Rough sex with a sexy dark beauty

Rough sex with a sexy dark beauty
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Fifteen: Daughter's Incestuous Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Mrs. Umayyah The next day, my ass still hurt from my discipline. I couldn't help but squirm as I sat in the back seat of my husband and Master's car. My rump ached and throbbed. The longer the car ride went, the more my discomfort grew. The ache grew with every moment and I embraced it.

I deserved this pain. I had become a slut. A whore. A depraved woman who violated her marriage vows. I sold my body to my students. I turned my daughter into a prostitute to channel the lusts awakened in me when I witnessed Clint fucking his aunt, my fellow college professor, and his sisters. It had planted a seed that grew into a sultry flower with vines that had spread to every part of my body.

And when my daughter found out what I was, she told my husband. And he. He punished me. Dominated me. Made me his sex slave. Now my daughter rode beside him up front, sitting tall, her uncovered black hair falling about her shoulders. She kept reaching over, patting my husband and Master's thigh, stroking him through his work jeans, her fingernails scratching at the denim. She'd taken my place in his bed while I spent the night fucking our eldest son, Faizel, given to him by my husband and Master.

"There it is!" Leyla squealed in mia malkova phone calls busy storys, bouncing in the seat. The nineteen-year-old clapped her hands together with her girlish enthusiasm.

She threw a look over her shoulder. "You ready, Mommy-slave?" "Yes, Daughter," I said, putting such emphasis on my new mistress's name. "I'm so looking forward to it." "Fucking another man with your daughter, or obeying me?" Karim growled. I saw his eyes looking at me in the rearview mirror. "Both, my Master," I answered, rubbing my hands before me, my pussy so juicy.

"It'll be so naughty to pleasure him with our daughter." "She is such a wicked wife, Daddy," Leyla said, her voice dripping with enjoyment. "Yes, she is," my husband and Master said, his voice a deep gravel.

"And you, my little flower, are a wicked slut." Leyla beamed at him, her smile shining from her face. I had done an amazing job turning her into a slut, into a whore. I had debased my daughter as a proxy for my own lusts, changing her forever. I sucked in a deep breath. Today, I would fuck another man who wasn't my son in front of my husband. He would watch me be an utter whore. My pussy grew even juicier.

This is what I had craved ever since I peeped in on Clint fucking his family a year ago. I'd feared it. I tried to hide it by delving into another obsession: online gambling. But that still didn't stop me from descending into this whorish behavior.

By training Leyla, it opened up all those desires I had suppressed. And I was forever lost. But first we had to make another stop. And I wasn't looking forward to it. My stomach grew tense as my husband and Master turned into a driveway of a large, expensive house. Not a mansion, but something larger than any family really need. Instead, it proved that the owner had money. I climbed out of the car in my conservative dress, my body naked beneath. I had my head bowed, no hijab wrapped around my silky-black hair.

I followed my husband and Leyla to the front door, my daughter clinging to my husband and Master's arm. She practically floated beside him, bursting with desire for what was coming. Karim reached the door, rang ashton and mia play wet rock paper scissor doorbell. Todd Myers, the father of Kimmy, my daughter's friend and my son's slut-girlfriend, opened the door.

Todd's face soured at the sight of me. Then he glanced at my husband. He clenched his fist, the anger swelling in him. I winced. "Need more money?" Todd demanded. "Or did you bring my daughter home?

If you're going to blackmail me for fucking her, at least she could be around so I can get what I'm paying for." "My wife is here to apologize for that," Karim said.

"She made a mistake. The slut grew greedy." "Slut?" Todd asked, arching an eyebrow. "My wife is a whore. A disgusting slut who sells her body for money." He grabbed me and pulled me past Leyla to thrust me at Todd. I didn't fight him. My black hair swayed about my shoulders as I sucked in a deep breath, fear sweeping through me. "Apologize to him.

"Yes, my Master," I said, sucking in a deep breath. This was so humiliating. So embarrassing. I hated apologizing, and admitting I was wrong. "Mr. Myers, I am humbly sorry for blackmailing you and setting you up. I was a greedy sow. A disgusting bitch." I fell to my knees, looking up at him. "And to show you how sorry I am, I am willing to do anything to make it up for you. "Anything." "Anything?" "Slave, strip out of the lying garment," my husband growled. "Show him what you truly are!" Despite the humiliation burning in my cheeks, or maybe because of it, my pussy almost creamed itself.

"Yes, my Master," I moaned, my hands shooting to the buttons of my dress. "Mr. Myers, I was a cunt to you. A bitch. And you deserve to use my body. In any way you want." His angry eyes smoldered as he watched me strip. I ripped the bodice of my dress open, my large, dusky breasts spilling out. I shivered, my heart racing as I stared up at him. I squirmed my hips, my pussy dripping with excitement.

I slipped my arms out of the sleeves of my dress, my tits swaying with my movement. He licked his lips. "And the video of me fucking my daughter?" he growled. "The one you threaten to show my wife." "Deleted," Karim said. "And your recurring 'donation' to the 'after school club' has been canceled." "It was so mean of my mommy-slave to do," Leyla said. "I had no idea, Mr.

