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Nora barcelona te muestra sus genitales masturbation masturbate
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book One: The Quest Chapter Three: The Hopeless Quest By mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this! Acolyte Sophia Shesax, the Kingdom of Secare "Anoint her and give her a Quest!" screamed Vivian, her voice muffled by the knight's tangy pussy and thighs sitting on my face. My face was smeared with pussy juices. Knight Angela was a squirter. I did love eating pussy, but now my insides twisted as I awaited to hear what horrible Quest she received that would drag me away from the temple for weeks or even months.

"Let it be easy, Saphique," I prayed into Angela's pussy. "And I'll be the most faithful priestess ever. I'll worship you so fervently between the thighs of every woman. Please, please, please, sweet Goddess." Iron groaned as I prayed and then snapped open. I could not see much other than the Knight's body and the High Virgin's pussy glinting with her two piercings. Something fluttered through the air and the High Virgin snatched it.

I trembled. "Please answer my prayers, Saphique." "Knight-Errant Angela of Deute, you are charged on a Quest to slay the dragon Dominari prowling the Despair Mountains," declared the High Virgin. "May Saphique watch over you on your journey." I groaned.

That didn't sound easy at all. "I.I will accept this Quest as a Knight Deute," Angela declared, her voice quavering. "I shall depart on the morn and not return until I have vanquished the foul dragon Dominari even if flat milf no navy for my baby costs me my very life." I groaned again.

Why did she have to say that? I thought Knight Quests were supposed to be easy. How often did they fail? They were trained warriors. They knew how to fight all manner of foul monsters that prowled the world. Could I die? My heart sank. Knight Angela rose, her naked body anointed with the pussy cream of my fellow acolytes. She turned and strode over to the other female knight. My breath caught—while both knights were redhead, the older knight was a stunning beauty. Her very presence was captivating.

She radiated power and sensuality. My mouth salivated. I would gladly worship between her thighs. "Lady Delilah," the Knight Angela said to the older knight. "You will succeed and win such glory for our order," Lady Delilah purred, stroking Angela's face. I stood up with my other acolytes.

The ritual was over. I trembled as I joined them in snuffing out all the candles adorning the shrine. My eyes kept falling on the two knights as they held their whispered conversation.

The beautiful knight was confident. Lady Delilah. What a lovely name. It so matched chick in latex gets banged by a doctor beauty. My heart thudded in my chest and my cheeks blushed. I felt the familiar stirrings of a crush. I hadn't had a girlish crush in years. "I take it back," Maria whispered as she stood beside me. The acolyte had a vicious smile on her mouth. "You are perfect for this Quest.

I'm glad I wasn't chosen." "What?" I asked, frowning at her. Maria shrugged and strode off, disappearing out of the sanctuary. She was just messing with me. Maria was supposed to get the next quest, and she was jealous that I was awarded this honor. But I bit my lip, my stomach tightening. Was this a dangerous quest? Dragons were rare and deadly, but Knights killed them all the time. Sir Reginald slew the dragon Wrasitharia when it ravaged Thlin centuries ago.

He had ridden out and driven mia khalifa full xxx moviecom lance right through the beast's green belly and slew it. A tremble went through me. But the dragon had breathed her green fire and roasted Sir Reginald the moment his lance impacted her chest. The knight had won, but so had the dragon. "Damn her," I muttered as I walked out of the sanctuary, hating the fear Maria implanted. "Just because one old knight died, doesn't mean anything.

Angela's probably a better warrior. She's trained." But mature tutor blowjob and rub tug teen bath moms cronys daughters getting nasty in her terror followed me all the way to my quarters.

Images of huge, scaly beasts with wings that spanned across rivers assaulted my mind. Sharp teeth wreathed in flames and slashing tails scything through the air.

Dragons could burn towns to cinders in only an hour. They could feast on entire herds of cattle for lunch. And they loved virgins. I threw myself on my bed and clutched my pillow, trembling in fear. I could always quit the priesthood. But.what would there be for me. Mother would disown me. She had plans for me. I was to be a High Virgin one day. She had little use for another child back home. I was dedicated to the Virgin Goddess, useless to marry off for alliances.

Even if I could stomach the possibility of being with a man, none would ever want to lie with me and risk Saphique's wrath. I had no choice. I had to go and hope this Angela was the best Knight Deute that had ever lived. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "You will succeed and win such glory for our order," Lady Delilah purred as she stroked my face.

"Will I?" I whispered, my body trembling. The Dragon Dominari. How many knights from the three orders had accepted the Quest to kill her? For three hundred years she had haunted the Despair Mountains. They said the land for fifty miles before the mountains was a burned, wasted land. What once had been prosperous farms and tidy villages was now a desolation where none dare tread for fear of the dragon's rapacious hunger.

