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Nasty housewife alex chance take cock in pov naughty america pornstar
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Hello Friends, this is Shravan from Bangalore,India. The following new story is completely a FICTION and it's not related to real life.

Enjoy my First Fiction story. One day, in the morning during summer holidays, I was in the hall and Mom was busy in the kitchen. At that moment there was a knock at the door. Mom shouted from kitchen "Shravan go and look who it is" I replied her "Ok mom. I will check" I went to the door and opened the door. It was my mom son xxx japan romance friend Ravi at the door.

We went to school and college together. Our families knew each other very well. We two were best friends and used to share everything with each other. We even used to exchange porn books and videos and also used to talk about it.

I greeted him "Hi Ravi.

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Come inside" Ravi entered the house and told "Hi Shravan. Are you alone at home?" I said Ravi "No. Mom is in the kitchen" Mom shouted from kitchen "Who is that Shravan?" I shouted back" It's Ravi, Mom" Mom came out and greeted Ravi. "Hi aunty hegiddira?(how are u)?",Ravi asked. Mom replied "Hai I am fine. How are you?" Ravi said "I am fine aunty" Mom: "Ravi be seated. I will make Juice for you " Ravi: "Thanks aunty" Mom went into the kitchen.

I and Ravi started to chat in the hall. Ravi looked at mom in the kitchen preparing tea and told me "Evattu Nin amma sakattagi kantiddare kano(Today your Mom is looking great)" I smiled and told him "Houdu kano. Nin amma kooda kammi illa bidu(Yes. Even your Mom is not far behind)". We both laughed and chatted for some more time. Mom returned with juice in a tray for both of us. While handing over the juice, she bent down and Ravi and I got a great view of my mom's boobs confined in her blouse.

Ravi looked at me and smiled. Mom sat on the sofa in front of us and we started chatting. Ravi: "Aunty you look very beautiful in this saree".

Mom blushed and said "Thank you Ravi". Mom: "How is the Juice?" Ravi: "Aunty it's very sweet. Just like you " Mom blushed at Ravi's comments.

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I told "Mom you look very sweet when you blush" Ravi: "Aunty I agree with Shravan" Mom laughed and told "Thank you. You two are praising me a lot today. Hehe". Ravi: "Shravan you are so lucky for having such a beautiful mom" I laughed "I am lucky indeed" We inexperienced yo exploring anal and vaginal toying fingering european laughed and chatted for some time.

Mom excused us and went into the kitchen as she had some work left undone. After mom went into the kitchen Ravi looked at me and said "Yaar your mom is really looking very hot today" I punched Ravi lightly in his stomach and said "I saw you looking at my mom's boobs" Ravi: "Yes bro. Her boobs are awesome. She isn't wearing a bra " I replied "I know. I noticed " Ravi: "Your Moms boobs are big and she is very sexy" I said "Come on Ravi.

Your mom is also sexy and hot. She is a lovely lady" Ravi: "Yes She is. But right now your mom looks better". Ravi smiled mischievously and said "Your Mom has a sexy body. Look, with clothes she looks so beautiful, then imagine how beautiful she may be without any clothes? " I was surprised at his comments and poked him "Ravi.

That is my mom. Don't talk like that". But Ravi's comments made me imagine my mom without clothes and it sent a thrill down my spine. Ravi laughed and said "I know even you are thinking of it. I am sure that my mom and your mom will look awesome without clothes. I want to see who is more sexier. Hehe.Let's see if we can find it out someday while they change their clothes or while they are bathing" I laughed and pondered over Ravi's words.

Indeed both our mom's looked beautiful in sarees.I wondered who among the two moms will look better without any clothes. Ravi: "Let's see your Xxxi story sex stories man woman up-close." I hit him laughingly and told "Go and try on your Mom buddy" Ravi: "Sure we will try her too.

But first let's check out and flirt with your mom" I laughed and said "I like that idea". "Let's go to Kitchen. Come" saying this Ravi walked into the kitchen.

I followed Ravi to the kitchen where mom was washing the utensils. Ravi: "Hey aunty, you want our help? We are free ". Mom smiled and said "Oh, thank you both. I was going to clean the fridge and dish rack. Can you both help me with that?" I said "Sure mom. We will do that" Mom:" I will remove the things inside and hand it over to you.

Then you can help me clean the fridge and the freezer" Mom opened the door of the fridge and bent down. She started handing things from the fridge. Ravi took things which Mom handed him. In the process I saw him touching mom's hands and feeling her smooth skin. Ravi: "Aunty your hands are so smooth" Mom blushed and looked at Ravi "Thank you beta" Ravi: "It's my pleasure aunty.

Beauty needs to be appreciated " Mom blushed again hit Ravi lightly on his back. Mom: "Thank you dear." "Ravi I always appreciate her beauty. She is very sweet and beaautiful "saying this to Ravi, I stood behind mom and kept my hand on her waist and hugged her.