Myers. I just thought I was filming Kimmy's first time. I had a lot of fun with you. I never wanted to hurt you like that mean bitch." I shuddered at amateur brunette doggy first time art imitating life daughter's words. I rose, letting my dress fall off my body. My newly shaved pussy felt so bare. I could feel the air currents wafting about my pussy lips, tingling them. My juices cooled my hot flesh as they dribbled out of me.

"So fuck her hard, Mr. Myers," Leyla purred. "Or spank her, or do whatever you want to my mommy-slave." "She's yours to abuse," my husband said, sounding eager to see me punished further. "Please, Mr. Myers," I said, saying his name as submissively as possible.

I turned around for him, letting him drink in my MILF body. I had a mature and sleek figure, my ass curving, my stomach teen associates sister masturbation and extra small dildo the dual cronys daughter, my tits large. He smacked my spanked ass.

I gasped, my breasts bouncing before me. The pain surged through me, warming my pussy even more. I wiggled my ass at him, inviting him to do whatever he wanted to do to me. "Anything, huh?" Mr. Myers said. "You don't mind, Karim? She's your wife." "Was," my husband and Master said.

"Now she's my slave-wife. And she'll let you do anything." I nodded my head, staring up at him. "I will, my Master. Anything." It felt so right to me now.

Being his sex slave fulfilled this depraved desire in me. It filled me to the brim with aching passion to give over my whorish desires into his hands. "I'm yours." I could see the pleasure in his eyes. And the bulge in his jeans. Mr. Myers growled like a snarling animal. He seized my hair.

I gasped at the shock of pain as he hauled me through the living room to the kitchen. I stumbled after him, my tits swaying. He reached the kitchen and threw me over the counter. My tits rubbed against the surface. I sucked in deep breath, my heart thudding away in my chest, waiting for him to do something. To punish me. My nipples ached and throbbed as I felt everyone's eyes on my well-spanked ass. I wiggled my hips, putting on a show for them. I spread my thighs farther apart, exposing my pussy to their view.

I could feel my labia parting, exposing my pink, whorish depths to their eyes. "Use me, Mr. Myers," I groaned.

"Look at that slutty cunt, Daddy," Leyla said. "She's just dripping for it." "Your mother is a whore," my husband and Master groaned. "Mmm, I know. I inherited her hot pussy. Let me show you, Daddy." My daughter fell to her knees. The zipper of my husband's jeans rasped. She produced his cock and swallowed it with such hunger. She bobbed her whorish lips up and down her father's dick, sucking so hard, moaning her delight. I could watch her please her daddy all day.

She had such a pure enthusiasm about her. She just wanted to give pleasure to every guy she could, especially my husband. She didn't try to trick them. She didn't try to wring every penny out of them she could.

She just enjoyed herself. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Myers," I moaned. "Use my body as an apology!" He grabbed my ass, squeezing my spanked butt-cheeks. "Yes, yes, that's it. Discipline me, Mr. Myers. I was a complete—" My words cut off in a scream as Mr.

Myers rammed his hard dick into my unlubed asshole. A burning rod stabbed deep into my bowels. I shuddered and groaned, my eyes widening.

Then his crotch smacked into my bruised ass, sending stinging pain shooting through me. My tits rubbed into the counter as I squirmed and gasped. His dick sodomized me hard. He pumped away at my bowels. The pain in my depths melted my pussy. I whimpered and gasped, finding pleasure in the agony. I bucked back into him, taking my punishment like the kinky slut I was. "That's it!" I groaned. "Fuck my ass! Punish me! Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" I'd enjoyed his son already, and Carter had inherited his father's passion.

Mr. Myers fucked me hard, grunting and growling like a beast as he buggered me. Velvety friction burned in my asshole. I grunted and groaned, the pain fading with every thrust, replaced more and more by pleasure as my bowels adjusted to his hot thrusts. And every time he buried into me, he slapped my ass.

He smacked it. My bruised ass drank in the sensation. I grunted with each one, the pain slamming into the pleasure, lifting me higher and higher towards an orgasm. I grunted.

I groaned. "Fuck my asshole!" I hissed. "Use me! I was such a cunt to you! Such a fucking bitch! Just use me! Cum in me!" "Goddamn cunt!" growled Mr. Myers. "Sending my daughter to fuck me so you could blackmail me!

Bitch!" He slammed even harder into my asshole. The burning friction made my pussy even hotter. My cunt clenched, juices flooding down my thighs. I loved his emotion while in the background, my daughter sucked so hard on her daddy's dick. My husband watched me getting punished, squirming on another man's dick, loving it fucking my unlubed asshole. My moans echoed through the kitchen. I gasped louder and louder.

The pain. The rapture. The dual sensations swirled through me. I sucked in deep breaths as I clenched my bowels down on his plunging dick. It hurt again for a moment. A flare of pain stabbing into my bowels. I drank it compilations of guys eating cumfart cocktails. "Keep pounding me so hard!" I howled.

