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Mom dad beti ki bf film
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Kate had been married for almost 25 years. Karl was a wonderful man, but because of his many medical problems, he had developed ED. Kate spent whatever time she wasn't working in caring for Karl's needs. Kate felt trapped, bored, and mostly sexually frustrated. Once every six camera man jerking cock while filming porn or so, Karl would skip his meds and then Kate would get a little attention, but Karl felt if he was doomed to a life of sexual frustration that Kate should be too.

Kate had introduced her single sister, Marie, to one of Karl's friends, David. David and Kate had known each other for about 10 years. Kate constantly teased David and secretly wished she could act on some of her suggestions.

Because David and Marie lived far apart, they communicated by phone and e-mail. One day Marie shared a story with Kate that David had written. He had written about how he wanted Marie to be his sex slave, call him Master, and do anything and everything he wanted. He was waiting for Marie to email him a response to his suggestions. Marie asked Kate what she would write back. Kate said, there seems to be only one response, "Yes, Master". Marie said she could not do that and that she thought all he ever thought about was sex.

Marie wanted more and had enough "booty calls in her life". Kate had confided to Marie how much she had always wondered about being with David. Kate was intrigued by David's story and asked for his e-mail address.

Kate wrote to him and told him how she had advised Marie to answer. David told Kate about a web site he frequented that posted many sex stories, videos and forums. Kate spent hours reading other stories and watching many videos. Many of them had activities she could not believe, had never seen and had never tried, but many were very interesting and Kate usually ended each session masturbating to orgasm and thinking about what David could do for her.

David suggested that Kate should write a story and post it. Kate started writing a true story, but compared to what she was reading, it was very boring. Kate rewrote the story as part true and part fiction so that other readers wouldn't be completely bored. The more stories she read and the more videos she watched, the more Kate wanted David. Kate wasn't sure about the slave part, but she knew she needed sexual attention and was willing to try almost anything to get it. Karl, Kate, Marie and David were all guests at a major function a short time later.

David and Kate started teasing each other at first contact. Marie was attending alone and also paid a lot of attention to David. Karl's family was there so he kept busy with them most of the time.

Kate actually felt jealous every time Marie talked to David. When Kate had gotten some time alone to talk to David, she started conversation about the stories and the web site. She told him she had found a spot they could meet close by if he was game. David definitely was. When Karl was called upon to do an errand with family, Kate gave David the prearranged signal. They both moved separately out of the hall and to a remote women's bathroom. Kate had noticed it wasn't being used by the guests and thought it would give them some privacy.

David pulled Kate into a stall and locked the door. They started kissing wildly, while he found that Kate wasn't wearing anything under her dress. Kate had discarded her panties earlier for just this occasion. David found Kate was already very wet in anticipation and told her to bend sunny leone sari xxx fuck story new 2019. When she did, he entered her wet pussy with this hardness and fucked her until his hot cum shot into her.

Kate knew they didn't have much time, but thought of how she would have loved to have went to her knees and cleaned him up with her tongue. They both cleaned up a little with tp and headed back to the party. It seemed as if their absence had not been noticed. At the bar later, it was very hard for Kate to keep her eyes from David, as he played around with Marie.

It was a long evening of partying and in the early morning hours, David left with Marie. Karl took Kate home to bed. Kate called David on Monday morning, which had become a routine. Driving to work, talking to him, and rubbing her clit. He told Kate he had never done it in a women's bathroom before and Kate confessed she hadn't either, but that she wanted him so badly it didn't matter where.

He suggested Kate become his sex slave. Kate wondered how long it would take him to propose this. She said okay. He told Kate, okay wasn't the correct response and if she didn't do everything his way, he would have to punish her. The correct response would be Yes Master. Kate said Yes Master. Over the next few days of talking, He explained that Kate's cunt; mouth, ass and everything else would now belong to him. He explained that he was going to write a contract of Kate's slavery and she would have to agree to it.

He also told her that she was not allowed to cum without his permission. Kate knew she would not be able to follow that order. She was in the habit of masturbating almost every morning. She could have wonderful orgasms over and over by herself. She decided she just would not tell him if she did. They started to plan a time and place where they could meet. He asked Kate if she was a good slave and had not cum without his permission, Kate tried to lie and say no, but he knew from her snicker that she was lying.

