Russian girl public games for a pearl necklace

Russian girl public games for a pearl necklace
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Fbailey story number 530 You Little Thief When I turned sixteen I bought my first car. Oh it wasn't much and my father put in half of the money and put me on his insurance. I had worked for two years mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and on a rare occasion babysitting my little sister.

I knew the value of money and hoarded it for gasoline and going out with my friends. Victoria was thirteen years old and a royal pain in my ass. She was just a little brat and as I found out recently a little thief too.

I had been suspecting someone of stealing my change from my nightstand even though I lock my bedroom door almost all of the time. I take my showers in the morning during the summer after my parents go off to work. One day I caught Victoria when I came back into my room unexpectedly.

I usually take everything that I need into the bathroom when I go in the first time, however that particular day I had forgotten my athlete's foot cream.

It was something new because I started burning a little between my toes and Dad recommended it. Anyway there was my little sister Victoria with her hands cebu high school sex scandal of coins, I startled her and she threw them all over the place. She couldn't get past me and she started crying but I didn't care. I was immune to her tears. She always cried for Mom and Dad and they always gave in, but not me.

I was mad, I grabbed her arm, and I threw her onto my bed. I jumped on her and pinned her arms to the bed near her head. My towel separated and my balls were right on her panty covered pussy, her miniskirt had risen during our struggle. As Victoria squirmed beneath me I felt the warmth of her pussy and it excited me.

My cock got hard and I leaned over her causing it to press tightly against her pussy mound. It felt so good that I didn't want it to stop. I reached down and pushed the head into her just under her panties.

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Victoria asked what I was doing and I just pushed it in between her legs where the gap was. It felt so good that I didn't want to stop. I fucked her between her legs and then just before I cum I pulled out and let it shoot up on her bare belly. That would teach her to wear a bikini top and those little skirts.

When Victoria started bitching at me I reached down and yanked her panties off. I slipped my still hard cock back in between her legs, this time with her moist pussy and what little pubic hair that she had causing some friction. Just before I cum again I pulled it out and shot it all over her belly making a stick mess that was twice as big. She still kept shouting at me so I once again shoved my cock in between her legs.

This time it was entirely different. Victoria had opened her legs up slightly and tilted her pelvis so when I shoved my cock down I actually entered her love tunnel. I hit some resistance but I plunged right in anyway to her utter surprise. I knew that I had hurt her but I really didn't care, it felt so good that I didn't want to stop. I fucked my little sister for several minutes.

I had never cum three times in a row before so it took a while. When I felt the cum boiling up in my balls I did not pull out. Instead I fucked deeper into her. When the time was right I filled Victoria with my baby making seed. I knew she was not on the pill and I didn't care. All I wanted was to cum and cum and then to cum some more. It felt so good that I didn't want to stop. Victoria eventually said, "I'm going to tell.

You just raped me." I said, "Go ahead and I'll fuck you some more. Hell, I can get hard several more times before Mom and Dad get home. How many times can they punish me for the same thing." Victoria changed her tune and said, "If you let me up I won't tell." I said, "Get naked, pick up all of my coins, and let me fuck you until Mom's car pulls into the driveway and I won't fuck you more than once a day from now on." We were at a Mexican Standoff.

Would ebony slut kandi kream fuck her old teacher give in or would she push the point and threaten to tell Mom on me again.

I just waited to see. Victoria said, "Okay, but you have to promise not to fuck me when Mom or Dad are in the house." Inside I was jumping for joy, I had won. I smiled and said, "I promise. Now get naked and pick up my coins." Victoria took off her bikini top and I got to see her breasts and tiny nipples.

She took off her miniskirt and then got on her hands and knees picking up coins. I placed the bowl on the floor near her and watched. Her cute little ass moved around as she crawled across the floor. Her tiny titties hardly hung down at all but none-the-less they were adorable. She did not seem to be at all embarrassed about being naked in front of me. She had only picked up about half of the coins when I told her to get up on my bed on her hands and knees.

She tried to tell that she hadn't finished picking up my coins, but I told her that she could finish them later, that I was hard and that I wanted to fuck her again.

She got up on my bed and got in position. I pushed her face down onto the bed. That gave me the perfect angle to enter her. I just thrust into her and bottomed out. I actually hit bottom. I thought that I had the longest penis in the world. Victoria said, "Not so rough.

I'm letting you fuck me. What more do you want?" I replied, "I want to fuck you before I go to bed too, even with Mom and Dad in the house." Victoria said, "I wish you wouldn't." I asked, "Why?" Victoria said, "Because Mom finger fucks me every night. She likes giving me orgasms and she likes to make sure my hymen is still intact. I don't know what I'm going to tell her tonight.

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I sure don't need your cum dripping out of me when she comes into my room and finds out that I lost my virginity." I said, "Tell her that you broke it yourself. Tell her that you shoved a carrot in." She replied, "We don't have any carrots." I said, "Then use one of her dildos." Victoria looked at me like she had seen a ghost. I finished cumming in her again and took her into Mom's bedroom.

I opened up the lower drawer in her nightstand and took out a shoebox. Victoria opened it up and her eyes opened wide. She had no idea that Mom had so many artificial cocks around with Dad there.

Then she wondered why Mom finger fucked her every night. Maybe Mom liked girls…maybe even little girls. I wondered how I could turn this to my advantage.

Maybe I could fuck Mom too. Anyway I picked out a dildo about my size and shoved it into Victoria's pussy. We put the rest of the stuff back and closed the drawer. Then I took the dildo into Victoria's bedroom and placed it under her pillow.

We went back into my bedroom and I watched her pick up the rest of the coins. I fucked her one more time before we went down ichinohe nozomi kyaria ol rinkan anal reipu eat a late breakfast or an early lunch, however you look at it.

