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Japanese milf sucks cock and is fucked
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author. Part 9 Mr Weasley appeared outside of Luna's house.

He'd had a long day at work trying to cover the whole saga about Luna hexing the poor muggle boy. After knocking on her front door for a few minutes she answered. Mr Weasley's attention was lost for a moment when he noticed she was only wearing a towel wrapped around her.

Her hair was wet and tied up. Her small cleavage was visible as the small towel left little to the imagination, with her milky legs barely covered. 'Ermm.

Yes hello Luna.' He muttered, trying to regain his composure. 'May I come in for a minute to speak to you.' Luna let him into the house, and after offering him a drink, went to put on some suitable clothes. 'So Luna, I've been investigating a case involving you and a muggle boy in the village.' Mr Weasley explained. 'Ohh I'm sorry Mr Weasley, he just got me so upset that I acted without thinking.' She said in her usual dreamy far away voice, although her eyes were filled with guilt.

'Am I in trouble?' 'No you're not in trouble, I've managed to prevent anyone at the Ministry from finding out. And I haven't removed the Impotence Charm you placed on him either. As much as I hate saying anything bad about muggles, he must have deserved it if you was so upset.' Mr Weasley explained.

After Luna thanked him for covering for her repeatedly, he finally throatpoking wife suck the brother in law dick while husband in the b tube porn to go home for dinner. Luna was glad that she wasn't in trouble, but she was delighted that Tom wouldn't be able to get an erection for the next year.

Although that wasn't enough revenge for her. He'd broken her heart and she was going to make his life hell for it. Luckily she had already formed the perfect plan. Tom had a twin sister that Luna also got on quite well with.

Her name was Shannon and she was drop dead gorgeous. She'd fallen out with her mum about a year ago and had moved out into a house about a minutes walk away from Luna's. Because of this they had bumped into each other quite a lot when Luna was back from school and they had built a steady friendship.

So Shannon would be a perfect way to get back at Tom. So Luna made her way towards Shannon's house to set up her little plan. ***** *A Few Hours Later* Luna checked herself out in the mirror.

Yeah she definitely looked pretty. She had spoken to Shannon for around half hour earlier on and had planned to go to a club with her that night. Luna had gone hoping just to hang out with Shannon for a bit to put her plan into action. But when Shannon had mentioned alcohol, well Luna knew this was would be easier. So Luna had put on one of her pretty dresses and done her hair nicely.

She wasn't entirely sure what a night club was but if there was alcohol there then it would all run smoothly. So at 8PM Luna knocked on Shannon's door. It was quickly opened and Shannon stood there a dressing gown, with her hair tied up. 'Hey, ermm I thought we was going out?' Luna asked. 'We are, just not yet I'm clearly not ready, and neither are you by the looks of it.' Shannon replied as she let Luna into her house.

'I am ready.' Luna replied, confused. 'You're not going out dressed as some goody two shoes! Don't worry I'll sort you out.' Shannon said as she led them into her bedroom. Her bedroom was pretty ordinary except for a vast amount of bottles on the side. All of them seemed to be filled with various colourful alcoholic drinks. 'There's no point going out till 11 so big cock in shemale asse might as well have a few drinks now.' Shannon said pouring her a large glass of vodka.

Luna didn't really like to drink but it was after all, all in the aid of her plan to get revenge on Tom. So for the next two hours the two girls sat talking a lot, mainly about boys, alcohol and sex (Luna didn't mention that the boy she had had sex with was Shannon's brother) and the drinks soon went down. 'Ookayyy, we need. we need to. get you some sexier clothes.' Shannon slurred because of all the alcohol she'd drank.

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'I'll sort some clothes out. You. You need to get that dress off now.' Luna giggled to herself, equally as drunk. Without hesitation she took her dress off in front of Shannon. Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) Luna had decided not to where a bra, so now she was stood in front of Shannon in nothing but her pants.

'Wow. No bra ehh? Snap.' Shannon said giggling as she let her dressing gown fall to the floor, showing she had nothing on but some pants.

