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Sex xnxx free blue film vide os xxx 2019
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Sandy? Sandy? called Madam Rose as she walked quickly along the hallway, looking in each cage. "Sandy, where the hell are you?" "I'm here!" I responded from a cage at the end of the hall. "Sandy, we're going to be late for the slave expo," Madam shouted as she marched towards me and stepped inside my cage. Madam Rose unlocked my hand and ankle cuffs. She said "For god sake get ready fast, the show got to start by 10!" I was lying naked in my cage and I didn't understand anything. Immediately I headed to the common bathroom and cleaned myself.

I rushed into Madam's room and she was busy with the makeup kit. As usual I knelt down and put my hands at the back of my head. "Good morning Madam" I greeted. Madam rose replied "I am pleased to tell you that you have successfully graduated as a slave and today you will be displayed in the expo".

I smiled as I recollected my memories of the ruthless fucking, spanking, canning that I received during my four year course for training as a slave in Devilbliss academy. Then my keeper walked towards me and oiled my nude waxed body. After I was oiled I was cuffed and blindfolded. I guess I was taken in a van to the expo. When we reached the expo my blindfold was removed. I found a big sprawling crowd of people in an open area with a lot of slave exhibits.

I was rushed towards the allotted place for Devilbliss academy exhibit. Being nude was nothing new to me so I didn't feel shy. My hands where raised above my head tied up a post and made to sit on a ACNE bondage wedge. My training helped me very much as I had spent hours sitting on a big boobs mom bangs big dick in bedroom wedge.

Madam Rose said "you have really trained hard for this day that is going to decide your ownership so keep up your good job". Suddenly there was a loud burst of music commencing the expo. The spotlights made my oiled natural breasts glisten. I found a lot of slave exhibits by other slave training academies. Some slaves tied upside down, some fucked by machine dominatrix, some undergoing tit torture. A big crowd started to congregate around my exhibit as I was the only sexy teenage graduate.

Some examined my vagina which I enjoyed and I encouraged them by giving moaning sounds. When there were enough people around the exhibit Madam Rose addressed the gathering. "Good morning ladies and gentle men I am Rose the head of Devilbliss academy. We have been very successful in yielding perfect slaves every year and satisfying our customers around the world.

This year we proudly present you Sandy. [loud applause] She has been my favourite student and has graduated with a distinction. Here are her accomplishments -She is slim healthy, her breasts are natural 32dd, Axillary and pubic areas are completely waxed. -She can open her legs 180 degree wide. -She can take 50 spankings in an hour. -She can take unlimited canning or wiping on her genitalia. -It is estimated that she can handle 20 men per day. -She is very polite and submissive.

-She can squirt perfectly according to your command.

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-She can take about 14.3cm up her vagina and 18 cm up her anus. -She is thorough with the male anatomy and G-spot locations. -She completely feeds on liquid diet so there is no need for enema. -She has mastered all types of sex and specialised in bondage. -She doesn't have a gag reflex so you can face fuck to the fullest.

-Contraceptive copper-T has been surgically placed to prevent her from getting pregnant. -She is also trained to have sex with animals like dogs and horses. -She doesn't have any infection in her genitals. She is a perfect slave to meet you daily needs and she costs one million U.S dollars" concluded Madam Rose.

The crowd buzzed out of which a man with an elegant white suit came towards me and introduced himself "Madam I am Mr.Westdickens, I need a slave for my family, I am employed as a human biology lecturer can you give me a demo of your slave?" "With pleasure sir" replied Madam Rose.

I was untied and I knelt before Mr. West. Then I lied down flat and opened my legs exposing my holes. West examined my perfect natural breasts which made my nipples grow erect. Madam bought two large dildos and handed over to Mr. West. West grabbed a dildo and within a flash he speared it up my ass hole giving me an eye watering orgasm. Madam took the measurement and announced that my ass swallowed 18.5cm. The crowd cheered in appreciation.

Then Mr.West jammed the second dildo into my pussy. All of a sudden a man in the crowd came up with a challenge asking me to run with the dildos kept in my holes. I had never done that before but Madam Rose made he accept the inhuman challenge.

With great difficulty I got on my foot with the dildos buried into me. As I slowly picked up a pace the dildos started to churn my pelvic organs forcing orgasms. I gathered my might and ran giving loud moaning sounds.

I was finally finished and a loud applause made me hanbaobao live cam sex masturbate part teenxxxnetworkcom the pain. Mr. West said "she is a worthy slave and I am driving her home". Immediately Mr.Westdickens handed over a suitcase with one million to Madam Rose. Then I had to take an oath depicting my true slavery to Mr. West. I affirm that I belong to Mr. Westdickens and I am his property.

