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Morgan's Game by LindsayO© I wish I could say that the summer before my nineteenth birthday never happened, but it did. There are some people who will still not let me forget it. As a twentieth wedding anniversary present, my father decided to surprise Mom by taking her on a month-long cruise in Alaska. This meant, of course, that my brother, Jeremy, and I would have to have anal pov kg thai teen all in ass lover babysitter.

I don't know why this is, being that he is twenty,although maybe a little irresponsible, but leave it to my folks to come up with some stupid reason. So, they shipped us off to live with my Uncle Randy. He's this fifty-something recluse who likes to "live off the land".

This is one of those "reasons" my parents thought he would be a good guardian for us. We could learn a lot from Uncle Randy. No tv, no video games, no friends.no fucking way! But, there was no way we were going to get out of it. So, Jeremy and I packed our shit and drove forty-five minutes into the middle of nowhere with our uncle in a stinky Jeep. By stinky, I mean: beer, B.O., and I think maybe a little weed. Anyway, the house, and I use this term lightly, was parked right at the edge of a pretty lake that I never even knew existed.

Maybe this wouldn't be such a bad few weeks. I brought my Walkman, bathing suit and about a thousand magazines. I mean, what else was there to do? Chop firewood? Snare rabbits? We no sooner got inside when Randy began laying down the house rules: do not touch the beer, the radio, the car keys, the canoe, and do not enter his bedroom at any time.

The most important rule, and the one which I wished I had never broken, however accidentally, was never to interrupt his weekly poker game, the one he has religiously each Thursday night with three of his Neanderthal buddies from town.

Here begins my story.During the fourth and final week of our stay here, Jeremy and Britains hottest mature maids tube porn had been out all day long on our own little treasure hunt. Whoever found the most items from the list got to sleep on the couch instead of the floor.

We played games like this most days to decide. On this day, I was getting really tired of sleeping on the floor, so I stayed out a bit longer searching for my items. Around seven o'clock, I heard Jeremy calling me from the edge of the woods. "Morgan! Come on, it's almost time for the guys to show up! We have to get back before we get locked out!" "Jesus Jeremy! Relax.we can sneak in through the kitchen window and pretend we were in there the whole time." "Just come on Morgan.

Oh, by the way.I'm getting the couch! Again!" He laughed. "Oh shit. They're here already." "Come on, " I said, "we'll do the window thing." As quickly and quietly as we could, Jeremy lifted me up to the ledge and pushed me through, then climbed up and in himself.

We made it. I mean, really, what's the big friggin' deal. Interrupting a hillbilly card game! Ooh, slap the cuffs on me, Officer! "What the fuck have I told you two about Thusday night?" My Uncle Randy.

And he didn't look happy. If fact, he looked pretty wasted. I could smell the dope all the way from the living room. "I thought the guys weren't supposed to be here until nine? I'm sorry, Uncle Randy. We'll go back outside and wait until they leave," I suggested with a little smile. "I have a better idea," his eyes lighting up again, "why don't you get your little ass in gear and fix us something to eat.

Bring us some more beer too. Wash your fucking hands first too!" "Sure, ok. Sandwiches and chips?" "I don't give a shit, just make it fast. Hey Jeremy, want to play a couple hands with me and the boys?" I couldn't believe it!

My brother gets to play poker and I have to be their goddamn servant! "Yeah, I'll play. You'll have to give me some pointers though, I've never played before." Jeremy was gushing! What an asshole. Uncle Randy grabbed him by the shoulder and ushered him out into the den while I was left standing there with my jaw on the floor. "They're all out there having a good ole time. I'm making bologna sandwiches! Men are such assholes!" I can hear them all out there, laughing and smoking and drinking.this is just great.

Too bad for Jeremy, I'm taking the couch! I bring their snacks and lay them on the side table. Turning to leave, I hear one of the men say, "Hey Pretty, want to sit down and play?" "Seriously?" I ask.

"Why not, you can even sit on my lap since there's no chairs left!" Laughter from the whole group. I knew it had to be a joke. "Wait, where are you going?" he whines.

"I'm going to bed! You're all a bunch of dinks!" I scream on my way out the door. Randy joins me on the porch. Sitting a little too close for comfort, he says, "You're being very rude to my guests. They offered to let you play with us, Kiara mia pool fuck with clover think you should come and play." "He's a pervert! They all are!" Before I know what's happening, Uncle Randy slaps me across my face.

"You watch your mouth, little lady! Now, move your ass. You're gonna come and be nice to my friends!" Biting back the tears, I get up and follow him back in. "Sit!" he orders. I take a seat beside my brother and another man. I can feel all eyes on me. I'm not going to let these jerks see me cry and am going to try and make the best of this.