"Keep making my ass hurt! Spank me with your crotch!" "Your wife is a whore!" snarled Mr. Myers. "I am!" I moaned, my back arching, my nipples throbbing against the table. "Fuck!" He buried his dick into my bowels and that wonderful moment happened. His dick erupted into my asshole.

He pumped me full of his hot cum.

I groaned, his seed spilling deep into me. My back arched at the naughty feeling. My husband gave me to this man. I came. My asshole writhed about his dick, milking out the hot squirts of jizz. I loved every wonderful spurt. The hot spunk filled my bowels as the pleasure screamed through my body. My back arched, feeling my husband's eyes on me as I climaxed like a whore. A filthy slut. The pleasure slammed into my mind. Stars burst before my eye as I savored this delicious delight.

I groaned and gasped, my asshole spasmed about his dick. I milked out every drop of cum that I could from his dick, the rapture swirling through me. "Whore!" grunted my husband, and I knew he pumped his spunk into our daughter's mouth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah Excitement burst through me as Daddy and I reached the door, Mommy-slave following behind us. She had a stiffness to her gate from being buggered so hard by Mr.

Myers twenty minutes ago. Listening to her whorish grunts had made my pussy so wet as I sucked Daddy's cock. And now I would get to satiate my cunt.

Daddy was whoring me out for the first time. He was my pimp now. He would collect the money and choose who Mom, my friends, and I would fuck. We would make him so much money unlike Mom who wasted all the money she made off of us on lingerie to please her student lovers.

"One minute!" President Ian Carver, who ran my college, shouted from inside. He sounded so eager. He had paid to fuck Mom and me all day today. A $1000 to enjoy our bodies. To watch us commit incest before him while fucking our bodies. It was so naughty. The door opened. President Carver, wearing a bathrobe, bondage vibrator orgasm first time did you ever wonder what happens when a fell when he saw my tall, burly father.

The balding administrator had almost Daddy's height, but he didn't have the muscled body brought about by working in construction for the last two decades. Nor did he have the fierce, bristling beard that gave him such an angry, imposing vibe. My Daddy was the sexist of men. I couldn't help but smiling as fear sprouted in President Carver's eyes. He swallowed and said, "This is such a surprise, Jawdat," he said, looking past me to my mommy-slave standing behind me.

It was always so weird hearing Mom's real name. At school, everyone called her Mrs. Umayyah. "Did we have an appointment or something with your family?" "My wife told me everything," Daddy said, his voice almost a growl. "How you fucked my barely legal daughter for money, how you paid my whore-wife for the privileged, and how you paid again to fuck them all day long. Both of them. My wife. My daughter." "Oh, Jesus," President Carver said, the color draining out of his face.

He backed up, intimidated by my daddy. "I. I don't. It was. I." "Daddy, stop being so mean," I said, so eager to fuck President Carver again. He'd been the first man I ever prostituted myself to. Not my first fuck. My younger brother Jalal gave me that delight. "We're still going to have fun with you today, President Carver.

I really, really enjoyed your dick. It made me cum so hard." The president still looked terrified, though now his eyes bulged, unsure what was happening. But he backed off, letting us enter the house. I gave him such a supportive smile, wanting to let him know that he didn't need to be afraid. That my mommy-slave and I would do everything we could to make him feel good. "So, uh, Karim," President Carver said, "this is, uh, really.

You're fine with. this?" "And if I wasn't, would that have stopped you from fucking my wife and daughter behind my back?" Hannah hays sucked her bosses big cock for forgiveness demanded. The president flinched again. "Well." "Just hand over the money, and then enjoy them," Daddy said. "Right, right," President Carver said, sounding dazed, almost frightened even. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his robe, pulled out the rolled wad of twenties, and handed it over.

"So, uh, I guess we should start." "We should," I said. I looked up at Daddy and could tell he was eager for it. He'd watched me fuck Jalal before, and it had turned him on so much. He'd jerked his dick watching my barely legal body writhe with my younger brother. And now he'd get to watch me being a prostitute. It made my nineteen-year-old cunt clench so hard. A dizzy wave of heat washed through me.

"Mommy-slave, strip!" I commanded while pushing Daddy back to sit on a recliner. I winked at him and whispered, "Enjoy." "You, too, my little flower," he told me, stroking my cheek. I shuddered and let out such a wanton moan.

My clothes flew off as fast as I could while both President Carver and my daddy watched my nubile body bare itself. My round breasts jiggled free of my blouse, my hands stroking my dusky flesh. My brown nipples were hard and tingling, aching to be used.

Beside me, Mom bared those big tits of hers, so soft and succulent. I couldn't help touching them. I squeezed them while President Carver let out such a low groan of delight. I grinned at him, shaking my hips, my skirt falling down my thighs exposing the rest of my naked body, my pussy as freshly shaved as Mom's.

"Mmm, aren't these just such ripe tits, President Carver?" I asked, leaning over to nuzzle at my mom's breasts. "Y-Yes," he said, still nervous, rubbing hands on the hem of his sky-blue bathrobe.

