Mexican cop xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves

Mexican cop xxx car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves
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EDIT: Sorry about the formatting. Don't know why it fucked up. If something like this happens again, just PM me to tell me. I looked out at my friends' faces. "What?" I asked, confused at the somewhat stunned looks they were throwing Ashton and I. "You guys. Were really into that." David mumbled. "Have you guys ever known me to back down from a dare?" I asked them. "Well, no. But that was." Adam started.

"Enthusiastic, to say the least." Christina finished for him. "Whatever. We completed the dare, didn't we?" I looked at Christina. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Lana had crossed her arms and cast her eyes downward. I'm usually a pretty good reader of body language, and Lana was definitely trying to hide disappointment.

"Yeah, I guess. Your turn, Adam." Christina did her best to move the game forward, daring Adam to give a lap dance to Jake. He did so with much gusto, cracking us all up and helping to move past the awkward moment. We continued playing for a while, until it started to get boring. There are only so many embarrassing truths to tell and dares to complete, after all. We ended up sprawled on Dre's couches, watching old episodes of "The Office" on Netflix until everyone fell asleep at around one in the morning.

I woke up a couple hours later and looked around the dimly lit room, noticing that Adam and Christina were missing. Despite having a pretty good idea what they were doing, I decided to go erin the uptown escort stockings for them.

I gently lifted Ashton's head off of my chest and laid her down to fall back asleep. Tiptoeing to avoid waking anyone up, I made my way up the stairs to the living room. When I got to the top of the stairs, I poked my head out to take a look around. teen sweet cat demands cock sucking and fucking from old butler I thought as I saw Adam leaning back on the couch with his cock in Christina's mouth.

I also noticed (with some satisfaction, I might add) that his dick was considerably smaller than mine. "Well, I'll leave you two to your business." I said under my breath.

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On my way back down to the basement, I noticed that Lana was curled up in the corner, shoulders shaking in what I assumed were silent tears. "Lana.

Is everything ok?" I whispered, laying a hand on her shoulder from behind. "Yeah, I'm fine." She sniffles as she turned to face me. "It's just a little overwhelming to be surrounded by people who all know each other, but don't know me." "I understand." (Okay, it was a lie, but I just wanted her to feel hot ebony stacy fuxx big boobsblack ebony hardcore stockingstits about her situation.) "It'll stop being like this really soon." "I know, but it's still hard." "Yeah." I replied, not knowing what to say.

Instead of trying to force a conversation, I just stepped toward her and wrapped my arms around her in a hug. I let one hand slide down to her lower back and began gently stroking her hair with my other hand.

After a few minutes, I pulled back and looked her in the eyes. I raised one arm and slowly caressed her cheek with the backs of my fingers, ending the movement by cupping her chin in my hand. I gently tilted her chin up to the same level as mine and leaned toward her just like I had done with Ashton a few hours before.

"Aaron." I ignored her, still moving in for the kiss. When I got within a few inches, she turned her head away. "Aaron. I." "It's fine.

I shouldn't have rushed you." I responded, embarrassed at my thoughtlessness. "No. It's not that." "It's not my breath, is it?" I asked in an attempt to lighten the mood. "No." She let a small smile appear on her pensive face. "I, um." She paused to search for the right words. "I like girls." Wow. That was a surprise. I guess it was too good to be true: gorgeous girl moves from out of town, we hit it off, everyone lives happily ever after.

I decided to give her some of the old Moody charm to test her resolve. "I also xxl tits babe alia starr big boobs and pornstar girls! We have so much in common! Therefore, we should totally have sex!" She laughed and said she'd pass. "So that means." I thought of her disappointment after my kiss with Ashton. "Excuse my prying, but do you have a crush on Ashton?" She bit her lip before responding, as if battling mentally whether to tell me the truth or not.

"It's just. She was so nice to me when I first moved here. And she's so gorgeous." "Oh, I know." I responded without thinking. "Wait. Do you have a crush on Ashton?" She asked, noticing my eager agreement with her assessment of Ashton's looks. Now it was my turn to deliberate telling the truth. "Well, not exactly.

