Muscular chick posed naked and pounded by pawnkeeper

Muscular chick posed naked and pounded by pawnkeeper
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Ben's stay I got a call during the day hot interracial session with a gorgeous redhead cumshot and facial Thursday to say would it be ok for Ben to arrive tomorrow as he was having the materials delivered on the Friday and needed to be on site, plus would need to get some prep work done on the Saturday morning.

Sam was visiting their daughter so he would be alone. I said it wouldn't be a problem. When I got home and told Chris, she went about tidying up the spare room and making the bed for him.

By the time I got home on Friday Ben had arrived, his van was parked on the drive next to Chris's car, I half expected to find them in bed, but they were both sat at the table drinking tea.

After greeting one another Ben said he had something for the two of us, it was an edited copy of our weekend together. "Sam and I have watched it a couple of times now and each time we end up shagging ourselves silly" Ben said, "hope you two enjoy it as much".

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"Maybe we can watch it tonight" said Chris. "Sorry you two but I need to be up early in the morning to meet one of my guys to get going on the job, but you two can watch it" replied Ben. Not what I'd expected from Ben, I thought he would be dying to get into Chris's panties.

Lying in bed that night Chris said that when Ben had arrived he had said that one of his guys had had to cry off the job which would mean he would have to do more himself and not be around until quite late the first week at least.

And that was how the first week went; Sam arrived on the Friday night to find an exhausted Ben and nothing had happened all week. The girls had sat talking after Ben and I had gone to bed, "I cannot believe nothing has happened not even Ben having a grope at your tits" said Sam.

"Not for the want of trying" Chris said, "I've been braless, knickerless even just my hannah hays sucked her bosses big cock for forgiveness gown and nothing underneath".

"You must have lost your touch" Sam replied with a smile "but to be honest this happens when he has a job like this". "What about you and Mike"? "He's thought its Christmas day; he just wants to keep unwrapping this present" "Yah and fuck it too" Sam.

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Both girls then came to bed, I was told in no uncertain terms that there was to be no nookie tonight, we just cuddled down and slept.

The weekend passed quite quickly with no sex, Ben was exhausted so both girls agreed not to play. Sam left late Sunday night to return again on Friday. Ben was up and gone by the time I'd got up on Monday morning but Chris had a huge smile on her face, as I entered the kitchen I moved behind Chris and ran my hand over her arse and down to her pussy.

It was wet and sticky, "looks like Ben's feeling more like himself"? I asked. I was up getting his lunch ready when he came down this morning, with the sun shining it showed that I didn't young college rican upskirt tube porn anything on under my dressing gown, Ben can up behind me and began rubbing my tits, pushing his cock into me from behind.

I was soon soaking wet, he turned me round lifted me onto the work surface and eat me out until I came, then he pulled his cock out and fed it into my pussy and fucked me until I can again.

"You slut" I said as I bent her over feeding my cock into her wet, cum filled pussy, to add my load to Ben's. That evening Ben arrived an hour or so after I'd got home, he was more talkative and was saying that the hard work had been done but his other guy was still not going to be available again that week, he knew it was a bit naughty but could his guy stay with us so that they could get more done and cut redhead lauren phillips got good sex the travelling.

Chris said it wouldn't be a problem, Ben said he would text Tony with the good news after he'd eaten. That night Chris asked Ben if he wanted her to spend the night with him, I said it would be ok. They then went up to bed together, I sat and watched one of our films again before going to bed alone.

Chris didn't have a repeat of the morning before as Ben had left her asleep when he left; I took her a mug of tea to wake him up for work, where she thanked me for letting her spend the night with Ben, I left for work leaving Chris in bed as she had a late start that day.

Chris got home to find Ben already there, he introduced Tony to her (I'll let Chris describe him). Tony is about 5ft 8ins, mid twenties, stocky with short cropped hair, his chest and arms show how much manual work he does, he has very good abs, shoulders and arms that I couldn't get my fingers around and has quite a good sense of humour and a nice tight arse.

He and Ben soon had me laughing at stories of jobs they had both worked on.

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When I arrived home Ben was at the table doing some paperwork and Tony was giving Chris a hand get dinner ready, I got a couple of beers out for them and poured two glasses of wine for Chris and I, this was how the week ran, Chris saying it wouldn't be right to fool around with Tony staying.

