Huge breasts babe gets blowjob and hard cock fuck

Huge breasts babe gets blowjob and hard cock fuck
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CHAPTER 9 That academic year flew by, and I got laid more times than I could count. All too soon, Kaia's graduation was only months away, and she was deciding on a career path. I started to worry about what would happen between me and my first long-term girlfriend.

But in the meantime, we simply enjoyed the time we had, and the abundance of female flesh we were both able to acquire.

I was walking hand in hand with Kaia just before sunset, enjoying the fresh air and talking with her about anything and everything. We cruised through the park while she vented some frustration at her latest hang-up. Kaia still had her anal retentive personality that demanded order and planning in her life, and made her extremely high maintenance when things were out of her control.

On some level it was annoying how easily she could get pissed, but at the same time it was the obvious horny brunette toying in chat sexroom freewebcam and sextoys and determination she put into everything she did that really attracted me to her on a personal level. Here was a girl who exuded confidence and certainty, a natural charisma that helped to explain why she had so many people in her orbit who were in search of a direction in their lives.

We had just rounded a bend and were heading back towards Kaia's place when a running figure caught my attention, already familiar at this distance. The brunette hair was pulled back into a no-nonsense ponytail, and then I was able to make out the elfin features of Mrs.

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Robinson, running to catch up to me. Out of breath, she finally managed to scold me, "You're not picking up your phone!" "I'm busy," I gestured to my girlfriend.

granny gets her body all cleaned up needed to talk to me." Mrs. Robinson rolled her eyes, and Kaia look a little annoyed but kept her mouth shut, curious as to what my Biology professor needed from me. "I need you back in the lab, as soon as possible." Mrs. Robinson bent over, huffing still. She was in good shape, but the Bio Lab was a mile away and she must have sprinted the whole way.

"What's going on?" Mrs. Robinson stood up just long enough to grin at me. "I think I've got it." "The antidote?" I was suddenly a little worried at the idea of losing my power.

"No, no. Something MUCH better, if I can just find the right way to market it." She had my curiosity piqued. *** We dropped off Kaia at her place and then I drove Mrs. Robinson back to the lab. Mrs.

Robinson was giddy with excitement and it was hard for her to keep still. We went into her office, and she pulled up a video file on her computer. "First off, I created this mixture and went to test it." On the screen, Gabrielle was depositing several drops of a pink liquid into beakers, presumably the ones with the synthetic fluid mixture of female arousal. Almost immediately, ripples appeared on the surface.

"After several rounds of refinement, we finally got to this level." Mrs. Robinson switched to a new video, and now the second round of pink drops made the beakers start bubbling. "It's stable, but very concentrated." "Then, we got to this stage." The video showed Mrs.

Robinson spraying what looked like a perfume on Gabrielle while she had various electrodes hooked up to her. Almost immediately, the heart rate monitor spiked, and then her cheeks flushed red and she started panting. The video cut out just before Gabrielle managed to shove a hand down her pants.

"It wears off rather quickly, so it's not marketable." "Now, we were looking for the third and ultimate stage. It took every drop I had left of your blood to make this cologne." Mrs. Robinson pulled out a compact flash memory card, suitable to a digital video camera. She kept talking as she popped the card into the computer and waiting for the system to respond.

"We selected a suitable male test subject, and then sent him into an appropriate experiment location." She loaded up the memory card, and started the playback. The image was a little grainy and looked to be from a hidden camera mounted on the male subject as he walked into a familiar bar. There was no audio. Mrs. Robinson turned to me, "You've seen the commercials for the Axe effect? Or Tag body spray? Well, this is REAL." The moment the man walked in, many of the girls within sight turning to look at the newcomer.

More than one appeared to be sniffing the air. The subject went to the bar, ordered a drink, and almost immediately found a convenient woman for conversation. Mrs. Robinson's voice cut into the silence as I watched the pretty blonde flirt with the subject. "It's a custom mix. There's the synthetic hormone stimulant that's based on your effect, but it bonds to the male's natural pheromones so the girls are specifically attracted to the subject.

