Lovely teen in thraldom gets pussy juicy

Lovely teen in thraldom gets pussy juicy
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Louise and I lay in the bed and smiled at each other.

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It had taken her nearly ten minutes just to get my cum off her face after our earlier fun, during which my cock had began to get hard again. She had giggled and asked what I thought I was doing.

"I'm just thinking about how shocked you must have been, cumming like sex starved mom eating big cock by the pool with your eyes screwed shut, when those two thick streams of cum went right in your mouth! And it turns me on that you just gulped it down like that." "I didn't have much choice, did I!" she laughed.

"It was either that or choke on it!" I was running my hands over her amazing body as we spoke, and I could tell that she was enjoying it because her nipples were erect and hard. "You fancy another go?" I asked. "I don't know.that was amazing, but.

my pussy feels like it has shut for business tonight. You pounded the shit out of it and I came twice." I had cupped her mound with my hand. "I reckon I could get you going again," I murmured. "Oh yeah, how would you do that?" "There's a couple of videos of me screwing my ex on my laptop. They're pretty good.

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You wanna see?" "Ok, why not?" she laughed. "Ok," I said, five minutes later. "What have we got here? How about this one. I dump a load right in her pussy, just like I'm going to do to you!" Louise was blushing slightly. "Nobody has ever cum inside me before, you know.

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Is it wrong that I'm kind of looking forward to it?" "Not at all, it is what a pussy is designed for, after all!" The POV image of my hard cock hovering over a shaven pussy filled the screen. The purple head rubbed against the clit briefly and thrust in, causing a gasp from the recipient on camera and from the teen next to me.

I was slowly and softly rubbing my handall over her Louise's clit and hole, handcuffed girl oral and yessenia from ass fucking and homemade was slightly wet already.

I pushed in one finger, feeling some resistance, and gently worked deeper and deeper, causing a low moan to escape from her mouth. She was enjoying this. On the screen, my cock was by now working in and out of my ex's pussy like a piston rod, causing her to scream with pleasure.

Her hand was working on her clit and she came loudly, legs quivering. Louise liked this; she was becoming wetter and wetter. "You'll be ready in a minute, don't worry." "I want to see the end," she replied. "I want to see you cumming in her pussy. You made her cum really quick by the way. I'm impressed, but considering I nearly ended up on the floor in a heap before I'm not surprised." I skipped the next parts, which consisted of a decent pussy-to-mouth blowjob and a hammering from the rear, and began playing the build up to the creampie.

"This is the best way to do it," I murmured. "You see how her legs are up by her head? Look how deep I can go. The cum goes right up inside you then." Louise was set with her own slime now. I pulled my wet fingers away and began to rub them on my dick.

She had one hand moving across her clit and the other carressing my balls. The moans and screams subsided on the video footage, replaced by my voice, gutterul and strained - "Fuck! Let me cum in your pussy baby, Ok? Ok." My hips were thrusting hard, plunging my cock in and out of my ex's sloppy twat. I went faster and harder, then pushed in balls deep and exhaled hard, groaning. Her voice came through - "Oooohhh, baby, good work. That's it, every last drop, all in there." My cock slid out of her pussy with a plopping noise and the camera zoomed in on the freshly fucked pussy, with finger's working rhythmically on the clit above.

My ex came again, softer this time, and my cum seeped out onto the bedding.

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Louise was still grinding her fingers over her clit. "Fuck," she hissed, "I feel sore but I mom and bbc hardcore rogh sex I'm going to cum again.

Put your cock in me now!" She was lying on her back, legs spread. I was next to her, so I simply lifted up one of her legs and entered her slowly. Her pussy was even tighter than before as I started working in and out, her juices spreading over my cock.

She left her clit for a minute and grabbed at my probing dick with her thumb and fingers. I was glad I had splattered her face half an hour previously or I would have cum already. As it was, I knew that this wouldn't be another half hour session.

I could tell she was struggling to take all of me deep inside; her pussy would still have enough left for me to empty the tank into her though. Sensing her struggle, I slid out of her and moved my head down to her cunt, gently lapping at her clit and slipping a single finger in and out of her hole. I could see her hands gripping the bed sheet and she grunted harshly, signalling her impending orgasm.

I pushed another finger in, stretching her, and really went to work on her clit. She came loudly, writhing in pleasure and pulling on my hair. "Ohhh, I want your cum in me compilations of guys eating cumfart cocktails, fuck me now." I was only to happy to oblige. I moved up her body with my tongue, sucking on her perfect tits as I lifted her feet onto my shoulders and forced my way into her cunt.

She cried out, part in pain and part in pleasure, and I could have came straight away if I wasn't enjoying myself so much. The lips of her pussy felt like a ring around my shaft, and every pump in and out felt like it was opening up her small hole. I pounded away at her mound like a jackhammer, until the friction on my cock became too much and I could feel the sperm rising from my balls.

Although I had cum earlier, I can normally loose off two big cumshots one after the other if I haven't screwed for a few days, and it had been weeks. We were staring intently into each others' eyes, and she caught my look. She reached around and began rubbing my tightened balls, and I couldn't take it any more.

My cock burst balls deep inside her, flooding her pussy with spurt after spurt of semen. She gasped and out a hand to her abdomen. "Shit, I can feel it all the way up here!", she cried, sounding shocked. My body was still tense and cumming, but I couldn't help laughing as I finished leaking spunk into her. "You liked that, did you? You want to see it?" She nodded her assent, and replied "It feels so warm inside me. It went so far in, it might come out of my mouth!" she giggled.

I gently withdrew my raw cock from her even rawer box and spun her around to face the mirror. Cum started dripping out from her slit onto the sheet and her inner thigh, and she looked at me, satisfied.

We slept well that night!