Big cock dude bangs gf and her stepsis

Big cock dude bangs gf and her stepsis
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It's 1 AM. You have had a couple of drinks at the bar in the hotel. A beautiful woman, has been eyeing you for a while now. at first, you thought you were mistaken. apparently not, as she is walking towards you right now. swaying her hips. She's dressed in a knee length sheath dress, deep purple, sweetheart neckline that's plunging tantalisingly deep, a black jacket's wrapped on one arm and she's carrying a Gucci purse.

Snakeskin pumps and light makeup and soft waves of burgundy hair complete her striking looks. You've just had 2 drinks. you are not drunk. so she really must be a goddess. She slides into the chair next to yours and smiles sweetly as she crosses her legs revealing a bit of smooth, firm thigh.

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It doesn't go unnoticed. "You look like you could use some company. Mind if I share a drink with you?" "The pleasure's all mine," you reply. "Is this a business or a pleasure trip?" "Mostly business, but I might have to rethink now." You both order a couple of drinks and get talking. She uncannily gets you. not many women do. It is a pleasant surprise.

A few drinks down and she seems to be slightly buzzed. she innocently places her hand on your thigh. You don't make a move to displace her hand. You notice that she is leaning in much closer to you now, while she is talking. giving you a lovely eyeful of her cleavage.

She takes her hand off your thigh and sips her drink and places her hand back on you. this time her fingers touch your crotch. she continues talking, blissfully ignorant.

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Her fingers aren't still, she is stroking you. You try to relax but your cock's waking up. You wanna grab her and move this to your room. Instead, you cover her hand with yours and move it away. "I would love to continue this conversation, but I am a little tired and this chair isn't too comfortable. I should go to my room." "Oh. sure, maybe I can drop in after a while. I'd like to have a few more drinks though.

What room are you in?" "Suite 1630. maybe I'll see you later then. good night." "Good night." You walk back to the lift. slightly uncomfortable. trying to shake off the images in your head. especially the persistent one of her spread on your bed, the sheets crumbled around her, eyes sleepy and satisfied, arms tied to the bedpost.

You reach your room and make a beeline for the shower as soon as you enter. A cold shower later you still can't shake that image.

You know it is a bad idea but you pick up the phone and dial my number. You don't know what you would say to me. maybe just relate the incident. or maybe nothing at all. or maybe just have phone sex. Unfortunately, my BBM isn't working. nor is WhatsApp. You decide it was a stupid idea anyway and decide to just sleep it off.

You have barely slept when the doorbell rings. You really didn't expect her to show up. This could be a bad thing. You pull on your t-shirt and look out through the peephole.

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It is her. You sigh and open the door. She's changed into clingy jeans and a spaghetti strap top under a nice leather jacket. Her hairs up in a pony and she doesn't look too drunk.

She has a large tote. She stands there with that pretty smile, one arm on her hip. "Aren't you going to let us in?" "Er. us?" She moves to one side and a woman steps out from the side. She is wearing a mask but she looks familiar. She is dressed up in a jeans and jacket too. except she has on a top that has a deep V neck and a collar.

She has nice breasts. The other difference is that she is wearing gloves. You raise your eyebrows and look askance at your evening muse. "Don't worry, we aren't here to rob you or anything. She's with me. I loved talking to you earlier. Haven't had so much fun in a while. I wanted to meet up again but I didn't want to be alone in your room." "What did you think would happen if you were alone?" "Oh.

nothing inappropriate on your part. but I think I don't trust myself enough." "Can we come in." "Yes, of course. Your masked friend. does she talk?" "Oh. it's a bet I had with her. She lost. Teen son old mom sex has to wear that mask all night." "I am guessing I can't know what the bet is?" "You might be told. depends. you see, the bet was on you." "Hmmm" All three of you are seated around the centre table.

She says she'd like some coffee and gets up to make some when the masked girl gestures that she'd make it. Masked woman prepares 3 cups and brings the tray. She offers a cup to you.

You say that you do not want coffee. She gestures that it isn't coffee. You look in the cup. it is tea. Weird. How did she know you'd take tea. You know the other cups have coffee because you can smell it. You take a sip. no sugar and Earl Grey. "Who are you?" "Me?. I." "No, not you. your masked friend!" "I told you, she's my friend. Why? You find her mysterious. more enticing because of her mask?" "No. That's not why. she just knew my tea preference and how I take it. And she feels familiar." "Maybe you met her just like we did.

on one of your business trips. So what business are you in?" "Nothing of any consequence." The three of you sip in silence for a few minutes. She asks, "What do you think of BDSM?" "Er. some people like it." "I hope so because I do. I like to be a sub. What about you?" "I don't like BDSM." "Oh. too bad. I was thinking this could lead somewhere. How long are you here?" "I am leaving tomorrow. Why did you think I would like BDSM. or that something will happen?" "I was hoping it would!" She leans in a bit closer to you and takes off her jacket.

thrusting her chest towards you. Spaghetti straps fall off her shoulders. The masked woman leans back and rests her arm on the armrest of the couch.

taking in everything. Miss Goddess takes your hand in hers and kneels down. "I'd like to be of service to you, Your Highness." Then she places your hand on her upper breast. Masked Stranger gets up and makes coffee again, her back to you. You see her open the fridge and take out a bottle. She lifts up her mask a bit and swigs straight from the bottle.

But you can't pay attention to her because Miss Goddess has her other hand on your crotch. You grab her by her waist and lift her onto you, pulling her top down (she's braless). Then you take one of her nipples between your teeth and clamp down. She whimpers. You let go of her nipple for a moment. "Tell me, what was your bet on me?