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'I've sorted some clothes for you to wear.' Luna walked up to Shannon to take the clothes, but instead took hold of her hand. The two girls were stood awfully close to each other, eyes locked as neither of them moved. 'Luna, have you ever done anything with a girl before?' Shannon asked very slowly. 'No but I.' Shannon cut over her. 'Well it doesn't matter, what I'm trying to say is I'm up for experimenting if you want?' Luna didn't bother answering. She just leaned forwards and kissed Shannon full on the lips.

And the kiss carried on and carried on and carried on. Eventually the two girls broke away from each other when Shannon pushed Luna back onto the bed. As she pulled down her pants Luna took in her entire body. She had curly brown hair that seemed to flow down to her shoulders, a beautiful slim face, her body was curvy although she wasn't in any way fat.

Her boobs were about a C-Cup but she the most wonderful arse in the world. A big juicy smooth hejra new xxx leone xx story 2019. She also had a tight looking pussy that was completely shaved. As Shannon jumped on the bed Luna took her own pants off and then leaned off the bed to take something out of her bag.

Luna held up a video recorder. 'Fancy making a private little video to remind us of tonight when we're at home playing with ourselves?' Luna asked nervously.

Shannon was so drunk she didn't even understand what Luna had said, but agreed anyway. Luna had spent all day trying to learn how to work the video camera she'd bought from a local shop, recording a few little things to make sure she had a full understanding. She'd even recorded herself masturbating, and then fingered herself again as she watched it back.

So Luna turned the camera on and placed it on the table near the bed. Once it was clear that the whole bed was in the shot she started to record. As soon as Luna was back on the bed Shannon was all over her. They began furiously kissing as their hands began to grope each other.

Shannon didn't mess about and as she pinned Luna underneath her, her hand went straight to Luna's pussy, where she began rubbing at her clit. Luna was surprised how dominant Shannon was being, but she still moaned with excitement and pleasure as Shannon slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

Wanting to return the pleasure Luna starting fingering and rubbing Shannon's pussy simultaneously. Both of brunette ho roni marie face fucked until her wig falls off threesome and hardcore were really getting into it and soon the moans of pleasure got louder. 'Thats. so fuckinggg. GOOD!' Shannon moaned into her mouth, squeezing and pinching her nipples.

'I'm gunna. Cum any second.' 'Ohh yes right there! I'm so close as well.' As the pleasure intensified and the mutual masturbating sped up the two girls reached there end together in a howl of ecstasy. Shannon rolled off Luna and lay on her back panting.

Luna however was not going to stop any time soon, so she began kissing her way down Shannon's body. 'There's plenty more orgasm for you yet.' She said as she buried her head in girl or black guy mature elephant Shannon's legs.

***** Luna didn't get home until late afternoon the next day, where she was tired and worn out. Her and Shannon had pleasured each other well into the night whilst filming, and eventually fell asleep cuddle up naked. They had tried a variety of positions and had each gone through countless intense orgasms. When they woke up (Shannon rather hungover) Luna had gone down on her again to make her feel better. Even though the little morning session was off camera Luna had done it anyway just because she had enjoyed it so much.

Regardless of how much fun and mind blowing orgasms she had had, she still had to initiate her plan of revenge on Tom. So she had stopped by at another muggles friends house on her way home.

This particular friend was called Philip and he had been in the same class as Tom and Shannon at the local school. She hadn't really spoke to him much before, but she knew he was rather clever when it came to electronic technology.

So she had shown him the footage from the night before, well aware that he was hard as a rock. She explained how she wanted Tom and all his friends to see the video of Shannon having sex with Luna. Philip had explained about something called 'Email' on his computer and that he could send the video to everyone who was in his year at school. Luna thought it was a great idea, but Philip seemed hesitant incase it all came back to him and Tom might want to hurt him.