Friday morning I had to leave early and was up and gone before anyone else had stirred so Chris will take up what happened later. I heard Ben go to get a shower so I sexy sweet lisa ann fucks the boy next door tube porn up to start breakfast, Ben found me emptying the dishwasher when he came down, he came up behind me and slid his hand up to cup my arse cheeks, I remained bent over enjoying his caress.

Then his fingers entered my slit which honey west gets fucked with brute force already damp, he began to finger fuck me but I wanted his cock told him, we moved over to the sink where he slid into me and got into a steady rhythm. I caught a movement in the cover of my eye and saw Tony in the doorway of the dining room watching, I was at the point of no return and just begged Ben to fill me with his cum, moments later with one final thrust Ben erupted into my pussy and I saw Tony move away.

We made ourselves decent just as Tony entered the kitchen; he smiled at me but said nothing. Ben asked what my day was like. "I've got today off so I'll get some housework done and just chill" I answered. "We'll see you later" said Ben as they both picked up their lunches and left. I went straight up stairs to our bedroom got out my vibrator and ran it across my clit, I could not get the image out of my head that Tony had caught me being fucked by his boss, my orgasm hit quicker than I expected and harder and seemed to go on for ages.

I then showered and got dressed aiming to start on the housework, but kept going back to what had happened earlier. I had to talk to someone so decided on calling Sam, I told her everything. "What are you going to do, I know Tony is a hunk and he's single" she asked. "I really don't know but it was such a turn on knowing he was there and saw it all, I'll talk to Mike first" was my reply.

Just after lunch the heavens opened and it just kept raining, about 3 o'clock Ben returned saying the weather had beaten then and they had to stop work, they were both socked through so I suggested Ben use the en-suite and Tony the bathroom. They went up stairs and I followed to take some washing that I'd done earlier up, as I approached the bathroom I noticed to door wasn't closed I peeked in.

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Tony was just about to get into the shower his tight arse was facing me, as he got into the shower I saw his cock it was about the same length as Mike's but thicker, thicker than even Ben's.

Tony didn't see me and I went into my bedroom to put the washing away, Ben was in the shower and hard as it was I left him to shower alone. That evening passed without further event, Mike and I went to bed. As we lay his fingers sort out my pussy I was soon wet and began to moan, he asked had Ben managed to get into my knickers over the last couple of days.

I told him not until this morning; Mike had now climbed on top and was gently fucking me, gently easing me to orgasm. But my mind was now on what had happened this morning, I had to germania ksa forced fuck ass at home to Mike, I pushed him off. "Is something wrong"? "Has Ben upset you"? He asked. I then sat up and told him what had happened and how I'd felt, also that I'd talked with Sam.

"What do you want to do, ask Tony to travel here each day"? "I don't know can we just leave it" Chris said. It was then I told Chris I had to visit a customer on Saturday but could cancel it if she wanted me around. "No Sam is coming over mid morning, so go and do what you have to" Then next morning I was up when Ben came down, it was raining hard again.

Guess you won't be working today I asked, not unless this rain eases up he replied. "What are you up so early for"?

"Customer to meet" "Sorry mate, guess I'll let Chris sleep as I heard Tony moving about and well you know" Yes I did know Ben really was a decent guy. Chris takes over again. When I got up Ben was watching TV, Tony was in his room it was had stopped raining. "Heard from Sam yet"? "Yeh we mia khalifa full xxx moviecom about an hour ago the car won't start, I've offered to go get her and drop Tony home for the weekend" "With it being dry can't you get some work done, I'll see where Mike is and I'm sure he wouldn't mind picking her up" a big grin on my face.

Ben called up to Tony to say get ready to pop over to the job, I texted Mike the situation with Sam and received a reply to say no problem he had to pass Sam's later to get home.

Ben came down with Tony, I told him it was all sorted with Mike, and they then left. Lunchtime saw Ben and Tony return once again soaked to the skin as well as filthy, they can in through the garage Ben calling to me. When I saw them I just told them to strip pretty babe massage and banged by her pervert masseur I'd put their clothes straight in the washing machine. Ben began to strip down to his boxers but Tony was a little hesitant.

"Come on mate, hot shower and clean clothes", you might even get a hot cuppa from Chris said Ben. As Ben walked pass me without any thought on his side he kissed me on the cheek and slapped my arse, Tony looked at me but just stood there.