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So, I pick up my cards and pretend to know what I'm doing. Of course, I lose.big time! Randy leers over at me and says, "I gloria gucci and her friend take on four cocks this means you're first to lose your clothes, little girl." "What? I'm not taking off my clothes!" Randy gets up and readies his hand for another assault.

Before he can hit me again, I say, "Please, what do I have to take off?" I have never been naked in front of anyone before and do not want to be even partially unclothed in front of these gorillas.

"Take it all off." This comes from the really dirty pig who offered me a seat on his greasy lap. "I thought strip poker was supposed to be." "Not how we play! First to lose their clothes, loses 'em all!" "Let's see whatcha got." This is my uncle! How could he be asking me to undress? And my own brother is not even sticking up for me. Does he salacious oriental cookie fingering japanese and hardcore to see me naked?

How disgusting. "Well, if you're not gonna do it, maybe Donnie would like to help you.hows about it Don?" Donnie makes it halfway across the floor before I hold out my hand to stop him. I then begin to unbutton my sleeveless blouse. I'm slip it off my tan shoulders and let it fall away to the dusty floor. "Now, the shorts! Come on baby.strip it off!" The pig.his name is Bobby. He is the dirtiest of them all. Donnie is not bad looking, but he's way older than me and he looks at me like I'm a juicy steak on a plate in front of him.

I am stripped down to my bikini, which I haven't changed out of since swimming this morning. Although it is hotter than hell in this place, I am shivering uncontrollably. When I look around at all the faces, I am shocked to see Jeremy smiling and gazing at my breasts. He is enjoying this a lot more than he should be. "Leave long hair gf fucked by her bfs friend girlfriend hardcore suit on for now and come sit here by me," Mick, the final of the three visitors, speaks.

He squeezes over in his chair and allows a small spot for me to sit down. The game resumes. A couple hands are played, with glances stolen my way every few second or so.

It is then I feel Mick's hand begin stroking my shoulder and arm. He does this for a minute, then moves it slowly to the front of my bathing suit. His thumb flicks quickly over my tiny nipple. I gasp and every head in the room turns to look. All card-play stops. "Please.don't." I barely manage to whisper. I feel the stretchy fabric of my top being pulled to the side and exposing my left breast to all these men.and my brother. Mick leans in and sucks my nipple into his hot mouth.

Sucking steadily, his other hand reaches around and grasps onto my other breast. When I reach down to steady myself, as I am sure I am going to fall over, I feel a huge mass of flesh under his pantleg, pressing to escape. I try to pull my hand away, but Mick holds it there and moves it slowly over the mound. He's moaning against my nipple and kneading my right breast so hard. "Gonna hog that whole piece of ass for yourself there, Mickey?" Uncle Randy.

Two giant paws grab ahold of my waist, spin me around and slap me down onto the card table. It's one of those spinny ones, it turns in a circle for easier game playing. Both sides of my top are pulled off my small breasts and everyone stops to take it all in. Heavy, hot breath, pot smoke and my fear fill this small cabin room. I cannot move. No one is holding me down, but I cannot budge an inch. Someone takes a hold of my hand. I turn my head enough to see Donnie guiding my fingers to his zipper.

"Unzip me and take me out." Does he want me to touch it? I can't. I've never even seen one before, not even in a book! Shaking, my hand eases his fly down and I then begin to pull away. "It ain't out yet.keep diggin'." I reach my hand inside his pants and it closes around something wet, something long and skinny. Is this what he wants me to take out? "Ah, that's the one! Pull it out here and take a look, girlie." As I'm pulling his dick out, he pulls his pants down and off.

My hand still gripping him, he starts to buck slowly back an forth. He is so slippery, he pulls out of my hand a couple times, but always manages to stick it back into my fist. "Shit Donnie, thought you said you had a sexy yoga babe anastasia begs for romeos massive load pornstars massage hog on you!" Laughing all around.

Donnie counters with, "It ain't the size of the bait, it's how you wiggle the worm! And this worm can wiggle!" Bobby and Mick reach at the same time for a breast and each pulls and squeezes and pinches so hard it hurts.

"Ever seen a body so sweet before, Jeremy?" my uncle asks my brother. "Now, tell me son, how many times have you dreamed of this day?" Jeremy replies, "I've seen her naked before lots of times, but never this close. It alway felt wrong to be looking, but it doesn't now." "Well go on.what are you waiting for? Touch her. Lets take a look, see what's behind those pink panties." Uncle Randy spins the table around and my hand pulls free of Donnie's prick.

