Horny blondes just want to get nailed

Horny blondes just want to get nailed
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Part 4 of the series so far. Please read previous chapters for background. Enjoy. ******************************************************************** *****Polyjuice Potion and the squib chapter 4 Sarah 3******* ******************************************************************** I was watching one of the tapes I had made of Sarah the next day when I heard a knock at the door. It was my aunty and Sarah again. She told me they were in the area and decided to pop in. It was a hot day so I asked them in and offered them a drink.

Sarah was wearing a pretty green sundress that reminded me of the one I had her wear in the video. Aunty asked me how the studying was going and I told her it was well on the way. I asked her what she was doing in town. "Oh, just a little shopping. The pantry is almost empty so I will have to go to the shopping centre this afternoon" she replied. "I hate the shopping centre mum. You always seem to take hours there" Sarah complained. "I know honey, but there is nowhere else for you to go.

We live so far out of town that I need to make the trips to town worth it.

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You know that honey" she responded. "She could stay here for a while, if that would be alright with you, aunty" I suggested.

"No, No. I couldn't do that. You have your studies to contend with, after all." she replied. "It would be no trouble aunty. Sarah and I get along ok. I could show her a couple of games on the computer. Plus, I need a break from study. Sarah would be a welcome distraction." I responded.

"No, I shouldn't. You are still very young. I would be a couple of hours. It story xxxxx mp 4 new download too much" she replied. "Please, mum? I would be on my best behaviour, honest!" Sarah pleaded. "It would be no trouble, aunty. I am responsible enough for my beauty big ass brazzeers story to leave me here while they go holidaying with my sister.

I am 16 after all, not 12. She will be perfectly safe, I promise you." I replied. "Please mum, I would be really good, please-please-please-please-pleeeeease?" Sarah pleaded insistently. "Oh, alright then. But you must do everything your cousin asks and be on your best behaviour or you will not go to Kiaras house on Saturday. I will give your cousin my mobile number if he needs it.

I expect to be 2 to 2 and a half hours." "Thanks heaps mum. You're the best." Sarah exclaimed with glee. Aunty left shortly after. I led Sarah up to my room and sat next to her at the computer. She was nearly ten and I knew from experience that she had small bumps growing where her breasts would soon develop.

Her dress was slightly taughter where her breasts would soon form and they showed the hill and valley of her impending womanhood off impeccably. I sat close for my leg to brush Sarah's leg gently. She seemed to notice this. I focussed on the computer to make it seem more natural for our legs to be touching and she was apparently okay with it.

I felt the cool silkiness of her bare legs like they were zapping me with electricity. My aunty was baby cute sex stories storys xxxxxxxx witch so I knew that she would be aware of potions and what they could do. I showed her a few games on the computer. She was getting used to my closeness and was even laughing with me at some of the silly things she did on the computer.

I realised that the time was limited, so I decided to make my move. "Do you want to see something really cool?" I asked tentatively. "Like what?" she responded. "Like what I have been working on while my parents are away." I responded. "Yeh. What is it?" she asked. "I promise to show you. But firstly you have to promise not to tell a word to anyone. No one at school, your parents, family of friends.

Deal?" I asked. "Deal. Now what is this secret project?" she responded. "I have been doing magic. Well, not magic as such, but a potion. It is really cool. Do you want to try it?" I replied. "What does this potion do? Is it safe? You aren't going to turn me into a toad are you?" she asked. "No I won't turn you into a toad, Sarah. Would you like me to show you what it does on me first? That way you can see for yourself what it does."I offered.

"Ok. If you go first, then I will see what happens." she replied. I told her to wait there while I got ready. I grabbed the bottle with Sarah's hair in it, a plan quickly forming. I placed it on the desk and went into Brittney's room and changed into white knee length socks, white panties, a red plaid school skirt, white blouse and blue blazer.

I returned to the room in the new clothes. Sarah started to giggle and asked me why I was dressed like that. I told her that it was all part of the show. I took the potion and turned into Sarah before her eyes. Her eyes goggled wildly. "You - you - you're ME! How did all dudes love sex with breasty doxies naturaltits and hardcore do that?" she asked me.

"It's just what the potion does. It turns you into someone else. All it takes is a bit of their hair and some Polyjuice potion and it's done." I replied. "Is it permanent?"She asked. "No, it only lasts a couple of hours. I've done it a few times before and it's worked every time perfectly. Do you want to try?" I asked her. "Does it hurt? How does it feel?"She asked me. "Well, it doesn't hurt at all. It kind of feels like soda pop under your skin but there's no pain at all. Just bubbling. Then you are transformed." I answered.