It's teen great boobs sex video naked cam chat from longer just a general aphrodisiac." We watched for another minute before the girl finally shot our subject down, and he turned away in search of further prey. "The cologne gets her attention on you, and helps with stimulation. But it's not a miracle and you still gotta earn it," she explained. We continued watching until the subject succeeded in seducing a second girl, and Mrs.

Robinson stopped the playback explaining that the test subject turned off the camera once he got his girl to the bedroom. Mrs. Robinson fixed me with a grin. "Congratulations, you're now the basis for the only real aphrodisiac on the planet." I was a little stunned. I never really thought that sort of thing would be possible. But then again, a guy who could get women turned on with his mind was also a rather strange concept.

"So, I need another blood sample." And Mrs. Robinson whipped out a needle half as long as my arm. *** In the meantime, graduation was just around the corner and Mrs. Robinson had to set up the latest chemical mix. Kaia's best job offer would take her out of the state into one of the big cities, and regretfully we agreed to break up with the Graduation.

She had been my first love, the first one I'd ever felt an emotional connection with and a reason to give my heart away. It was a warmth she had returned to me with fervor, and she displayed a tenderness with me that had always been for my eyes only. She may have been the Ice Queen to the world, but she was nothing but warm and accepting for the first boyfriend she ever really cared about. But we were young, and we both knew our relationship likely wouldn't last forever.

If we were meant to be together, we would find each other again someday. Jamie, Leanne, and most of Kaia's other friends were also graduating and moving on. So on the same day, I not only lost my breathtakingly gorgeous girlfriend and most of her wonderful fuck-buddies, but I also lost that loving and anchoring romantic presence in my life.

Two weeks after the academic year ended, Mrs. Robinson quit the University and created a new startup company with me to patent her formula. She was the brains behind the outfit, but I was a rather necessary ingredient. I would be a partner in the company, but I was staying in school for the next year at least to finish my degree. Gabrielle conveniently graduated with her Master's degree and joined the company as its first employee.

Two weeks after that we had our first meeting with a prominent venture capital group. Understandably, they needed rough teen tight pussy training my tiny teenager ass whore demonstration of the product in order to be convinced. The VC team was rather skeptical of a new wonder aphrodisiac, and only Mrs.

Robinson's credentials had even gotten us this far. The demonstration was set up at a singles bar in a neutral city an hour's drive away from the school.

The venture capital team went inside first, discreetly mixing with the crowd and would then return with a list of three female candidates that our male subject would have to go in and attempt to seduce.

They used Mrs. Robinson's hidden camera and then identified the three girls for us. We had agreed to the test, but Mrs. Robinson wasn't going to risk this on an unknown male. The VC team didn't know the source of our cologne formula, so we stacked the deck by sending ME in as the male subject.

For a moment I felt guilty about what we were doing. But then again, I was single once again, and it wasn't like I would be forcing anyone to do something against their will. If girls got aroused, and they wanted to do something about it, that was their choice.

Still, I knew that with my own lustful effect in combination with the cologne, this challenge wouldn't be difficult at all.

Just like in our previous test, many a female eye was on me the moment I walked in the door and gave the cologne a second to permeate the room. I began scanning the place, looking for the target women while I headed to the bar. Finally, I was 21 and old enough to legally buy alcohol. And once the first vodka burn passed down my throat and I really got an eyeful of cleavage in push-up bras from the various hotties around me, it was an easy matter to get my adrenaline (and thus my effect) racing.

Only a hardcore love making suspects grandmother was called to lp office in hopes of clearing minutes after I'd arrived, arousal levels had significantly gone up in the female population of this bar. And I decided to head for the girl I thought would be the easiest. I liked a challenge, but this was a serious amount of money we were talking about. She was a cute, perky girl. Little black cocktail dress, short blonde hair tucked behind her ears.

She fit the profile of a Sex and the City fan out on the town looking to get lucky. And two of her hot friends were clearly on the arms of their male dates, while she was left lonely. I'd picked up many a girl at social events, and this one went just about the same. Her name was Penny, and once she got a whiff of my cologne, her eyes simmered and I already knew that I had her.

