Angelina joli xxx sex stories storys

Angelina joli xxx sex stories storys
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Author's Note: Son rape mother while sleeping was a story I just made up by my own imagination; in the process I came to a cross road. I wanted to make it about "forced sex" but at the same time I wanted to make it less violent, I decided on making it more about girls being seduced instead of a more violent tactic.

I made a chapter one but there won't be another unless it's okay in the ratings. If you see anything that needs improvement, that'd be cool if you'd comment but what ever. Introduction D ead center of the Black Forest, Wilhelm sits in the shade of an ancient pine.

He gazes out in awe of such beauty. The wind blows through in the form of a gentle breeze, the sky is the most vivid shade of blue, scattered with seemingly wafer thin clouds.

The small mountains covered in lush green grass and thick patches of pine and birch trees, a mass of green. It can only be described as bucolic bliss. He's dressed in a black cloak which flaps in the wind, his long blonde hair flows in the wind. His emerald green eyes shimmer with the golden light of the sun as he grasps a pad of paper and a bottle of ink.

His face is only slightly narrowed, still having much youth. He wears a very calm expression for he is calmed by this forested mountain range. As he begins to draw a thoroughly detailed portrait of this lush landscape, he realizes his surroundings beginning to change. "Could rain be comin'?" "Lord Wilhelm, I fear rain is on its way!" "Oh jolly good, there are few things I appreciate more than a good rain!

Come, sit on my lap and watch the clouds pass!" Wilhelm's eyes narrow in an almost deceitful way as he talks the young messenger into taking a seat. She reluctantly creeps forward in preparation for the deed he has asked for, her intuition telling her of boyish seduction.

Alas, it is true—she is being seduced in the worst way—a servant given an order to sit on her boyish master's lap. Before even sitting on his lap, she can seem to imagine his hard cock poking into her ass. Her cheeks swiftly reddened with blush as she ponders something so intimate. She'd never had such a feeling—an odd awkwardness and a strange yearning—she wanted his hard prick to be plunged into her and yet she shuttered at such thoughts at the same time.

She felt as if he had sprouted some phantom limb and is arousing her until she does as he asks. "B-but master…how could I—a virgin lass of 14—tickle your fancy?" she blurts out nearly dying of embarrassment after realizing what she'd just said.

"What've I said?" she ponders. "Have a seat and I shall show you how." He answers back as he unbuttons his pants. His flesh appears to be a pasty gray under the light sent forth of the gray clouds. His vividly colored long blonde hair seems to have been deluded, now an ashy blonde. He wears a devilish smirk as he sets his pad of parchment paper to the side and a light rain begins to fall. It's pushed by a moist wind which rustles the leaves and chills bare flesh.

Just as she's about to lower her self onto his lap, her dress is suddenly ripped from her body.

She instinctively tries to cover her self. "Don't worry; I shall buy you a better one, my dear, Wilhelmina." "I am flattered at your offer master Wilhelm, but…this, this is adulterous." Yanking her down, she falls sprawled atop him and before she can even cry out in the least, he presses his lips to hers, making her eyes widen in surprise.

He soon pulls his lips from hers leaving an almost rubbery string of saliva. With shimmering green eyes, she seems to give a silent answer to his request.

"I shall…grant your wish—I shall allow only the pleasure of your warm mouth." He can see the eagerness blow your cum load into moms mouth old young and grandma her eyes, it was as if she'd become a completely different creature—one of pure lust—one wanting nothing more than sexual pleasure, upon herself or otherwise.

He loved every second of it; he could lay back and drink in the lust which oozes from her. Diving into his crotch she thoroughly licks up and down his throbbing dick. With such a ferocious sexual appetite, she takes his full ten inches into her throat as if she'd done it a thousand times. Wilhelm grips her hair with a grin as she so intensely sucks on his cock, bobbing her head up and down. The light rain sort of drowns out the sound of her smacking ms paris and her taboo tales quotcreampiequot and the flow of her thickening spit.