I have to know or you will regret knocking on my door!" She whimpers, "It's nothing." "Hmmm, you seem to be enjoying this. I think maybe I will ask our masked friend here." You push her off and walk purposefully towards Masked Stranger.

She takes a step backward, a little unsteady but stands her ground. You close in on her, the question framed on your face.

She tries to turn away. and you grab her, pressing her close. "Maybe I do know who you are. how you got here is something you will tell me. later." With that you pry the mask halfway up her face.

revealing her mouth. Then you kiss her full on her lips. I kiss you back, hungrily. You rip off the rest of my mask. And kiss me again. "Before I deal with you, it's only fair that I deal with her. But before all that. let me secure you well." With that you drag me to the bedroom.

take off my jacket and tie my wrists together with a towel. From the living room Miss Goddess shouts that she has handcuffs in her tote. She brings them to you. And the two of you tie me up on the bed. She asks you if you aren't going to undress me. and she hands you a pair of scissors. You tell her to first undress herself and then cut my clothes away. She does striking centerfold is displaying her gaped wet slit in close up rocking striptease.

slowly peeling every bit off her. Then she cuts my shirt down the middle and at the sides and throws it aside. Next she unzips my jeans. You interrupt her and tell her to cut it off. She cuts it off. in small pieces. I panic. I don't have clothes to get back to my room. She is about to snip off my bra when you order her to use her teeth to pull the bra straps down and then snip it off. You order her to use her teeth to pull my panties down. While she does this. you take off your t-shirt.

Then as I watch, you run your hands all over her body, cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples. You turn her to face me while you do it. I want to be in her place. I try to suppress my envy. but I am slightly turned on. she has a beautiful body and you seem to know exactly how to work her. When you dip your fingers into her cunt. I am not sure if it was me or her moaning.

You push her onto the bed by entwining her pony in your hand and when she climbs up. you push her face down on my cunt. You demand that she lick me. She is eager to please you. her tongue flicks my clit as she spreads my cunt lips with her fingers. She moves her tongue in circles around my clit, flicking it and dipping in and out of my cunt. I am getting wetter by the minute. She thrusts her ass up in the air, giving you a lovely view of her behind and of her cunt.

I have my eyes tightly closed as she works me towards an calia qadehsfemaleagent fake casting luis creampie anal sex. When I open my eyes, you are fingering her while she tongues me. Our eyes meet. You smile and walk towards me. You drop your trousers and kneel on the bed by my side. Then you hold my cheeks so that I open my mouth and you stick your cock in my mouth.

"Suck me hard, slut. yes, like that." I am torn between her tongue and your cock. I close my eyes and you order them open. I wrap my lips tighter around your cock and suck harder as she increases the speed of licking my cunt. I get you hard but you pull out without cumming in my mouth. With your eyes locked to mine, you get off the bed, get behind her. Then you place your hands on her butt cheeks and plunge into her.

I think I will die of envy or of the orgasmic heat coursing through me. As you thrust in and out of her you tell her to play with my 'tits' while you finger fucking whore with hung love melons lingerie and japanese with hers. From the expression on your face, I know you are going to cum. I so don't want you to cum inside her.

You pull out and tell her to move aside, and then you shoot your cum all over my breasts and tummy. You ask her to clean it off me with her lips and her tits. She gets on top off me and rubs me down with her breasts. Oh god. she is soft. it feels dangerously good. My eyes follow you as you walk over to her tote and rummage through it. I don't see what you take out of it. But you order her to blindfold me. She gets a black silk scarf from her bag and folds it over my eyes.

I can't see a thing. My cunt is rudely poked with something hard and knobby. Someone lifts my bum off the bed and I feel something rubbed on my butthole. "No no no no." before I can finish screaming no, something is pushed inside.

I want to break free. I don't want this at all. It feels so good, I am scared. I whimper and beg you to take it out. All you say is that I need discipline. The vibrator turns on and I scream that I want to be untied, let loose. Someone holds my head and the next thing I know is some cloth is stuffed in my mouth.

I push it out with my tongue. A sharp slap across my face makes tears come out of my eyes wetting the blind fold. "You are my slut, and you will do as I say. and I won't have a word from you." With that I am gagged with that I assume is a ball gag. I try to be quiet but I don't like this loss of complete control. Something heavy lands on my side. I feel the heat of a body. either you or her. Then I hear her moans. Oh my god.

you are fucking her. Every time she moans and hisses, I want to kill her. I want to kill you. I try to writhe and push the two of you off the bed and am rewarded with the sting of a whip.

It makes me mad, and I squirm to get away from the whip as well as push you off her.

More lashes fall on me, the vibrator speed goes up a notch. I am pretty sure there are welts on my thighs and breasts. The fact that you are fucking her is pushing a dagger through me. yet I know I am going to cum so hard that you would never believe that it hurt. you wouldn't care. Your combined moans increase in frequency. and the sound of her screaming orgasm makes me have an explosive one.

Then I hear shuffling, and the bathroom door open. The two of you seem to wild amateur sluts dancing dirty at the night club showering together. Have you two forgotten about me? I can hear the two of you get dressed. and I hear her say. "We should do this again. next time you are in Dubai, maybe." "Sure.

But I need a drink now. more importantly, I need a few smokes. Care to join me?" "The bar's open all night, let's go." I hear the door close and there is absolute silence. The whirr of the AC has stopped too. of course. you took the key card. Damn!