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New xxx story hot american
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I was stunned beyond belief honestly. He let me blow him for the first time, now he was gonna make love to me as well. Was I awake, were we really about to make love? I'd soon find out. "Are you sure you really wanna do this with me?" I asked at the doorway.

"Yes sis, are you having second thoughts?" Ray asked. "No, but I want you to want this too," I replied. He leaned over and kissed me. "I want it sis, I promise," Ray said. "Can I have one more kiss first?" I asked. He gave me a really long kiss and then we both went in my bedroom as we made out.

We both got on the side of the bed and looked at each other. "You are the sweetest and nicest man I've ever met Ray, I'd love nothing more than to feel your cock inside me honestly," I said. "And I'll do that for you sis," Ray replied as he got down on his knees. He slowly came towards me and undid my pants.

He took them off me completely, and slid my panties down my legs as well. He stood up and looked at me as I was completely naked from head to toe. "Holy shit Jennifer, you are smoking hot sexy," Ray said. I just looked down and cheesed a bit. A minute later I came towards him and took off his shirt, so then we were both completely naked. "And we're sure we're brother and sister?" I asked. "Yes, I'm pretty sure, I don't know why mom and dad would have told me you are my sister if you weren't really my sister.

Would you not wanna have sex very sexy blonde on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg I wasn't your brother?" Ray asked. "I don't know, I think you being my brother is what makes this so great honestly," I replied as I got into my dresser and got out a condom.

I held it and we both smiled. "Can I put it on you?" I asked. "I'm not gonna stop you," Ray replied. I opened it up and put it on his cock.

I had never put a condom on someone's cock before, so it took a minute, but I got it on there. "Will you make love to me now?" I asked. "Yes sis," Ray replied. I laid down on my back on the bed, then he got on top of me and put his cock right in front of my pussy. "Final chance sis, are you sure you want this?" Ray asked. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life, I want it," I replied. So he slowly inserted his cock into my during sawer fuck boyfrnd and husband bith together pussy.

His dick was also thick, so it hurt a little obviously, but it was so worth it. "Oh fuck yes Ray, that feels so fucking good," I said. "I wanna show you what I'll do for you sis, because you are bar none, my favorite sister," Ray replied. "I'm your only sister smart ass," I said. Then he gave me a kiss, he was just gonna give me a quick kiss, but I made sure I kept him down with me.

We made out for about 5 minutes straight then as he had his cock as far as it could go. As we made out, he put his hands on my boobs and made sure to give them a gentle squeeze as well as he began thrusting his cock slowly. "Just make sure you be nice to my boobs though bro, tatu girls fuck first time I'll tell mom you are being mean to me," I said. "You are funny sis, I'll give you that," Ray replied. "But seriously would you be OK if I told mom and dad about this big favor you are doing for me right now?" I asked.

"If you really want to sis, I'll be OK with it," Ray replied. "I just really love you Ray, you are a huge saint for doing this for me," I said. "I know sis, I like making you happy," Ray replied. "Is there anything I can do to make you happy?" I asked. "Just ask me to make you happy," Ray replied.

"Ray, make me happy and have wild and hot sex with me," I said. "Done," Ray replied. Then he started ramming me as hard as he could, and it hurt a bit, but I was loving every second of it though. We both wrapped our arms around each other and made sure to on hold tight as his whole entire cock was inside me.

It just felt 100% amazing and I had no idea that I'd be so happy having sex with my brother, but he was just crushing all of my expectations. "Oh fucking shit Ray, that feels so damn good. Ram me Ray, ram your younger sister like there is absolutely no tomorrow!" I screamed. He put about a foot between us as he was thrusting his huge cock in and out of me like mad and making me moan like never before in my life.

He put his hands onto my boobs and made sure to give them a gentle squeeze. Then unexpectedly, he pinched my left nipple about as hard as he could. "Ow!" I screamed.

I sparked a single tear. "Oh I'm sorry sis, I didn't mean to," Ray said. "Be nice to your sister's nipples, or I'll tell mom you are being mean to me," I replied. Then he laughed a little. "You know you should give your sister a kiss to make sure she doesn't blab to anyone about you being mean," I said. So he gave me a huge kiss and it lasted for about 3 minutes, but eventually I broke the kiss.

"If you ever decide to not make me happy, then I'll hunt you down and make you sorry, you got that?" I asked. "I got that sis, I love you," Ray replied. "More than a sister?" I asked. "I thought that was implied," Ray replied. "Smart ass, now tell me you love me more than a sister," I said. "I love you more than a sister sis, and I'm having sex with you to prove it," Ray replied.

"Just promise me you won't regret it, because this is just making me love you more," I said. "I swear Jennifer," Ray replied. He gave me another kiss, but once again, I wasn't about to let him off the hook that easily, we made out once again, but for about 5 minutes straight that time. Then I saw him start to spark a tear too. "What's wrong, you are having sex with me, I didn't think I'd see tears," I said.

"I'm just glad to make you happy, I've never seen you so happy in my life, and I wish you would have told me I had to have sex with you to make you this happy. I would have done it right when you moved in," Ray replied. Then I brought him down for another kiss, and I felt closer to him than ever right then. I was so touched by his words, he wasn't saying all that to get me to have sex with him obviously. "I love you Ray, don't ever change," I said.

"Never sis, and I love you too," Ray replied. We switched positions to cowgirl style. "I've always wanted to ride you Ray, now I finally get to," I said. "Well don't enjoy it too much the first time, you might get sick of having sex with your brother," Ray replied.

I leaned down and gave him a kiss. "Never bro, I love you too much to tired get of having sex with you," I said. I leaned back up and began bouncing up and down. I moaned a little loudly, I just couldn't help it. He put his hands on my boobs and I put my hands over his hands. "Tell me you love my tits Ray, tell me now," I said. "I love your tits Jennifer, and I'm not just saying that either," Ray replied. I laughed a little and he wanted to kiss his sister some more, so he leaned with me wrapped his arms around me.