You see Philip was quite a nerd. He wore clothes that had gone out of fashion decades ago,and he had big glasses that magnified his eyes and had gelled spiky short hair that his mum had likely done to make him look 'cooler'. Luna wasn't going to let something like this stop her plan after all the hard work she'd put in however. So she had given Philip his very first blow brunette babe gets slammed in hardcore fashion as a reward for helping her.

It wasn't a very nice experience. She'd sucked on his little 4inch dick for about 30 seconds before he fired his load into her mouth. Even then he felt that wasn't enough for his efforts in her plan and had threatened not to send the video unless she let him finger her. So she had lifted up her dress and let him get to work. The poor guy had his hand in her pants for a matter of minutes before he'd finally figured out what to do and slipped a finger inside her pussy. Not wanting to feel he wasn't getting his worth, and not sending the video, Luna had gotten her tits out for him to look at and had faked an orgasm so that Philip thought he had done a good job.

So after an awkward 10 minutes with his finger poking in and out of her pussy he had finally sent the video out too everyone. So she had left Philips house, knowing full well that he had her little sex tape saved on his computer and would no doubt be wanking over it for the rest of his life.

So as Luna finally got home and made herself some food, she was in a great mood because she knew that any time now Tom would open up a video and see his sister being fucked by the girl who's heart he had broken. ***** Tom logged onto his computer to check his Emails. Its something he did most days as often his friends would send him messages about any party's that were going on.

The first thing he noticed was the surprisingly high number of Emails off his friends. After reading a few he was confused. They all said things like 'Wow you're sister is amazing, going to be wanking over this for ages' and there was even one of his ex girlfriend that said 'Would Shannon do that to me as well?' Tom quickly scrolled down his Emails hoping to find out what everyone was going on about.

His first unread Email was a link to a video, which he clicked on and began to play. Instantly he wished he hadn't, sprawled across a bed was his naked twin sister. He was about to quickly cross off the link when he noticed a blonde haired girl walk into view. It was Luna! An equally nude Luna in watch how this cute teen bessi gets lured and fucked for cash hardcore and blowjob. He could only watch the first minute of the video before he turned it off in disgust and anger.

It was then that he noticed a little message under the link. You broke my heart, but you're sister did a great job cheering me up, and now this video might just cheer all your friends up. It was then that he realised what all his friends were going on about in their emails. They'd all seen the video of his sister and Luna getting it on. In a burst of anger he punched his computed screen, breaking it in the process. ***** Harry and Ron were packing their bags. The Chudley Cannons were taking a break from the Quidditch season to go over to America to play in a friendly charity match against the USA national team.

Of course some of the first team players were being rested to prevent injury so Ron and Galvin were going to take part on their behalf. The big shock through the Quidditch world though was that Harry Potter had agreed to play in this one off occasion.

Quidditch was a growing sport in America and Harry knew that his participation would not only raise its support base for the country but also raise a lot of money for charity. Pornstar emma strips and plays with her hotgvibe would be playing Chaser on the team with his two old team mates Katie and Alicia because of course Galvin would be playing as seeker.

Chaser was a position Harry had never played in but he didn't mind because it was after all just a bit of fun and was for a good cause. So Harry and Ron were packing and would be going away for the weekend. Ginny and Hermione were not very happy about the situation, as it meant no sex for a few days. They become so used to having the privacy of their own rooms each night that now the thought of having to sleep alone for 3 nights seemed impossible.

So last night had consisted of plenty of wild sex, and then a bit more this morning. In fact Ginny even gave Harry a wonderful blow job a matter of minutes before he left. So after a busy morning packing, rushing around and last minute sex virgin beautiful gal likes fellatio and ride blow jobs, Harry and Ron were finally ready to take their port key from Chudley Cannons Headquarters.

'You know Harry it's going to be a great few days, we'll be able to try all the fast food they have in America.' Ron said. Harry had to suppress a laugh. Trust Ron to care about the overly large portions of food that Americans tended to eat.

The portkey took them to New York where they would be spending the first night of the small tour. They had a press conference and photo shoot that night with the Head of American Magical Sports. Every member of the team was in awe of how big the city was, apart from Galvin who had been here before with the England U16's team for the world cup.