Randy leans over me and smiles. "Thanks for the sandwiches." he chuckles. "Jeremy, pull off those panties." Randy commands. I look down and see Jeremy licking his lips.both hands reaching out and grabbing onto the sides of my bathing suit. Uncle Randy lifts me around the middle so my brother can slip my bottoms off.

"Sweet Jesus!" "She's barely got any hair on her pussy at all!" Mick is very observant. "Go on son.give it a little rub." Jeremy catches my eye and so innocently says, "Sorry Morgan, I gotta do this." His fingers slide through my small patch and down over my pussy lips.

In no time, his middle finger is stroking my slit, slow at first.then I feel my brother is getting into this as he rubs faster. He leans over and licks my nipple, taking it into his mouth and between his teeth.

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"Save some for us kid!" The men are all in different stages of undress by now. I can feel many hands perusing my teenage body. Uncle Randy is standing at the top of my head with his dick in his hand. It's thick and hard and has a shiny, round head, at least twice the diameter of the shaft. He slaps it hard against my face. His chaffed fingers pry my mouth open and he wiggles them around inside. "Suck on Uncle Randy's fat cock, Princess." And he stuffs the tip of it past movie penthouse story virtual harem sunny 2019 gums.

I had not expected this and begin to gag and choke. Randy pays this no mind and pushes deeper into my mouth. "Uncle Randy, I think Morg's a virgin.I can feel her cherry with my fingers!" I hadn't even noticed that Jeremy had stuffed them inside me.

"Well, a celebration is in order! I don't think any of us fellows, you excepted Jeremy, has had a young cherry in a very long time! Bobby, get the cigars!" Uncle Randy, I remember my mother saying, collects illegal Cuban cigars and hands them out for special occasion.

I guess, to him, this qualifies. "Move over kid, I need a taste of that unspoiled snatch." Donnie is now between my legs, pulling them wide apart. A deep sniff tells me he is satisfied with my bouquet. Both his hands part my pussy lips and his tongue snakes its way inside me. I shiver at the thought of this beast licking me in my most private place, a place that no one has ever been. Donnie's lips close around the folds of my pussy and suck hungrily while his tongue darts in and out of me.

Mick and Bobby, who has returned with cigars, are suckling at my titties, stroking their pricks. I can hear Jeremy and Uncle Randy talking, as Randy pulls his penis from my mouth. When I turn, I see the most horrifying thing ever.

Randy has Jeremy on his knees and is inserting his cock into my brothers mouth.And my brother is letting him. Jeremy covers Randy's ass with his hands and is sucking his dick and his balls. "Oh yeah, a two-for-one! Brother and sister. I like that." Mick has taken Randy's place at my mouth and is pumping away at me. "Enough of this kiddy play, " decided Donnie, "who's going to stick her first, or the boy, for that matter?" "Well, I'm her uncle, this is my party, so I think I should get to break that little pony in.move aside Don." Uncle Randy steps between my legs.

He rubs the inside of my thighs then spreads my cunny wide open with his thumbs. He bends down and licks from my asshole to my sparse pubic hair, then takes a deep breath. "Pass me one of those cigars, Mickey." "What are you going to do Uncle Randy? Please.I don't.I can't." "Just lie back Princess and enjoy the ride.this is your first big-girl party. I'm gonna make sure you enjoy yourself. I'm gonna make sure we all enjoy you tonight." My pussy is throbbing steadily, I have never felt so strange before.

I'm scared, nervous, I have strange men probing and licking and learing at me. With the fat cigar in hand, my uncle gently runs it up my wet slit. He draws it to his lips and sucks on the end.

Leaving a stringy shemale fuck male like bitch of spit at the tip of the cigar, he circles it around the opening of my asshole. "No! Don't.Jeremy, make him stop!" I am yelling and bucking. The three men hold me down on the card table. Jeremy stands beside Randy to get a closer look, but does and says nothing. The cigar is being pushed slowly inside my ass, turning as it goes deeper. I feel like I'm on fire and scream, only it sounds like high pitched humming.

It hurts so much. Randy is rubbing my clit while he inserts the cigar.no, it's Jeremy. Jeremy is hot orgy session with irresistible sex bombs his finger on my clit and stroking Randy's cock to keep it hard.

Finally, the cigar is removed and Randy aims his stiff prick at my virgin passage. He pushes, pulling my pussy lips open, pushing harder.then driving deep inside me.

The fire is hotter than ever. I try to focus on something else as my uncle plows away at my torn vagina.

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My eyes close on a new group. Bobby, Donnie and Jeremy. Mick has decided to fuck my mouth while he watches Randy skin my snatch.

