Hanna takes it really rough and loves

Hanna takes it really rough and loves
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Chapter Three The bus stopped in front of the school, a large rectangular brick building. Ana and Lizzie got off the bus and were greeted by a group of jeering boys.

"He look, it's Lezzie Lizzie," one of the boys sneered. "Who's your girlfriend Lezzie Lizzie?" Ana frowned. "I'm not her girlfriend!" The boy sidled up beside her. "Well then what's your name gorgeous?" "Ana," Ana said, and hurried away from him towards the school building. On the way there she tripped on a crack in the sidewalk and her bag when flying. She bent down to pick it up and heard laughter behind her.

"I see London, I see France, I see Ana's underpants!" the boy sang, pointing at Ana. Her face flushed and she quickly ran into the school. She made it to the principal's office without further incident.

"Hi my name is Ana Padilla and I am in seventh grade," She introduced herself t the secretary. The woman shuffled through some papers and then handed Ana a schedule.

"Mr. Landau's homeroom, room 51," she pointed to the right hallway. "Gracias!" Ana said and left the office. She walked down the hallway reading her schedule—Language Arts, math, physical education, Spanish, science, geography—and didn't notice when the boys from earlier appeared in front of her.

"Hello little slut," the leader said. "Let's make a deal. Unless you want me to tell the whole school you're a dyke, you will join me in the locker room during P.E. for a little…show. Got it?" Ana nodded fearfully. "Fantastic," the boy said, walking past her and pinching her but as he did. Ana bit her lip to keep from crying, and opened the door to her classroom.

Language arts and math went by too quickly. Soon Ana was on her way to the gym. When she got there, a coach gave her a gym uniform—ugly orange shorts and a maroon polo shirt—and directed her to the locker room. Suddenly someone grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the boy's room. "So nice to see you Ana. I realized I never introduced myself. I'm Jordan, and these are my friend's Brad and Tyson." Ana stared at them, terrified. Jordan was at least 5'8" with huge muscles, and Brad and Tyson were both at least three inches taller.

There was no way she could fight them, so she would just have to do whatever they wanted. Jordan locked the bathroom door. "Take off your sweater, Ana," he instructed. She did so. "Mm, such nice skin, what are you, Brazilian?" "Bolivian," she whispered. "Aw, no need to be scared," Jordan chuckled, "We won't hurt a pretty little thing like you, will we boys?" Brad and Tyson shook their heads, smirking. "Okay now, off with your top." Ana slipped the tank top over her head, revealing her purple bra.

"That's what I'm talking about," Jordan licked his lips. "Skirt," he demanded. Ana complied, now standing nearly naked in front of the three boys. Jordan stepped forward towards her.

She involuntarily took a step back, and he kept advancing until she was pressed against the wall. "Don't make a sound little Ana, or I will have anybunny full force kareena kapoor hurt you," he hissed.

Ana nodded wordlessly. Jordan's hands slithered up her stomach and under her bra. He lifted it up so her breasts were exposed, then rubbed her nipples. Even though she was terrified, and hating every minute of this, her body couldn't help but react. Her nipples formed hard little buds to Jordan's delight.

He brought his face down to her chest and began sucking hard. An almost inaudible moan escaped Ana's lips, and Jordan chuckled, then bit down hard on her nipple. Ana bit her lip to keep from screaming and Jordan motion over his friends. They each took a breast and Jordan lowered himself to a crouch, his head level with Ana's crotch. He roughly pulled down her underwear. Then he spread her vagina open with his fingers and began licking around her entrance.

Her body spasmed at his touch, so Brad and Tyson held her harder against the wall.

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"You like that, do you?" Jordan asked. Ana didn't respond. "I said, you like that, don't you whore?" he growled. Fearfully, Ana nodded. "Atta girl." Jordan grinned. Then suddenly his finger was rammed into her virgin hole. She couldn't help her scream. Bran clamped his hand over her mouth and Tyson bit down hard on her breast.

"I told you to be quiet, slut." Jordan hissed. He inserted a second finger, tearing her hymen in the process. Blood tricked down her thigh, and she whimpered.

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Suddenly Jordan stood up, unzipping his pants. He lifted Ana's legs up and wrapped them around his waist, then plunged his hard, unlubricated cock into her. She cried out into Brad's hand which was still over her mouth.

Jordan began thrusting into her hard and fast, his cock ramming into her cervix on each thrust.

She was so tight that it wasn't long before his cock started throbbing for release. "So boys, do you think I should cum inside this little slut?" he asked. Ana shook her head hard, desperately hoping he wouldn't do it. But Jordan just laughed. "Oh I think that's exactly what she needs," he sneered, and then he spilled his hot seed inside her. Tears filled Ana's eyes. Jordan pulled out and let Ana's legs drop.

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Brad and Tyson released her also, and she crumpled to the floor in a broken heap. Jordan threw her clothes at her and the three boys left that bathroom. Ana remained there, curled naked on the floor, sobbing, until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Nude girl playing indoor volleyball looked up, terrified, to see Lizzie standing there looking very concerned. "Ana, are you okay?" She asked. Ana shook her head, unable to speak.

"They did the same thing to me when I was new last year." Lizzie whispered. "I tried to tell on them, but no one believed me. I think it's best just to stay out of their way, okay?" Ana nodded.

"Let's get you cleaned up." Lizzie held out her hand to help Ana up, then led her to the shower. Ana felt like her vagina had been ripped in half. She imagined Jordan's sperm inside her, making its way to her uterus.

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She didn't want a baby, but she knew there was no way to get rid of it. Her family were devout Catholics and abortion was one of the greatest sins. She prayed to God that somehow she wouldn't get pregnant from Jordan. That know one besides Lizzie would ever know this horrible thing happened to her.

She couldn't bear that shame. And she really didn't want Todd to find out.