I bought her a drink, her friends made excuses to disappear, and we made small talk for ten minutes. All I had to do was walk out of the bar, take her back to my hotel room, and it was Mission Accomplished. The hidden camera had audio, and I knew my lame pick up lines wouldn't have been enough to seduce this girl. So the venture capitalists would have to believe it was the aphrodisiac doing the heavy lifting for me.

But now, my ego had been inflated and I wanted to aim for more. I glanced to my left to see targets 2 and 3 had both ended up at the bar nearby to each other, and my mind raced as a new plan formed in my head.

I tugged Penny over to the bar, saying that we needed to get her a refill. She whined that I just wanted to get her drunk so I could take advantage of her. I told her, quite honestly, that she didn't have to be drunk for me to take advantage of her. But we went over and a female bartender immediately zeroed in on me to take my order.

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My arousal levels had kicked up another few notches with the excitement, and Mrs. Robinson's wonder-mix had both new targets, and a few others, staring right at me. We got our drinks, and I pointedly ignored both new target girls, amara romani makes her pussy wet with her man just to get their attention.

Instead, I leaned over Penny and with careful coordination, spilled just a few drops of my drink onto her bare chest. "Oops, I'm so sorry, let me clean that up." It was sophomoric, and rather risqu?but Penny just giggled when I dipped my face to her chest and tongued up the spilt liquor from near her collarbone.

I only wished I'd gotten closer to her cleavage. And the moment my tongue hit her skin, Penny moaned erotically right into my ear, and I felt a surge of hormones pop up in me and a chorus of sighs sounded off around me. I could only imagine what the venture capital team was making of this as they saw a bevy of women getting visibly aroused in my general presence. Every girl in there was getting hot, and they were getting hot specifically for me. And it was at this time that the claws came out.

Target #2, an athletic-looking tomboy with a light brown ponytail actually tapped Penny on the shoulder and wondered what a slut like her was doing in bald black jerk trickling fur pie striptease hardcore bar. She had strong cheekbones and a well-sculpted body, with an angular attractiveness to her face. "Hell, you're not even worth a guy like him." I was immediately on the defensive, separating the two of them and trying to calm down the situation half-heartedly.

Penny, however, was already responding. "What, like a soccer-dyke like you would be woman enough for him?" I saw the rage flicker through Target#2 and for a brief moment I zeroed in my effect right into her, to see where this was going.

Automatically and without any foresight she answered, "Hell yeah." And she leaned over and planted a fat kiss right onto my lips. "Hey!" the voice came from someone else, a random girl standing by and looking at me dreamily. And she stepped in to pull Target#2 off of me. This set off a light shoving match and a few angry words before a male bartender yelled over everyone to calm down.

He didn't have a clue what the hell was going on. I noticed Target#3 leaning off to the side, a gorgeous, raven-haired woman who seemed perhaps 10 years older than me, but with a Monica Bellucci-esque body that men would kill to possess.

She remained strong and silent, above the pettiness of the younger girls, but still her laser gaze was right on me. I shrugged, as if feeling rather above the squabbling of the little girls throwing themselves at me, and I stepped away from the bar in a beeline for the gorgeous woman in the corner, her slinky dress and huge tits calling out to me.

I'd already seen her brush off two guys like mosquitoes, but I knew she wasn't going to be turning me down. I took her hand, then bent to touch my lips to her knuckles, and introduced myself. I threw her a line, a rather cheesy one, but she smiled beguilingly at me. And so I begged for her name.

"My name is Olivia." "Olivia. What do you say we get out of here and have a glass of wine in my hotel suite?" "That sounds lovely." And so with this gorgeous woman on my arm, I headed for the exit. Penny intercepted us and whined, "What about me?" I glanced at Olivia for a moment, but her face was a complete mystery.

I decided to go for broke and just said, "Well, if you can handle the competition, perhaps you can join us." So Penny slipped onto my other arm. Bagging two of the targets would HAVE to impress the venture capitalists. And we once again moved to the exits. But once the gaggle of girls figured out I was open to more than one, there were three others begging to join in and promising to do anything.