But the other three are getting very comfy. They have Jeremy laid out on the floor. His teenage atracon de pito con elverrgacm cojelona chichona is standing straight into the air. It is bigger than I thought it would be.

It is a brilliant pink, with a round fat tip just like Randy's and a thatch of blond hair at its base. Bobby and Donnie are taking turns sucking and licking at it. Jeremy moans the same way I sometimes hear my dad moaning. His skinny hips rise to meet the mouths of his partners and he has his fingers in their hair, at least, what is left of their hair. "Switch!" Uncle Randy and Mick trade places. As Mick tears into my bruising cunt, my uncle smears his cock all over my face before driving it into my mouth.

I turn and see my brother getting up onto his knees. Bobby positions his face into Jeremy's behind and I see his tongue lash out and poke his tiny hole.

Donnie is at Jeremy's face, filling it with old man cock. When Bobby has Jeremy's hole ready and lubed, he steers his rod right in. Pounding away at Jeremy from both ends, my brother is sighing and the two men are sweating and cursing.

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"Rock that tight ass against Uncle Bobby's big hog! Fuck me boy. Fuck my fat hog!" While I watch this, I feel Randy's cock growing bigger and shaking against my tongue. He pulls it out and lays it across my cheek, the opening aimed at my lips. "Uncle Randy's gonna cum Princess, open wide.oh Jesus.fuck.fuck." A hot stream of semen shoots over my lips and down my neck.Randy is still jerking his shaft over me. Mick, however is still pounding my pussy, while stroking my clit with sexy xx desi blue film story ke bache chodte hue thumb.

Mick sighs loudly, " This pussy's nice, but I sure would like a turn at her little pucker under here." He says this while poking at it with his finger.

Suddenly, his cock plops out of me and I take a deep breath. Is it over? "Who's gonna join me?" Mick asks. Donnie, who is getting tired of his blow job, saunters over to the table where I lay. He shoves me over and lays down beside me. What the fuck is going on here? "Up you go." It is Donnie. He grabs ahold of me and rolls me over on top of him. Pulling my legs apart, he rubs my cunny before placing it directly over his rigid pole. With a deft shove, I am impaled upon him.

His hips thrash violently into mine, as his cock is buried deep inside me. After he lets go of my ass cheeks, he begins to squeeze my titties together, flicking his thumbs over my pointed nipples. They are fat and red from so much attention, but still very erect. Almost like they were waiting for a hot, slippery tongue to snatch them up. As if reading my mind, Donnie devours one and then the other, sucking them hard and rolling them between his teeth and tongue.

The cigar, again, is being placed at my back opening. In and out, in and out. It doesn't sting as much this time, but I can feel it stretching out my pucker. It is pulled out and replaced by a tongue.

Someone is spitting into my asshole. Now a finger probes into me, squirming deeper and deeper. Then, it is removed. Over Donnie's head, I see that Bobby has come all over Jeremy's back, and has passed out in the corner.either from exhaustion or booze.

Jeremy moves over to Uncle Randy and places his young cock against Randy's lips. He accepts it readily. He takes the entire thing into his mouth and fondles my brother's balls, while suckling like a nursing baby on Jeremy's dick. I have forgotten about Mick for a moment, until I feel the head of his meaty rod poking at my back door. He presses slowly until he has entered and lets out a yell of victory. His cock head is too big and it tears my anal opening. I can feel blood trickling down my leg.

I am filled inside with pounds of throbbing flesh. Me, riding Donnie, while Mick rides my ass. My nipples are pulsing inside Donnie's mouth, and he's squishing my tits together and apart. He is bucking wildly up to me, Mick pumping down and I think I might cave in soon from the pressure, when I finally feel release I have never known before.

Involuntarily, I scream and shake. My pussy is filled with steaming, hot cum.then my asshole erupts and spews out the load that Mick has just pumped into me.

In all the commotion I hadn't witnessed the moment when Jeremy dug his prick into Uncle Randy's back hole. Randy is rocking into Jeremy's pubes. My brother's balls are slapping the old man's ass as he kneads my uncle's ass cheeks back and forth. Randy is jacking himself off to another wild orgasm and Jeremy drives one last time into him before realeasing his cup-full of teenage sperm.

Everyone lies spent around the living room of Uncle Randy's rickity old cabin. I don't know how to feel. I am sick. This couldn't have just happened. Thankfully, this is the last poker night that caroline chojnacki and ashley schappert tube porn will be present for.

How can I possibly look at my parents again, knowing what I now know? Or Jeremy? I guess we'll see.