Amazing round ass while make you cum

Amazing round ass while make you cum
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"Jenny? Jenny, wake up." Jenny's little brother, Kevin, quietly tried waking up his sister from her bedroom doorway. "Huh? What?" Jenny sat up in her bed. She was dressed in what she usually slept in, a thin nightie and panties. Jenny was 14, about a year older than her brother. She had long black hair, was a little short for her age, and although she was still pretty young, her tits weren't very small any more and she had a real nice bubble butt. "Wake up," Kevin repeated.

"I made you breakfast." Kevin made Jenny's breakfast occasionally so he can have an excuse to see her when she first wakes up. The 13 year old boy was always looking for a way to get a good look at his sexy older sister, and sometimes when he did her favors she would hug him when she thanked him and press her tits up against him.

Although Jenny played dumb, she was completely aware of her little brother's attraction to her, as well as his little schemes to try and see her naked. In fact, it turned her on, and she would play along with whatever Kevin was trying to do. She also loved teasing him, and would dress sexy and act provocative around him whenever she could, knowing full well she was making her little brother's dick hard.

She found the thought of her little brother jerking off to her very sexy. Jenny got out of bed and doctor sax neud story sex stories download to her doorway. "Aw, thanks, little bro!" She said as she pulled him into a hug, her tits pressed against his chest through the thin material of her nightie.

"I'll meet you downstairs in a minute," she said as she pulled out of the hug and turned away from her brother, her hand just barely brushing his crotch. She smiled to herself, she felt her brother was hard. "I just need to get dressed," Jenny said. Then, without waiting for her brother to leave, she stood in front of her dresser with her back to the doorway and pulled off her nightgown.

Kevin was stunned. His older sister was standing right in front of him wearing nothing but her panties. He stared at her naked back and her fine ass, covered by only a small pair of sexy black panties.

Then she bent over, keeping her knees straight, and opened the bottom drawer of her dresser. She made sure to turn slightly to give her brother just a tiny peek at her sideboob. Kevin, not wanting to risk getting caught any longer, took a mental picture of his nearly nude sister and ran downstairs to breakfast. Jenny smirked, pleased with her performance. Then she slid off her panties and dropped them on the floor in the center of her room. Hopefully Kevin will find those later, she thought to herself.

Raunchy angelina rides on a fat schlong creampie and cumshot went back to her dresser and picked out her outfit for the day. She put on another pair of sexy panties and a matching bra, a pair of tight black yoga pants, and a partially see-through white camisole. She loved teasing guys at school almost as much as she enjoyed teasing her brother, so she always made sure to dress sexy. Then she headed downstairs to join her horny little brother for breakfast.

*** A few houses down the street from Jenny and Kevin, Becca was just getting out of bed. Becca was 16 with short blond hair. Although she was more than a year and a half older than Jenny, she was even shorter than her. However, she had bigger tits, which she was very proud of.

She had been sleeping in just a bra and panties, and without putting anything else on, she exited her room and headed for the shower. When she got to the bathroom, she closed the door, but not completely, leaving just a little crack open. She turned the shower on, stripped out of her underwear, and stood in front of the mirror.

In the corner of the mirror, she could see her little brother, Kyle, spying on her through the crack in the door. Becca smiled. Time to give him a show, she thought.

Becca leaned forward to study herself in the mirror. With both hands, she cupped her ample tits, giving them both a good squeeze. She moved them up and down and let them drop a few times, as though she were testing how bouncy they were or if they were the same size and weight.

Then she closed her eyes and squeezed her tits harder, letting out a low moan of pleasure. Then she pinched and twisted her nipples slightly, and moaned even more.

By this time, Kyle had his cock out and was jerking off to the sight of his sexy older sister rubbing her tits. Becca snapped out of her state of arousal and turned around so her ass was facing the mirror. She bent over slightly and looked over her shoulder to check herself out. She grabbed her ass cheeks and began rubbing them. Then she had a great idea to tease her brother. She looked down at her right cheek, the one Kyle couldn't see, and said "aw, jeez.

Another hand print?" Becca did love to be spanked, and although she was only pretending there was a hand print on her ass to turn on her brother, she frequently did have red, hand-shaped marks on her ass.

She lightly slapped her right ass cheek, pretending to test if it hurt, then jumped a little and said "ow!" When Becca finally got in the shower and out of her brother's sight, Kyle ran to his room to finishing jerking off, keeping the image of his nude sister at the front of his mind.

As she showered, Becca fingered her pussy, which had gotten very wet from teasing her little brother. She though about bringing herself to orgasm, but decided she didn't have the time.

It definitely wouldn't be the first time she went to school horny. When she finished her shower, she got out and wrapped a towel around her torso. She kept the towel folded in half so that it showed plenty of her cleavage and left half her ass uncovered. She stepped out of the bathroom, still soaking wet, and started to walk down the hall back to her room.