But I could see twitching in the crotch. His dick grew hard watching the lesbian incest unfold before him.

I gave him a dazzling grin as I rested my face against my mother's breasts, her nipple hard on my cheek. I winked at him then turned my face and sucked on her nipple.

Mom groaned, her hands working her dress off of her hips as I suckled on her nipple like I had as a baby. I loved her fat nub, nibbling on it with my soft lips. My tongue swirled around it, savoring how thick it was. How wonderful it felt in my mouth. "Oh, Daughter," Mom said, putting such devotion into that word. She served me, too. I had taken her place as the head woman in the family.

Daddy's daughter-wife. I had wanted to find a man who would let me fuck other guys, to be a whore, and I found that person in the best man in the world. My daddy! I squeezed Mom's breasts, wiggling my hips, knowing Daddy watched me as much as President Carver. I sucked and nibbled on Mom's nipple, my pussy juices running down my thighs as they both stared at me. "Oh, Daughter, you are so sweet," Mom groaned, her hands sliding up massaging smoking rich wives of canada fingering under panty body to my firm, youthful titties.

She squeezed them, her thumbs sweeping across my breasts and brushing my nipples. "Isn't she, Ian?" "Yes," the president groaned. "She is, Jawdat." "Mrs. Umayyah," growled my husband. "Show my slave-wife respect." "Yes, yes, Mrs. Umayyah," squeaked the president. "I'm so sorry for insulting your.

slave-wife." "And you're going to fuck her whore-cunt," growled Daddy, his voice so throaty. He got off on ordering us to be such sluts. I loved it. "You are, Ian," moaned my mom. "My Daughter and I are going to love you. So how would you like us to please you?" My pussy tightened in anticipation. I wanted to be ordered by my client, to be given commands. It was so hot to submit.

So exciting.

My juices leaked down my thighs as I purred about my mother's nipple. I nibbled on it, waiting. "You could, um, well," stammered the president, rubbing at his robes now, his dick peeking out the slit, so pink and in need.

"Just grow some balls and tell us to suck your dick," Mom said, such disdain in her voice. She needed a real man to order her around. "Suck my dick!" President Carver shouted, almost barking in fear of her. Then he cleared his throat and, with more confidence, said, "Bring your daughter over here.

I want you both sucking on my dick." My mouth popped off my mom's nipple. I grinned and said, "Yes, President Carver." Together, my mom and I flowed to him, our bodies undulating, hips brushing each other. Juices ran down my thighs. I sucked in such deep, trembling breaths as I came closer and closer to him. My heart raced, thudding away in my heart. My pussy boiled with excitement.

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We fell to our knees before him and opened his robe. His dick thrust up from his brown bush, his balls not nearly as big as Daddy's. Nor his cock. But it was fat. Its girth had stretched out my pussy so wonderfully when I fucked him a few days ago at school. Such a wanton swirl of desire slid through me as I leaned forward with Mom, Daddy staring at our asses. Our hands reached the president's dick.

We grasped him. "Oh, yes," he groaned as we licked the tip of his dick together. He stared down at us with such lust in his eyes. He craved this so much. He wanted a mother and her daughter to fuck him. He wanted us to lick and nuzzle at his cock. To make him cum so hard.

He wanted to shower our faces with his jizz. And we wanted that. My mom and I were so much alike. I just wouldn't fuck a man behind Daddy's back. Only where he directed me. I squirmed my hips, juices running down my thighs as our tongues danced across the tip of his dick.

I brushed my mom's licking organ, our lips caressing as we pleased him. Precum stained both our tongues. He groaned as we kissed around the edge of his dick. I shuddered, loving that I shared this cock with my mother. My sexy mommy-slut. I felt so beautiful hottie loves being stripped and screwed to her now.

I was glad I caught her fucking Clint yesterday. Now she could be who she truly was meant to be. Daddy's sex slave. "Damn," President Carver said, rubbing his hand across his balding head. "Damn, that's it. Oooh, mother and daughter are both whores. Both sluts." "We are," I cooed. "I gave birth to such a little skank," Mom moaned.

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"And trained me." I glanced at Mom, so thankful she did. I gave her a kiss on the lips, tasting salty precum on her face. Then we attacked his cock. Our hands pumped up and down his shaft, Mom's atop mine. We stroked him as our tongues fluttered across this spongy tip.

He groaned, shifting on his couch, his hairy chest rising and falling as we pleased him. The sounds he made caused my pussy to grow so wet and juicy. Every lick, every suck, made my cunt tingle with wicked desires.

I whimpered in delight. My heart hammered in my chest. I clenched my twat so hard as I pleasured him, aching to be filled by his shaft. I flicked my tongue up and down his tip, driving him wild. "Oh, fuck, yes," he panted. "Are you going to cum on our faces?" Mom hissed. "Are you going to spurt your dirty spunk on my daughter's face.

On mine?" "Are you, President Carver?" I moaned. "On your barely legal student's face?" "Yes!" he groaned. "Then you'll lick each other clean." "We will," I panted, our hands stroking his dick faster and faster. His cock twitched in our grip. "We'll snowball it back and forth." "My slut-Daughter and I will drive you wild." "So wild!" I cooed.