What chance did I have? Maybe I should retire from the Knights. I could return to my father's estates and marry some baron's son. I didn't have to do this. I didn't have to go and die for duty. "You will succeed, Angela," Lady Delilah whispered, her hand moving down my body, running through the sticky beads of pussy juices that anointed my flesh. My every inhalation was filled with the mixed scent of hot pussy.

My red hair was matted with their cream. The Goddess's blessing tingled across my skin. Saphique was with me, but she was a Goddess of Maidens, not a Goddess that knew how to fight. How good was her blessing? "You will be magnificent," Lady Delilah continued, her finger reaching my nipple. She stroked it. "The moment I saw you, gangly with youth and blushing the way only a maid of thirteen could, I knew you would have a spectacular destiny before you." I shuddered beneath the force of her words.

"I do not feel equal to this task." "Why should you? You have never been tested. You have never been put into the fires and tempered. Until you face adversity, only then will you know what your strength is.

Accept the quest and win your glory. Accomplish what none has in a thousand years. You are a Knight-Errant. You have embraced the possibility of death. Do not balk at the obstacle before you. Accept the challenge, rise to meet it, and discover your true strength." Lady Delilah's green eyes swallowed me up. I was lost in their depths. Her words rang through my soul. They strengthened my spine. I was a Knight-Errant. This was what I had always wanted. I nodded my head. "Thank you, my Lady." Her smile grew and she planted a single kiss on my lips.

It burned hot through me. I let it wash over me. I trembled as it whipped through me. I held onto the pleasure of this moment. I clung to her and treasured her kiss. Lady Delilah believed in me. I would accomplish this task. I would vanquish the dragon. Lady Delilah had a satisfied gleam in her eye as she nodded at me. "You are ready for this challenge." "I am," I said. But my insides still roiled.

I ignored my fear and stood there as Lady Delilah assisted me in donning my armor. When the last strap had been tightened and I was once again clad in steel, I strode out of the temple, Lady Delilah marching at my heel. But I would need more than conviction.

I would need a warrior's blessing tonight to strengthen my flesh and harden my bones. The acolytes and novices crowded the hallways as we marched out of the temple.

Their youthful faces shone with awe and girlish delight.

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They clapped and cheered for me. I drank in their praise and adoration. It was my duty to protect all the humans of the shattered High Kingdom from the darkness that always sought to stain our lands. Though I was of the Kingdom of Secare, I would protect the Magery of Thosi and the Princedoms of Zeutch.

I would defend the Kingdoms of Haz, Thlin, Valya, and Athlos. I stepped out of the temple into the setting twilight, marching with my back straight.

There would be no stopping me. I would slay this dragon. I had no idea how. It would take more than my simple sword. Kevin smiled when I swept out of the temple. As a man, he could not enter Saphique's domain. My lover's handsome face heartened me. He pushed back his flowing, dark-brown locks off his shoulders and marched towards me in his full plate.

Unlike my armor, his covered his entire body. Mine showed off my flesh, my upper thighs and hips, my flat stomach, and my impressive cleavage. "Angela," he grinned, inhaling boldy. "Don't you smell delicious?" "All those virgin pussies I was anointed with," I grinned. "What a pity they dedicated themselves to Saphique," he lamented. His hazel eyes danced with excitement and a question hovered on his lips. "All their sweet delights denied half the world, though we would worship them with such fervor." "Yes, such a cruel jape has been played on your sex," I laughed, my fear dwindling.

I put my arm around Kevin's waist, leaning against him. I took a deep breath. Kevin had been the pillar that had supported me through the worst of my training.

"I have to kill the dragon Dominari." The color vanished from his cheeks. "What? Are you playing some cruel jape?" "No," I said. "That was the Quest drawn. I will have to find a way to defeat her." "Pater's cock, but you're dead." I flinched. This was not the support I was looking for. "I.I will defeat her. I will return to you." "You actually plan on accepting the Quest?" "Of course I do," I frowned. "I'm a Knight Deute. Like you. Why would I refuse?" "Because you'll die?" His voice was strangled, his face twisted.

"Be reasonable, Angela." "I am? You did not flinch from your Quest." "It was to slay a fucking ogre, not a Las-damned dragon." "And would you have quit being a knight if you had drawn this Quest?" Fire burned in my voice. I broke away from him. "No. But I'm." He swallowed. "Because you're a man? And I'm just, what? A weak woman?" "I didn't mean that." "You implied it." I grit my teeth. "I love you.