On her way, she saw her brother coming out of his room. When he spotted her, his eyes instantly went to his sister's partially exposed tits. He stared at her cleavage, and Becca, pretending to notice nothing, went and hugged him. "Morning, little bro!" Becca said. Kyle's hands instinctively went to his sister's ass when he returned the hug. Becca made a surprised "ooh!" sound, and Kyle, after feeling his sister's wet skin, realized what he'd done and pulled out of the hug.

Becca said nothing, and continued walking to her room, only now her hips swayed a little and she walked much slower to let her little brother get a good, long look at her exposed ass.

When she got to her room, Becca dried off, then got dressed. Today, she chose to wear a thong, a short, loose skirt, a bra, a tank top, and blonde teen belly dance orange you glad im so tiny heels.

She wore high heels much more than most girls her age. She says it's because they make up for her short height, but the real reason is because she loves how they force her to walk in a sexy, seductive manner.

Once she was dressed, she headed down stairs to finish getting ready for school. *** During breakfast, Kevin could not stop staring at his big sister's boobs. She sat there, smiling to herself, her cleavage on small breasts gf enjoyed big cock in her tight asshole and her bra easily visible through her see-through white top.

Feeling horny, Jenny decided to tease her brother again. She got up and took a handful of grapes from the fridge, then after eating a few, spilled some of them on the floor. The grapes rolled under the table, so Jenny got down on her knees, sticking her ass out towards her brother, and reached forward to pick up the grapes, one by one. Kevin's eyes widened when he saw Jenny's ass. The tight black material of her yoga pants was stretching, showing the curves of her ass perfectly.

Jenny made sure to wiggle her ass back and forth a little, just to entice her brother further. When she finally got up, Kevin quickly looked away. Jenny looked at her brother's crotch and saw his erection was making an obvious tent in his pants.

Unconsciously she licked her lips. Then, on a whim, she leaned forward, put her hand an her brother's thigh, less than half an inch from touching his hard-on, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Bye, little bro!" she said, then grabbed her things and left for school. Middle school started an hour later than high school, so Kevin still had time.

The only reason he woke up this early was to see his sister. So, without finishing his breakfast, he ran upstairs to jerk off. On her way to the bus stop, Jenny met up with her best friend Becca, who was waiting for her outside her house. "About time, slut." Becca said, smiling at Jenny. "Morning, ho!" Jenny said, smiling back. They embraced in a hug, hands cupping each other's fine teen asses, shared a quick, tongue-filled kiss, then began walking.

"I like your top, Jenny. I can see your boobies!" Becca laughed. Jenny smiled. "Thanks! That's why I love camis! You've got a nice skirt on, Becca. I assume you've got one of your thongs on underneath?" "You know it!" Becca lifted the back of her skirt and stuck her ass out to show Jenny her thong.

Jenny gave her a quick slap on the ass. "Ooh! Thanks, darlin'!" Becca let her skirt fall back over all holes of hotty nailed girlfriend hardcore round ass. "I do love skirts.

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They go great with heels. I don't know how you wear those super tight pants. I hate pants." "I know, I hate pants too. But I love when they're tight like this, they make my ass look so cute!

Besides, I can never wear heels anyway." "You wore high heels at Kyle's Bar Mitzvah just a few months ago." "No I didn't." "Yes you did!" "No, remember? Kyle's Bar Mitzvah was when we grinded with all those little 12 and 13 year olds! There's no way I could've been dancing in heels!" "I distinctly remember you wearing high heels at a Bar Mitzvah because I could not stop checking out your legs, girl!" Jenny laughed.

"Oh yeah! You were all over me that night! No, that was Kevin's Bar Mitzvah. Remember, you gave my older cousin a blowjob?" Becca smirked. "He was checking us out all night. If you weren't gonna suck him off, someone had to!" "Why would I suck him off, his dick's not even that big." "How do you know?" "Just judging from the size of his bulge. He wasn't very big, was he?" Becca just smiled knowingly and looked away. "Oh come on! Really? Don't tease me like that, you're making me feel like I missed out!" Becca laughed.

"He was only six and a half inches, maybe. But he came a lot, and his cum tasted really, really good." "Dammit! I can't believe you kept him all to yourself!" Becca laughed harder, and Jenny tu venganza colombian babe bangs random guy in revenge sex in.

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Their discussion had taken a weird turn, and with these two best friends, it always just got weirder from there. "Well, speaking of cute guys in the family, anything interesting happen with your brother this morning?" Jenny asked. Jenny and Becca knew about each other's love of teasing their brothers. They often teased them together, and they would tell each other everything about their dirty little games.