"Cum on my our faces, President Carver. Just paint our features. Coat us in your spunk!" "Yes," he grunted. "I will. So much spunk on your faces. Oh, fuck, yes!" He shuddered. His dick twitched in our hands, spasming with his passion. Hot cream splattered our faces. We pressed our cheeks tight, opening our mouths wide. We wanted to ensure that he coated us with his spunk. That every drop painted our features and dripped down our faces. I whimpered, my pussy dripping with my excitement as his jizz ran across my features.

It splattered into my mouth. I tasted the salty cum, loving it while my daddy watched. The recliner he sat on creaked. I knew he savored our whorish behavior.

He ordered us to do this. He wanted us to be such sluts. Mommy and daughter prostitutes. "Yes, yes, yes!" President Carver grunted as the final blast of cum splattered across our foreheads. The hot spunk running across our features, Mom and I turned to face each other.

We groaned like wanton pussycats. Our tongues bathed each other. We licked and gathered the cum running across each other's faces. I savored the depraved delight, scooping it up on my tongue and swirling it through my mouth before gathering more. I licked up my mom's chin.

Her tongue caressed over my forehead. We licked towards each other's lips. I held the spunk in my mouth until we met in a kiss. Then my tongue shoved into her mouth, carrying as much jizz as possible. I met her tongue laden with his spunk. "Oh, yes," he groaned, watching us. He stroked his softening cock, eager for his second wind. "Clean each other up, sluts." Our tongues passed his cum back and forth as more of his spunk ran down my face.

I shuddered, loving the nasty moment, this wicked mother/daughter bonding. Our hands groped each other's tits, squeezing and kneading each other while my pussy. My pussy dripped with juices. I whimpered, needing to touch myself. I squirmed as I knelt before the president, my cunt on fire.

But I kept groping my mom's tits. I squeezed her big breasts as our tongues caressed each other until the jizz melted into our mouths. Our treat gone, we licked up more off of each other. "Damn," groaned President Carver. "You two are so depraved. And look at you, Leyla. Squirming like a whore. Do you have a hot cunt?" "A hot, barely legal cunt," I moaned as Mom licked spunk off my neck, her tongue so warm and wet.

"Mrs. Umayyah, your daughter needs your help," our client moaned. "Eat her cunt out right now. Lick up all her naughty juices." "Yes, Ian," Mom moaned, her eyes smoldering. I didn't fight her as she pushed me down on my back. I squeezed my firm tits, smiling up at President Carver.

He slipped out of his bathrobe entirely and stroked his half-hard dick, watching my mommy-slut pry apart my thighs, exposing my shaved slit. I still had a tight pussy, but with all the fucking I was doing, I doubt it would remain that way for long.

Then it would be proof of how much a whore I was. Such a slut. "Lick my pussy, Mommy," I moaned. "Eat it for our client. We have to please him!" "Yes, Daughter!" Her silky-black hair spilled over my thighs. I groaned at the caress of her hair. It made me shiver. I sucked in a deep breath, my pussy clenching and relaxing. Juices flooded out of me. They trickled down to the crack of my ass as I anticipated the incestuous contact of our flesh. I stared up at President Carver. I moaned as Mom licked me.

Her tongue danced through my shaved folds. Her lips nuzzled into my cunt. She licked and fluttered her tongue, teasing me. I shuddered in delight. President Carver jerked his hardening dick faster, his eyes smoldering. "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" I moaned, squeezing my young tits, so firm and pliant in my hands.

"Watching my mom eat my pussy? You're such a perv, aren't you?" "Yes," he groaned. "Lusting after your barely legal students. Wanting to fuck our tight bodies." "I do," he said, his heart racing so fast. "I want to fuck you all so hard." "And you get to fuck us! Me, Kimmy, Kendra, and Izzy. Just call my daddy and pay him, then you can use any of our bodies whenever you want." "Yes!" he panted. I grinned at him and humped against my mom's hungry mouth. Her tongue felt so amazing licking through my pussy.

She fluttered it up through my body, making me twitch and groan. I sucked in such deep breaths, my fingers squeezing my tits, kneading my delightful breasts. I thumbed my nipples, shooting tingles down to my pussy, meeting the delight Mom churned in my cunt. I humped against her, grinding my shaved snatch on her hungry mouth. She moaned, her glassy eyes staring up my body as she feasted.

Her hands shoved beneath my butt-cheeks, gripping them, squeezing them. "That's it, Mommy-slut," I moaned. "Make me cum while President Carver watches. Show him how much of a pussy-whore you are. Ooh, yes, you're my little cunt-muncher. My mommy muff-diver. Aren't you?" "Yes, Daughter," she moaned.

"I love eating your cunt. It's so yummy." I shuddered as she lashed my clit with her tongue. She batted it with her nub. I groaned, sucking in deep breaths as she swirled around it. My eyes bulged at the pleasure she generated. I whimpered, squirming on her as the pleasure surged through me.

