowly and she pooched her butt backwards, bending at the waist and showing the dynamic dimensions of her hips and the spread of her cheeks and the strain of that spandex over that beautiful "canyon".

That is one sight that I will see forever. Absolutely gorgeous and worship-worthy. I unlocked my room and once inside I turned on a small light. I opened the shudders of the room's glassless window and the room filled with the warm scented breezes of the Atlantic Ocean less than two blocks away. I didn't have a plan for getting things started and I felt a bit awkward.

Should I just get down and dive in face first? Should we talk more even though we didn't have much of a common language? I thought about saying, "You know, the night smells great but I know your ass smells even better." I was truly at a loss.

Naomi made it easy. She gave a smile that was as much teasing as it was taunting, daring me, and playful. Then, she slowly turned her back, leaned her palms onto a dresser, arched her back, and pooched her cute little ass out. I dropped to my knees.

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No---not because I wanted to, but rather from sheer inability to stand in the presence of such a well-reared goddess. I placed my hands on her hips as one last test to make sure she was agreeable and hands slowly moved to her butt cheeks and I literally groaned because they were so soft and yet springy and somewhat taut.

I suspect many girls might have peeled off that jump suit, but Naomi hadn't and I was soooo glad she didn't. I had no idea beforehand how thin and soft that black material was because it had that rubbery look which I would not have liked nearly as much. But, Naomi's spandex was all soft, thin, and skin-like and I'm surprised that the combination of all of that didn't cause me to orgasm on the spot. I have never, ever felt any material like that, although I have felt spandex before.

I doubt I have described things well enough here, but just to place my hands on her with that thin bodysuit was epic. I honestly would have stayed on my knees behind her forever if the logistics were better. After several minutes, I pulled my hands away and I put my face right down square with her ass and my eyes imbibed her extraordinary beauty.

I stared. I admired. I noticed that crevice in the middle and how perfectly it separated near the bottom and how that black spandex showed every bit of it. I began speaking words of adoration and I knew she probably didn't understand the worship I was giving, but I understood. I understood that it was necessary and I understood that somewhere out there, the supreme ass goddess was very pleased with me. I could see Naomi's face in the mirror of the dresser and her pleasant smile and sometimes heaving chest convinced me that she liked being adored that way.

I wish all girls did. I wish all of them knew how there are men like me who will kneel and praise and kiss hot lesbians like to fist one another worship and how they should just take it all in and know they are treasured and adored. I didn't know if they were the right words but I said, "Quero beija sua bunda" which I thought meant, "I want to kiss your ass." I hoped it didn't mean, "I want to screw your goat".

She seemed to understand and I actually felt pride. I felt like some kind of cultured, multi-lingual, international traveler although I am at a loss to explain how this fetish for sniffing girls is congruous. She arched ever so slightly and I was literally trembling inside as I moved my face closer and then closer. I sniffed the air, looking for her scent from four inches away. I sniffed again at three inches and thought I detected a slight bit.

When I touched the tip of my nose to the center of her ass and breathed just slightly, I nearly exploded. Yes! There are very few girls that have given me that stimulation on a very first, and very small sniff. It was a darker scent than most and I believed that once I could get at her better, I would discover it was a stronger scent than most and I couldn't wait to find out! I moved my face to her left butt cheek and pressed and my lips to it and was filled with awe because of its springiness.

I pursed my lips and I kissed and kissed and kissed. I would still be kissing that ass right now if our lives hadn't been so different. And honestly, it wasn't just the erotic act of kissing a girl's ass. It seemed like something more because I liked this girl. She was nice and she was friendly and she had a cool way about her. Yes, I was kissing Naomi's ass, but in my mind, it was also me kissing Naomi, a girl that I actually liked. I kissed both butt cheeks but couldn't wait to do what I wanted to sooooo badly: I wanted to sniff Naomi's butt.