"Problem Tony"? "Yes I haven't got any boxers on" I grabbed a towel from the kitchen and held it up. Tony reached for it. "Get those clothes off first "I said. Tony then dropped his trousers his cock jumping as they released it, my mouth opened as I saw it again for this time he was semi hard and showed his full thickness, I licked my lips without noticing I had done it my eyes were glued to his fine cock.

Tony took the towel from me and walked pass me, as he did his hand brushed my arse and gave it a squeeze walking away with the towel now covering his cock. My panties were soaking as were my trousers I needed to change so went up to my bedroom to do just that as I stood in front of the mirror beside my bed my now discarded soiled panties and trousers laying on the floor I reach down to my pussy, I was soaking I began fingering myself, totally in my own world.

Until hands tweaking my nipples and massaging my tits brought me round, Ben was standing in front of me his cock at full stand. I had to have him now, I was so wet and horny, I pulled him towards the bed and on top of me, no foreplay just straight in, then the manic pace he uses when he is super horny. You could hear the slap of his balls hitting me and that wet noise you get when your pussy is just running cum and a huge big cock is pistoning in and out of your hole, I was moaning continuously demanding he fucked me harder.

"You Slut" Ben said as he pumped long and hard into me, collapsing onto me our breathing coming in gasps. We both came too at about the same time Ben saw Tony in the doorway, I saw his reflection in the mirror he was naked his cock at full mast his right hand pulling at it, his cock head purple and glistening with precum.

I looked over at him and told him to come closer to the bed, he did as he was told Ben move off of me and I rolled towards the edge of the bed closer to him. I reached out and brushed his hand away from his cock replacing it with mine pulling him onto the bed. My head bent I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck on it; he began to moan and thrust his hips at me. Ben was himself hard again and was already pushing his cock into my pussy for the second time, with each thrust he would push my mouth further down onto Tony's cock poor Tony didn't last long he was soon pumping string after string of cum down my throat, but he didn't go soft he stayed just as hard as when I'd first started sucking him.

I told Ben to swop places with him, I now had Ben's lovely cock going in my mouth and Tony's stretching my pussy, he certainly was thicker. 15 minutes later Ben came down my throat with another load of cum but Tony was still pounding at my hole, Ben moved over to the sideboard and picked up the camera and started filming us, we changed position several times over the next 40 minutes before he announced he was coming, added to Bangbros evilyn fierces tight teenage pussy gets smashed full video my pussy was awash with cum and sore from the pounding Tony had just given me.

As the three of us lay on the bed Ben and I cuddling, Tony asked what Mike might think of what had happened? Ben and I laughed. Look Tony; Ben, Mike and I have a good base of trust so when he gets home Horny beauteous bitch does her most good to cum tell him and show him the video of us after all he knows you saw Ben and me fucking in the kitchen yesterday. Ben sat up; don't pretend you didn't notice I saw you wink when he came back in.

"Busted" said Tony. "I think we should cleanup before Sam and my husband turn up don't you two"? "No seconds today" asked Ben.

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"No, you two have had enough and any way with those two thick cocks a girl needs some rest". About five o'clock Mike phoned to say that he had arrived at Sam's and would be leaving shortly. "What after you've had your way with her"? "I think she's as horny as you" Mike counted. "Not now" was my reply "I'll x story bf full sex stories ebony mai more you later".

I went upstairs to give Ben the message but found he was asleep, sticking my head round Tony's door I found him laid on top of the bed also asleep but naked, his cock in a state of semi arousal I walked in and knelt beside the bed my pussy throbbing with desirer, fingers already slipping into the wetness. I reached out to that that cock and lowered my mouth onto his cock and begin to bob up and down.

Tony came to his senses and pressed a hand on my head and began to push gently down, I felt it touch the back of my throat and I began to gag Tony released his hand and my head built up a steady rhythm. "Chris I'm coming" Tony announced after only a few minutes I didn't ease up until he exploded in my mouth flooding it with his cum again he stayed hard, I stood up and discarded my soaking wet knickers and climbed onto that hard thick cock and began to ride it for all I was worth.

My moans were enough to wake Ben but this time he just filmed the action and allowed me to fuck Tony senseless. An hour later I climbed out of Tony's bed, my pussy gapping and filled with three lots of his cum and multi orgasms of my own, my nipples red from being sucked and pinched. How was Mike going to take this?