Ashton and I have a long history together. I met her a few years ago when she came to her brother's karate class.

I teach classes at the dojo by the gym. We hit it off and dated for a while, but we realized weren't really interested in relationships. So, we decided to make it sort of a friends-with-benefits arrangement." "Ah." She replied, processing the information I had given her.

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"So does that mean you guys.?" "Have sex?" I filled in. ". Yeah, we do. I don't know how she feels about sex with girls, though, so I'd say you should give it a shot." "Thanks, Aaron." She hugged me again. "You're sure about not having sex with me, then?" I smirked.

"Yes. Go back to bed now." She commanded me. "Yes, ma'am!" I snapped her a crisp salute and marched over to the couch that Ashton and I had been sharing. "Oh, Lana! You should probably pretend that you're asleep. Adam and Christina will be back any second now." She gave me a thumbs-up and settled back in to her beanbag. I gently lifted Ashton's torso up and placed myself behind her on the couch, wrapping an arm around her waist. "Mmm. Aaron." She murmured sleepily, scooching backward to get as close to me as possible and turning her head toward me, eyes closed.

"Shhh. Go back to sleep." I told her after giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. I drifted off that way, Ashton in my arms and my best friends all around me. I woke up, drowsily rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that this was the last day of the summer. I sighed and did my best to get up without waking anyone. All of a sudden, I realized that Ashton wasn't still sleeping next to me. I trudged up the stairs to the kitchen, where I found her cracking eggs into a bowl. "Ash, are you making breakfast?" I asked her. "Well, yeah. I was gonna make pancakes." She responded. "That's sweet of you, but do you really know how?" "I've seen my mom make them before." She said weakly.

"Do you want me to help?" I gently offered. My mom had taught me how to cook so I could help her if she was too busy to make dinner or something. (I hear you laughing! It's a valuable skill for men to have in this modern society!

You know what, never mind.) ". Yes, please." She smiled, embarrassed. "Well, you got the eggs part right." I went around to the other side of the kitchen counter and started pulling out ingredients. Once we had finished putting the ingredients together to make the batter, I lifted Ashton up onto the counter and kissed her. "What was that for?" She asked me, puzzled.

"For being sexy as fuck" was my crude reply. I started kissing her again, lifting the bottom of her tank too over her chest. "Aaron. What if they see us?" "I don't care." I murmured. Admittedly, this was pretty stupid, but I was a little too preoccupied to care. I gave her nipples some attention with my hands and my massage rooms sweet young lesbians get filthy, but my real objective was elsewhere.

I traced a line down her front with my tongue, listening to her gasp at the sensation created by cold air on the wet streak I had made. I lifted up Ashton's legs to pull off her shorts and gazed at her beautiful pussy.

Ashton liked to keep it completely shaven, which is something I wholeheartedly endorse in women. There were beads of moisture collecting on her pussy as I made my way down. I licked up and down her slit a couple times before circling around her clit download free save otomatis mom japan the very tip of my tongue.

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All of a sudden, I plunged my tongue into her love tunnel. Ashton moaned, muffling the outburst by covering her mouth with her hand. I softly inserted my middle finger into her pussy. Ashton moaned even louder this time, barely getting her hand to her mouth in time to cover it up.

I started gently sliding my finger in and out of her pussy, pressing on her G-spot each time. At the same time, I licked away at her clitoris; after every thirty seconds or so, I would give it a little nibble, which drove Ashton wild.


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Baby, I'm cumming." She cried out in ecstasy I took this as a signal to redouble my efforts, so I started moving my finger even faster and gently sucked on her clit. "Fuck. That feels so good!! Aaahhh!!" Ashton's hips bucked as she came, her juices flowing much faster now, coating my chin and mouth.

She tasted pretty good, actually: sort of tangy and fruity but with a heady edge. After her orgasm, she slumped forward. I caught her and kissed her softly.

Unlike some girls, Ashton didn't really mind tasting herself on my tongue when we kissed. This reminded me of something. "Ashton, how do you feel about other girls? Would you go down on another girl?" "I don't know," she responded, "why do you ask?" "No reason," I said, thinking of my conversation with Lana, "I guess I was just trying to imagine you with another girl." "I suppose I'd try it." She mused, "I've never really though about it." "Just a thought." I assured family handjob father associates daughter halloween hijinks as I helped her down from the counter.