"Mom we are out of Ice creams. We will have to fill the freezer with it again ". Saying this squeezed mom's waist.

Mom jerked suddenly and said "Hey. What are u doing. Don't hug me. Ravi is standing near us" I told "Come on mom. You know Ravi from a long time.

You have seen him since he was a kid.

He is also like your son and he treats you like his mom. We are all family. So be cool " Ravi: "Hey aunty I don't mind. Even I have hugged my mom when Shravan was around" Mom blushed and said "Oh ok. " I hugged my mom for some more time and enjoyed her warm body on mine. I started getting a hard on, so I released my mom from my arms and started helping Ravi who had started cleaning the freezer. While cleaning freezer of the fridge, Ravi handed a bowl with cold juice from freezer.

Mom and I went to take it at the same time and in the process the cold juice spilled on mom's saree and Mom shrieked due to chillness of juice on her skin. Ravi: "ohh. I am extremely sorry aunty" Since mom was easily prone to cold and fever I told "Mom u will catch cold, your saree is fully wet with cold juice. So remove the saree." Mom: "I will get rid of the saree later." I told Mom "Mom remove it. Else when you get sick, you will suffer ".

Mom: "Ok I will go to the room and remove it " I stopped Mom. You remove the saree here itself. I will bring a new saree for u to wear" Mom hesitated and looked at Ravi. I continued "Mom come on. We are still your kids. I am your son and you know Ravi from a long time. You have seen him since he was a kid.

He is also like your son and he treats you like his mom. We don't want you to be sick. So get rid of the saree Mom. There is nothing wrong in it. Ok" Ravi: "Yes aunty. You should take it off, else you will sexy slut demonstrates orall service skills homemade hardcore sick" Mom looked at both of us and then hesitatingly removed the saree and let it fall down from her body and now she was just in her petticoat and blouse.

Both I and Ravi looked at her and were thrilled. She had great pair of boobs concealed in her blouse, which was still wet. And I could make out that she was not wearing any bra as her fair coloured boobs were visible through the thin material of blouse. She looked Hot. Mom blushed at our looks and told us to finish up the cleaning. Ravi acted worried and told my mom "Aunty, you are still wet, your blouse is still wet.

You will still get cold" I was excited and I too agreed with Ravi. I told Mom "Mom, Ravi is right. Your blouse is still wet; you will catch fever and suffer later. Its better if you remove it" Mom was shocked and blushed and told "No. I can't do that. It's ok. I will manage " I told Mom "Mom I know you very well. You will get fever. Please remove the blouse, it's still wet " Mom was hesitating as she was not wearing any bra. She told that she will change in her room and come.

Mom moved towards room, and I stopped her. I told her "Mom remove here itself. What's wrong with it? It's just us.". I handed her the towel. Remove your blouse and also petticoat, cover yourself with this towel. And Ravi go and switch on the Geezer in bathroom for mom to have bath after we finish with the work". Mom thought for a moment and then took the towel from me and said "Ok. Beta, you are right. I have to get rid of these freezing cold clothes right now or else I will get sick".

Ravi went to the bathroom as I told and switched on amateur girls fucked by nasty man while the others watched hardcore and brunette geezer and returned.

Mom turned around and started unhooking her blouse and in a few seconds she had all the buttons open. She removed the blouse from her body and I got a great view of my Mom's naked back. I was really hard now. Mom threw the blouse on the table and covered herself with towel properly and then she pulled the cord of her inner skirt and it fell in a heap. Mom stepped out of the skirt, covered herself completely with towel and turned around.

I and Ravi were awestruck to see my Mom only in towel, with probably just her panty beneath it. Mom looked at us and smiled. "See now I won't catch cold. Are you happy kids? Lets finish the work and then I will have bath." I looked at Ravi, who smiled at me. I knew he was enjoying and he too wanted more of what was happening. I and Ravi got to work, finishing the remaining cleaning work of fridge and dish-board, while Mom stood right beside us giving us instructions.

Mom's body wrapped only in towel was giving hard time to my cock and I guessed even Ravi was feeling the same. Ravi went close to my mom and commented "Aunty you look great in this attire.

You look like heroines in films who come out of bath in towel" Mom blushed and said "You are very naughty Ravi" I added "Mom, Ravi is right.

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sister sooting porn mobile porn In fact you look more beautiful and sexy than the heroines in the films" Mom blushed even more at my comments. Ravi stood behind Mom and placed his hands on her waist area which was covered in towel. Mom didn't object to this which made Ravi smile at me behind her back. Ravi moved his hands on the towel covering Mom's ass and Mom simply blushed without objecting.

Ravi winked at me and suddenly tugged the towel covering Mom's body fell from her body onto the floor. Mom was not wearing panty too and my mom now stood completely naked in front of us.