It is one thing I love so much with girls. I love the scent. I love the intimacy. I love that it is perhaps the most private and "personal" part of a girl. It's a little hard to explain, I suppose. There are those who say that ass is ass and it all smells the same, but when you transcend the barriers between the sexuality of it and the personhood of it, it becomes clear that girls all smell different. It might be very small differences, but indeed, they are all different---and wonderfully so.

And, I wanted to sniff Naomi now----before anyone or anything could interrupt us. I wanted to lock her smell into me so I would always have her scent in my memory. At that time of high passion, it seemed like my life experience would be complete once I knew what Naomi's ass smelled like because it was a knowledge that would never leave me; a souvenir that I treasure and am now able to write about and share with others.

I was nearly shaking from two things: 1) The anticipation of sniffing such a fabulous rear-end, and 2) Naomi had come to that room KNOWING I wanted to sniff her butt! That drove me crazy!!!! I had pointed to my nose and her ass so she knew. Slowly, I pressed my nose to that perfect spandex "pocket". She didn't leap or push me away.

If anything, she held her ground and might have even pushed back into my face some, although I can't say which of those prevailed.

I didn't go in deep because I didn't want my nostrils to close off. When I was perfectly positioned, I sniffed! It was a small sniff.

Her most-personal scent spread through me like a rushing virus and I felt instantly feverish from its divine richness. She didn't move.

I dared more. I sniffed twice as long and I KNEW she knew that I was sniffing---inhaling!---her "back there". It was a blatant sniff and very obvious and I was excited from the fact that she knew what I was doing and she stayed right there and let me do it. I feel odd about the buttsniffing thing and I know it's not popular. I also have been slapped in the face more than I've gotten butt in my austrila xxxx super sex stories story, yet there are shy ebony teen noemi bilas gets wild on bed men like me---men who know what I'm saying about worshiping a girl by worshiping her special place and tasting her "there" and smelling her and registering treasured memories.cause I adore Brasilian girls so much.

I know it's not popular. Lisey sweet sexy blonde masturbating with huge know a lot of girls sneer and shake their heads, but Naomi didn't move away! She stayed right there and I breathed in her heavenly scent for probably 10 minutes. That's all we did---my face---her ass---my nostrils flaring and inhaling. I told her with genuine sincerity that she was beautiful and I liked her and that her ass was "bella" and "deliciousa" (beautiful and pleasing to the senses----I think) and that she had the most amazing smell and also an absolutely perfect bottom!

I asked if she would sit on my face and there was no delay in her response. I wanted her to facesit me in that soft spandex, but she had it peeled of instantly and once I saw the perfect complexion of her buttocks I was helpless to change things.

She was wearing a bright pink thong which became even more exciting when she got on all fours over me and then backed that spread ass right into my face. Her hips were slender when she was standing but I was (and am mom teaching teen son sex stories so amazed with how those hips spread like a cobra when she she was bent at the waist.

Wow. I caressed her hips and thighs and moaned while she sensuously rubbed her butt in my face. Just magnificent! And then she did something on her own that surprised me, the first of many such surprises.

She pulled the zipper of my shorts down and started sucking on my cock! That was not something we had talked about but how can you tell a girl to stop sucking? By sheer estimation, I think it was about 15 minutes that her butt slowly rocked in my face---15 minutes of utter dreamland!

My cock was in her mouth and I'm sure it wasn't the first one to get there.

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I would have been happy with her grinding in my face and me sniffing and her sucking, but she came up with something else on her own and I simply could not argue. She raised herself so that she was sitting upright on my face, an absolutely gorgeous sight, looking up her perfect back and barely seeing her round globes pressed to my face and the back of her head.

Then, she leaned forward about halfway and pulled her thong down to her thighs. Bare ass! I thought I would not survive. I sort of like thongs, but I would rather a girl wear panties or nothing at all. Thongs fee; uncomfortable to me for facesitting, usually.

So, when Naomi pulled hers down---on her own---to sit on my face with her bare ass (yummmm!!!), well, it made everything better.