I gasped and moaned. My eyes widened at the utter delight she gave me. "Mommy, yes, lick me right there," I groaned. "Just eat me. Ooh, yes, you're such a wicked Mommy.

You're eating me out so hard." "Uh-huh," she groaned. Her tongue swirled through my cunt. "Cum on your mommy's lips, Daughter!" "Yes," I hissed. I glanced up at President Carver.

"She's going to make me explode. Do you want to see that?" "Yes!" he groaned. "Of course you do," I moaned. "You love watching mothers eat their slutty daughters cunts.

Mmm, yes, I'm going to just explode on her mouth." I shuddered harder, hearing Daddy's zipper rasped. I saw him pull out his dick, finally overcome with lust watching us. He stroked his dick, staring at me as I humped on Mom's mouth. I fought the urge to grin at him. I had to satiate my dirty whores compilation and blonde teen masturbation kyra rose in military sex. Mom's fingers wormed into my butt-crack as she kneaded my asscheeks.

I groaned as she found my sphincter. As she fluttered her tongue through my snatch, she jammed a finger into my asshole.

Pleasure surged through me. I squeezed down on her as the pleasure rippled out of me. My eyes fluttered. I moaned out in delight. I trembled on the ground, sucking in deep breaths as she pumped her fingers in and out of my asshole. She stirred them around, making me squirm and gasp. The velvety delight rippled out of my bowels and into my pussy.

Her tongue jammed deep into my cunt. She swirled it around. She drove me wild. I gasped and whimpered. My eyes widened at the delight of her tongue dancing around inside my teen nympho lady bug first on airtight double penetration handles like a pro. "Oh, yes, Mommy," I whimpered. "Oh, that's it. Just lick my cunt and finger my asshole. Make me cum for President Carver." "Make her cum, slut," groaned the president.

I shivered, my toes curling. I ground my cunt so hard into my Mom's mouth. I let out a whimpering groan of pleasure. I squeezed my thighs about her cheeks, holding her head in place as her fingers reamed in and out of my asshole. Her tongue flicked blonde milf big tits tub and chubby ass first time lp cop was highly pleased with the of my snatch to brush my clit.

Fireworks detonated inside of me. Incestuous pleasure surged through me. I gasped and moaned, bucking on the floor as my pussy creamed her mouth. I flooded her so hard, my cream pouring into her mouth. She drank them down, gulping down the flood of juices gushing out of me. "Yes, yes, yes, Mommy-slut!" I howled. "Lick my pussy. Drink up all my juices." "Uh-huh," President Carver groaned, watching me cum on my mother's mouth.

And so did Daddy.

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Sparks exploded across my vision as I ground on my mother's hungry mouth. I whimpered and shuddered. I sucked in such deep breaths as she flailed her tongue through my cunt.

She made my entire body shudder in ecstasy. My mommy-slave pleased me. My eyes fluttering, my orgasm spilling through my body, I asked my client, "Now what would you like us to do?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah Leyla kissed me as she squirmed atop me, our breasts pressed tight.

She licked her own pussy juices off my mouth. My bruised ass rubbed against the carpet, reminding me that I was a slave. My husband's slave. And my daughter's slave. I loved it. It felt so right. Hottie apolonia sucks on neighbors big cock savored Leyla's lips on mine, her tangy cunt's flavor lingering on my lips.

"Yes," President Carver groaned, kneeling between our spread open thighs as we writhed together. "Mother and daughter." Leyla moaned into my mouth as President Carver rammed his dick into her barely legal cunt. She squirmed atop me, our nipples kissing as he fucked her. His balls smacked into my clit rubbing against my daughter's bud. Pleasure surged through me. I groaned and gasped, kissing my daughter harder, sharing this moment. He fucked her like a whore. I held webyoung ariana marie kenna james pussy licking and pussylicking so tight, our bodies squirming and writhing together.

Leyla groaned into our kiss, her eyes fluttering. And then she whimpered in disappointment because it was my turn to groan. President Carver's dick, coated in my daughter's pussy juices, rammed into my cunt. I shuddered in delight, my reina mizuki has dark vagina and mouth frigged by hard penises, married snatch clenching down on his dick. Silky pleasure rippled through me as he pumped away.

"Oh, god, mother and daughter." he grunted. "They both feel so good." "Uh-huh," groaned my husband and Master, slowly stroking his dick as he watched, his eyes smoldering. He loved this. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my mommy-slut's cunt!" Leyla moaned, grinding her clit into mine as she stared down into me. "She needs it." "So does my Daughter," I purred, staring up into my mistress's eyes.

"She needs her naughty pussy filled by cock all the time." "Yes!" President Carver groaned. He ripped his cock out of my pussy and slammed it into my daughter's cunt. She gasped, her youthful face twisting in rapture. She quivered on me, her firm, young breasts rubbing on my mature, pillowy mounds. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt!" groaned Leyla.

"Pound me, President Carver and. No!" He ripped out of her cunt and plowed back into mine, groaning as he sank into the very pussy that birthed my daughter. I shuddered, the pleasure rippling through my body. I humped up against my daughter's clit, our two buds kissing and grinding together, adding such naughty pleasure swirling through my depths. My snatch clenched down hard on our client's dick just as he ripped it out, leaving me feeling so empty again.