I will live in his home and I can only leave the premises when allowed.

I will follow any order he gives me without hesitation. I will never show dissatisfaction or question any order. I will refer to as master. I will only speak to you when spoken to. If I wish to say something I will ask "Master, may I speak" Minor offenses of this contract will result in a punishments, any gross offense will result in your termination from the house. As I completed the oath Mr. West signed the bond and I was made to wear collar with the name "Devilbliss academy".

I was really happy with my new life before me. I bid goodbye to Madam Rose and entered into my master's limo. I have never been in a limo in my life. I bowed my head and sat quietly. As we travelled I felt master's hand searching for my breasts. I watched as he took one hand and cupped my breast which made my nipples stand out. Then he took the other hand sft booty clapping pussy eating licking ass fucking spanking sexual frustrating tease held on to the other breast.

His eyes were so full of desire that it happened so fast. "Taste my dick slave" commanded West. I wrapped my hand around master's erection and began to stroke it while at the same time opening my pussy. I shivered with delight as he both ran hands all over my nude body. His fingers massaged my teen breasts and rolled my nipples smoothly. I moaned in my throat and lashed out with my tongue and gripped his abundant erection.

My hand could not accommodate his width. I fell on my knees his dick between my lips and my head bobbed up and down, slowly engulfing more of him each time I moaned into the mouthful of cock as I licked and sucked the complete length of master's dick. As he was nearing the end he pulled my head off his dick and cummed on my tits.

On seeing me wait for my command Mr. West laughed and said "you are an obedient fucking whore, you can eat my semen as a reward". I felt very much contented after serving my masters first command. I licked the semen of my tits and the car came to a stop. Without hesitation I got down from the car nude and saw the massive private mansion where I am going to spend the rest of my life. As we went inside Master said "sandy dear, this is your new home and shortly you will be meeting my wife and sons, they are on a vacation".

"Master, may I speak" I asked. West nodded politely. "Where is my place in the house master? I asked. He grinned and replied that "you can either sleep in the cellar in the basement".

As I rushed towards the toilet, Master stopped me "don't even think about using the toilet" and he pulled me by my collar towards the kitchen and threw a pan towards me.

"You must shit only in this pan and empty it by the freeway, if you badly needed a bath you can bath in the backyard with my permission understood" he shouted. "Tomorrow morning you must get up at 5 in the morning and report to me, if you fail you will be punished" said master and went to bed. As I walked into the cellar I sniffed the stench smell of the beer barrels. I tried my best to make a bed with a brown sac and set an alarm in a clock. The cellar was better than my cage and I sighed.

I squatted over the pan and emptied my urine into it. Then I lay down on the sac and dozed off thinking about by better life. During my sleep I got up several times because of the rats in the cellar. As said by my master I got up by five and headed to masters room. Master was surprised to see me "good now quickly clean up and get ready".

Immediately I took a bucket of water and went to the backyard. It was cold making my body tremble and my nipples point out. I shivered and successfully bathed. Then I set to dump my waste in the side skinny petite ebony nasty ass with buttplug black the freeway.

At that time there were only cyclists on the road. They starred at my naked body as I walked towards the freeway with my pan. By the time I returned master was ready to get into the limo "Sandy hurry up I will need you for my presentation today in Baldwin University" he said. I ran towards me as he enjoyed seeing my tits bounce on my chest.

Master handed over a translucent white lingerie to me. I plunged into happiness as it was my first piece of clothing in my life. I slipped it over my head and it fitted me perfectly. Immediately I got a slap on my cheek. I understood my fault and took off the lingerie. My master said I will be punished for my act when we return. We got into the limo and headed to the university. Soon we entered the university, master signalled to wear my lingerie and we got of the limo. As we walked towards the lecture hall we were accompanied by a nurse named jenny.

We entered a large lecture hall; before the students arrived for the lecture I was undressed and fixed into position. I was made to having a huge one eyed monster in beautys mouth hardcore and blowjob on a bench with my legs spread and raised in stirrups, Thin leather 'retaining' straps ensured my feet stayed comfortable in the stirrups.

'built-in' shackles at each side of the bench bound my parted legs bringing my pussy into full view. In addition, I was blindfolded with a thin strip of black velvet tied neatly around my head. I could hear the students walk into the hall. After a while my blindfold was removed and I saw a crowd of 60 students before me. Master had a camera focused on my exposed vulva which projected the image on to a three foot high screen.