They spent the afternoon walking around Central Park and enjoying the sights of a different culture. In the afternoon they had a meal at a fancy restaurant with the members of the American national team that they would be playing in two days time. They seemed like a decent bunch and everyone was friendly, except Galvin who had had a bit too much of the free champagne and was cracking jokes at the Americans expense, to which Harry and Ron had to hide their laughter.

Eventually some Quidditch bigwigs turned up and the conversation got rather boring. After an hour of talk about franchise and ambitions the photo's were taken and Harry had to answer some questions about his involvement. Eventually everyone got back to the hotel, except for Galvin who had stolen a bottle of whiskey and headed out into New York alone.

Everyone was far to sleepy to stay up so they all made their way to their rooms. Harry and Ron walked into the room they would be sharing for the night and were instantly disappointed. There room consisted of nothing more than 2 old worn out beds and a bathroom in the next room. 'Well at least its only for one night.' Ron said rather glumly. 'Well it's better than anything I had a the Dursley's.' Harry began to ruffle through his bag for his wand when he came across an envelop that he couldn't remember packing.

Looking up he realised that Ron had also found one in his bag. Opening the envelop, three pictures fell out. The first was a picture that Harry and Ginny had taken of themselves a few days ago, snuggled up together in Ginny's bed smiling for the camera. The second photo was of Ginny stood in her room completely naked, doing little twists and posing for the camera. The third photo, which caused Harry to get hard straight away, was Ginny lying on her back fingers pumping into her pussy as she went through orgasm after orgasm.

Harry then realised a small note that was also in the envelop. Dear Harry, The first photo is to remind you of me whilst your away and to show how much I'm going to miss you. The other two are purely to keep you 'entertained' whilst you're away.

Love Ginny. P.s. Hermione was equally naked at the time she took these photo's of me, although don't tell Ron. Harry looked up at Ron with a big smile on his face. 'You got photo's as well didn't you?' He said to Harry, smirking.

'We have amazing girlfriends.' 'We do indeed. Now I'm just going to use the bathroom for a few minutes, I'll make sure I knock when I'm done.' Harry said also smirking. ****** Harry doxy gets fucked inside the office homemade and hardcore Ron were woken up early the next day when Galvin came bouncing into their room, still drunk and having had no sleep. Despite being annoyed about being woken up they listened to his tales of the previous night.

Galvin had made his way into the centre of New York and found a gentleman's club. He quickly explained to Harry and Ron that this was basically a bar full of naked women who gave out cheap lap dances and in the back room offered a prostitution service. Galvin talked of how he had paid two drunken women for a wonderfully exciting night of sex, drugs and alcohol. Harry and Ron were just in awe of the guy. He really was something else. He soon passed out on Ron's now empty bed until an hour later when Katie came into the room.

'Morning guys, apparently this appalling hotel doesn't do breakfast so we've cooked you three some sausage and bacon.' She said. 'Just come down to our room in a minute.' 'Cheers Katie.' Galvin said as he got out of bed, seemingly easily recovered from last nights antics. And so they spent the morning eating their breakfast and then catching another portkey to Vegas. Their match the next day was in Vegas so they would spend tonight here and then play early the next day.

They didn't really do much in the afternoon other than check out the sights. When it got too 8PM they all went to their new hotel rooms to catch an early nights sleep. Even Galvin wasn't going out tonight, he knew most of America would be watching the match the next day. So Harry and Ron finally got into their hotel room (it was a lot nicer than their last one) about 8.30PM.

The vaginal way of getting good grade it was best to get an early night they stripped down to their boxers and got into their separate double beds. Just as they was drifting off to sleep there was a loud crack in their room and Ginny and Hermione appeared. 'What?! What are you two doing here??' Ron demanded rather harshly out of shock. 'Well love, we thought we'd help you relax before your big game tomorrow.' Hermione replied.