Her legs were still a little shaky, so I held her up while she pulled her shorts back up and her tank top back down. When she had put herself back together, she grabbed my neck, pulling me down for another kiss. "What was that for?" I asked, echoing her earlier question. "For being sexy as fuck." She said, imitating me. "Ooh, you're sooo talented." I teased. super cute chubby honey wants you to cum in her mouth know." She responded haughtily, with a toss of her hair.

We poured the pancake batter onto the griddle and finished cooking them. After we finished the last batch of pancakes, I decided it was time to wake everyone up.

Grabbing a lighter from the kitchen, I led Ashton downstairs by the hand. I climbed up onto one of the chairs in the basement and flicked the lighter to life. "No, Aaron." Ashton pleaded once she saw what I was going to to.

"Cover your ears, Ash." I responded. I held the lighter up to a smoke alarm and waited for the magic to happen. After a few seconds, the alarm began blaring, causing everyone but Ashton and I to jump awake. "Wakey wakey, motherfuckers!" I shouted.

"Ashton made us pancakes!" I extinguished the lighter and jumped down from the chair. "Lead the way, Ash!" I ordered "You're a real asshole, Aaron." Adam told me, rubbing his neck. I grinned as I thought about his late-night meeting with Christina "You don't know the half of it, buddy!" When we started eating the pancakes, everyone quickly forgot their anger at me.

"Oh my god, Ashton, these are amazing!" Christina exclaimed through a mouthful of pancake. "Thank you, but--" Ashton stopped when she saw the look I was giving her. "But what?" Christina asked "Uhh. Nothing." Ashton responded as I have her a one-armed hug from my seat next to her.

"I can't take the credit for these pancakes: I'm already good at so many things that they'd never believe that I can cook, too!" I whispered into Ashton's ear.

"You're so full of yourself!" She giggled. After all the pancakes were consumed, everyone started leaving. Brittany was first to go, kissing Dre for an uncomfortably long time and then driving off. Eventually, just Dre, Ashton, and I remained. "Thanks for having us over, man. It was a lot of fun." I bro-hugged Dre. "See you tomorrow, I guess." "Don't remind me." He groaned "Hey Ash, do you need a ride?" I asked Ashton before heading out the door.

"Yeah, sure. Just let me get my stuff." I climbed into the car and waited for Ashton to join me. When she got in, I asked her if she wanted the top up or down. "Down! You think I'm some kind of wimp?!" She replied, putting on her best thug face.

I put the top down and waved goodbye to Dre as we pulled out of his driveway. Once we built up some speed, Ashton started whooping and throwing her arms in the air, her long brown hair blowing in the wind. While she was mid-whoop and not paying attention, I pulled out my phone and snapped a this brunette european slut is tons of fun of her.

One of my many hobbies is painting, and Ashton is one of my favorite subjects. At 5'9", Ashton is the perfect height for modeling. Her gorgeous features also help. Her gray-blue eyes the color of the ocean on a stormy day, her long, toned legs that lead up to a perfect butt, and her lithe dancer's body have already landed her several modeling jobs. As soon as I pulled into Ashton's driveway and parked, Ashton siezed my head for another makeout session.

Without breaking off the kiss, she clambered over to the driver's seat and straddled me. "My parents aren't home." She said, a lustful look in her eye. "Down, girl!" I teased. "I've got places to be!" Ashton decided to persuade me to come in by resuming our kiss and adding in some grinding.

Within just a couple minutes, she had me hard as steel. Once she accidentally honked the car's horn with her ass, however, I knew that we had to get out of the car. I somehow managed to get out of the car and keep our mouths attached, lifting her up and carrying her to her front door.

Once we got to the door, I let her get back to her feet and gently pushed novinha morena com peitos enormes masturbando a piroca away. "Ash, I really should go, okay?" "But Aaaaaaron, I need to pay you back from earlier!" She whined, giving me her best Bambi eyes.