"Yes! Okay, here's what I did: I let him spy on me when I got undressed in the bathroom again. Then I pinched my nipples for awhile, just to give him a show, ya know? Then I did something that I thought was kinda funny actually. I turned around to give him a look at my ass, then I pretended to notice something on my right cheek and said out loud, 'aw, jeez. Another hand print?'" Jenny and Becca burst into laughter. "You naughty girl, I think next time we're gonna have to give you a real hand print to make it more believable!" Jenny lifted up the back of Becca's skirt and gave her several hard smacks on the ass.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Becca shouted, laughing and trying to pull her skirt down while running away from Jenny. By the time they stop running and playing around, they had reached the bus stop. They were a little early, and they were the only ones there. "Ow." Becca said, rubbing her ass. "You little bitch." Jenny laughed. "You love it!" "Not skinny latina victoria rose nylon pantyhose sex much as you!" Becca said, stepping forward and slapping Jenny's ass.

Hard. "OWW.niiice!" Jenny's cry of pain turned seamlessly into a moan of pleasure. "Alright, alright, you win. Let's save that for later, alright?" Becca grinned triumphantly. "Fine. So, what did you do with your brother this morning, then?" "Well, Kevin made me breakfast, so I undressed in front of him, gave him a great view of my ass and just a little bit of sideboob." "Wait, he's making you breakfast now?

You lucky bitch! Why doesn't Kyle suck up to me like your brother does to you?" "I don't know, maybe you need to tease him more, or maybe I'm just hotter than you." Jenny grinned at Becca's mock-angry face. "But anyway, after he left, I took off my panties and left them in my room out in the open, 'cause I know he's gonna be going into my room to find something to jerk off with, so I decided to help him out a bit!" "No way!

I did that too! I left my bra and panties in the bathroom after my shower 'cause I know Kyle likes to jerk off with my underwear!" "My God, we seriously need to start fucking each other's brothers soon, or we're gonna have to do it ourselves!" Jenny and Becca cracked up again just as the bus arrived.

*** On the bus, Jenny and Becca stopped their earlier conversation. It was much too public to talk about something that dirty. Talking about sex in public is fine, because they think it's a great way to tease eavesdroppers. But the thing with their brothers was something they wanted to keep to themselves. "What's your first class today?" Becca asked Jenny. They were sitting together near the back of the bus, like always. "Yoga. Not really a class, but whatever." Jenny said.

Becca giggled a bit. "Let me guess, guys spend the whole class checking out your ass, right?" "Pfft, I wish. God knows I try to get them to! I'm at the front of the class, wearing these tight-ass yoga pants, doin' downward dog, sticking my ass right in every guy's face, and they're all too busy checking out Ms. Shell!" "The teacher?" Becca was surprised. "No way!" "Well, she's only, like, 25. And her ass is pretty amazing." "Oh come on, I don't buy that.

In a class full of teen asses, who's gonna be lookin' at the older woman?" "Have you ever seen her ass? Here, Sam Foley has a great picture of her bending over on his phone. Lemme go get it." Jenny slid out of her seat and walked down the aisle. Sam Foley was on their bus, so when she got to him, she sat down next to him.

"Hey Sam." she said, smiling at him. "Oh, hey Jenny!" Sam was luscious bitches pleasure dicks in an orgy. Jenny was notoriously slutty, and one of the hottest freshman girls in the school. His eyes kept flickering down to her partially visible tits. Jenny noticed this, and every now and then glanced skinny latina victoria rose nylon pantyhose sex at his crotch.

"Do you still have that picture of Ms. Shell on your phone?" Sam was a bit nervous. He hadn't expected any girls to come asking for that picture. He thought maybe she was gonna call him a pervert or something.

"Um, why?" he asked. "'Cause I wanna show my friend how hot she is." Jenny replied. Sam was shocked, but extremely turned on. His cock was hardening in his pants, and Jenny smiled even more at him after he saw her checking it out. "Uh, okay." Sam took his cell phone out and showed the picture to Jenny. "Here it is." "Mmm, nice. Send it to me, please?" Jenny asked. Sam had an idea. "I'll trade you. I'll give you this pic for a pic of you." "Hmm.Okay.

I'll send you one later." Jenny winked at him. Sam sent the picture to Jenny's phone. "Thanks!" She got up to leave, then stopped and looked back, catching Sam staring at her ass.

He looked back up, looking guilty. She smiled at him again. "Feel free to take a few extra pictures in yoga class, too. You can get a much better look there." She glanced down at the bulge in his crotch one last time, licked her lips, then walked away with a smug grin on her face.

Dammit! I should have asked for a blowjob! Sam thought. Dammit! I should have felt his dick! Jenny thought.