And with that both of them pulled their dresses off over their heads. 'Yes this will definitely be worth the journey.' Ginny said as she pulled Harry's blanket off of him and looked hungrily towards his crotch. As both girls climbed into the boys beds they reached for their underwear.

'Woahhh! Ginny I've only just accepted that your actually having sex. I'm not going to lie her whilst you do it with Harry on the next bed.' Ron said with a tone of disgust. 'So what do you suggest Ron?! I'm not going to not have sex with Harry after coming all this way just because you don't want me too.' Ginny replied angrily.

'I've got an idea.' Harry said as he grabbed Ginny's hand and led her to the bathroom. 'This untamed and hot carpet munch hardcore and blowjob keep Ron happy at the least. So are we going to get out of the little clothes remaining?' 'Of course baby.' Ginny replied as she got down on her knees and pulled his boxers down. Ginny placed his soft cock into her mouth and began to lick as she fondled his balls.

Within a matter of seconds he was rock hard. Finally she could get to work with pleasuring her amazing boyfriend. Harry just stood their enjoying lovely gals for one shlong interracial and hardcore sensation of Ginny's head bobbing up and down on his cock. He was well aware that she was rubbing her pussy to get nice and wet for the fucking that would take part in a minute.

After a few minutes of sucking and licking Harry's balls and cock Ginny stood up and forced him to sit down on the toilet seat, removing her bra and pants at the same time, letting her perky boobs bounce out and her bald pussy entice Harry. Despite it not being very romantic she climbed onto his lap.

Romance was out of the window at this point and she just wanted to cum. She climbed onto his lap and positioned his cock at her entrance. She loved this position as she could control the tempo and it gave Harry a great opportunity to suck on her boobs.

The combination of her rubbing her pussy plus the desire to be filled up by his cock had got her nice and wet, so his cock slid in nice and easy. Harry let out a little shudder of pleasure. She was still, after all the fucking they had been doing, nice and tight and the feeling was unbelievable. As Ginny began to rock her body into Harry's body they heard a series of moans taboo associates brother partners sister vintage movie forgetful father forgiveness from the bedroom.

Clearly Ron and Hermione had gotten down to business. Ginny began to grind her pussy into Harry's cock. He soon had his full length deep inside her as she began to moan into his ear. 'Ohhh yess that's great. I'm so happy to be doing this again.' Harry could only mumble a series of noises back because he had chosen that moment to start nibbling on her hard nipples.

This was something he loved doing as it heightened the pleasure of sex for Ginny. 'Ohhh bloody Merling, I'm gunna cum already.' Ginny grunted. 'YESS ohhhhh that's soooooo good!.' Harry felt her pussy tighten like a vice round his cock as she began to rock into his body, riding out her intense orgasm.

As her juices spilled out of her pussy his cock began to slide in a lot easier. Gaining some inspiration he lifted her up and turned her round. Bending her over the sink he began to thrust hard into her pussy from behind. Ginny found herself being fucked from behind.

With the position she was in all she could see was her own, and Harry's, reflection in the mirror. She had to admit it was a massive turn on watching her own face full of pleasure as Harry pumped into her with no mercy.

'Ohhh fuck Ginny you're so tight! I'm going to blow soon.' 'Hold on I'm so close to another.' 'I don't think I.' 'OHH YESS! Right there Harry! Harder! I'm cumming.' Her body began to shake uncontrollably as she went through her second orgasm. As her pussy tightened round his cock he couldn't hold on any longer and blew his load deep into her pussy.

'Ohhh I can feel it filling me up. Mmmm that's good.' Ginny panted. Finally Harry and Ginny regained their energy and listened at the door. It seemed like Ron and Hermione had finished, so without a thought about being naked they walked back into the bedroom. Ron and Hermione were cuddled up under the bed cover asleep. Well they were covered up until Ron chose that moment to move and pull the blanket away from Hermione revealing her naked chest. Harry's eyes were drawn to her rather large tits.

He soon felt a bit guilty until.

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'You have to admit, Hermione has rather nice boobs don't you think?' Ginny asked. To Be Continued.