"You don't owe me anything, Ash. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder." I told her with a wink. "Fine." She sighed. "Seeya tomorrow!" I said as I strolled back to my car. "Ugh. Bye." She groaned. Seriously? Was I the only one who wasn't totally pissed about returning to school?

I got back in the car and drove home. When I arrived, I found my mom hurriedly cleaning up the house. "What's the rush, mom?" I asked her. She stopped cleaning and gave me her death stare. "The firm's party, jackass!" Nicole shouted from the other room.

Shit, I had forgotten. My mom is the managing partner at her law firm (which is why we're never strapped for cash, even with my dad not being around), and every year, she hosts a party for her employees at our house.

"Is there anything I can do to help, mom?" I offered, hoping that this would make up for forgetting the party.

"Just make yourself presentable for the guests. We have a lot of new hires this year. Oh, and tell Nicole to do the same." I left the room to go get Nicole. I found her in the living room, lounging on the couch. "Yo, Nicole. Get up and get dressed." Unfortunately for me, Nicole was in a playful mood. "Only if you can pin me for five seconds." She retorted, hopping up in a mediocre fighting stance.

I had taught Nicole a few things about karate over the years, which apparently gave her the notion that she could take anyone in a fight, including me. "Oh my god." I put my face in my hands. "Fine. But when I do, you have to go right upstairs and get dressed." "Fine." I proffered my hand to shake on our deal. Luckily, she took the bait immediately. I pulled on her arm, checked her with my hip, and threw her over me, onto the carpet.

I then knelt on her arms, pinning them to the ground. "No fair!" Nicole wailed. "Most definitely fair." I replied nonchalantly as I sat on her stomach and began to count to five. Nicole bucked and flailed, trying to throw me off of her, but it was no use. After thirty seconds (I really wanted her to know who's boss), I got up off of her and slung her over my shoulder.

I marched up the stairs and tossed her down onto her bed. "Get dressed." I ordered. "Jahwol, mein fuhrer." She responded, saluting me with only her middle finger. "Smartass." I shot back as I closed her door and walked to my room. I picked out some clothes and headed to the shower (Kinda seems like I spend half my life in the shower, huh?). Once again, I turned up the heat almost all the way and waited for the water to heat up.

While I was in there, I started thinking about Emily and wondering when I should call her. As I relived our shower together in my mind, I started to get a little excited. I figured it wouldn't hurt to rub one out really quick, so I leaned out of the shower to grab Nicole's hand lotion and started stroking away. My dick had recovered sufficiently from my sessions amazing chick bounds on large dick hardcore and massage Emily and Ashton, so after only a few minutes, I was ready to cum.

My cock jumped as I shot cum all over the shower wall, thinking about how Emily had swallowed all of my cum and how Ashton had smiled as she let it land on her face. After I finished, I leaned out of the shower to put Nicole's lotion back. That was when I saw Nicole, standing just outside the shower, wearing only a short skirt and a bra. "Jesus, Nicole, get out!" I yelped, trying in vain to hide my still-softening erection.

"I'm sorry! I was just getting my comb!" She explained, blushing furiously and running out of the bathroom. Well, this party was going to be even more awkward now.

I rinsed off and got out of the shower to shave. Despite my best efforts, I couldn't get the image of Nicole standing outside the shower out of my head. I couldn't help but notice how much she had developed; she looked more like a woman than a teenager. I shook my head in a feeble attempt to rid my mind of these images and started getting dressed.

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The party wasn't a black tie affair, but my mom expected everyone to dress well. I wore a dress shirt and slacks and Mom and Nicole each wore a skirt and a blouse. When I got downstairs, mom was already entertaining several guests. Wen I came up to say hello, she introduced me to Donna, her new secretary. While I was trying to make polite small talk with the guests (Basically just them asking me about school.

You know how it is.), the doorbell rang. "Aaron, would you get that?" Mom asked. "Sure." I answered, expecting to see one of her old friends from the firm. When I opened the door, however, my jaw dropped in shock. There, in a slinky red dress and heels, clutching a small purse in her hand, was Emily.