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Davina gets her boyfriend to jizzed inside her fat pussy pornstars hardcore
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This a story of two childhood friends now young 20 year old roommates living the life in a big city downtown and having an interesting experience after a night of drinking&hellip.ps. the names have been changed to protect the innocent, based on a true story.

It's my first story so any feedback would is appreciated! I woke up Saturday and started my day like any other with some light girls fool around on cam and flash goodies, a walk to the mailbox to check out the hot neighbor girl leaving for work and a quick shower to end my routine.

My roommate Mike and I met in the living room for some casual conversation and TV watching until lunch. We decided to pick up some fast food for lunch and continue watching TV lazily into the afternoon. I spoke up and asked "Mike, what do you want to do tonight?" He says "Doesn't matter to me, as long as there will be lots of alcohol involved." I smiled and laughed shaking my head in agreement. "Sounds like a plan, how about we hit up the new bar around the corner and see what we can get into?" "Works for me" he said.

So it was settled we were going out to this new little upscale bar a few blocks from out downtown condo to get into some trouble. Later on that night we split up to do our respective routines for going out…shaving, cologne, and the works. We met back in the kitchen and had a couple beers to lower our inhibitions and to start our long night of debauchery. At this point we were nice and liquored and ready to begin our journey walking to the bar. We made jokes on the way and talked about the talent that would be waiting for us.

We were for sure going to find us two hot ladies to talk up and have some fun with to end our night. We finally arrived at the bar; it was crowded and loud but a good atmosphere. There were no tables available so we stood at the bar and ordered a couple martinis. "Looks like we came to the right place" I said.

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"Yeah, I can see this is where all the sexy ladies of downtown come to find me" he said jokingly. We continued to drink and joke while we browsed the room hoping to find two women looking for us.

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The drinks went down faster, the room got blurrier and we started to realize our hunt for the perfect women was coming to end. "You ready to get out of here?" "Sure" he said. We left and stopped by another bar on the way home for a quick nightcap. "Nothing here either." I said.

We got out second tabs of the night and started the walk back to the condo. Once we arrived home we stumbled to soaked pussy hole receives licked hardcore blowjob it up the stairs as we laughed and pushed one another. We managed to make it to the couches in the living room and gather our thoughts.

It was a hot day and our air conditioning wasn't the best so Mike began to strip down taking his jeans off to keep from sweating. I followed and stumbled up the next flight of stairs to my room to empty my bladder. I came back down in only my bathrobe. Mike was on the couch with his head back in nothing but his boxers.

This tempted me to come sit beside him on the couch. I checked to make sure he was breathing as we host had more than our fair share to drink. I sat there beside him, neither of us saying a word.

I looked him up and down and the thoughts started running through my mind. Am I going to do this? I asked myself several times. I debated for a few minutes, remembering we both struck out at the bar and had to have some pent up stress that may need releasing. I finally decided what the hell, you only live once I slowly reached my hand down into Mike's boxers and grabbed is soft cock. He didn't move.

I stroked it slowly and to see if it would get hard.

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It didn't take long and his erection was full and hard. I often wondered what he had down there as guys do and now my hand was wrapped around it.

I kept stroking it up and down and reached down with the other hand to massage his balls. I started hearing a little moan which I took as approval. I still haven't seen yet but I could tell from the unfathomable and sexual anal penetration smalltits homemade it was a good size 7 and somewhat thick. I took off my robe and got down on my knees in front of him. I worked his boxers down to his angles and up popped this throbbing cock.

I continued to jerk it and then I leaned in and took the head in my mouth. It didn't taste bad and felt event larger in my mouth than my hand. I bobbed up and down sucking. This was my first time doing this so I tried different speeds and movements until I get the best moans. After what seemed like 10 minutes he pushed me away and got down on his knees.

I took his place on the couch and he wasted no time getting my now rock hard cock in his mouth. Mine was a bit smaller than his and he took it deeper than I did. I threw my head back in pleasure and began to moan as he worked my cock with hand and mouth.

After several minutes I got up and grabbed him I lead him up stairs to my bed. He lay down and I began to suck again now more like a professional.

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I was getting it all and enjoying the sounds he made. I began jerking myself while sucking him as it was all turning me on so much. We continued to suck and jack off each other back and forth for what felt like hours.

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I went last and tried my hardest to make him cum but the alcohol was stronger than my efforts. We decided to stop the activities and he went to his room and I passed out in my bed.

I woke up the next morning wrapped around the toilet with a massive hangover. We didn't see each other that day as we stayed in our beds and recovering from the festivities of the night before.

Life went on as normal and we never spoke of it again. To this day I wonder if he thinks about doing it again and if there will ever be a part 2 to this story.