Y anal milf climax hard from rough sex

Y anal milf climax hard from rough sex
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Want to stay ahead on the story? Head over to http://phreak-nation.com/stories/. Its always a chapter ahead. ---------------------------------------------------------------- A few hours had passed since I left her downstairs. I had managed to secure the all exits except for the sliding glass door that leads to the backyard.

That was secured by the door lock and an iron rod I had always had to stop people from forcing it opened. I cleaned up myself some and decided to make some food for myself and my new house guest. After making some lunch I brought her down a bowl and some water. I made sure it was warmed and not hot.

Hate to have been burned for my stupidity.

She was just sitting there. I think she is starting to get used to this. No cant be, its only day two. Then again Stockholm syndrome doesn't have an exact time line.

She sat and ate quietly not looking at me. She had the sheets covering herself up as if I have not seen her in all her glory already. "Lower the sheet so I can see you." I had told her, She looked up at me with a puzzled look and just sat there for a moment before she had said anything. "Why?" she said, "When I come around I do not want you to hide your body at all. Do not cover any part.

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I want to be able to look at you anytime." I returned, She lowered the cover she had tucked under her arms and exposed her beautiful breasts to me, but she just let the sheet drop to her lap. I wanted to see all of her. "I said all of you" I barked, She then removed the cover completely from her body.

It wasn't cold at all in the basement as I had central heating and air conditioning and it even cooled the basement. She continued to eat her food as I watched her.

I was planning some fun tonight. Some of which I am not to sure she is going to enjoy but I figured I would act all of my sexual fantasies I have ever had and I had a few wild ones. After she had finished eating the food I picked up the dishes and brought her to use the bathroom. I had her herself up. Shower, brush teeth and hair. You know the works, and I even shaved her areas without an issue.

I believe she actually likes the attention. I brought her down stairs and secured her. I had to arrange some things and to find a few things before anything happened tonight. As the day went on I slowly formed an idea of what was I was going to do tonight and managed to get all of what I needed.

I did not need much. Now that it was nearing dark and I had gathered all I needed I brought it downstairs to her as well as a chair for me to sit in. I put the items on the tool bench that I had cleared from earlier and sat the chair in front of her as to talk to her.

I figured I would talk to her first before I would start all the fun. "Lorie" I tested her, "What?" she said, *SLAP* as my hand comes down across her face, "Want to try that again" I said with a stern look on my face, "Yes, master?" she said, I wanted her to remember what situation she was in.

I did not want her to get to comfortable in her setting as to get to friendly with me. "That is better. Now that I have your full undivided attention I wanted to talk to you about what is going to happen tonight.

Don't be alarmed as I think you will enjoy tonight as I have put into a lot of thought and effort to make sure you enjoy tonight. There will be a little pain involved but there will be plenty of pleasure to ensure your enjoyment as tonight is not about your enjoyment as much as it is about mine." I said, I went on some more into some of the details which a few times she had a boss wife loves ebony audio look but others her look kind of went into a lustful look.

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Standing up I grabbed her rope and untied it from the bottom which took a minute and fashioned it to the chain that was hanging. I also got the spreader bar and separated her legs. She did not fight but she was tense. Walking over to the table I thought about how she is reacting and then just shrugged it off. I was over analyzing things at this point. I really just needed to let things be until something happened. Stepping up to the table I grabbed some quarter inch thick rope which probably was about seventy feet long.

It was soft nylon so I did not think it would itch to much. I also grabbed a few clothes pins and put them into my pocket. As I was walking back over to Lorie I fount the center of the rope and doubled the rope.

She had a puzzled look on her face. I walked around and started from the midst of her back and started to tie her body up. I ran a few times around the bottom and top of her breasts before running it over her shoulders and looping it through the ropes around her breasts and cinching it down to tighten around her breast making them stand out.

I continued down after tying a knot and ran the ropes down between her pussy lips then up the crack of her ass and tying it back to the rope on her backside before running it down to her navel and looping each side to each piece of rope and pulling it taught to press on her lips, and then running it back to the back ropes and back down over her hips and crossing each rope into a knot where it closes the rope before the pelvis.

I ran the ropes this time down around her labia and under the bottom of her ass cheeks then back up to the amateur bitch training to suck a bbc running along her hips and tied them as done before. At this point I just let the rope dangle at her sides thinking that I could tie around her legs but I will save some of that for later. I reached down between her thighs, and between her labia and felt the rope which was already starting to get damp.

I reached between the ropes and fount her clit and pinched it before letting the ropes rest on either side which now is keeping it in a state of pinch. Not to rough as the ropes at this point are not to tight to cause paint or lack of blood flow.

I noticed her eye lids are about half mast and she seems to look through me as if she really is enjoying this. I reached down into my pocket and grabbed out a pin. I had fixed these earlier by taking them apart and spreading out the spring so they would not clamp down to tight but still let her know they are there.

I took the first one and placed it on her left breast on the outer part of her aureola. She let out a soft moan as I placed another one on the opposite side of he aureola, and then another, and another until I had about six on her breast.

I followed the same manor on the other breast. A couple had fallen off while I was doing it but I managed to place them back and had all twelve on her breast now. I did not wait long before grabbing the Cat-o-nines off the table and started kayla synz is damn near forty years of age flog her breasts.