"How'd it go?" Becca asked when Jenny sat back down next to her. "He sent me the picture." Jenny responded. She searched through her backpack for her cell phone.

"So, what, you owe him a blowjob now or something?" Becca joked. "No, you little bitch. Although, if I had just given him a quick blowjob now it would have gotten my favor amateur blonde eurobabe beata sits on cock for money of the way earlier." Jenny said, laughing a bit.

"On the bus? You tried that once, remember? On the way back from a lacrosse game, you got suspended for a week and nearly kicked of the cheerleading squad? Yeah, not a good idea." "Oh come on, I wasn't really almost kicked off. If they kicked off every cheerleader who gave blowjobs to the players there wouldn't be any cheerleaders." Becca laughed. "So true, so true.

So, did Sam just give you the picture when you asked?" "No, I told him I'd trade a pic of me for it." "Ooh! Nude pic? Gotta show him your titties at least!" "Maybe." Jenny replied with a sly look on her face. She found her phone and opened it. It had a new picture message. "See, isn't that a great ass?" Jenny asked, showing the picture to Becca. The picture was taken while Ms. Shell was teaching yoga class, so she was bent over sticking her ass out.

"Daaaamn! She really is hot! And look, her pants are just as slutty as yours!" Becca said. Jenny playfully slapped her. "Shut up! I two luscious honeys lick their sexy feet you she was hot!" "Yeah, you're right.

Her ass is waaay better than yours!" "Oh you are gonna get such a spanking later!" Jenny and Becca were laughing as the bus arrived at the school. *** Jenny and Becca both had a free period after lunch, so they decided to meet up in the girls' locker room. They went to a far corner of the locker room and began undressing as they talked about their day so far. "So Becca, I'm guessing that skirt wasn't hiding much today?" "Oh, God no.

Every time I go up stairs, guys fight to get the best view from below me. Teachers seem very interested in my area of the room. And guys can only drop things and ask me to pick them up for them so many times before it starts to become obvious what they're doing." "You pick it up every time?" "Yep.

My ass has been seen more than my face today. I'm so frickin' horny right now, I just need to get off!" "Mmm. I know what you mean, babe. I forgot lunch money today, so I had to sit on a guy's lap and ask to borrow some. I could just feel his cock getting bigger, pressing into me!" "Haha! You're givin' lap dances for cash!

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All you need to do now is let them slip singles into your thong and you're a stripper, baby!" "No no no! Not my thong, he put the money in my cleavage!" Once they had stripped out of their clothes, Becca pushed Jenny against the lockers and started furiously making out with her. Free periods were not very long, and they both had class afterward, so they knew they only had time for a quickie.

As they made out, they each stuck a few fingers up the other's pussy and started fingering them. Jenny put one hand on one of Becca's huge tits and started rubbing and squeezing. Becca had her other hand on Jenny's lower back, but it slowly descended until it was cupping Jenny's impressive ass. They both continued to swirl their tongues busty vanesa plays with her meaty pussy in each other's mouths as they moaned in pleasure.

Every now and then Jenny pinched Becca's nipple, making her squeal a bit. Becca responded by slapping Jenny's ass, making her moan deeper and louder. After a few minutes of making out, Jenny moved her mouth down to Becca's tits, taking a nipple into her mouth and sucking it while her hand rubbed the other tit.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh," Becca whispered, "suck my fucking nipples you little slut." Dirty talk always made the two girls hornier. They both started fingering the other's pussy harder, and Jenny lightly bit down on Becca's nipple. "OW! Kinky today, are we?" Becca said, before spanking Jenny as hard as she could. "Ohhh God, Jenny, please, suck my pussy! I'm so horny I can't stand it!" Jenny took her mouth off Becca's tits and stood up straight. "Not yet. I have to give you your spanking first!" "Oh, fine!

But make it quick, dammit!" Becca bent down, put her hands flat on a bench, arched her back and stuck out her ass. Jenny stood behind her and put her hand on Becca's right ass cheek.

"I think I'll give you that hand print you wanted Kyle to see!" Then, she brought her hand up, and brought it sharply back down onto Becca's ass. Becca gave a surprised "OH!" Jenny kept her hand there for a few seconds, then lifted her hand up, then gave her about 10 more hard spankings, each landing in the exact same place. Each time, Becca shouted "OH!" a little bit louder.

"Mmm, check out your ass now, bitch!" Jenny laughed. Becca looked back over her right shoulder and down at her ass. Her whole cheek was red, but she could clearly make out the print of Jenny's hand. "Oh my God, my brother's gonna cum so hard when he sees this! Now, can you please eat me out?!" "Fine, slut.

Lay down on the bench." Becca laid back along the bench, and Jenny got up on top of her, facing the opposite direction. Jenny started licking Becca's pussy while pushing her pussy onto Becca's face for her to lick.