Pulling it out, she tenderly strokes the swollen shaft, twirling her tongue around the bulbous head. As the grass flows like a supple wave and the thunder grumbles like an angry beast.

Soon she is stroking with such speed that that her hand is a blur. Pressing the head to her lips, she opens it not far before he fills her mouth hot salty spunk. Slobbering the bitter excretion, Wilhelm gives her a baleful look. "Eat it all or else you're in for a thorough reaming." "But, there's so much, I-I can't!" Realizing she won't listen to him, he squeezes her clit, forcing her to swallow. Gagging on his thick cum, she proceeds to lick up the rest, licking his dick clean.

Pushing her back he stares down at her seeming rather content with her performance. Grabbing her by the hand he covers her with his cloak and grips her ass.

Spreading her cheeks he feels the heat flowing from her ass hole and pussy. Reaching down, he fondles her bald lips. Slipping his fingers into the wet hole he can hear her juices flowing around his fingers, like a raging flood.

Soft moans flow through her lips as her knees weaken and her body quivers. Within only a few moments, he kneels down to have his pale face sprayed with her pungent juices. Kneeling with his sopping face, he lets out a sigh seeming of boredom. "Huh…well that was fun while it lasted. Wilhelmina…bring the new one over tomorrow for…hmm, a sip of tea." "O-okay…she's, she's a beautiful one." My name is Wilhelm; this is my near daily routine.

My father is of great Germanic noble though is confined to his bed, suffering from great weakness in his limbs and a horrid lung ailment, most definitely beyond medicinal healing of this time.

He uses the vast majority of his strength to work on clocks and wood works with nothing but a few sharp knives. My mother has been dead since I was very young and we've never had any other males besides family in the house. I am surrounded by pure beauties ready for plucking and I do not hesitate to do so, though I am merciful to virgin pleas. Though just because I don't seem so "choosy" with my women, I do have my favorites; a new girl has taken a job as a maid at my father's mansion.

As soon as I laid my eyes on her, I was in love.

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My throbbed as I stunning victoria has her wet snatch hammered at her, for she is a timeless beauty. Her wheaten hair flows to her thighs, pulled back into a long pony tail and so beautifully straight; tight with a thin piece of leather. Her chin length bangs flow so neatly at the sides of her face. Her skin is like porcelain, lacking of even the slightest blemish.

Her eyes are the most vivid shade of blue. Her stomach flat and her long legs move so elegant yet so defined and muscled, the physique of a female athlete whose legs are muscled from movement.

She's the most perfect thing I have ever seen! She could make what is thought to be the most beautiful woman look like a cheap whore. I can only hope that her twat is as perfect as the rest of her, I hope to see tonight. Chapter 1 Walls are paved with massive book shelves which are stacked to the ceiling. The floors are a mix of cherry stained wood floors and dark polished granite. Wood carved clouds are placed atop the heads of oak gargoyles to make a tall spiraling banister.

Windows are covered massive shutters and stained glass. A thick wooden door—circular in shape—leads to the kitchen. On a red rug in front of the round door is the long table which is where the dining is done. Along the wall, not far from the front door is the library—no wall or door closes it off. The library is scattered with silken tapestries and royal blue rugs. Thrones are scattered about which provide seating so one can relax when reading their favorite novel.

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It is to one day be a historical figure that could send one back in time with its scenic beauty, but for now it symbolizes wealth and nothing more.

Sitting in the library—the only room without shutters—under the array of red, orange, and green light, Wilhelm reads his favorite novel.

He's dressed in a silken red robe, covered from the waist down with a soft white blanket. His tea is kept warm by the pale flame of a melting white candle.

He flips through the crisp yellowed pages, carefully reading through the tiny type. Wilhelm wears a slight smile as his beautiful new maid presents him with a fresh glass of tea. I reveled in her beauty, ready to plunge my self inside her. I wouldn't do it unless I could attract her though I would have a small treat without asking.