I paid special attention as not to flog the pins but that did not help as a few had already fallen as I had flogged just a few times. As I was flogging her she was letting out quick and loud squeaks with each stroke. I kept flogging her for a good while, and I had noticed that she started to sweat. I did not stop until I had knocked every single pin off of her breast and by this time her breasts were already turning a brilliant shade of red and had bulged out some.

The flogging lasted about fifteen minutes, but was worth it.

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I grabbed one of her breast and squeezed it. It was a little full with blood but not bad. She still could go for a bit longer with her breast tied. They were also warm to the touch which I attributed it to the blood. I brought my head down to her breast and licked her nipple and then rested my teeth on her nipple and I heard a gasp come from her mouth. I nipped her and a small moan came forth.

I then planted my lips around her nipple and swirled my tongue around then ass tasting and female anal orgasm fuck punish my nineteen yearold donk and mouth on her deeply and pulled back with a pop.

She loved it from what I could tell as she was moaning the whole time and slightly grinding her hips in the air. I took this as a sign that she was ready to fuck, but as hard as my dick was already I wanted to play some more.

I grabbed two of the pins off the floor and put them on her nipples. I then spun her around and took the cat-o-nines to her back, ass, and thighs. She would twist in the direction of cat-o-nines when they came down across her, as she let out a shriek combined with a moan. A good while passed as I treated her backside to a good thrashing. I was a bit more rough with her back side then her breasts and it showed as red slashes ran down her back to her thighs.

I stopped and gave her a break as she was starting to become weak kneed from everything. I also noticed she was dripping wet. I spun her back around and gently removed the clothe pins from her nipples. I gave them a couple flicks and a few pinches each.

I decided it was time for me to have some fun so I grabbed a condom I had on the table and dropped my pants. My cock stood hard and ridged ready and waiting for a good fuck. I opened the condom pack and put it on and walked over to Lorie. I looked into her face, and noticed she still was looking through me and breathing hard.

I spun her around and grabbed my dick and put it between her lips and the ropes that where running between her. It was hard at first getting past the ropes but they were as wet as she was and it elegant lesbians fucking with strapon pantyhose erotica through. It was a weird feeling with the rope there and the feeling of her pussy but it was not a bad feeling.

It just let me know it was there and it turned me on even more. I pushed my cock in half way and then back out. The condom was not well lubricated enough to but a few strokes and it started to slide in and out with easy.

I started to pump her pussy with my cock. I was extremely horny and was dying to bust my load inside of the condom. I grabbed a hold of her hips and pushed them back into my pelvis with each thrust. She was up on her tip toes as the spreader bar did not allow her much maneuverability and she was trying to trust back into me as much as I was trying to thrust into her.

I built up a steady rhythm and she managed to push back. One thing with the condom in place is that it allows me to last longer then with out. I reached around her body with my right arm and grabbed her breast and started squeezing her breast while my left hand held on tight to her hip and pulled her into me with every stroke.

She moaned with every push and breathed in deep with every pull.

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At that moment we were both entangled in a sea of lust and were connected with our sexual organs. With each thrust sweat was dripping down my brow and onto her ass. I brought my other hand back to her hip and started to pound her ass for all I was worth. Every few strokes I slapped her ass. I was getting close and I know she had already climaxed twice since I have been fucking her. After a few moments more I could no longer hold on and needed to release my load.

With a loud grunt and a few final thrusts I poured every drop of semen into her, and into my condom. A few moments passed as we sat engangled in sweaty lust. I had wrapped my arms around her and we just stood there as my dick became soft and slowly started to slide out.

I wanted to make sure the condom stayed on till after I came out so I grabbed the base of the condom and pulled out. Once out of her I removed the condom from my dick carefully as not to spill anything out and I walked to the front of her. "Open your mouth" I said, Without any hesitation she opened her mouth and tilted her head back. I poured the cum in her mouth and squeezed every last drop into her mouth. "Now swallow it." I said, She swallowed every drop without batting an eye lash.

With one last swallow she just looked at me as I tossed the condom aside. She didn't even make a face or anything. Just a lustful stare. "Thats a good girl. Did you enjoy that?" I asked, "Yes I did." was all she said, "How was the taste?" I questioned, "It was sour at first but was really sweet after.

Almost like a warhead candy" she replied, I knew she was not lying as that was a common response. I have had a few women take my load and they have all responded similar. Its a sour taste at first like sour candy then it turns into a sweet taste after. None have complained and always willing to take another load so I never had an issue with blow jobs. I am also pretty sure she was knocked out before she could taste it when I gagged her the first time. I cleaned her up with some wipes I had brought down and I also cleaned myself off as well.

I asked if she needed to go to the bathroom and she replied no. I untied her from the chain and back to the floor making a few extra knots.

I loosened up the rope around kittens ride fellows butthole with oversized strap dildos and splatter semen monstercock squirting breasts, and took me a good minute to do so, but did not remove it from her.

I left the spreader bar on and then ran up stairs and threw some food in the microwave and brought it down and fed her by hand. She ate her food and I gave her some water to drink.

Walking back up stairs I flipped the switch and shut and locked the door behind me which now has a couple of locks on it. Trotting off to bed I kill the lights and head off to bed. Looking at the alarm clock it said 11:45 pm. A time I have never honestly gone to bed at unless I was working my ass off which in a way I believe this would be considered work. I slipped into bed and zonked out. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Want to read the next chapter before it appears here?