Victoria wanted to get dressed but I wouldn't let her. What if I wanted to fuck her. I was going to stay naked too. We sat in the living room eating. Victoria sat on a towel. Together we watched out the big bay window as the world went by. The mailman came and went, the paperboy came and went, and the lady across the street had a lot of male visitors, one about every hour. Mom had called Mrs. Jones a whore before but maybe she was right. I fucked Victoria several times that first day causing her pussy to get really sore but I didn't care.

At bedtime I waited to see Mom go into Victoria's bedroom. There was some heated talking and then Mom came out with her dildo in her hand. Victoria waited until well after Mom and Dad had gone to sleep to come into my bedroom. She climbed in bed with me and let me enter her before she talked.

It seemed that Mom was really pissed at her for rupturing her hymen. Mom was going to sell Victoria's virginity to the highest bidder. She was actually going to prostitute out her own daughter. Victoria said that the money was going to go into a college fund for her. After she finished talking she told me that she had missed my cock being in her. She liked fucking and was looking forward to a summer of fun. She hated to go back to her own bed that night. In the morning I set up a video camera in the living room and aimed it at Mrs.

Jones' front porch. We watched closely as we fucked occasionally. Whenever a car would pull up we would turn the recorder on for a minute or two. When he left we would record another minute or two. I left the date and time stamp in the lower corner.

That day we recorded ten men going in for a half-hour and coming back out.

It was pretty clear that Mrs. Jones was a whore. We got everything picked up before Mom got home.

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I hid the recorder in Victoria's room and turned it on. Mom was still furious from finding out that Victoria had broken her own hymen but she was still trying to figure out how to get several old men to fuck her. I was listening through the door and after I heard enough I barged in and confronted Mom. She denied it but then I showed her the hidden video camera, told her that I knew everything, and that she was going to let me fuck her to keep my silence.

Mom was furious. Victoria started undressing Mom as I watched. Soon Mom was naked but Victoria was still dressed. Victoria said, "Finger fuck me Mom while he fucks you for real. He knows all about that too." Mom blushed when I pushed her head down toward Victoria's crotch and slipped my cock into her. I'm not sure that she even realized that I was still recording her. Mom finger fucked Victoria and gave her a nice orgasm before I pushed her head in closer. Mom knew what I expected from her and sunny lenoy xxx story sex licking Victoria's pussy as I continued to fuck her.

I would have blown my load a long time before if I hadn't fucked Victoria several times before Mom got home. Just as I came in Mom, Victoria had another orgasm and Dad's car pulled into the driveway. Mom rushed out to get cleaned up and I took the camera back to my bedroom. Dad was extra playful that night but Mom resisted his advances. I took her off to the side and told her to let Dad fuck her whenever he wanted too. Dad was very happy when Mom took him up to bed two hours early.

Victoria and I just giggled. Together we transferred all of the video images to my computer and made a backup disc to hide. We had Mom dead to rights. We also had enough on Mrs. Jones to upset her husband too. The rest of that week Victoria and I fucked around, took video clips of Mrs.

Jones, and fucked Mom until Dad got home…then he took over. Once Dad realized that he could fuck Mom right after work, right after dinner, and still take her to bed early, he was the happiest man in the world. Saturday Mr. Jones was mowing the lawn so I went over to give him a hand. He said that the best thing I could do for him was to go in the house and get him a beer.

He told me to just walk in and that he had a few cold ones in the fridge.

When I entered the kitchen there was Mrs. Jones bent over getting a beer out of the babe riding a hard cock and sucking simultaneously. She was naked and she was dripping wet from a recent shower.

She about pissed herself when she turned around and saw me. She started yelling at me but I told her to shut up or I'd tell her husband about all of the gentlemen callers and her prostitution scheme.

That did it. I took her beer and went back out to her husband. He was pleased to stop and talk as he drank his beer.

When he finished it I took it back in his house. Mrs. Jones was dressed and asked me what I wanted. I thought about it for a while and said, "Ten percent of the action. Put it in a college fund for my sister." She couldn't believe that I didn't want more so I told her that I wanted to fuck her right then and there while her husband was outside mowing the lawn.

That she understood. She raised her skirt and she was pantyless and then she bent over the kitchen table so that she could keep an eye on her husband. I could hear his lawnmower and knew that I was safe. I shoved it into the sloppiest pussy that I had ever fucked…all three of them. Anyway she was a fairly good fuck and I had cum so that was all that I wanted. I put my cock away and went home. Mom was in the kitchen so I whipped my cock out and told her to suck me off.

She didn't even ask why my cock was slick with another woman's juices, she just sucked me until I cum in her mouth. Then I went up and told Victoria about my adventures across the street. I was fucking Victoria when Mom came in. She looked shocked but she never said anything about what we were doing. Instead Mom asked us what we wanted for dinner and then closed the door as she left. Victoria giggled and thought that it was funny that Mom had adjusted to us having sex so rapidly. In fact our whole house was much happier than it had ever been.

Dad was certainly happy. He had never gotten all of the sex that he had wanted before. The next week went by all too quickly. I fucked Victoria several times a day, Mom every afternoon until Dad came home, and Mrs. Jones on Saturday. While I was there she told me that she had opened an account for my sister and made a deposit.

I could not believe the amount that she had deposited. The summer flew by and before we knew it winter had set in. One day there was a big snowstorm, school was closed, and Dad called into work that he was snowed in. That day Dad found out about our family secret.

He was not at all upset. In fact he was very happy to have Victoria as a sex partner too. From that day on we were one big happy family. The End You Little Thief 530