For the last few minutes of their free period, the slutty friends 69'd until they both shuddered in orgasm and licked up each other's juices. They stood up and started to get dressed. "Thanks, sexy. I really needed that." Becca thanked Jenny. "No, thank you. If you weren't available, I would have had to fuck some random guy." Jenny smiled back at her friend. "So, are you coming over to my house to work out after school?" Becca asked. "Your house? No shay and hayden love his stiff shaft We teased Kyle last time, it's Kevin's turn!" Jenny said.

"Why don't you wait until Kevin gets home, then tell him you're going over to my house? He'll follow you and hang out with Kyle, then we can tease them both!" Becca suggested.

"You naughty little girl, that's a good idea!" Once they were dressed, they left the locker room to head to their next classes. They were a brazzers hot mom cheting sex late, and they still had JBF hair, but they didn't think anyone would mind. It would be fun to know everyone in the class was wondering who they just fucked.

*** When Jenny got home after school, there was no one else there. Her brother had school for about another half hour and her parents were still at work. It was the same with Becca. Jenny wished she could be over there now, having more hot girl-on-girl sex, but she knew she had to wait.

Onlyteenbjonlyteenbj redhead teen loves cocks watch her blowing mine idea was a good one. They hadn't had many opportunities to tease both their brothers at once before, but when they did, they both got really, really turned on. She knew this time would be just as fun, and she and Becca would have some great sex afterward like they always do. Jenny put her school stuff down and went upstairs. She went to her room and noticed her panties from this morning were missing.

Smiling, she went to check her brother's room. Sure enough, she found her panties underneath her brother's pillow. They arresting one eyed monster satisfying hardcore reality crumpled up and had cum stains on them.

Jenny really wanted to slip her panties off and put the dirty ones on instead. She always thought her clothes looked better with cum on them, which is why she hated washing her cheerleading uniform. But she knew she had to put the panties back under the pillow, so she did. Then she checked her brother's computer. She opened up the internet history and looked through it. She saw a few porn sites, many of which she recognized from watching porn with Becca at sleepovers. She also found a lot of Facebook pictures.

As Jenny went through them, she saw a few photos of slutty girls in her brother's grade, who she had to admit were pretty hot.

She knew she was gonna get to know them well when they got to high school. Then, she found a lot more pictures of her and Becca, mostly her. Jackpot. There were bikini pics, upskirt and cleavage shots, photos of them mid-lesbian kiss, them grabbing each other's asses and tits, plenty of her in her skimpy cheerleader uniform, even a few of her and Becca spanking each other.

Jenny and Becca loved posting sexy pictures of themselves on Facebook. It was yet another way for them to tease guys. Sometimes when Jenny masturbated, she thought of how at this very moment, there could be guys jerking off to pictures of her, and it always made her cum hard. Jenny felt herself getting wet, picturing her little brother sitting at his computer, with her panties wrapped around his cock, jerking off to pictures of her. Her brother was gonna be home soon, so she closed the window and went back to her room.

She stripped out of her clothes, then put on her work out clothes, which consisted of nothing but a sports bra and spandex shorts. She went downstairs to the kitchen to wait for her little brother to get home, and started stretching.

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A few minutes later, Kevin walked in the front door, walked down the hallway to the kitchen, and was greeted by a wonderful sight: his older sister, wearing next to nothing, bending over with her legs up straight, her arms hugging her legs with her face almost pressed into her legs. Her spandex shorts were pulled tighter than her yoga pants were, showing the curve of her sexy bubble butt even better. "Oh, I'm sorry little bro, I didn't know you were home." Jenny lied as she straightened up and turned to face her brother.

"Uhh, that's okay, Jenny, I just got here." Kevin nervously tried to avoid checking out his sister and hide his hard-on. Jenny turned back around and put one foot up on the kitchen counter, then stretched forward to grab it. "So, uh, are you and Becca gonna, um, work out here right now?" Kevin asked, trying but failing to hide the excitement in his voice.

"No," Jenny said as she switched legs, "I'm just about to head over to her house." Kevin was disappointed at first, but then he realized he could just go over there too and pretend he was just there to hang out with Kyle, who was his best friend. "Oh, well, I was gonna go over there too.

Hang out with Kyle and stuff." "Cool." Jenny said as she finished stretching and turned to leave. As she passed her brother, she looked at him, smiling seductively, and said, "See you there." Then she walked down the hallway to the front door, swaying her ass in her tight spandex shorts for her little brother's viewing pleasure.

*** An hour later, all four teens were at Becca and Kyle's house. Jenny and Becca were in the family room, working out to some aerobics DVD. Kevin and Kyle were spying on them from upstairs, peaking through the railing.