He said he would remember that and that she was due one punishment. As she was driving and talking on Friday morning, he told her he was going to be done very early that day. Kate knew Karl would be at work until sunny leone x very very hot f storys. Even though she was almost at work, she turned around and headed home. David had instructed her to rub a pair of panties in her cunt and moisten them with her juices. Then put the panties into her cunt for him to get later.

Kate got home and followed all of David's instructions. She went upstairs to the guest bedroom and waited for him to arrive. As David came into the bedroom and closed the door, Kate reached out for him wanting a kiss. He stopped her and said she would get one when he wanted her to and not before. He asked what do you say?

Kate replied Yes Master. He asked if she had done as he asked, Kate replied Yes Master. David pushed Kate up against the wall and reached for her little clit. He could not feel her moisture because the panties were where he wanted them.

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He got a hold of the edge of them and quickly ripped them from Kate's cunt. Wow! Kate's knees went weak; she had never felt anything like that before. David just smiled.

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He ordered Kate to her knees and told her to suck his cock. Kate said Yes Master.

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She undid his jeans and freed his cock. She hadn't seen it in the restroom and she decided it was perfect, as she took him into her mouth. He seemed to be enjoying the way her mouth, lips and tongue left on his hard cock.

When Kate started enjoying this and pumping her mouth up and down his shaft, he stopped her. He told Kate to get up on the bed. Kate said Yes Master and moved across the room to the bed. David followed and took off the rest of his clothes. He spread Kate's legs apart and stroked her clit. With his other hand he pinched each of her nipples. Then he moved onto the bed beside Kate and kissed her. David pushed his fingers into Kate's wet cunt and pinched her nipples with the other hand. The pinching was painful, but somehow pleasurable too.

He told her to spread her legs; Kate said Yes Master and he moved between them. As he put his hard cock into her, Kate felt wonderful. As he started moving in and out, she couldn't help but cum.

Their encounter in the bathroom was the only sex she had in a very long time and she was going to enjoy this. David intensified his thrusts and Kate felt intoxicated. He stopped and said if I keep this up I will cum in your pussy, is that what you sexy francesca le fuck in the office Kate thought she really wanted him to cum in her mouth, but all she could say was Yes Master.

He thrust hard and deep a few more times and then filled her cunt with his hot cum. Kate joined him. As he moved away, he said just look at the mess you made. He moved to be kneeling beside Kate. She took his cock into her mouth and started sucking and licking to clean up all of the mess. He rubbed her cunt and then reminded her that he owed her a punishment. A spanking. Kate giggled and wiggled her ass in temptation, then refused to roll over for her punishment. David said fine, you won't give me your ass.

He raised his hand and brought it down and spanked her pussy hard. The sensation was amazing to Kate and made her want more. He moved to lie flat on his back on the bed. Kate moved down to continue to give his cock her full attention. When he was erect again, he told Kate to get on her knees. He entered her again from behind.

Kate could only think how good he felt inside of her. He reached forward and pinched both nipples very hard. Kate felt the direct connection between her sunny leone teens sex xxx storys hardcore and her cunt. He pinched harder. Her nipples were starting to hurt. Kate wiggled and broke free from him and rolled over on the bed. He pinched her nipples more and harder. The more Kate tried to avoid his grasp the more he pinched.

He lay on the bed and Kate lay on his chest, thinking her nipples would be safe against him. She looked into David's eyes. At that moment she was glad he could not know what she was thinking.

He reached down and pinched her nipples again. Kate noticed the clock and said that Karl would be calling her at his lunch break and that she should catch her breath. She went down stairs and David dressed and followed.

Karl called right on cue and Kate talked to him in the bathroom. When she came out, David was sitting at her computer.

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He read the last story she had written. Kate confessed that she didn't like it, but that she had written it in just a few minutes before work.

He told her that from now on she would have a lot to write about and that her life was going to change sexually.

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David kissed Kate and reminded her that her cunt was now his and that she was going to be his slave. He told her that the contract was going to be written soon. And he kissed her and left.

Kate found herself wishing they had more time and wondering when they could be together again.