I don't want to saxy bhogpur i bhabi youngs boys ke sath wine pee kar sax karte storys you, Angela." He reached out and seized my hand. "I want you for my wife. Quit the knights and I will marry you this evening. You don't have to risk your life ever. Not when I can protect you." He seized my hand and knelt. I ripped away from him. "Am I now a weak maid that needs your protection, Kevin?

No! I am a Knight-Errant. I will do my duty. I will not be a coward and slink away into your arms." "Angela, you'll die." "Then I'll die doing my duty!" My voice was shrill.

"I thought you understood, Kevin?" "Please, Angela. I love you. I don't want to lose you." "If you really loved me, then you would understand why I must do this." His face hardened. "Fine. Be a stubborn bitch. Go and die. Throw your life away on this foolishness." "Foolishness? Protecting the realms of men is foolishness?" "Gods, you have really bought in to all that bullshit.

We're not noble knights. We're not the guardians of the realms of men. We're just warriors. The best warriors. That's all. Nothing we do out in the field is noble or glorious. Trust me. When you get in a real fight and you spill your enemies guts upon the ground, you'll realize how all the pretty words we speak are empty and meaningless. So don't throw your life away for it." "How did you ever become a knight?" I spat before I turned and stalked off.

"Angela!" he called after me, but he did not follow. My fist clenched and tears burned my eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ King Edward IV "She accepted the quest," a woman said.

I jumped as I sat upon my chair, almost knocking off the papers before me. Being king involved so much paperwork. It never seemed to end. There were always some new proposal from some pissant baron or self-important mayor, and each of my ministers seemed to have nothing better to do than write me the most tedious reports about the minutia of governing the realm. Stepping through the open doors that led out to the balcony was Lady Delilah, looking ravishing in her armor.

The moonlight streamed in behind her, and her red hair seemed to shimmer as it brushed her gleaming pauldrons.

"How do you do that?" I demanded. "It's three stories up with no handholds." "If I told blonde teen strap anal liza and glen strike the bases my secrets, your Majesty, then I wouldn't be intriguing," she smiled.

My blood boiled. I so wanted this woman. But she always rejected my advances.

My pregnant queen stirred on our bed, the sheets falling away to reveal her naked breasts and round stomach. The pair exchanged smiles. It galled me that my queen had known Lady Delilah and I had not. "So that dried-up cunt gave her the right quest?" I demanded.

"The High Virgin performed just as you bribed her." Lady Delilah sat on my bed, her hand idly playing with my wife's nipple. "I did have to speak with a great deal of persuasion to convince Angela to accept the quest. The poor thing was a quivering mess. The fear seemed to just bleed off of her. She has heard the stories.

She understands this is a death sentence." I grinned. "Excellent." "Thank you," my wife purred, rubbing her belly. My son grew in there. My heir. He would follow me on the throne. I wouldn't let Angela kill me and usurp his heritage, even if that cunt was the heir to the High King and destined to restore his empire. The High Kingdom would remain shattered. "I live to serve the realm," Lady Delilah purred. "Tomorrow, she will depart. It maybe sometime before she faces the dragon.

I'm sure she will struggle hard to find a way to kill Dominari, but she will fail like they all have." "Good," I nodded. "You are close to the girl?" "She thinks we're close." Lady Delilah's voice was pure sex purring around the room. I throbbed to take her. I clenched my hand, fighting the desire to seize her. It had not gone well for me last time. I do not know why I let the woman bare steel against me and live.

She was just.the Lady Delilah. "You will need to keep tabs on her," Lady Delilah said, producing a broach from a pouch. It was golden and studded with garnets. It flashed through the air as she tossed it to me. I snatched it, staring down at the brooch. "I will give her a matching broach. A token of my esteem." I stroked the garnets. "You've had a mage enchant it?" "I have. It will let you keep informed of her progress." "Wise," I said, inclining my head to Lady Delilah A pleased smile crossed her lips before she rose.

"I must depart." "Must you?" my wife moaned, seizing the knight's hand. "I have tasks to attend to, Queen Lavinia, else I would stay and enjoy the succulent bounty of your ripe flesh." My wife shuddered. "Then go and be about your tasks." "Your Majesty." Lady Delilah kissed the back of my wife's hand, and then turned to me, inclining her head. "Your Majesty, with your leave, I shall withdraw." I wanted to command her to stay and let me enjoy her body.

My wife and I could share her, but those green eyes pinned me to my chair. I did not have the strength to rise and refuse her request. "You may withdraw," I managed to stay. Why did this one woman have so much power over me?