She nestled her butt back into my face and I felt the tackiness of her ass "pocket" and loved johnny sin cythereas full movies raw and animalistic it was to have that bare anus pressed to me. She lowered her mouth to my cock and I began kissing her bare buttpcks before kissing further in and eventually stopping for a minute to eyeball her tight and beautiful little asshole. She was the one who had put it front of my face so I was pretty sure she wanted attention "right there".

I sniffed it several times and it stimulated me like poppers. I rubbed my nose into that tackiness. It was so warm and smelled so sexy and sensual and I made sure I xxx lov xnxx sex hot some of that tackiness on my nose with the hope I would still smell her ass even after she left.

Then, I moved forward, slowly, and with great anticipation. I pursed my lips and looked right at her rosebud and excitement built as I saw myself getting nearer and nearer.

It was like electricity when my lips first touched her most-private place. It was even more when I pushed solidly forward and locked my mouth to it and kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed. Naomi was still sucking on my cock but her attention had become irregular and I told myself it was because she liked having her ass kissed. You've probably met a few "ass girls" and I'm pretty sure you can "read" them well enough to know what they want and when they want it.

Although I wanted to kiss Naomi's ass for hours, I was pretty sure she was wanting something more. So, I pushed my tongue forward and lightly touched the tip just outside of the ring of her hot little sphincter. She literally jumped and air rushed out through her nostrils. She cooed and her hips went side-to-side a couple of times.

I licked softly over every single part of her ass crack except her anus. She responded like a sensual vixen. I flattened my tongue and pressed it to her hole and she yelped and wiggled. I licked passionately and swabbed my tongue and even sucked very softly on the tender skin that surrounded it.

I am seldom in a situation where I could speak words of love and devotion to a girl's ass because, I mean, yeah---unless you're into ass worship, well, that's just plain freaky. But, I wasn't at all concerned about that with Naomi because, well, she didn't speak English so, for all she knew, I was quoting Shakespeare.

I let myself loose to just enjoy verbally praising her ass with whatever came to mind. I rimmed her and then speared my tongue and put the tip to her entrance and she moaned and then pushed her ass back into my face, obviously encouraging me to bury my tongue deep in her rectum. And---wow---did I ever do that! I buried it so deep and pulled her hips back to me so hard that I began wishing that my tongue was eight inches long. Yes, I know the issues that might cause, but with Naomi, I would have done it in an instant!

She squealed again and rocked against my face and I held her hips and tongued fucked her and her finger fits her snatch hardcore and blowjob breathing became inconsistent and her mouth pulled off of my cock. I didn't mind those things whatsoever because she was face-dancing me with her ass while my tongue was buried deep in her rectal canal and working hard to go in and out with vigor and passion.

I suspect we were locked "tongue-in-cheek" for about a half hour, neither of us wanting it to stop. My face was wet from my own saliva and it smelled like girl-ass and I loved it and I was just soooooo incredibly turned on.

It was past 2 a.m. and the city was sleeping, except for one hotel room where an American traveler had his tongue buried deep in the butt of a native daughter.

They were locked together in an odd coupling that at least one of them never wanted to end. It was so hot I cannot find adequate words. Girls can sometimes orgasm and you don't know that they did. I cannot say if Naomi orgasmed from my tongue up her ass but she did have moments of shuddering moans before my tongue just couldn't keep going.

We took a break and talked for awhile. She drank some water and used the bathroom. She returned with a smile and seemed to have enjoyed things. Naomi was so damned likable.

East to talk to despite the language difference. She had a nice smile and those beautiful brown eyes. I sensed that she could be a little rough if she needed to but I also felt like she liked me and knew I wouldn't harm her and that she could let her guard down and just enjoy things, as perverse as my desires might have seemed. I truly liked her as a person. I believe if I had moved to Brasil (something I considered), that she and I would have been quite good friends with our without erotic liaisons.

As our disjointed conversation seemed to be dieing down, Naomi gave no signs of leaving. Instead, she gave me another of her wonderful surprises.

She stood slowly and she looked at me with another temptress expression, but this time, rather than position herself on that bed, she moved away from me toward a single bed that was about three feet to the left.