"M-master Wilhelm, I've brought your tea." "I quite enjoy your tea, but, I already have some tea left, take a break and have a spot, I'll add my favorite flavoring!" he exclaims. "But…its still so early, we're still far from noon, are you sure?" "Well, Tabitha, there are few for me to mingle with. This green honey like substance is actually a lime jelly I've heated, it's simply delicious." He slightly chuckles when telling her off his supposed lack of people to mingle with—there were more than enough people around to talk to—it was quite laughable and completely unrealistic.

"T-thank-you," "So tell me, why so bashful?" asks Wilhelm. "…I…just have to get used to people before I can be comfortable…phew, I think I'm blushing!" she chuckles. As she sips on the tea she realizes feeling rather drowsy. Before she knew it, she was asleep in the deepest sleep she had ever felt. Slipping her onto the floor, he gazes over her body. Her black corset so perfectly laced and her billowy skirt hiding her beautiful legs.

His hands shake as his hands cup her soft breasts. Surprisingly her pale pink nipples are hard as rocks, sticking straight out. Almost instantly his cock has went from flaccid to rock hard. Untying her corset he finds her large bosoms are absolutely perfect.

Fully removing it he licks all the way up her flat stomach while tweaking her pale nipples. His arms are wrapped loose around her waist as he seems to message her beautifully round ass. Sucking on her pale nipples his tongue is hidden by his lips; his tongue flickers up down and around her hardened nipples as he gently squeezes and rolls her erect clit.

As he plays with her, teasing her so cruelly, he realizes that her eyes are squinted shut, like one disturbed in a deep sleep. Pulling out his cock he sprays her flat stomach with his sticky cum.

Squeezing every last drop onto the pale flesh of her stomach. He finds that he's come to a cross road. "This is so surreal.I've never felt this way about a woman. She's so beautiful, so perfect; I can feel the heat flowing from her cunt. Her hymen is intact yet to make her perfect—she must shed her blonde rug." She awakens in a blur and stares around to see that she's nude in what appears to be Wilhelm's room. She finds that she's some how reached a near sexual climax.

She has never felt something so amazing. She looks down to see a large lump under the covers. Orgasmic sexual pleasure hits her like a bolt of lightning as the rough busty babe in bikini toys pussy outside buds of Wilhelm's tongue explore her twat.

He quickly leaves the covers after lapping up her pungent juices. Lying on op of her, he pokes his cock into her cunt hoping she'll welcome him. Tears well up in her eyes as blood trickles down Wilhelm's shaft; his eyes squint shut as he realizes how tight she is.

"Master…Wilhelm, I don't think you can fit!" she shouts out. "It'll fit, just calm your self, you'll get used to it and then you'll hairy japanese teen slut gets fucked and jizzed good, trust me." Before long she's used to it and they can really get started. Softly pumping in and out, she claws at his back as he thrusts it deeper and deeper within her tight twat.

At first her legs are splayed wide but it doesn't take her long to start enjoying the girth of his cock which pumps so strongly into her cunt.

Her painful expression has changed to one of happiness. She wears a pleasure filled smile and her eyes are bright with happiness—happiness that she has become one with Wilhelm. Her legs wrap around him as he thrust him self into her warm wet insides. The smacking of their pelvises ring out as her muscled thighs jiggle and her breasts flap up and down, his bed jerks back and forth as his thrusts grow stronger.

Their bodies are illuminated by the stained glass as soft moans echo out. As they simultaneously come to their climax, soft moans become near screams of pleasure. Hot cum leaks from his cock like a broken pipe as he thrusts deeper and deeper toward her womb. His toes curl as he spews within her. Collapsing atop her he lets his cum leak out. "What euphoria…" Wilhelm mumbles. Some how he seems to seduce any woman he sets his eyes on. This remains a mystery even to him- self, though there's no need in his mind to find out why.

He's having too much fun with such a gift to worry about it. Though what will be his fate?