Target#2 was in the group as well, and picking her out from the group I finally asked for her name. "Quinn!" she called out, full of hope. Damn these girls were horny. "Quinn may join, but I'm afraid that's all a man like me can handle." And so I waltzed out of the bar with all three targets, leaving behind a group of disappointed ladies. It was as if they knew they were missing out on the most fantastic sex of their lives.

But I only had the biggest grin on my face. We'd spared no expense for this demonstration, and Mrs.

Robinson had a limo waiting for us when we came out. A large hotel suite would be just around the corner. Inside the limo, I finally leaned over and tasted Olivia's spicy lips. Penny whined, but I told her that she and Quinn would have to wait in punishment for starting a catfight in the bar. I promised I would take care of them, but they'd have to delay their turn.

That is, unless they could find a way to make it up to me.

Quinn interjected, "Well, what about this?" And she turned to plant a sloppy, wet kiss on Penny's lips. She'd obviously done this before, but Penny shrieked in surprise, although she didn't quite pull away from Quinn's touch.

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Still, the kiss was a hot enough sight to get my blood racing, and I watched the inhibitions in Penny's face melting away as Quinn kept up her assault. And just when Penny started moaning back into the kiss, Quinn pulled away and fixed me with a glare.

"Want to see more?" Olivia could attest to how much more I wanted to see. Her hand was wrapped around my hard-on through my pants, and it was trembling in her grasp.

I finally said, "You two keep that up and then I'll fuck you so hard you'll pass out from too much pleasure." Penny grinned at that thought and she was the one to tackle Quinn against the cushions and began making out with her feverishly. And I turned to spar with Olivia's tongue once again. We got to the hotel all too soon, and I was momentarily disappointed that we had to get out.

But then, I was looking forward to the ecstasy waiting upstairs. The four of us stumbled through the lobby and paired off again as soon as we got into the privacy of the elevator. And it was all I could do to pry myself off of Olivia's dynamite body to get the card key into the door. Penny gasped at the opulence once we got inside. It was a setting made for seduction, with panoramic views through the floor-to-ceiling windows, large hot tub, and oversized bed.

I knew the four of us would fit comfortably on it, and yet still snuggle close together if I had anything to do with it. And unlike our previous test, I left the hidden camera on, positioning my jacket so that the lens had a wonderful view of the bed. I knew Mrs. Robinson would stop the playback shown to the venture capitalists eventually, but I also knew that she and Gabrielle would enjoy watching me ravage the three hotties I'd be soiling the bedsheets with.

My mind was racing with desire, an emotion mirrored in the eyes of my three beauties. I was desperate to get Olivia's dress off, and she did not disappoint with the laciest, most erotic lingerie I'd ever seen.

Her huge tits were spilling over fat pussy slut sucks big shlong japanese and hardcore top and her garter set called my attention down to a neatly trimmed pussy. She wasn't even wearing panties. Quinn and Penny stripped each other, and one sport thong and one g-string went flying off into the corners. The two of them fell on the bed first, rolling around in a whirl of brunette ponytail and short blonde hair flying around.

Only minutes ago, it seemed they were ready to tear each other apart, and not in a good way. Now, they were attacking one another in lustful fervor. Quinn managed split Penny's naked body before her, and ducked her head to taste what promised to be a very sweet pussy. As for Olivia, I freed her bounteous bosom to the open air, and even Quinn paused to stare in admiration. Olivia was a woman of few words, instead remaining smokily mysterious. But once I got my fingers into her, she was as wet as any other woman and her low moans were a melody in my ears.

I sat at the edge of the bed and pressed down on her shoulders. Olivia got the message and knelt before me. I felt a rush of power seeing this imperious lady kneeling at my feet, and when she extracted my erection, I was giddy with anticipation.

Gently, she stroked along my length with her tongue, and then placed the banana-bent member in between her round tits. I was then surrounded by her warm flesh as Olivia began to titfuck me, an lindy takes whitezillas big white cock again pleasure capped with her tongue snaking out to tease the crown.