Lady Delilah walked out onto the balcony. I managed to stand, rushing after her. I wanted to learn her secret. The air whooshed and a breeze washed in. I reached the doors and peered out at the balcony. But she was gone. I rushed to the edge, peering down at the gardens below. No sign of her remained. "Come to bed, my husband," cougars crave young kittens mia malkova jennifer best my wife.

"I can feel your frustration. Let me satiate you." I turned from the balcony. My wife writhed on the bed, her hands rubbing between her thighs. Her excitement brushed my nose, a tart musk. "You mean, you want me to satiate your frustrated desires, dear wife?" "She left us both in need." My wife was a royal beauty, a Zeutchian princess. Her blonde hair spilled across the bed, her breasts large and round, brimming with fertile delights. It was often joked that princesses were the most important export of Zeutch.

The nation was fractured into a loose alliance of princedoms. While each ruling prince had royal blood and proud lineages, they possessed little power.

It was safe to take a bride from among their daughters without fear of hidden strings. I pulled off my doublet, my cock straining my tight hose. My muscles rippled as I moved to my wife. She was such a radiant flower. Not the most beautiful woman in the palace, but she had a queenly bearing. She rolled onto her hands and knees, presenting that gorgeous ass and the shaved lips of her pussy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela My anger only grew hotter with every step.

I cursed beneath my breath at Kevin. How I had misunderstood his regard? I thought he understood me. He should have understood me. The Knights Deute had always accepted women as equals in their ranks in both skill and knowledge. So why did he think I was too weak to face this task? How could I be with a man who thought so little of my abilities?

So many times I thought of marrying him, of the pair of us questing together as we performed our duties. But that's not what he wanted.

He wanted me to stay at home while he gallivanted about. That was not the life I dane jones new sexcy story. If I wanted to be a wife and mother, I would never have left home.

My armor clinked with every step. I stalked past the temples to the other gods. The grand temple to Slata, the impressive temple to Pater. The whores of Biaute lounged before their temple, displaying their perfect beauty. The temple of Firmare displayed the Goddess fruitful bounty, while Luben's temple stood steadfast and eternal as a couple walked out, just married and beaming with their love. I stopped at Gewin's temple. Strong walls reared above me, carved from austere, gray granite.

It was almost a fortress. The warrior-priests stood guard, swords belted at their sides over robes of red. I marched forward, my boots ringing on the steps. "Who approaches the Temple of the Knight's Duty?" one of the priests challenged in a booming voice. "Knight-Errant Angela," I answered, stopping before them. "I seek the Blessing of Battle to strengthen me on my perilous quest." "And what Quest do you undertake, Knight-Errant?" "I must slay the Dragon Dominari." My insides knotted with fear.

Was Kevin right? Was I throwing my life away over the foolish words of our order. No. Lady Delilah was right. I had the strength to rise to this challenge. I would slay the dragon. "Great peril awaits you," the priest said. "The noble God Gewin will aide you, as he aides all warriors who seek the toughest foes. Enter. How many priests shall attend your blessing?" I took a deep breath. I would need as many blessings as possible. "Nine." "A bold number, even for a woman," the priest said.

"But you will need such strength. Know that the ritual fails if you succumb before you have finished with all nine." "I will succeed," I said, forcing down the wave of heat through me and the itch swelling in my pussy. I would have to be disciplined to achieve their blessing." The doors opened and I strode into the temple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia Deorc Forest I stood still as tall and willowy Quenyathalee painted my naked body with browns, greens, and blacks, forming a swirling pattern of camouflage.

My other huntresses's bodies were already painted, their quivers slung on their belts, their bows gripped in their hands. I had hunted with all of them many times, save for young Xiloniasa. She trembled, her body petite with her youth. "It will be fine, Xiloniasa," I told her as Quenyathalee painted the patterns across my round breasts. The elf-maid nodded her head. "I will do my duty," she said, her voice high with fear. Fear was to be expected.

A basilisk was a fearsome beast to hunt. Their gaze could petrify any who glimpsed the beast's red eyes. And even if you avoid that fate, their bite was venomous, slowly consuming your flesh. "Xerathalasia has never failed in her hunt," Deliasonele praised.

"She has never lost a hunter. So relax, Xiloniasa. When we return, every elf-maiden will burn to be your lover. They will throw themselves at you, each begging to be taken as your wife." Xiloniasa grinned. "Really?" "Hunters get all the best pussy," Relythionaia laughed, her green braid swinging back and forth as she tossed her head.

"I remember how hot they were for me after my first hunt. I was in heat, my cock throbbing hard. They all begged for me to fuck their pussies and marry them, but I only enjoyed their asses. I wasn't about to be tied down in marriage. Not when there were so many vixens throwing themselves at me." I shuddered and remembered how my blood hot pumped with lust after my first hunt.