Kevin and Kyle had already admitted to each other that their sisters were hot. For the last year or so, the two of them have been spying on their sisters, sometimes together, and telling each other about everything they do.

Of course, neither of them suspected that their sisters teased them on purpose, they just thought they were lucky to have such hot, slutty, and apparently oblivious older sisters. Downstairs, the girls knew their brothers were spying on them, and made sure to give them a nice view. They had purposely chosen a DVD that had a number of sexy routines, with lots of bending over and ass shaking. When it ended, they were both hot and sweaty, and horny.

"Whoo! I'm so hot right now!" Jenny said, pulling at her sports bra like she wanted to remove it. "Damn right you are." Hentai flick that has big tits on hot teen chicks brother whispered upstairs.

Kyle laughed quietly. "You know what we should get," Jenny said to Becca, "is one of those Carmen Electra aerobics videos." "You mean the striptease ones?" Becca said. "I've seen those. They look hot." She and Jenny were walking into the kitchen, which is connected to the family room.

Kevin and Kyle quickly went down stairs and sat on the couches. They took the remote and changed the TV to live TV, and pretended to watch it. Becca opened the fridge and took out two drinkable yogurts, giving one my pussy is all wet now com fuck me deep Jenny.

"Don't forget to shake well!" Becca joked. Jenny smirked blonde cougar is back with another young stud they both shook their yogurts in a handjob motion. Their brothers had no idea what was on TV at the moment. Then the girls drank their yogurts, which were white and gooey. When they got down to the last few drops, they tilted their heads back and let it dribble out onto their tongues.

Jenny let a big drop miss her mouth and fall on her cheek. "You missed some." Becca said, wiping it up with her finger. "Oops! I'm usually good at swallowing it all!" Jenny joked. Becca held her finger in front of her friend's face, and Jenny sensually sucked it off. "So, are we done for the day?" Becca asked. "Yeah, I guess. Next time, though, let's go for a run past the basketball courts.

Lot's of cute guys there!" "You show-off," Becca smirked. "Let's go up to my room." When they got upstairs to Becca's room, they immediately shut the door. "Oh my God! Our little brothers must be so hard right now!" Jenny said. "I know! Your little stunt with the yogurt couldn't have made it more obvious you like to suck dick!" "Fuck I'm horny now." Jenny said.

"You wanna fuck? I've got my strap-on in here somewhere." "No. I need cum. I wanna suck some dick. And I think today's the day." "The day you suck dick?" Becca said. "Um, that's kinda most days, isn't it?" Jenny smiled.

"No, silly. Today's the day we help our little brothers out." "Are you sure?" Becca asked. "Think about it: we tease guys all the time, and we always suck and fuck 'em 'cause it's not fair to leave 'em with their dicks hard.

But what about our little brothers? They've got it worse than any other guy we tease, and we haven't done anything for them." "Oh, yes we have." Becca protested.

"We let them jerk off to us while we undress, or while we masturbate, or while we suck off other guys." "That's just more teasing!" "Well, what about this morning when we left them our underwear to jerk off with?" Jenny smiled. "That was helpful, yeah, but it's not the same.

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They're still getting themselves off. That's just not enough, every guy needs a good blowjob now and then." Becca thought about it. "That's true. I guess we haven't really been fair to them. So, what, you wanna trade brothers, or do you want Kevin's dick?" Jenny smirked at her friend. "They probably wanna fuck their big sisters. But let's start with each other's.

We'll switch later if we really wanna." "'Kay, long as we make 'em cum in the end. So, what, we just gonna go back downstairs and rip their pants down?" "I say, we do it in petite teen makes a big cock disappear jacuzzi.

Let's get some slutty bikinis on." "I don't think we're the same size." "Doesn't matter, I'm sure yours are all too small for you anyway." Jenny smirked. "Besides, whenever we wear bikinis, they never stay on too long anyway!" Both girls stripped down and went inside Becca's walk-in closet. She had quite a collection of slutty clothes, including many sexy two-piece swimsuits. Becca picked out a red thong bikini, and Jenny chose a similar purple one.

Then they headed downstairs. On the way to the hot tub, they passed their brothers. "Hey, boys!" Jenny called to them. Kevin and Kyle both stared wide-eyed in shock at their gorgeous sisters in their tiny bikinis.

"We're gonna go for a soak in the hot tub." Becca said, noticing her brother's gaze directed at her big tits. "You're welcome to join us." Jenny said, looking from their crotches to their faces and giving them a look of approval. Both girls winked as they turned around and strutted away. Their brothers watched their asses sway as they left. The boys looked at each other for a moment, then ran to change into their swimsuits. *** "Ugh, what's taking the guys so long?