Mom was shocked at what happened and she bent down to pick up the towel. But I stopped her and made her stand. Mom was shivering in shyness. She tried to cover her breasts and her pussy with her hands from the hungry looks of mine and Ravi. I removed her hands covering her breasts. I was awestruck at my mom's beauty and told "Mom you are so beautiful. Wish I had seen you naked before " Ravi too was enjoying the sight "Aunty, Shravan is right you are very sexy, and you have great pair of breasts and great figure" Mom smiled shyly and told "You are no Kids.

You both are very naughty. You made me naked and you are making me shy. Let me cover myself now". I didn't let her go anywhere; I moved my hands and touched mom's boobs and squeezed them. It was so soft.

I loved the feel of her boobs in my palm. Mom moaned loudly at my touch. I started pinching her nipples and squeezing her boobs. I was really turned on and wanted her on bed. Mom too was enjoying my touch and didn't oppose to my actions, which made me bolder.

Mom it's time for us to get naughtier and explore you more and show our love for you. I winked at Ravi, who smiled at me. I lifted my naked mom in my arms and mom shivered. Her naked body felt great in my arms. Mom looked into my eyes and smiled. I carried mom to my bedroom and made her lie on her back. Mom was feeling shy and was breathing heavily.

I and Ravi both got rid of our clothes in earnest and Mom looked at out hard cocks and smiled at us nervously. I got on the bed; I leaned over and licked around her exposed breast. Mom moaned" Aaah." I licked all around her breasts, while I teased her hardening nipple with my fingers. I flicked my tongue over her nipple until it was rock hard and then sucked it into my mouth. I playfully bit her nipple while massaging the whole breast.

I looked over and Ravi was doing the same thing to her other breast, "Oh, yeah. Suck my breasts kids. Bite my nipples." She directed. My hands roamed down her body as I sucked on her nipple.

I slid one of my hand down her flat hard stomach to her pussy. Mom moved apart so that her legs were a little wider, opening herself up. I busty milf mona kim trades expert blowjob for huge cash cumshot bigtits my hand between her legs. I ran my fingers between the lips of her pussy, and she moaned. She was dripping wet. I slid a finger up into her cunt. She moaned as I teased her clit and fingered her pussy.

Ravi moved up and was kissing Mom passionately on her lips as I went down. Mom spread her legs wide, as I brought my face closer to her pussy. She had beautiful pussy with trimmed hairs. I was really awed by the sight.

I bent down and buried my face into her pussy. I kissed it, and I slipped my tongue between her clit. Mom moaned loudly. Mom held my head and pulled it hard into her spread legs. Her pussy smelled good I continued to lick her clit. Mom was moaning in pleasure and kissing Ravi passionately. After licking her for some time mom screamed and she had an intense orgasm sunny leone tits in bra I drank all her cum.

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It was really awesome. Mom recomposed herself and looked at me and she pushed me back onto the bed and knelt down over my cock, her knees on each side of my hips.

She grabbed my cock and placed it near her pussy and then guided my cock into her pussy. After a couple of small strokes she plunged down on my dick, taking it deep into her wet pussy. We both moaned loudly and took in the excitement of what just happened. Mom held it there for a minute adjusting to the size before she started riding me. Mom started moaning, her boobs jiggling in front of me. She continued riding up and down on my dick while looking up at Ravi. Mom continued to ride me while Ravi watched.

As he stepped forward and knelt beside us she took his cock in her hands and started jerking him off and then took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it while jumping up and down amazing latina self anal fisting huge round booty my cock. She was definitely enjoying having two cocks to play with. Ravi was stroking her tits, teasing her nipples. With his other hand, Ravi reached behind Mom and started squeezing her ass.

Mom pleaded kuty urat ki saxi mobi Ravi. "I want you to fuck my ass Ravi. I want to feel both your cocks in me at the same time." So, Ravi got behind Mom and placed his cock at my mom's asshole.

Mom paused for Ravi to enter her. I reached behind Mom and spread her ass cheeks as Ravi pushed his cock slipping it into her ass.

Mom moaned "Oh god, yes. It feels so good. 2 cocks inside me at once. ". Soon I and Ravi started pounding mom's pussy and ass in rhythm and mom was screaming in pleasure.

Ravi told mom "Aunty I want you to fill your ass with cum." . I couldn't hold back any longer and screamed "Mom I'm Cumming" as my cock pulsed and I shot my cum deep into her pussy. This sent Ravi over the edge too. He unloaded and filled her ass, as Mom also was Cumming.

We 3 came almost together and room was filled with loud screams of moaning. Mom collapsed on top of me, Ravi pulled his cock out of mom's ass and lied next katrina ki face wash desi aunty indian fuck bang cum big creampie hard core us on bed. "Oh my god. That was great kids" Mom said blushingly.

Ravi and I just smiled at her and after few minutes we started our second round of sex. I hope you liked my fantasy story; I will wait for any feedback to [email protected]