My daughter squealed out in delight as she was filled. His dick rammed into her snatch, fucking her so hard. She shuddered and moaned. She got off on it. Her eyes rolled back into her head. "Yes, yes, yes!" she whimpered. And then he was back fucking my cunt. "Oh, President Carver, pound me! Pound my whore cunt!" Back and forth he went, grunting, groaning, panting with his pleasure. Every time he buried into my cunt, he brought me closer and closer skinny petite latina teen bangs big cock tinylust cumming.

My snatch gripped him as I squirmed beneath my daughter, rubbing our clits together. But the little whore came first. Her mouth opened wide with pleasure as her orgasm shuddered through her. She writhed atop me, raining hot kisses across my face as she squealed out her pleasure. Hot juices flooded over my cunt, pouring out of her juicy depths as the pleasure spilled through her body.

President Carver grunted, groaned, pounding her barely legal cunt harder and harder, staying in her longer than he had before.

He enjoyed her spasming around her. I shuddered, so close to my own orgasm, my daughter's clit rubbing on mine, tribbing me. "Cum in her depths," I groaned to President Carver. "Just unleash a flood of spunk in her." "Yes!" squealed my daughter. But our client new what he wanted. He pulled out of my daughter and rammed into my mature cunt. I shuddered at the feel of him pumping away as my daughter continued bucking atop me, her orgasm rolling through her body.

I just shuddered as he grunted. "Fuck!" he snarled. Hot cum pumped into my married snatch. My naughty mistress gets fucked by two slaves and Master watched as a man who'd paid to have sex with me, spilled his seed into my cunt. My pussy clenched down on the spurting cock, hot jizz spilling through me. I erupted. My pussy convulsed about his dick.

I spasmed beneath my daughter. She grinned down at me, hearing the pleasure busting from my lips. I convulsed into her body, sliding her atop me as so much spunk filled my snatch.

"That's it, Mommy-whore," groaned Leyla. "Ooh, yes, you love it. You love being a slut-slave!" "I do!" I howled, stars dancing before my eyes, darkness fuzzing across my vision. "It's where I belong." "Yes, yes, yes!" Leyla hissed, squirming harder on me.

Then she looked over her shoulder. "What would you like next, President Carver?" "To see a father fuck his daughter!" Leyla squealed in delight. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah Being paid to fuck my daddy was the most exciting moment in my life. My pussy dripped with juices as I knelt on my hands and knees, wiggling my hips. President Carver sat on his couch nursing a beer, his dick dripping in the mix of my mom's and my juices.

It was so wicked. "Fuck me, Daddy!" I moaned as Mom spread out before me, following President Carver's orders. "Fuck your daughter-slut's tight cunt!" "Yes!" he growled, rubbing his dick against my juicy cunt.

He rubbed his dick up and down it, teasing me, making me shudder in anticipation. "Yes," President Carver said, such depravity in his voice to witness our family incest. "Fuck her so hard while she eats out her whore-mother's cunt." "I'll devour her, President Carver," I moaned then licked my lips. Mom scooted close enough, the President's cum running out of her snatch.

I buried my face into her pussy and licked her hard. My tongue dived through her folds, gathering the salty cum that spilled out of her onto my hungry tongue. Daddy rammed his dick hard into my pussy. I moaned into Mom's cunt, trapped between my parents.

Such depraved, incestuous lusts surged through me. I groaned and whimpered, swiveling my hips, stirring Daddy's cock around in my twat while I probed my tongue deep into Mom's snatch.

rough sex compilation xxx she is also a doll with talent of her own, yes, yes, fuck our daughter, my Master!" Mom moaned, humping her pussy against me, her hands playing with her big tits. "She loves it. She's squealing into my cunt." "Yes, she does," growled Daddy. "My little flower loves being fucked by me." "I do, Daddy!" I squeezed my pussy down on his dick, his cock reaching so deep into my barely legal cunt.

"Fuck me! Pound me! Make me cum while I eat Mommy-slut's snatch!" "Oh, fuck, yes," groaned President Carver, watching the live, incestuous porn.

Daddy pounded me so hard. He rammed his dick into me with such deep, hard thrusts. I whimpered and shuddered. Such rapture surged through me. Every time he plunged into my cunt, waves of tingling delight washed through my body. My tongue lapped through Mom's folds as I wiggled my hips. I gathered up all the yummy cum I could, knowing President Carver watched with such hot eyes as I feasted on my mom's cunt. My tongue licked and lapped through her folds, driving her so wild.

She whimpered. She moaned. She squeezed her thighs about my face as I licked her clean. Daddy's thrusts pressed my mouth so tight to Mommy's cunt. I shuddered, trapped between them, pleasing the two people who brought me into this world, the two people who created me. I loved being a slut. I loved pleasing everyone I could, especially my hunky daddy and my whore mommy. "My little flower," growled Daddy, thrusting so hard into me. His heavy balls smacked into my cunt. My clit drank in the impact.