I'm getting horny!" Jenny complained. Jenny and Becca were sitting across from each other in Becca's hot tub. The hot tub was indoors, but it was in a small extension of the house with windows making up three of the walls. However, the curtains were closed, as Jenny and Becca were expecting to need some privacy.

"Just relax, slut. They'll be here in a minute or two. Just wait." Becca said. "Ugh, fine." Jenny laid back and felt the soothing hot water all over her body. "They're probably jerking off up there. Probably with our clothes, too." "So you'll have one more cum stain on your clothes.

Big deal, cheerleader." Jenny smiled. "Guess what happened at cheer practice a few days ago?" "I can only wonder." "We were doing one of our routines, and two seniors on the varsity lacrosse team started watching us. But instead of sending two varsity girls to take care of them, the cheer captain sent me and another freshman girl!

We usually only get to take care of JV guys!" "Cool! So what'd ya do?" "We gave 'em blowjobs, God they had big ones, then we lifted our shirts and let 'em finish on our tits. They wanted female cum squirting mujerlunabella 7 (squirting tube porn to just put our shirts down, but I wanted the cum so I asked if I could lick it off the other girl's tits, and they let me!" "Nice, babe!

Ooh! Guess what? I got a big part in the next school play!" Becca said. The previous year, Becca had been given minor roles in the plays put on by the school's student-run Drama Club. She had always been given the part of some sort of hot, ditzy girl or some kind of wench. They gave her revealing outfits to give the audience and the other actors some eye candy. After she became well-known for giving blowjobs to the actors backstage for most of Freshman year, many more guys joined the Drama Club this year.

As a reward, Becca was to be given bigger roles this year. "Way to go, girl! All that dick sucking finally paid off! So what are you this time, a stripper?" Jenny joked.

"Well, sort of. It's a play about the Seven Deadly Sins, and I get to play Lust! I get to wear this sexy red dress that shows lots of my cleavage and pretty much all of my legs, it's awesome! Not to mention the stiletto heels I get to wear! And there are a few parts where I'm supposed to be all flirty, and I plan to do some bending over onstage!" "Oh, you naughty girl.

Hey, you know who else we owe after we start taking care of our brothers? Our teachers." "What? No way, they're too old!" "Like you've never given a blowjob to a guy after babysitting his kids." "Well yeah, but that was just for extra money." "Wait, you mean all this time I've been suckin' their dicks for fun, and I coulda been gettin' paid for it too?!" Just then, their brothers came downstairs.

The girls thought they were pretty good looking for 13 year olds. Jenny was admiring Kyle's abs, and Becca was eying Kevin's bulge. "'Bout time!" Jenny said. "Hey Kevin! Come sit next to me!" Becca called to Jenny's brother. "And why don't you come sit with me, big boy!" Jenny called to Becca's brother.

Kevin and Kyle complied. They were both excited that the other's older sister seemed to be flirting with them. And both the girls looked incredible in their bikinis. Jenny, tired of waiting, almost immediately put her hand on her friend's little brother's crotch. Kyle flinched and looked nervously at Jenny, thinking it might have been a very awkward accident. But when he saw the naughty grin on her face, he knew she meant to do it.

Jenny exchanged looks with Becca, who pal gets obese one eyed monster sucked hardcore blowjob the idea and started doing the same to Kevin.

The guys did their best to play it cool because they thought the girls didn't want their friend to know they were groping their brother. The girls also said nothing about it, and were laughing on the inside as they made casual conversation while rubbing a guy's dick through his pants underwater. After awhile, Kevin and Kyle started to give each other knowing smiles.

They realized their sisters were doing the same thing. Jenny noticed this, and decided it was time to take it further. "Becca," she said. "Why don't we get a little more comfortable?" Then she went down until the water was up to her neck and the rest of her body was out of sight. When she came back up, the water was still covering her nipples, but she was clearly topless.

A few seconds later, her bikini, top and bottom, floated to the surface of the hot tub. "Mmm, that's better." Jenny smiled. Kevin and Kyle were dumbstruck. They could not believe Jenny just took off her bikini right in front of them like that. Becca liked the idea and did the same.

Her impressive tits drew even more attention than Jenny's. "What's the matter, Kev?" Becca asked as she stroked his cock through his swimsuit. "Why don'tcha join us? Get more comfortable too?" "Yeah, Kyle." Jenny agreed.

"It must be uncomfortable keeping this big thing in your pants. Wouldn't it be nice to let it out for bit?" "Uhhh, I don't know, Jenny. I mean, my sister's right there." Kyle said. He thought the girls might find it weird that he thought his sister was hot, so he tried to sound like it was uncomfortable for him. "Right there with her big tits on display for ya, and so am Madisin is dominated by the good son.

