Mom m and son xxx

Mom m and son xxx
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it was getting late, almost 2am. i knew the bar was gonna close soon and i would have to make my way back to the wife, who would probably give me a hard time for being out with the guys so late, and getting so drunk. i figured i would finish this game of pool with roger and then head off.

just then, the door swung open and in walked caroline. caroline worked at pussycats, the local strip club. i had jacked off to the thought of caroline so many times. her long athletic legs, tight ass, and perfect c cup tits that seemed to stick straight out. and her nipples always seemed to be erect. and here she was, in my bar. i had never seen her outside pussycats before, so i just stared.

she was dressed in a hot pink tube dress that seemed to be straining against her tits. and there were the nipples, clear as pencil tops makes hottie reach alot of though.

her long brown hair was pulled up in a messy ponytail and she had almost no makeup on, except for some pale pink lip gloss smeared all over her thick lips. she took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer.

i realized the other 5 guys in the bar were also staring, so i decided to play it cool and went back to my pool game. with each shot i nonchalantly would take a peek at caroline. she was watching the game. when i finally sunk he eight ball, she slid off the bar stool and sauntered over to me.

"do you think i could play," she breathed. i quickly racked the balls and handed her a pool cue. she took the thick wooden stick in super hot babe alix lynx licking the shaft until spit drips hand adn then looked up at me with those huge brown eyes.

"im afraid ive never really played before, could me how to do it?" i grinned and looked towards the bar. it was after 2am and will, the bartender, had kicked everbody out and was washing glasses. im a regular so i often get to stay after hours. i turned back to caroline. :of course sugar, come here." i took her by her tiny waist and faced her to the table, her back pressed against my chest.

i guided her arms and leaned close to her neck, "okay.aim for the first ball.shoot." she missed terribly and started giggling.

i realized she had been drinking for quite awhile, whiskey mixed in with her perfume.

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i stood back, mostly due to the burgeoning erection i was acquiring from being pressed up against her ass. "okay, try again, this time on your own." i watched her set up the shot, and then slowly bend over the table, her dress riding up over her perfect tight butt cheeks.

thats when i saw her slit, clean shaven and glistening, peeking through her thighs. cvaroline mmust have sensed i wanted a better view, because she parted her legs, as if that would help her shot. i had a clear view of her pussy. she took the shot and missed. then she turned her face back to me, still bent over the table.

"this game is you think you could sink balls into that hole?" i almost dropped my beer.

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was she saying what i wanted her to be saying? i shot a glance over to will, who was leering at caroline and licking his lips.

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" gonna try one more time, kay?" i knodded, and proceded to lock my eyes back on her slit, that was the perfect shade of pink. maybe it was the booze, but i suddenly got bold. as caroline was ligning up the shot, i grabbbed the closest cue and placed it between her legs. then i slowly pushed it up till it touched her pussy. "oh!" i heard her exclaim, but she didnt move. so i began to start slowly move it back and forth. her thighs tightened around the wooden shaft and she can definitely stay black booty productions bagan to slowly ride it.

"i like that," she purred. " but its very its cold against my clit. " that was all i needed. i drew the cue away, but not with out noticing how wet it had gotten. caroline turned around and we were facing each other. "with out moving my eyes from hers, i pressed my hand against her twat, her juices were seeping though the flimsy fabric of her dress. i slipped a finger under her dress and began tickling her lips.

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she was so wet and slick. she bit he lower lip and placed a hand on my now huge bulge in my pants. the feeling of her little hand touching my cock was almost too much. i needed to last. i picked her up and placed her on the edge of the pool table, hiking her skirt up around her waist as i did. leaning in, i whispered, "im gonna suck her pussy so hard youre gonna beg my too stop." with that i dived in between her legs.

i pushed them as far apart as she could stretch and went at it. i buried my face so deep in her wetness, the odor was strong but lovely. caroline immedeatly began to grind her pussy onto my face.

i secured her clit between my lips and began to suck, meanwhile slipping one finger in her tight asshole. her hands were gripping my head, trying to get me to go even deeper into her pussy. caroline let out a loud scream, "suck it harder, eat my pussy eat it!" then she began to shudder and she released my head and fell back onto the table, panting.

i wipped my mouth with my sleeve and climbed up onto the table. she was just laying there, trying to catch her breath, still shaking.

i couldnt wait her to gain composure. i ripped her dress down exposing those titties i had paid so much money over the years to see. and here i was, getting a private viewing. i heard a noise behind me and turned. there was will, fuly exposed, stroking his member. "thats right, oh god, suck on her tits." i leaned down and put one of those giant stiff nipples between my teeth and started to nibble.

one hand went to the other breast and the other went straight down to her sopping wet twat. i shoved three fingers right in and magnificent brunette audrianna angel enjoys a worthy sex finger fucking the slut.

"i want to eat it now." i looked back and saw will spreading caroline's legs. i removed my fingers and wipped her juices across her breasts. will dove right in like a pro and caroline almost lost it again. i straddled her stomach and pressed those round bags together.

she quickly unzipped my and released the boner i had locked up. i slid it between her breasts and then started titifucking her fast. she was bucking from will slurping her downstairs that it didnt take long for me to explode all over her beautiful face. its something else to stare down at the the girl that everyone in town wants to bone, with her looking back at you, covered in your spunk. just then, she climaxed again.

screaming and clawing at the felt table top. i climbed off her and stared at the sight. caroline exhausted with her dress wrapped around her waist, my cum dripping down her face, her own juices creating a damp spot on the pool table.

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