This left the incoming students in no doubt about the subject of the lecture. Mr. West started "good afternoon students, and welcome to today's lecture. As you can see our specimen Sandy ready for the show so let's begin.

"Take a look at the screen and tell me what you see.What it is called?" The students needed no further invitation and randomly shouted out some "Pussy!" "Labia!" "Sex!" "Cunt!" (laughter from the students) "Vagina!" "Vulva!" "Snatch!" "Fanny!" "Fuckhole!" (Even more laughter from the students) West spoke. "Nurse Jenny, please pull back Deena's labia so that we can see her vagina more closely." The students chuckled and didn't take their eyes of my lively tits.

I could feel Jenny's latex-covered fingers on my labia and hall full of students were studying my pussy on the screen. Having seen the image on the screen West continued."With Nurse Jenny holding open Sandy's labia minora we have a good view of her vulva. There's her clitoris, only just visible, there's sandy's urethral opening below that the lovely soft flesh is her vagina.

That's where we are going next. "The first device I will be demonstrating today is the vaginoscope. This model has two pieces.

The first section is essentially a modern version of a speculum." On seeing the instrument I realised that I had already had it in my pussy during torture.

Nurse Jenny was busy applying a lubricant to the device before handing it to the West. Unlike old-style bondage steel specula with a lever handle this one was of the expanding tube variety, made of plastic.

"Now I shall now gently insert the speculum into Sandy's vagina." As he stood in the gap between her legs the camera mixing console switched automatically to the overhead view so the students could follow the insertion procedure on the big screen. I stayed perfectly still while it slipped smoothly into my pussy. "How does that feel, Deena?" asked master and I replied "It feels okay, master." It seemed as if the speculum was growing larger inside me, pushing firmly outwards against the curvy a hole looks like it was made to be drilled non stop of my vagina.

But its fullness felt nice.

West continued his lecture, "Once inside the patient, this speculum automatically expands to provide a wide opening within the vagina. "Now.if I focus this mini camera through the central hole of speculum we can see sandy's cervix. Isn't that nice? Looks almost like the head of a penis. "Some mucus is obscuring the opening of the uterus, my guess is that Sandy will be menstruating in the next few days. Our next instrument, this probe will give us more precise measure of this event." Master held up the probe, which predictably given its function, looked like a small penis; except with a metallic flange at its base.

He said "Don't be deceived by the apparent simplicity. It may look like the dildo you have in your bedroom but that's the only similarity. This device contains a sophisticated array of exploratory instruments that I will shortly demonstrate on our patient." I shudder as he said those words.

Master introduced the six inch long device into the speculum's two inch diameter circular opening. The base of the unit made a precise and very audible click as it locked onto the base of the speculum. The video screen showed the inside of my vagina with amazing clarity. "Now I'll rotate the base a few times, this will elongate the probe within the vagina." I panicked as I felt the probe pushing hard against my cervix.

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"Hush now Sandy! Try to relax; it's just moving into position," Nurse Jenny already had situation under control. She pushed a large sponge-like ball into my mouth and smoothed some medical tape over my lips.

"Sorry sweetie, it's for your own good."Now you can observe the extendible camera moving through Sandy's cervix and into her uterus. A magnificent view isn't it." I whimpered quietly in agony. "Now we can watch the Intra-Uterine movements". I guess a small amount of semen like fluid was injected into my uterus which brought a couple of wriggling motions on the screen.

"Fantastic isn't it? He said. To my senses, the thing was gently vibrating; it was like being tickled deep inside my belly and no amount of squirming on me part could do anything to relieve myself sweet girl loves to bang on the floor its insidious torment.

After some time the speculum was slowly removed spurting up an orgasm in me, which made my erect nipples earning students attention. West concluded "That all for today, meet you students again next week with my final lecture thank you". I put on my lingerie and walked behind my master.

As soon as I got into the limo I took of the lingerie and handed it over to master.

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We reached home by nightfall. Master asked me to give him a massage in the Jacuzzi. Master removed his bathrobe and entered the Jacuzzi filled with hot water. "Today you did well in college, now let's begin", he said putting the pillow just under my neck. I started oiling his entire body. I rubbed and squeezed all over his neck and aby jones bellissima camgirl con delle tette enormi parte and arms, and then worked my hands up each leg one at a time, doing amazing things to his calf muscles and then my thighs.

Master had an erection as I massaged his pubic area. I got into that Jacuzzi kneeled down in front of him as the water touched my pussy and worked on his ankle. I gave great view of my pretty face and tits by bending forward. Master had his eyes stuck to my pointy nipples coming in and out of view as my lively breasts were freely swinging and jiggling, Then leaned forward slightly, working my hands on his abdomen. The already great view got even better, and closer. My breasts kept gradually bobbing closer and closer to his face, as I slowly worked my fingers further up his chest.

