Nice girl is geeting pissed on and bursts wet honey pot

Nice girl is geeting pissed on and bursts wet honey pot
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In my working days I had a female colleague some 15 years older than myself. She was always very formal at work, but on the rare occasions that I saw her out of the work environment, she could be charming.

The time came for her to retire and we heard nothing of her really. She lived locally but contact was rarely made. There came an occasion that I had to deliver something to her bungalow at the other end of town.

She seemed surprised to see me and somewhat suspicious of the reason. Anyway she invited me in for a cup of tea. Her sittingroom was rather small and with too much furniture. She appeared after a while with a tray. She poured a large cup and brought it over to me. As she approached me she appeared to trip and the cup and contents of very hot tea fell in my lap.

I was scalded and leapt up to loosen my clothing from the injured area. In so doing, I knocked my little table that she had supplied flying into the other table bearing her tray.

This in turn caused the actual teapot to fall in my direction, further drenching my trousers. I had turned away from her as I had to undo my belt and undo my flies to try and cool things down. She was full of concern, more for me than her carpet, surprisingly. She saw my predicament and suggested that she should give my trousers a rinse and then dry them.

The tea from the cup had concentrated on my groin area which was saturated. Things had now cooled somewhat and I was now stationary. She saw how wet I was and lifted johnny sins full length brezzers sex story dawnlowd com shirt, saying "You will need to give me this as well." As she did this her eyes opened wide as she saw my white boxers had got wet as well. "They are transparent!" I turned to see what she meant and then noticed that she was looking downwards.

I looked as well and saw that she could see my penis clearly through the thin white cloth where it came in contact. I clasped my hands to the offending spot. She was a little flustered and pink in the face, but added that I had better give her all my clothes.

I did not begin to take them off in view of my impending nakedness. I knew that she was a spinster and probably had not had much experience of nude men and their equipment. She said "Come on, don't be shy." She may have hoped that I would comply, but I asked for something to cover myself with.

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I thought that I saw a wave of disappointment cross her facebut she went out and returned after a while with a short garment made of very thin material. She passed the robe to me and I put it down before taking off my shirt. " You are hairy" she said, looking at my chest. I then hurriedly put on the garment and turned away as I removed my wet boxers. This proved difficult as they were clinging to me.

As I tried to take my first leg out I fell over and as I was on the floor with my legs apart, all was revealed. My hostess' eyes widened and she knelt down to help dad teen anal first time dollars a pound was it to get a closer look.

I could not tell. I tried to preserve my little remaining modesty by holding the cloth across me. This occupied both my hands and she took the opportunity to pull down my boxers herself. I had not had much time to consider my situation, but had started to become aroused. The top of my underpants was still above the root of my penis and was hooked over it as a consequence.

My former colleague was pulling down, not realising the strain on my manhood. She started to try and solve the problem and in so doing, inadvertently grasped my penis. She suddenly realised what she had done and the shock made her fall over backwards, legs splayed, showing me her own undies. She realised what had happened from my looks, and blushed beetroot. She had also fallen in the large quantities of tea on the carpet around us.

This left us both in compromising situations with all our secrets on display. I was now with my pants around my ankles but with all in full view. She was wearing surprisingly small briefs and was extremely conscious of what I could see. I tried to help her up saying nothing. She grabbed my clothes and shot out of the room. I tied what there was of the flimsy garment around me.

It only came halfway down my thighs. My impending tumescence had now increased and there was a distinct protuberance tenting my covering. My friend returned after a while now dressed herself in a mini robe of similar size. I was now sitting down and as she came in her eyes dropped to my lap. Nothing to see though. She said that we had better start again while my clothes dried.

She asked me to come into the kitchen and carry the tray in for her while she got some cake. As I got up, my penis edged its stiff way through the gap in the front of the robe. I hoped that she had not seen it but she was looking intently as I covered myself up.

We went to the kitchen and she busied herself with the cake. She preceded me into the sittingroom and sat down. I followed and was standing near her holding the tray. I moved to put it down in front of her when she said, "Wait a minute while I put this cloth on the table." I thought for a moment that she was hoping my goodies would pop out again through the front of the robe. She was staring in line with my groin. I suddenly caught sight of myself in a mirror behind her. I was silhouetted by a window and my excited limb was distinctly visible through the thin cloth of my covering.

She was making no move with the cloth.

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I asked " Shall I put it down now?". She suddenly came to. "Yes, thank you. You do have hairy legs". I did not respond but sat down opposite. This act allowed my unrestrained balls to dangle between my thighs and I was squashing them. I had to make an immediate adjustment. This was difficult to do without being detected. I had to lift myself halfway up and move my balls up between my thighs again.

She clearly saw my movements and I had parted my knees giving her a brief glimpse between. She then dropped the cup she was holding. I leapt up to go to the rescue. My robe fell fully open and I was there right in front of her all open to the world, knob swaying, a couple of feet from her face. "What do you think you are doing, you naughty boy?" she said. "Come closer. I haven't seen you like this before." I did not know what to do.

"So hairy," she breathed. She reached out before I could think what was happening and ran her hands up my thighs until she was cupping my balls. I felt that I should not back away in spite of the situation.

She then grasped my penis with one hand and reached up to my chest with the other. "What am I doing? What will you think of me? I do not know what came over me. I am so embarrassed" she said. I did not know what to reply. I eventually said that she could see that I was excited and that therefore I was in no way really discomforted. I said that she could herself take comfort from my undressed state to take her fill.

She tentatively reached out again for my genitalia, gently stroking my penis, which enlarged under the stimulation. "I have always wanted to do this to you. I never thought that it would happen today". "I am glad to be of service", I said formally. She became all flustered and said "I must see if your clothes are dry now." She disappeared and came back with my boxers.

"The rest are still wet".

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Kuty urat ki saxi mobi put them on and sat down again. There was still an obvious tent and a small wet patch from what must have been precum produced by her short stimulation. She must have become emboldened, as she asked whether I had liked what I saw in her case when she fell earlier. I replied that it must have excited me and she then opened her robe and let it slip off.

"Run your hands over my bra and feel my panties." What she had on now were shiny silk bra and panties, not quite what I had imagined that she would wear. Had she put these on specially for me? I was not at all sure how far she wanted me to go, but I went up to her.

I placed both my hands on her bra and stroked her breasts lightly. She began breathing heavily. I worked one finger under the edge of one cup and she wriggled awkwardly.

I then held her back with one hand and moved the other down to her bottom.

She then took the opportunity to stroke me again through my boxers. " Do you do this to all the girls? We should have done this years ago." I moved my hand over her bottom giving it a slight pinch. She seemed to like that. I then manoeuvred down to her thighs and up into her crack from behind extending one finger as far forwards as I could reach.

She stood a little of the stimulation but then tried to move away. I brought the hand round to the front and pressed her mound.

She started, but then relaxed for a minute while I rubbed it, concentrating on her cleft. However when I began using a finger rather than just the whole hand, she suddenly pulled herself together and said that my clothes should be dry now and that I should be going home before we became carried away.

I decided to give her a last little show. I shook myself a little so that my penis made a conspicuous wobble as I took off my robe. Her eyes took it all white slut having fun with black cock. She asked if she might put my shirt on for me so that she could see my hairy chest again close up.

She spent a long time doing it standing so close to me that my hardon was rubbing her through her own open robe. She went as though to put on my trousers as well but thought the better of it. I took some time putting them on for her, doing the zip up very slowly, hiding my "charms" slowly.

"You should go now. Perhaps you will come again some time" "Perhaps", I said, "Thank you for the tea". I left a possibly happier spinster with some memories.