I had been a maid like Xiloniasa and drunk on the success. All the nubile elves were throwing themselves at me, but it was my future wife, Atharilesia, that had claimed me. She had taken me back to her bower and devoured my pussy over and over. "You're getting excited," giggled Quenyathalee. zelda morrison blowing large cock black guy we don't have time to fool around." "A pity duty has to come first," I rebuked as she finished with my body paint.

I grabbed my belt woven of willow bark and strapped it about my waist, my quiver hanging off my right hip bristling with arrows I had personally made. I grabbed my bow and looked at my huntresses. "Another beast has wandered out of the dark. Let us remind the monsters why they do not walk through our forest." The elves all nodded, their pointed ears twitching. They were all eager for the hunt. Nothing was more thrilling. We slipped out of the hollow of the old willow tree and padded like ghosts through the trees of Khalesithan and out into what the humans called the Deorc Forest.

To us elves, it was merely our home. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela I followed the red-robed priest into the temple.

It was austere, the stones of the walls, floors, and ceiling rough and undressed like a border fort. There were murder holes in the ceilings wherever hallways met, allowing defenders to pour boiling oil or burning pitch down on invaders.

Other priests and priestesses passed, each dressed in their red robes. The ones with knives were their novices, just learning all the techniques of battle.

The priests wore short swords, and the master of this temple would wield a long sword. I fought my desires. I would need to master them. I had to fuck nine men without cumming. It would be a chore. But I if I could, I would win Gewin's blessing. Nine priests would give me the strength and fortitude to meet this quest.

It would be a start. I was led to an austere cell, the floor hard assh lee this ass was created for anal sex. No furnishings adorned it. "Undress and await," the priest said. "We shall find you our most fit warriors for you to test your discipline against." I nodded and began to strip off my armor. Sexual energy was a potent force, and priests could work powerful rituals with it. Even the mages of Thosi used sexual fluids to power the elemental magics they could wrought.

Naked, I knelt and waited. I ignored the discomfort of the stone beneath my legs and the growing itch in my pussy. I had been with two men before.

I couldn't help but long awaited fucking of a breasty adorable hottie naturaltits hardcore excited at the prospect of nine strapping, powerful men ravishing my body at once. And I couldn't cum. I needed ambitious cutie cant live without to have casual sex adventures all day keep my discipline. I was a Knight.

The minutes seemed to tick by. I counted my heartbeats to keep track of the time. A bead of sweat trickled between my breasts. I fought the urge to wipe the ticklish drop away. I needed my discipline. I needed to ignore the needs of my body. The door opened. A powerful man entered, his muscular body filling out his red robe. He had a fierce beard of black, a longsword dangling from his waist.

He was the master of this temple. His arms were folded before him, adorned with scars. He was a hard man, a veteran of many battles. Behind him, eight other priests entered, each strapping and muscular. Their arms were thick and scars adorned their flesh.

My pussy clenched at the sight of them as they disrobed. Their cocks were hard and their muscles gleamed with oil. Their skin ranged from pale Secaran to dusky Hazian. I licked my lips, juices trickling out of my sex. "A powerful warrior kneels before me," the master declared as he too disrobed, his cock jutting hard before him. "She seeks to test herself against nine. Pride and desperation beat in her breast.

The hunger for victory drives her. She beats with Gewin's own heart! Let our God savor her prowess. Let him bless her discipline!" The master seized my red hair and slammed his cock hard into my mouth. His balls slapped at my chin. I groaned, sucking hard. He took me, dominating me. It was so intoxicating. My tongue swirled around his cock. He tasted of salt and masculine musk.

I inhaled his scent. I shuddered; his cock slammed deeper and deeper into my mouth. Other hands seized my hips, lifting me up. I groaned as another hard cock prodded my thighs. My pussy throatpoking wife suck the brother in law dick while husband in the b tube porn as he grew nearer and nearer.

I was so hot and wet. How could I resist cumming? I was already eager to erupt. Why didn't I masturbate while I waited? How could I have been so stupid? A cock slammed into my pussy. I groaned around the master's dick. The shaft in my sheath was thick, spreading me open.

Pleasure shuddered through me. I bucked my hips into his thrusts as I struggled to maintain my discipline. I clenched and relaxed my pussy. I needed to make him cum as fast as possible before I succumbed.

"What a woman!" growled the man fucking my pussy. "Work that cunt! You are so wet! She will never make it! She's a whore!" The master chuckled. "The way she sucks my cock. She's eager for my cum.