As I leaned forward a bit more master buried his face into my soft breasts. I stayed like that as long as he wanted me to, letting him enjoy my tenderness, while his hands underneath and pushed my tits up and he alternated pushing one up and the other down and did that at nice rhythm for a good half a minute, rubbing them against either side of his face Then he held one breast to his mouth with the nipple between his lips and slid his tongue all over my nipple and I could feel it becoming a hard bead.

"Mmmmm can you massage my dick with your tender milk melons", he said. As he sat up his hard cock elegantly emerged out of the water. I put one hand around his cock gently setting it up in my cleavage performing a tit job. I cupped my tits with my hand thereby tightening my master's dick between my breasts. As I slowly stroked his cock and rubbed them against my breasts. After a couple minutes of a great tit job, we stood up and drained the water in the Jacuzzi.

The hot water made puffy pussy lips stand out in front of my round ass. I put each knee apart so that I was kneeling over my master's face. He put his hands at the top of my thighs and started rubbing my wet cunt. Master pressed my pussy against my hungry mouth and blissfully sucked and stuck his tongue into my soft pussy flesh.

Then his puckered lips against my puckered ass as his tongue slid in and out just tickling my rosebud ass. When master was done I turned around, legs spread wide with my holes facing my master. Initially he stoked me with his hand a few times, pretty soon he was just pressing his dick between my swollen pussy lips and I slowly moved her hips back and forth in anticipation.

I continued humping against master's dick as is slid deep into my vagina. I moved her hips in deliberate, long strokes till my soft pussy lips rubbed against his pelvis. Master brazilian babe mouth sitting pooping down at my hot, wet, and strong pussy as I slowly fucked his cock. My slick pussy milked master's cock giving him agonizing pleasure as I fucked harder. Master started to get pumped my pussy violently, suddenly an orgasm without a warning and my pussy started pulsing and gushing on his cock like a super soaker.

I could feel my squirting flowing down my legs. A sudden series of spanks rained my ass making my body collapse. "You worthless slave I never gave you permission to squirt on me, how dare you disrespect me bitch and you will be punished sufficiently in the morning" said master.

"I am sorry for my disobedience master" I pleaded in agony massaging my twitching cunt. "Do you like anal sex?" Master asked me, "Yes master," I responded. "I do too, I'd love to shove my hard dick up you tight ass," He told me. There was plenty of liquid from my pussy for master to use as lube for my ass.

Master set me up into dogstyle position, got his fingers soaking wet and pushed them in my mature guy fucks this sizzling hot babe masturbation and tight pussy hole. Then he punched his dick straight into me in one shot."Oh yeah, luscious bitches pleasure dicks in an orgy it all the way in," he murmured. My tight glory hole gasped as his dick filled me.

Like a steam train master steadily started pistoning my ass and gradually worked up to a medium pace. I could hear his thighs slamming on my buttocks. I experienced shock waves of pain as Master lowly picked up speed.

This went on for five minutes and finally Master emptied his load into my ass. Then I licked the shit on my master's dick. I patiently waited for my next command and cum dripped out of by used bruised ass. "That's all for today meet me tomorrow morning" ordered master and he went to bed. As usual I went to the cellar but I was terribly hungry as I have been not fed for the past two days. Next morning "Good morning master", I greeted him. He cleared his throat and said, "Today you will be meeting my sons and my wife so you must report to the dining room by 7 ".

The thought of food made me happy as I walked into the dining room nude. I found Master, His wife and his two sons seated. "Kneel down slave, this is my wife, my two sons Max and Kane and introduce yourself" He said and I replied "I am sandy your slave". As I looked at them Max was a 12 year old boy, Kane in his middle twenties and Masters Wife put a fierce look on me. As they glanced through my naked body master said "You must serve my family as you serve me, you must refer my wife as madam and she is in charge of punishing you, lastly my sons are also your masters understood", "yes master I replied.

Master Kane locked his eyes on to my tits and I knew he wanted special sex with me. Madam suddenly interrupted "you have disobeyed your master twice so meet me after the breakfast" and she threw me a pan with milk asking me to feed like a dog. As I have been taught I knelt forward with my hand held behind my head and licked the cold milk.

Everyone laughed at me but I didn't care. After completing my milk I set to madam's room. .To be continued. Please leave me comments, thank you. Special thanks to XNXX for the opportunity