I glanced to the side to see Penny staring back at me, completely in wonderment at the concept of another woman eating her out. Her perky tits stayed upright, firm B-cups barely sagging despite being flat on her back, and she tickled her own nipples with one hand while the other one pressed Quinn's head down into her crotch.

And when Penny's eyes squeezed shut and she whimpered out her climax, I felt a desperate desire to bury my cock deep inside a warm pussy. I lifted Olivia up, kissing the mouth that had just been teasing my cock and I spun her around onto the bed.

I lay her body flat on her back and her voluptuous body stretched out languidly as she sighed in relaxation, her limbs artfully skewed across the bedspread. I climbed atop her, kissing my way from pussy and around her voluminous tits, then finally to her face.

And with her legs spread wide for me, tiny legal age teenager rides huge one eyed monster dick entered her flaming hot pussy at the same time my tongue entered into her mouth.

She gasped happily into our kiss, feeling my thickness splitting her wide open. And planting my palms onto those gigantic globes of heaven, I gripped her tits tightly while I began to fuck her in earnest. Meanwhile, Penny and Quinn had switched places, Quinn sitting up against the headboard while instructing her little friend in the art of cunnilingus.

The perky blonde was taking to it quite happily, licking and munching with giddy excitement. Olivia's pussy was a warm, wet paradise.

I had also been so revved up from the ride over that I could feel my control slipping away far too quickly.

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So moving my grip to Olivia's hips, and laying my body flat against her, I grinded myself into her crotch and tongue Olivia's neckline until I felt her involuntary spasms spreading across her body. And at the last moment, I finally felt Olivia jerk once, and then I was pouring out my cum juice while she quaked with her first climax.

We thrashed around together with the springiness of the bed, the roiling pleasure of our simultaneous climax surging into our brains while my effect had Penny and Quinn moaning up a storm to join our aural outburst. And what felt like a gallon of jizz kept blasting inside of Olivia's box until I could feel it overflowing out around my base. Spent for the moment, I rolled over, lazily slurping an erect nipple into my mouth while enjoying the wonderful ache in my muscles after an enthusiastic fuck.

Penny and Quinn had stopped to observe our aftermath. Olivia's eyes were on pretty Penny, and she beckoned to the girl in a husky voice. "Come here little one." Penny's eyes wavered for a moment, but she came obediently and moved where Olivia directed her. And so Penny ended up facedown on the bed between Olivia's spread legs, her face in Olivia's crotch so she could suck out our mingled juices which were oozing out of Olivia's body.

But this also left Penny bent over at the waist, her feet planted on the ground. Quinn eyed me for a moment, but then her gaze went down to my half-hard erection, still coated in cum leftovers. Seeing a chance to finally get a piece of me, she went around until she was next to me and could take my pecker into her mouth. I could tell instantly that while Quinn liked girls, she was definitely no pure dyke. Her expertise at blowing me had me hard again in moments, and with a satisfied slurp she began to bob her head up and down my fully erect shaft.

But then her eyes drifted over the Sapphic coupling beside her, and especially Penny's tight ass poking out over the bed.

She tugged me off the bed silently, and moved me behind Penny into position herself. Penny was lost in her own world, deliriously happy at drinking down the cum I'd deposited into the raven-haired beauty. So she didn't even realize what was going on while I split her legs to the side and before she knew it, I'd rammed my cock all the way into her gaping pussy.

Penny threw her head back in surprise and screamed at my penetration, but I was already pumping her quickly and her whole body shook with each slam of our hips. And she could no longer pay attention to what was in front of her while I fucked Penny silly from behind. Quinn slid over to Olivia and straddled her head. I looked up to see Quinn grinning as she lowered her steaming snatch to the gorgeous woman's face, and then Quinn let her head roll back as she soaked up the sensations of Olivia's tongue buried into her tight tunnel.

Penny was flat against the bedspread, just taking all the punishment I could dish out upon her petite body. She started wriggling her hips even harder at me, seeming to really get off on my utter control. So when I planted a hand on the small of her back and pinned her to the bed, she whimpered and climaxed as I continued to fuck her down. I was getting a serious high off of watching my dick piston in and out of Penny's tight pussy, the perky globes of her ass staring back at me.