"Who could I be?" she asked. "You could be me if you like." I offered, remembering that I had a hair or two stashed for emergencies. "You? I could be you? That would be weird." she responded. "Come on Sarah, haven't you ever wondered what being a boy would be like? You could feel it right here. I wouldn't tell anyone, I swear." I replied.

"Well, I have wondered what being a boy would feel like. And if you promise not to tell anyone, I guess it would be ok." she responded. "What do I do?" she asked. "Firstly, just in case your mum turns up early, I will take a lock of your hair, just in case we need to turn you back quickly.

Then you will drink a potion containing my hair and turn into me. I suggest changing into my clothes first, as you are smaller than me and your clothes won't fit." I responded. I got her some clothes to change into and she went into Brittney's room to change. I used the opportunity to slot an empty SD card into the camcorder, set it in a secret place and start recording the events that I had planned to unfold.

She came back wearing my green shorts and a white t-shirt. I dropped the hair into the potion.

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It fizzed and popped and turned a leafy green colour. "Here, Drink this." I told her. She drank the potion straight. I saw her shimmering and then she turned into me.

It felt so weird seeing myself in the flesh. "Did it work? Am I you?" she asked me. "Yes, it worked" I said. I grabbed a mirror and held it for her.

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"Yes, it sure has worked. I am you. I'm a boy, you are a girl and I'm tall, too. This is weird." she said. "Well, do you like it? Is it cool?" I asked. "I'm not sure yet. It is pretty cool, but pretty weird at the same time." she replied.

"Well, let's take some time to get used to it then. How about we play computer?" I suggested. "That sounds ok, I guess." she said. Then, a moment later, "Yes, let's do that." she said. So we sat down again beside each other on the computer. I played with flicking Sarah's blonde hair in her face and she laughed.

"I can't do this as a boy, so I am making use of it." I declared. We kept playing the computer and I continued as before, flirting with milky brest suking and fucking, laughing with her and generally buttering her up. Then the unexpected happened.

She suddenly got this worried look on her face. "Mark, I have to pee." she gasped. "Well, whets wrong?" I asked. "Mark, IM A BOY!" she exclaimed. "Well, you are about to learn how to pee as a boy. It's not hard" I responded. "No, No, mark, I want you to turn me back to a girl.

Please?" she requested. "Wait a minute here. Let's think about this. Haven't you ever wondered how boys pee? Now is your chance to find out" I pointed out. "No, Mark. I don't know how. I wouldn't even know where to start." she replied. "Well, I will help you. It's not like I haven't seen my own stuff before" I replied. "That is a bit weird, but I suppose so. You better hurry though, cos I need to go NOW!" she exclaimed. So we got up from the computer and headed to the toilet.

I told her to stand in front of the loo and I would do it for her. I said she could watch if she liked. I undid the tie that held the shorts up, and pulled the shorts down to her ankles. She was standing too far away so I told her to move closer.

I stood beside her and pulled her underwear down to expose her penis. I took hold of it and it began to swell. "Mark, whets happening? Is this normal?" she asked. "Well, when a pretty girl is holding your penis, it gets hard.

It's perfectly normal. Now concentrate on peeing, please?" I requested, trying to aim her now hard penis. "Mark, I can't. It's too tight. I can't squeeze it out." she cried. "Well, we need to make it soft again. There are only three ways: one is seeing an ugly girl (which Sarah is not), the second is making it ejaculate and the third is manipulating the underside to release the pressure" "I don't care what you do, but I need to pee." she said.

"Well, masturbation would probably take too long, so I will try to deflate it" I replied. So I placed my girl fingers under her penis and pressed under the head. It started to deflate immediately. She watched in awe as it deflated and I saw a smile on her face. I then told her to relax and try to pee. "But I don't know how to aim it!" she exclaimed. "Its ok, I will do it for you." I responded. I took hold of huge breasts babe gets blowjob and hard cock fuck penis again and directed it as the stream of urine flowed out.

She was amazed and relieved to have the pressure released. I shook it dry and pulled her shorts and underwear up again. After washing our hands we returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed. "That was weird but cool. Thanks for your help by the way." she said.

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"That's ok. I'm glad I didn't make you wait too long." I replied. "I kind of enjoyed the experience. I liked the feeling of your hands on my. my. um - penis" she stammered.

"Well I kind of thought you would. I like it when I play with it too. But there are other things we can do too, like have a tickle fight!" I pushed her down onto the bed and clambered on top of her and pinned her down, amateur teen multiple orgasm fuck first time the heck out of her. She began giggling like a schoolgirl. I was grinding my vagina into her shorts, making sure to arouse her.

"Mark! Mark -stop. MARK I said STOP - PLEASE!" she said, but the damage was done, she was hard again. I stopped tickling her, leaned back and looked at her. She was flustered and obviously aroused.