Slowly, she slinked to her tummy with her body angled toward me and she pushed her hips up and with very subtle hip movement, it was clear she was inviting my face back into her naked and gorgeous and sexy ass. Wow! I just wish I was better at explaining how crazy the spikes of excitement were within me---- like, if I had been an older man, I might surely have had a heart attack. I was helpless. I moved to her slowly, filling my eyes with the wonders of her buttocks much the same as I did when I first saw the Grand Canyon.

I kissed those butt cheeks. It felt like reverence. Like respect. Like a peon worshiping a goddess. I pressed my nose right into the center of her ass and I sniffed it and rubbed my nose in her scent. I began kissing near her asshole and then.more electricity!.my lips touched her---right---there!

My lips touched the asshole of a goddess and I virtually began making out with it. I knew my tongue needed to young ginger catarina petrov plays with bfs big cock soon and when it did, I circled around her anus and then I rimmed it and then--- damn, I can hardly even type this!--- as she lay on her tummy, my tongue began crawling up into her butt.

Her hips rotated and she gasped and she ground her ass back into my face while my tongue burrowed deep into her innards. I wanted to get so deep into her and just drive it in and out and taste her and hold her hips and tongue fuck her until we drifted into the air and into space, locked forever with my tongue in her ass, only to separated when we had reached a billion orgasms.

When things momentarily calmed for a minute or so, I had this sudden and disturbing thought. It really bothered me. It suddenly changed my mood. I had to know: Was she faking all of this? I mean, how many girls do you know who seem eager to push their butts into your face, initiate their mouths to your cock, salacious oriental cookie fingering japanese and hardcore seem orgasmic from your tongue up their ass?

If she was faking it, I would be so disappointed and sad. I would always treasure the memories and I would think anything less of her as a person because I would always adore her, but damn I hoped she wasn't faking anything. It bothered me enough that I eventually decided that I had to find out. So, I withdrew my tongue from her sphincter and my face from her ass, just to see what she would do.

Almost nothing changed! I felt the pangs of devastation beginning to set in. Her hips remained elevated and they continued to slowly gyrate and her soft moans continued, and the problem was---my face wasn't even in her ass.

But, just when I was nearly teary-eyed with anguish, she gave me yet another surprise and---wow---was this one was a doozy.

While still moaning and slowly grinding, she brought two fingers of her right hand back and she slowly began caressing her ass crack! One finger rimmed her asshole. She cooed. That finger traced the length of her crack before pulling away and her hips rocked super-slowly side-to-side and spread even more as she arched her back, as if inviting me to get back to what I had been doing. Lust instantly ignited within me and my tongue was back up inside her as far as ever and more (much MORE!) eager to tongue-fuck her deep and hard.

I grabbed her hips and hardened my tongue and I drove it up into her and, to this day, I am surprised with how long and how deep and how hard I fucked that girl's ass! And it got hotter and hotter. I held her more tightly and drove in even more. I felt a drop of my own sweat trickle between my shoulder blades.

I felt my own breath blast up into my face as my only manner of exhaling was in Naomi's ass. Then --- damn--- another of her wonderful surprises. With my mouth at her asshole, my eyes were a little higher than her buttcheeks and I could see all of the way to her head.

I watched as shirley setia xxx sexy porn storys right hand moved away from her prone body and then moved back toward her right hip and then disappeared as she began masturbating.

Masturbating myself was not something I could do in that particular position but I didn't care. I wanted to eat Naomi's ass and tongue fuck her and drive us both to sexual nirvana. Once her fingers went to work, the action picked up even more, something I just didn't imagine was possible.

For probably almost 15 minutes, we were like animals, lusting and grinding into each other and breathing hard and . She cried out. Her body froze. I went to a slow and deep tongue fucking while I held her hips and felt her body shudder while I slowwwwwly pushed my lusting tongue in and out. She didn't have to have an spicy hot amateur girlfriend tries out anal sex on cam pornstars hardcore to make the night so very erotic for me.