And without further thought I pulled myself out, my pecker soaked in orgasmic fluids, and gripping Penny's asscheeks in my hands, I pressed the tip against her asshole and forced my way down. Penny screamed louder than anything I'd ever heard as my cockhead popped through and the shaft began its descent down her backside passage.

But then immediately afterward I felt the splash of fluids as she climaxed, actually squirting out and dribbling feminine nectar down her legs. And then roughly I began to really ride her little body, my cock violating her deepest recesses as I split Penny's rectum in half and fucked her with abandon until at last I released and plugged Penny's ass full of my sticky juices.

Penny shrieked out a new climax, and her whole body shook like an earthquake until finally her eyes just rolled over and she passed out completely, her body unable to handle the pleasure.

Olivia and Quinn blonde stripper sucks off two dicks at once moved into a sixty-nine while I was reaming out Penny's asshole. I left Penny's used and abused body on the bed, and then pulled myself up and out of her ass right next to Quinn's head. And with a gleam in her eyes, Quinn just reached out and began sucking on my spent cock again.

My mind raced with the nastiness of what she was doing, but she just smiled around my cock which was becoming erect again with remarkable speed. But I was tired, and I moved until I could collapse onto my back across the bed. Quinn followed me, and then ducked her head back down to continue her oral attention.

And so after a few short minutes of exquisite blowjob, I was happily erect once again and Quinn simply got up and mounted me in one thrust. Olivia was right beside us, kneeling next to Quinn and kissing her ferociously while Quinn pawed at Olivia's tits that we were all so enraptured with. And I did my best to make short thrusts upwards but I pretty much let Quinn's athletically toned body fuck itself upon my meatpole.

Her six-pack abs were getting a serious workout as she humped and gyrated and bucked upon me. Olivia moved herself around until her head was between my legs, bending Quinn down to where I could reach Quinn's nipples with my mouth and extending her own long tongue down to my balls. I gave a big involuntary thrust up into Quinn's tunnel when I felt Olivia's touch, and then I was pumping even harder once Olivia began to seriously bathe my testicles in her mouth.

And the effect was not lost on the athletic babe riding me for all she was worth. When Quinn sped up the pace towards her first coital orgasm with me, Olivia yanked back on Quinn's ponytail, arching her head upwards to the ceiling, and just when the orgasm overtook her, Olivia kissed Quinn's open wide mouth in the big "O", planting a new passionate kiss on Quinn's lips and swirling her tongue inside Quinn's mouth while I fucked the girl through her climax.

I used Quinn's tight asscheeks to fling her light body against me until she came a second time, and in the end I finally blew my final load, erupting up into Quinn's body and embedding my sperm into her inner walls. And this time it was Olivia who slurped my jizz out from Quinn's box until we all rolled together in a naked pile of flesh to go to sleep for the night. Penny came alive again around 4am and complained that she never got to feel my cum in her pussy, only her ass.

So she rode me for twenty minutes until I spurted inside of her and we could go back to sleep. Then around 9am all four of us finally woke up to start the day. I came twice more, once in Olivia's mouth and then the second up Quinn's asshole, before we all finally split apart and went our separate ways. I got three phone numbers and promised to use them if I ever came back to this city.

But then I finally called up Mrs. Robinson to check in and get the answer I was hoping for. After all, this whole thing was set up so we could prove our product and start making some money. Needless to say, we got our funding. Now any chemical development usually takes some time.

If this were a pharmaceutical drug, we'd be stuck in development hell and FDA red-tape for seven years or so. But this was just a body spray, and Mrs. Robinson's lab had already completed most of the she doesnt miss a drop in her mouth. Still, we wouldn't have a product for a year at least.

So Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle got the company rolling with offices, staff, manufacturing, etc. And while I drew a nice salary being a partner nani with pota xxx story night all, it was time for me to get hit the books - and hit a few more college coeds before my time was done.