"I have a problem again" she declared. "Problem? What's wrong?" I asked. "It's all hard again, and you rubbing on it hurts." she answered. "So - what do you want me to do about it?" I asked. "It feels almost sore - can't you do something about it?" she asked. "Like what?" I asked. "Like what you said in the toilet - masturbate or something.?" she responded - shyly. "You want me pretty teen lara flashing her cute white panties do that, to you?" I asked.

"If it will help, yeah" she agreed. "Well, you will need to take your shorts and underwear off" I responded. "Really, all the way off?" she asked. "Yes, all the way off." I responded. "I - I'm not sure about that. I don't think I should." she stammered. "Look. Like I said - It's not like I haven't seen it before. Do you want me to fix it or not? If it makes you more comfortable, I will take my dress and panties off too.

That way we will both be naked." I replied. "Both be naked? I - I guess I can handle that" she replied shyly. "Ok. So we both strip. Here - now." "Can you do it- strip me I mean.?" She asked. "You want me to strip you? Ok, come here then." She came closer, I bent down and untied the tie that held them up and pulled them clear of her penis.

I did the same with her underwear, pulling them free of the taut tent that was her erection. She kicked them clear of her legs. Then I continued on with removing my dress and panties. They slid like silk over my girly legs. I told her to lie down on the bed. Usually I would have got some toilet paper to catch the cum, but I had no intensions of heading in that direction at all. I lay down beside her and placed my hands on her penis.

It responded with a jump, ready for action. I started to pump it slowly, long slow strokes from tip to base. I started playing with myself too, readying my plans for action. After a few minutes, I put my plan into action. "Sarah, there is a better, more enjoyable way to do this. If I get on top of you, we can both feel good." "Both feel good?" she asked.

"Yes, both of us can get relief at the same time if I rub my legs on your penis. It would help me a lot too" I replied. "Ok, if it would help you then Horny beauteous bitch does her most good to cum suppose its ok." she responded. I climbed on top of her, placing her penis in-between the folds of my pussy.

It fit in there like a hotdog in a roll. I started to grind back and forth, little gasps coming from between her lips and mine. She seemed to be in a reverie, loving the feeling. I leant down and kissed her lightly, she leapt out with her tongue to meet mine. Our tongues entwined in a passionate dance, elevating the mood. I tipped the right time and moved further forward than backward, resting her cock at my entrance.

She broke the kiss immediately, and looked at me quizzically.

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"What are you doing? Is this sex?" she asked. "Yes this is sex, but we haven't done it yet. We are about to do it, but I haven't deflowered myself yet.

I am a virgin too. DO you want me to continue?" I asked. "But sex is wrong, it's important. Mummy told me to wait." she replied. "Think about it this way, Sarah. After you turn back into a girl, you will be a virgin again. This is like a free pass. What do you think? It will give you a great release and make you feel great" I responded. "I will still be a virgin?" she asked.

"Yup. It will be like this never happened at all" I replied. "A free pass? To try it out? How much of a release will I get?" she asked. "It will feel awesome, for both of us." I replied. "If it will be that great, then go ahead." She responded.

"Plus, your mum did tell you to do anything I ask you to" I told her coyly. "Well, if mum said so, then it must be ok. Go ahead then" she coyly responded. I leant down and started to kiss her again, moving back and forth, letting my pussy lube up the head of her penis.

After a minute or two, I felt ready and let it pop into my pussy. It went deeper than I thought it would the first time, and I realised that my sister had popped her cherry already, probably with her hairbrush. I sank down further, riding it to the hilt, feeling a moan from deep inside Sarah. I pulled myself as close as I could to her, feeling my breasts shirley setia xxx sexy porn storys along her chest, wanting her as deep as I could.

Then I began riding her. I arched my back and rode her hard, feeling Sarah's body respond. It was close to Cumming with all the erotic thoughts and indecent concepts going on. A few minutes later, Sarah's body came hard on Sarah's cock. It only took a moment for Sarah's cock to respond to the milking I was giving it with her body. I felt it shoot deep and hot inside of her body, sealing the deal.

As I removed myself off her, I began to feel the familiar bubbling right on cue. I quickly removed the socks and top and sat beside her. She was still in a reverie after having her first orgasm. A few minutes later, she returned back to herself. She grabbed my head and brought it down to hers, giving me another passionate kiss.

"Here's to free passes" she said as she broke the kiss. She go t changed back into her green dress, I got back into my shorts and tee shirt and turned the camcorder off while she went downstairs to get a drink. We were down stairs having a drink when her mum turned up. She thanked me for looking after Sarah. I told her she was no trouble, seeing Sarah give me a wink from behind her. They left and I went upstairs to transfer the file to my pc for later.