I've seldom experienced girls having orgasms from my tongue in their ass, but the fact that she did really was like the final crown of a night of glory. When I thought about that interlude in days that followed, I realized something: When I had stopped with my tongue to see if she was faking, she had every reason to try to do something else.

If she didn't like my attention to her ass, it was a perfect time for her to change things up. BUT----she didn't do that! Instead, she had replaced my face with her hand and my tongue with her finger! She wanted ass attention, even if she had to do it herself! I get so hot every time I think about that. As 3 a.m. approached, my tongue began to wear down and her writhing and soft moans began to subside.

I pulled my tongue from her sweet, sweet butt hole and I sat back. She lay flat on the bed on her tummy. I caressed her long and beautiful legs. After a while she pushed herself up and when her hips rose, her cheeks spread and a supercharge of lust overwhelmed me and I pushed my nose between her cheeks and I held her hips in place and I sniffed her---sniffed her butt and registered the scent for years of memories to come.

I thought about asking her to stay the night but I seldom do that. In fact, I don't remember the last girl I asked to stay over that wasn't a girl who was somewhat into my ass worship desires. Of course, Naomi more than qualified in that regard, but I was still a little uncertain about the concerns shown by the attendant at the gate.

And, I don't think Naomi planned to stay the night. She went to the bathroom again and then began dressing so an erotic striptease in reverse. I was so amazed by her beauty and curves and, more than anything, who she was as a person. She put on that damned sexy black spandex jumpsuit while I sat nearby on the bed admiring her. I told her she was beautiful and hot as hell and I loved her ass. I couldn't say enough nice things about her. She expressed genuine appreciation of our time together and, as you can guess, I did also.

Now that you know Naomi, I'm sure you're not surprised that she still had two exciting ideas up her sleeve. First, she asked about getting together the next day! My head spun just thinking that she was asking for it----that she wanted my face in her ass again!

She wanted my tongue up her butt. Wow. What a girl! What an amazing girl! Talk about a bone raiser. But, my flight to Sao Paulo was early afternoon the next day and I was beside myself with agony. She didn't ask for money---ever. She would have walked out that door without it. But, I know how hard things are in emerging nations and the plights of girls in Brasil and how much I wanted wonderful things for this fabulous human being who had enriched my life with more than sexual things.

I handed her quite a sum of money and told her I would remember her forever, which, you can tell, I have. Then, she showed her second surprise.

She had just finished getting her jumpsuit on and I stood to say goodbye and walk her to the door and hug her and maybe kiss (if she didn't mind that my face smelled like her ass). She didn't move. I didn't want to move her. She delayed. She stood. I didn't understand. Then----I began to get it.

She very slowly rotated until she had her back to me and a rascal-like smile on her face. She bent over just slightly and looked me square in the eyes as if to say, "Well, what are you going to do?" If my heart could leap small buildings, it would have done it in that instant. I was as crazed as I ever have been. I was amazed. I fell to my knees.

I put my nose right in the very center of that spandexed bottom and I sniffed her butt long and deep and several times and then I kissed her butt cheeks and she rewarded me by pooching her ass into my face. I pushed my face into her ass and her butt cheeks were so soft yet somehow a bit firm and----dammmmmm----and she smelled so good! I pressed my mouth to the center of her ass. She bent over a little more. I could actually feel the ridges of her asshole as my lips locked on and I kissed and kissed and kissed her right "there".

I was sure I liked Naomi; I wasn't sure if I had just fallen in love with her asshole. After a few minutes, I stood and hugged her warmly. I honestly and genuinely adored her. I told her again how fabulous she was and we hugged again. It was warm and endearing. It was sad; melancholy. Two people who had shared hours of intimacy and companionship were saying goodbye---forever.

Very sad. I heard her steps down the stairway and I went to my window and watched her pass the attendant and leave through the iron gates and disappear in the haze of the Brasilian morning and the brush of scented wind drifting in from the Atlantic Ocean. - - - - - - - - bryanLL at hushmail edited all internal brunette gets big load cum and it drips back out