Mmm, that's it. You're just a slut, not a warrior." Anger burned in me. They were like Kevin. I would show them. My hands found the Master's balls. I massaged them. I wanted his cum fast. His hands tightened in my hair. He fucked me harder, his balls slamming against my chin as his cock buried down my throat with every thrust. I wouldn't cum. I would beat these men. "That's it, slut!

Work that pussy! Oh, damn! What a hot sheath! I don't think she's a fighter. I think she's a fucker. She should be one of Slata or Biaute's whores, spreading her leg for every man that wants her. Damn, she's boiling." My pussy tightened. I wanted to cum so badly. But I wouldn't. I sucked at the Master's cock and massaged the dick in my pussy. I clamped my sheath down hard, twirling my hips. The dick fucking my pussy slammed deeper and deeper into me.

"Fuck! What a whore!" The priest fucking my cunt's hands tightened on my hips. "Do not let her win!" groaned the Master. "Make the whore cum!" "Damn it!" The cock in my pussy erupted. That wonderful flood of hot cum poured into me. My pussy rejoiced. I groaned, fighting against my rising orgasm. The pleasure burned through me. My flesh begged for its release. But I was stronger. "I failed, my brothers," the man groaned, his cock pulling out of my cunt.

His cum dripped out of me, trickling down my thighs. I could do this. I massaged harder at the Master's balls. I wanted his cum pumping down my throat. I wanted to devour every drop of his cum. His cock swelled and throbbed in my mouth. His thrusts grew harder, his balls slapping hard into my chin. I felt like such a whore. It was such a turn on despite how degrading it was. "Drink my cum, whore!" the Master groaned as his cock erupted salty jizz into my mouth. I groaned, bor and sister xxx story full sex stories it through my lips and drinking it all down.

Another rush of pleasure washed through my body, ending at my pussy. Let me cum, my hot cunt begged. "No," I groaned. "Take the whore!

Ravish her!" commanded the Master. "Make her explode with pleasure!" "You'll be the only one exploding," I laughed. "Come on! Fuck me! Dump your cum in my body! But I won't orgasm. You're cocks aren't good enough for me!" The Master grinned at me through his bushy, black beard.

"What a woman!" Two more men grabbed me, one with dusky skin and a bald head. He pulled me down on to his body, my tits rubbing across his chiseled chest. "Come ride me, whore!

Show me how you work those gorgeous hips." He smacked my ass, the sting shooting to my pussy. "I'll give you a ride you'll never forget." "Gewin's cock, but you're a feisty bitch!" he chuckled as I straddled him. "Come on. Ride me! Let me feel that tight cunny cum on my cock." I laughed. "This little thing?" I wiggled his cock as I guided it to my pussy. "I'm not sure I'll even feel it." "Oh, you'll feel it." He seized my hips and pulled me down on his cock.

I groaned as he filled me up. I leaned back, my breasts bouncing as I savored his cock. The other man pressed up behind me, his dick rubbing on the soft pillows of my ass. Sweet babe mila craving for a monster cock to fuck felt wet, lubed with oil. My asscheeks clenched. "Stick it in," I hissed at him over my shoulder. "I'll make you both cum without breaking a sweat!" The second man wrapped his arms around my body, gripping both my large breasts.

My nipples ached as he pinched them while his cock nudged between my butt-cheeks, only grazing my sphincter and sending shuttering thrills through me. "You can't even find my hole," I laughed. I reached behind me and grasped him, guiding him to my hole. "It's right there." "Thanks, whore!" he groaned as he buried into me, pushing me down onto the dusky-skinned man's cock. I groaned as my ass clenched down on their hard shafts.

They throbbed between my cheeks. I shuddered in delight, milking him. The other priests jerked their cocks hard.

Cum spurted, splashing on my naked tits or on my face. But I hadn't touched their shafts. I hadn't pleased them with my body. I saw the looks in their eyes. They wanted to last longer. They were getting their excitement out of the way.

Their hot cum dribbled down my body as I writhed between the two men. "Look at the whore! She loves it!" laughed a young priest with blond hair and a gorgeous smile. I rubbed at my naked tits, smearing the cum into my flesh.

"Give me more, boys. I want a challenge. I want Gewin to see how disciplined I am!" "She's a cum slut!" grunted a hairy man with rust-red hair. His cock was thick and throbbing.

He jerked it fast just inches from my face. I tried to lean forward and capture his tip as it throbbed purple. If I could reach him and finish him with my mouth, he'd be vanquished. He stepped back. "Cunning slut!" he groaned and then his cock erupted. Hot jizz burned across my face. I opened my mouth, swallowing the salty treat. My pussy convulsed. I moaned, my body giving into the the lust. The man fucking my ass sped up.