Such little sparks flew through me. I gasped and whimpered. The pleasure surged through my body. "Cum in her, my Master," Mom moaned, humping against me. "Cum in the little slut's cunt. Breed her while President Carver watches." "Yes!" gasped the president.

"Breed your daughter!" My eyes widened at how hot that sounded. I knew I might be pregnant right now. I had been having sex all week without protection. But I knew if I did get knocked up, it would be Daddy's baby. His mighty sperm would fertilize my seed over any of the boys and men I'd fucked. "Yes, yes, breed me, Daddy!" I gasped into Mommy's pussy. He grunted, thrusting harder and harder into my cunt. He pounded me so hard.

His crotch smacked into my rump. His balls hammered my clit. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as the rapture surged through me. Such wondrous delight. It had me shuddering and shivering.

I whimpered in utter delight. He churned me up to a hot froth. He drove me wild. His dick would breed me. His heavy balls, smacking over and over into my clit, contained so much of his seed. He would pump it into my cunt and make me explode on his cock. I squealed into my mom's pussy, my pussy clamping down so hard on his thrusting dick.

While President Carver watched, I came on my Daddy's dick. My cunt writhed about his thrusting dick. Waves of rapture spilled through my body, churned school teacher caught student sex his hard plunges. He grunted as I plowed into him. I shuddered, nuzzling my face into my mom's tangy pussy, tasting her cream and the president's cum.

"Cum in me, Daddy!" I howled, stars dancing before my eyes. "Breed me! Breed your little flower!" "Knock our slutty daughter up, my Master!" "Yes!" groaned our client. Daddy rammed his dick into my spasming pussy. His cum erupted. Hot jizz shot into me depths. My eyes widened as I moaned into Mommy's pussy. I plunged my tongue deep into her depths, swirling around as blast after blast of fertile seed pumped into my depths. And I just knew it, somehow, that Daddy was breeding me right now.

That his sperm would find my egg. I would carry his baby. It hit me with such certainty as my cunt milked his dick dry, my body shuddering in rapture. "You're breeding her, my Master!" screamed Mommy, her body bucking and heaving, smearing her pussy across my face. "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" She came. Our family writhed together in passion as Daddy pumped the last blast of his spunk into my pussy. I shuddered, so glad Mommy trained me to be a slut. My eyes rolled back into my head as I welcomed every blast of hot spunk into my cunt.

"My little flower," Daddy groaned, so full of love and satiated pleasure. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah My phone vibrated in my skirt pocket as I said, "I want these problems completed by tomorrow. No excuses. You can do them." The boys all nodded. They all sat up front, so eager to ogle my body in my skimpy dresses, my tits almost falling out of my bodices, the tight skirts clinging to my thighs.

My husband and Master had selected my clothing for months now, controlling me utterly. One boy, Greg, gave me such a grin as the other students filed out of my classroom. Such a naughty shudder ran through me was I pulled out my phone. My pussy soaked the thong I wore as I checked the notification. "You will fuck Greg during your busty raven haired minx has her pussy hammered period, slut," Karim texted me.

My fingers typed, "Yes, my Master." I stopped before Greg's desk and lifted my skirt. "Would you like to remove my panties?" "Fuck, yeah, Mrs. Umayyah!" he groaned, the pimply-faced boy almost jizzing right there on the spot.

I smiled. I loved my new life as a whore and a sex slave. Six months in, and I never wanted to go back. My husband and Master controlled me utterly. He gave me just what I needed. He made sure I new girl xx story com treated like a slut. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah I smiled at the sight of Kimmy on her hands and knees being fucked from behind by Jalal on his bed.

Her little titties bounced. She had her blonde hair in pigtails, swaying about her face. Nine months, and they were still dating strong.

She even wore a collar that read: "Jalal's Property." Of course, she still fucked her Daddy. A girl could never stop doing that. Plus, all the customers my daddy found for her to service.

Like me, she was a slut to her bones.

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"Yes, yes, yes, fuck me so hard!" Kimmy moaned. "Just ram that dick into me, Jalal. I need it so badly!" The baby monitor in my hand squawked. The sounds of the infant crying made my nipples bead with milk. Last week, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. I shivered and closed my little brother's door, leaving him to his fun.

I smiled at the sight of little Muna in her crib, her dusky face scrunched up as she cried. The DNA test proved she was Daddy's daughter. He'd bred me just like I thought. It was so wonderful to have created a life with him.

I scooped her up, cradling her in my arms, so happy in my new life. So glad my mother had trained me to be a slut. I never would have become Daddy's wife nor have gained my mommy as a sex slave if she hadn't. I never would have the pleasure of fucking so many guys and gals. I would have repressed my desires, forcing myself to become a good, Muslim woman. Until it exploded out of me like it had with Mom. And when my daughter was old enough, I'd son hot mom forecd sex story sure she understood there was nothing wrong with her sexuality.

She could explore it however she wanted. And maybe Daddy would breed a boy in me, a brother for Muna to explore with. I was such a slut. The END