We made out passionately for about 5 minutes straight and it seemed like it was love at first fuck then. He never had sex with me before and he was really into it. He just looked at me and gave me the biggest smile I think I ever saw on him.

"Does that mean you love fucking your sister?" I asked. "You could say that sis. You really should have said something to me months ago, we could have been having sex with each other this whole time, an you could have been pregnant by now," Ray replied.

"Well we got each other germania ksa forced fuck ass at home, and right now I want you to really make love to me," I said.

I laid down on my back and he got on top of me once again. He reinserted his cock into me and looked at me with lusty eyes as he slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of my pussy. I put my hands on his back and made him stay really close to me. He still managed to thrust his cock a little, but I wasn't making it too easy though.

I just wanted to be as close as to him as I could possibly be both physically and emotionally. In that moment, I seriously knew blonde slut receives multiple peckers at once I had never ever been so in love in my life. I had never been closer to anyone before. As he slowly made love to me, kissed me and made sure I was comfortable, he was my world right then.

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"Will you kiss me again please?" I asked. "Of course madam," Ray replied. Then I giggled a little and he gave me a nice kiss just before he began moaning really loudly. "Shit sis, I'm gonna cum now," Ray said. "Cum on my stomach Ray, I wanna feel it," I replied. He pulled out and ripped off the condom, just before he got right over me on his knees and shot his load onto my stomach.

After that he laid down with me and planted several kisses all over my face and made sure I knew he loved more than a sister. "Now that was just so beyond wonderful sis, I mean damn," Ray said. "Well Wendy said that the sex she had with Bill was the best sex she ever had, so I knew it had to be good for us too. I guess when I caught Wendy blowing her brother, that she made me wanna tell you that I wanted to fuck you," I replied. He leaned over and gave me another kiss, and we both cuddled for a few more minutes.

"So did you masturbate when you watched them have sex?" Ray asked. I gave him a look for that. "What, we just had sex, I can ask you that," Ray said. "No, I didn't masturbate, smart ass, but thanks for the sex, it was the best sex of my life," I replied. "The feeling is mutual sis, let me tell you," Ray said.

"So you really wanna have sex again?" I asked. "Don't you wanna fuck me again?" Ray asked. "Yes, I wanna fuck you over and over again honestly. Wendy and Bill have been having sex for 8 months now and it looked like they were both really enjoying it too," I replied. "No kidding, well I'll make sure to squeeze in you somewhere," Ray said.

"Thank you bro. I love you," I replied. "I love you too sis," Ray said. We had amazing sex with each other, I think it was mostly because of the incest, but Hard core xxxxxxporn with celeberties not totally sure. I never would have thought it would ever actually happen, but it did. Then I gave him the biggest hug I ever gave him. "OK I get it, you love me," Ray said. "No, you don't get it, I really love you. I don't wanna have sex with anyone else, just you," I replied.

"So you just wanna suck on my cock forever now?" Ray asked. "Yes, just your cock, and I must say, you are blessed. Your cock is huge, I wasn't sure I could get the whole thing in my mouth honestly," I replied. "Well thanks sis, weird compliment from my sister, but then again," Ray said as he laughed. "We just had sex," We both said. We both just continued to cuddle in silence for a few more minutes just thinking about how much we loved each other and wanted to have sex again.

It was like we were reborn or something. I mean like we officially began our post-having-sex lives. "I can't believe we never had sex before.

We're really close and I know there has been a lot of sexual tension between us too. Seeing each other bring people home, it's a miracle that we never had sex until now honestly," Ray said. "Well now we can have sex whenever we want and we know how we feel about each other. We love each other, and we're totally horny for each other too," I replied.

"Well duh sis, tell something I don't know," Ray said. "I think you are the best brother in the world," I replied. "Hey, I already knew that," Ray said. Then I kissed him once again and the phone rang.

"Oh it's mom, should I tell them about us?" I asked. "Well we should talk about this more first, then we'll make the call when to tell them, fair enough?" Ray asked. "Sure sweetie," I replied. Then I answered the phone. "Hi mom, what's up?" I asked nervously. "Hi sweetie, what's wrong, are you, busy right now?" Our mom Maria asked.

"No mom, I'm just chilling with Ray, that's all, why what's up?" I asked. "Nothing much, just checking in on you two I guess. We haven't heard from you in a couple days now," Maria replied. "OK mom, we're fine, just chilling here, nothing much going on over here," I said.

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"OK then, well would you mind if we made a quick trip over there?" Maria asked. It wasn't the best time for them to come over, Ray and I needed to talk, and we couldn't talk about it when they were around, but it's not like I could just say no. "Well sure, can you wait like an hour?" I asked.

"Sure, don't worry we don't wanna interrogate you two," Maria replied. "We know, we're just talking right now," I said. "OK sweetheart. We'll give you an hour or so, then we'll be over," Maria replied. "OK mom, I love you," I said. "I love you too," Maria replied. Then we both hung up the phone. "So mom and dad are coming over in about an hour now," I said. "Well I guess we should get dressed then, we're not ready for them to find out about us just yet," Ray replied.

So then we both got dressed. We needed to talk and our parents felt the need to make a visit right then. Truth be told we weren't sure if they'd accept us, but on the other hand, this was brand hot teen jade gets banged pornstars hardcore to us as well, we might give ourselves away.

Let's face it, our parents are like human lie detectors, they can smell a lie from a mile away. So we'd have to play it cool after we just fucked each other for the very first time. I guess in short, this wasn't gonna be a short visit, we were gonna want to rip each others clothes off as soon as they left.