"She's getting close to cumming. Our sticks are vanquishing her slutty body!" I was slammed down harder and harder on the dusky man's cock. I straightened up, trying to keep my clit from brushing his pubic bone. I groaned, more cum spurting onto my body. I was dripping with the salty seed. I rubbed it into my skin as I fought my orgasm. "I think she needs a little help!" grinned the dusky-skinned priest. "Oh, you bastard!" I gasped as he rubbed at my clit. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." I pumped my hips, straining against my pleasure.

My body ached. My nipples throbbed. My poor clit cried out for relief. He kept rubbing the bud. The sensations shot through me. No. I would not surrender. I was a knight. I would keep my discipline. "You will cum first!" I growled, working my hips harder. Both cocks buried into me. I shuddered, gripping them with my ass and pussy. I shifted and writhed. I fucked both men with all the passion I could muster.

"I will vanquish your throbbing shafts. You can't bi boyz and their cute beautiful gf the delights of my holes." The dusky-skinned priest clenched his jaw. My own pleasure began to recede as he fought against his. I moaned. I wanted this more. I would beat him.

I slammed down on his cock, swallowing it to the hilt in my pussy. "You're cock's amazing!" I growled. "My pussy loves it.

You have the best cock in the room." "You saucy siren!" he gasped and then his cock erupted into my pussy. I savored the hot cum. I clenched down my ass, humping back into the shaft fucking my bowels. "You're next," I winked at him. "I know you just want to unload into the velvety depths of my asshole. Just let yourself go." "Fuck!" he snarled. "You're ass is delicious. Dammit! She's won!" His cum spurted into my asshole.

I gasped in delight. And then I clenched my teeth. My orgasm had almost rolled over me. I couldn't weaken. I had to be strong. I had come to my birthday party angels gentlemans club aug th queens ny more cocks to vanquish. They had all jerked themselves to orgasm, their cum dripping from my body. They would be even harder to satisfy. I was up for the challenge.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia Somehow, I had managed to fall asleep. I didn't know how it happened. I was lying in my bed, petrified with fear while images of dragons danced in my head. I knew I had to sleep, but I just couldn't find it. Punish teen with dp hole morning, I would ride to my death.

I just knew it. I was doomed. I had sworn to the Goddess Saphique. I had no choice but to go. And then I had fallen into sleep. I wasn't haunted by nightmares of fire-breathing dragons roasting me like a chestnut. I didn't dream of the armored beasts landing before me and ripping into my flesh with a teeth-filled maw. I dreamed I was on an island, sapphire water washing onto the white sands. Women frolicked naked around me. Some were making love while others made sport, splashing in the sparkling waves that gently lapped at the shore.

"The Isle of Women," I whispered. The Paradise that resided in the Astral Plane where the Virgin Goddess dwelt, a sanctuary where no man could ever tread. "Yes," a beautiful woman whispered, shining with pink light. Saphique. I shuddered as I gazed at my Goddess. She was petite and comely, a shy maid blushing with her virginity. Her love washed over her and she pulled me to her small breast.

My lips engulfed her nipple. I suckled as she caressed my light-brown locks, her creamy milk flooding my mouth. She tasted divine. Her breast milk was ambrosia. My toes curled as an orgasm rippled through my body. I nursed and suckled. I swallowed every drop I could. She was delicious. I never wanted to stop nursing from my Goddess's breast. "Do not be afraid, my little acolyte," she purred. "A great wrong has been committed, so I shall aid you." What wrong?

But I couldn't pull my lips away from her nipple to ask. "I grant you my milk. Let your breasts produce my bounty and let it aid you on your perilous quest." My nipples burned with heat.

Another orgasm rippled through my body, washing through my mind with such bliss. "You must be strong for Angela. A great destiny is laid before her." Her breast ran dry.

I lifted my lips and stared into her dazzling eyes. " do we defeat the dragon? They are such dangerous beasts." "I ffm anal french casting of half blood slut not." Her smile was soft and sad.

"But where do all travel whom seek knowledge to important questions?" "I don't know." .Sophia. a distant voice called. My body shook. "Our time is over. Know that you are in my thoughts, my little acolyte." The Goddess's lips met mine. I shuddered in delight.

.Sophia, wake up. The new voice drew me from my Goddess. I fought, holding on to my Goddess's slim neck. But my grip wasn't strong enough. My eyes snapped open and I gazed into Rebecca's eyes. My fellow acolyte shook her head. "Come on, Sophia. It's time for you to go." "Right," I muttered. "But.where do all journey whom seek knowledge to important questions?" Rebbecca cocked her head.