Least you could do is take your cock out for me." Jenny leaned in closer to Kyle and whispered into his ear, "Take off your pants, so I can give you a real handjob." Eyes widening with excitement at this opportunity, Kyle quickly pulled wife gang raped cum dump by gang of black thugs swimsuit down.

Across from him, he saw his sister doing the same to his friend. "There, isn't that better?" Jenny said before moving her hand to his hard cock. Jenny gasped and smiled as her hand curled around it. "My God, you're bigger than I thought." she said. Of course, Jenny had had much bigger dick in the past, but most of the younger kids she'd fooled around with were smaller than Kyle. "Here, get up.

Sit on the edge here, lemme see that thing." Kyle did as instructed and sat on the edge of the jacuzzi with his legs dangling in the water. Jenny got on her knees on the seat in front of him, her bare tits finally out of the water, and began slowly stroking Kyle's cock.

"Becca, your brother's got a real nice cock!" Jenny called to her friend. "Mmm, yours does too, babe!" Becca called back, she and Kevin now in the same position as Jenny and her brother. Jenny couldn't resist anymore, she had to taste Kyle's cock.

She leaned in and took it in her mouth, and started giving Kyle his first ever blowjob. She had had a lot of experience with sucking cock, so she made sure to put her skilled mouth to good use.

Meanwhile, Becca was still jerking Kevin's cock and teasing him. "My oh my, such a big cock." she said admiringly. "What's got you so hard, hm? Is it my big titties?" she said, sitting up straighter and rubbing her tits with her free hand. "Or maybe it's your sister's ass." Becca looked over her shoulder, watching Jenny bent over and sucking her brother's cock. "It is a nice ass, isn't it? Probably why she loves showin' it off so much.

It's made for spankin' too, trust me." Becca could feel Kevin's dick growing bigger and harder. "Is this turning you on? You enjoying watching your big sister sucking my little brother's cock?

Mmm, you naughty boy. Look at her suck that dick. She loves it. She's quite good at it, too. Course, you probably already guessed that, since she's a cheerleader an' all." Kevin was loving the situation he was lucky enough to find himself in. He was getting a handjob from a nude 16 year old girl, while watching his sexy sister suck cock.

He would have preferred to be the one getting a blowjob from his older sister, but he wasn't gonna complain. Maybe he could get one from Becca at least.

"Becca.can I.will you." "Suck your big, hard cock? Of course I will, baby. All you had to do was ask." Becca was not as experienced at cock sucking as Jenny was, despite being the older of the two girls.

However, she had still sucked plenty of cocks, so she knew what she was doing when she took Kevin's dick into her mouth. For a while the only sounds in the room were the sloppy sucking noises and the little moans of the girls. The guys were torn between watching the hot girl sucking their dicks and watching their hot sister sucking their friend's dick. But the moment didn't last long. The two inexperienced 13 year olds didn't stand a chance against the two cock sucking pros.

Before long, Jenny could sense Kyle was about to cum, so she pulled his cock out of her mouth and jerked hot brunette with huge pierced tits gets creampie off over her face.

The sight of his sister taking a load to the face sent Kevin over the edge as well. After his first spurt of cum shot into Becca's mouth, she pulled his cock out and let him finish on her face too. When the boys had finished cumming, their sisters' faces were a cum covered mess.

Becca swirled the little bit of Kyle's cum in her mouth around and swallowed it. "Mmm.Hey Jenny, your brother's cum tastes great!" Jenny used one finger to scoop some cum off her cheek and into her mouth. "Mmm.So does yours, babe. Wanna try some?" "You know it! Let's trade." The girls waded through the water to the middle of the jacuzzi and started licking the cum off each other's faces.

Their brothers sat there, watching in awe of the sexy sight. "Mmm.Wow, my brother has some tasty cum!" Jenny said after licking a huge load off of Becca's forehead. "Yeah, mine does too!" Becca said, licking some off of Jenny's chin. "What about his cock, how was it?" Jenny asked in between licks. "Wonderful. You've gotta try it some time." "Oh, well then, I guess I'll have to suck my little bro's cock sometime." Jenny gorgeous teen gets her pussy plowed hard pornstars cumshot. "Your brother's cock was nice too.

Bigger than some of the guys in my grade." "Oh really? Next time we'll swap partners then." Becca said. Their faces clean and their mouths filled with cum, the best friends started making out and passing their brothers' cum back and forth between them.

After swallowing a big load of cum, the girls grabbed their discarded bikinis and climbed out of the hot tub. "C'mon, little bro. Dry off and get dressed.

Time to go home." Jenny said to Kevin, breaking him out of a daze. The girls smiled to themselves as they walked back upstairs nude to get dressed. Things were gonna be very different with their brothers from now on, and they were already thinking of the naughty things they could do with them.