"What are you talking about?" "Something important," I said as I stood up. "Well, get dressed." Rebbecca opened up my chest of drawers and pulled out my travel vestments. They were a simple, white gown that covered most of my flesh. It was the opposite of temple garb, but the outside world had weather and cold. And men. They did not deserve to see my flesh. There was a tan riding cloak that went over a simple, white robe made of wool.

I dressed as I pondered the Goddess's words. "There are stories about people who search for the answers to important questions, right?" "Yeah," Rebbecca nodded. "Where do they go?" "Libraries," she shrugged. "In the stories?" I asked. "Don't they go to dangerous places.

Remote places where spirits or oracles wait." "Like the oracle the king visits?" Rebbecca asked. "Only our king is allowed to see the Oracle of Sekar." "There are other oracles," I pointed out. "We learned about them in all those boring novitiate classes. There's the Oracle of the Sands in the Halani Desert." "That's so far away." "Um, the Oracle of Whispers." I shuddered at that one.

"Who'd want to visit the Dead Isle?" Rebecca's face blanched. "Oh, there's the Lesbius Oracle. She only sees women and she's in the Deorc Forest." My eyes widened. "That's exactly the oracle our Goddess would choose." "But the elves?" Rebbecca blanched. "They'll fill you full of arrows for violating their woods." "Oh, those are just tales.

Elves are." I frowned. "Well, I'll have a knight." And my milk. Only full priestesses were given this honor. Having naked french gf fingering her twat in front of a webcam masturbation laura fox milk meant I could channel Saphique's divine magic.

Rebbecca pushed a satchel into my arms. "Here. The supplies are already packed on your saddlebags, but this satchel has three Potions of Healing, an Ampoule of Holy Milk, and a dagger anointed with the High Virgin's purity. It'll glow if there's danger around." I reached in and pulled out the dagger in its sheathe. It was almost as long as my forearm.

I shivered, then hung it from my belt. I almost felt like a heroine in a story being set out with magic items. Well, I was heading out on a quest. "Okay, let's go," I said, still trembling. But the Goddess was with me. I could face this fate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela The cock came in my pussy. "Let Gewin's blessing fall on this mighty warrior!" proclaimed the master. Red light blazed around me.

I shuddered in delight. I had taken on all nine cocks without cumming. I had fucked for hours and hours. The energy poured into me, washing away my exhaustion as it seeped into every muscle and bone, strengthening me. "The Warrior God shall walk with you," proclaimed the master. "He shall guide your swings and parries. You shall vanquish your enemies and bring glory to your order, Knight-Errant Angela." I rose, standing proud.

"I shall fearlessly go and face the dreaded dragon. With the mighty Gewin's aid, I shall smite her and bring back her head as proof." The warrior-priests all roared around me. All their degrading words had been lies. They didn't think I was a whore or a slut, but a warrior. They merely tried to weaken my resolve with their filthy talk. But I had maintained my disciplined. I had vanquished them without cumming. I donned my armor and belted on my sword. I marched out of the temple with pride.

At the gates of the chapterhouse of my order, Lady Delilah awaited holding the reins of my charger—a tall, ebony horse stallion named Midnight. He snorted when he saw me, biting at his bit. Metal barding clad him. He was a warhorse. As fierce as any who had lived. "I have a small token of my esteem," Lady Delilah purred, holding up a garnet-encrusted broach.

"I wish you to wear it into battle." I blushed. "I would be honored." I took the broach from her hands and draped it over my neck so it dangled between my breasts.

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"Thank you, my Lady." Lady Delilah nodded her head. "Your saddlebags are packed with all you need." I nodded and then looked around. Part me hoped Kevin appeared to apologize. My heart beat fast, but my lover did not have the courage to face me.

I didn't cry as I mounted my saddle. The acolyte Sophia rode up on a white mare. She sat side-saddle with grace. She had noble blood, holding her reins with delicate hands. "Knight," she nodded when she reigned up. I took a deep breath.

The sun was lightning the horizon. "Are you ready?" "Not really." A faint, half-hearted smile crossed Sophia's face and her emerald eyes fell. Then she straighted. "But we must depart." "Yes." "Angela, do you have any idea of how to kill the dragon?" "None," I answered. She would be my companion on this journey. She deserved to know. "Then our first stop should be the Lesbius Oracle for guidance," she declared and flicked her reins.

Her mount walked with stately grace. "Let's go, Lady Knight." I heeled Midnight and caught up to her, my armor rattling. An oracle sounded like the perfect start. Even if it was in the Deorc Forest. We would just have to find a way to avoid or deal with the elves. Compared to slaying a dragon, that had to be easy. To be continued.