Husband films friend cumming inside his wife

Husband films friend cumming inside his wife
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My husband lets me fulfill my fantasy: So.My name is Constant I'm married to the hottest man EVER!! His name is Dewayne.

He's gorgeous in fact, tall (6'2), and dark and lovely. His cock is wonderful and sex with him is amazing. We've been married for 5 years and we enjoy making private movies together. One day when I got home I found him looking at some of my porn movies that I have saved on my external hard-drive. He also found my pics of beautiful white ladies with pretty pink nipples too.

I was embarrassed because I didn't know how he would feel or what he would say.

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I let him know that I was in the room and he just smiled at me and asked me what was up with the pictures. I told him that for the longest time I had fantasized about being with a white girl but since we were married I had suppressed the desire.

He then did something that I wasn't ready for he asked me "Why didn't I share that desire with him?" I was taken aback but I told him that I honored our marriage vows and that I would never want to hurt him. He told me that it was always his deepest desire to make me happy in any way and if being with a woman for one night would fulfill a longing in me then he would help me to do just that. About two weeks passed and I had almost forgotten about our conversation when he mentioned it over dinner, informing me that he had been talking to a lady that he felt might be a potential candidate.

He said that she was a gorgeous lesbian lady that specialized in fulfilling fantasies of married women. He took me to our computer and opened up a file marked private with the name Natalia on it. When he clicked on the first pic I was instantly turned on. Natalia was a white lady that was mixed. Her mom was Caucasian and from America while her dad was from Ireland. She had beautiful curly red hair, sexy supple breast that were a size C cup and a juicy cleaned shaved pussy with the exception of a red patch of hair in the shape of a heart.

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My husband seeing that I was turned on brought me to our bed and slowly began kissing me as he removed my shirt. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and nibbled on it softly and then sucked on it somewhat roughly just the way that I liked it. I took off my shorts and my lace panties so that he could stimulate my clit. He took off his boxers and flipped me over so that we were in the 69 position.

I took his 9 inch cock in my mouth and started sucking it slowly at first and then quickening my pace with every moan that he made. When I felt him tense up Slut party babe shae celestine getting fucked in the car would take his cock out of my mouth and play with his balls kissing them, sucking them, massaging them.

As I was doing this he was attacking my pussy and my clit with so much desperation that I found it hard to concentrate on his cock. Just when I thought that I would make him go crazy with my ever growing cock sucking techniques he would go crazy on my vagina making me moan loudly. I had to take his cock in my mouth again to stifle some of my screams. He let up for a minute because I decided the only way to get him to give me a break was to take him all the way into my mouth chocking on his cock causing tears to fall from my eyes.

I did this three times and on the fourth time he flipped me over, he laughed and said I wasn't playing fair. I was on top of him as he lined up his cock to go into my wet pussy. I slid down on him slowly at first and then I slammed down the rest of the way causing him to quiver and moan. I began rocking back and forth on his dick, loving the feeling of his cock thrusting against my walls. I started grinding on him and then bouncing up and down i was bored tube porn him.

He started stimulating my clit, he did this for about 2-3 mins. and an earth shattering orgasm enveloped me. While I was in the middle of my orgasm he flipped me over to where he was on top of me holding up my legs so that he could thrust deeper into me prolonging my orgasm. I began shaking and having hard spasms and very beautiful sex fack in story intensified his thrust pretty soon he was cumming inside of me.

He collapsed on top of me, breathing hard and deeply as we both caught our breath.

I got up a few mins. later and ran the shower so that we could both clean up before going to bed. End of Part I ;-) Part 2 I began chatting with Natalia the next day sending her more pics of me. We spoke on the phone for about 2 weeks getting to know each other a little bit. She began to tell me some of her fantasies and how she always wanted to know what it would feel like to be with a black lady.

We agreed to meet that Friday at a restaurant before we met up sunny leone problem story com sex on Saturday.

Friday came and we met at a nice restaurant acting as though we were old friends having a reunion after not seeing each other for a few years. She kissed me on my check and we embraced. She asked about my husband and I told her that he said that he wanted me to meet her alone because he would not be involved during our sexcapade.

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So we ordered dinner and moved out onto the patio where no one was sitting so that we can have a more intimate conversation. We begin to talk about what we both expected tomorrow and what we wanted the other to do. She told me that she always wanted to be bossed around by a black woman and treated as though she was a sex slave and I told her that I wanted to suck on her swollen pink nipples and kiss her pussy and then fuck her with my tongue.

I asked her if she would be offended if I cursed at her when I was in character and she said that she didn't mind in fact that would make her fantasy more complete. She also said that she wanted to use a strap-on for the first time to see what it felt like to pleasure a woman in a different way.

I sent a text to my husband and he went to the sex store and brought some things for us to use including a strap on dildo with a vibrator inside for the wearer to be able to get pleasure too. She asked if I was into using fruit and chocolate and I told her if that was something that she was interested in we could do that too. My husband went out with his guy friends that night to Hooters and an upscale strip club which was a fantasy of his.

I told him that if he found a woman that he liked that as long as he used protection he could do what he wanted. He said that wasn't a part of his fantasy but if he found someone he just might take me up on that offer.

Natalia came to our house around 5 o' clock. She said that she wanted to get there so that we could have a lot of time to have fun together. When Natalia got there I showed her to the guest room where she could shower and change into her lingerie, I went into our room, showered and changed. When I went into the guest bedroom Natalia was still in the shower. I laid out the toys and cuffs and chocolate syrup, strawberries, mango and whipped cream on the night stand.

I lowered the lighting to help set the mood and put on some making love music as well. I had on a dominatrix type outfit complete with whips and the tall knee high boots. I sprinkled rose petals over the guest bed and sprayed some Victoria Secrets "Strawberries and Champagne" body spray over the sheets.

I heard the shower turn off. I took the handcuffs and hooked one end to two different head board rails, put my whip on the bed and straightened my blonde wig ready to jump into character as sexy babe in stockings gets plowed hard as Natalia opened the bathroom door. When she came out I asked her if she was ready she shook her head.

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I said well come and lie down B****. She ran to the bed and got in slowly and seductively. She crawled over to me and kissed me.

I said to her, "I didn't give you permission to kiss me, now turn around and stick out your ass." She did so and I whipped her 3 times. She cried out in pleasure and pain, I told her that my instructions were simple, that she was my B**** and that she had to have my permission to enjoy herself and that she had to have my permission b4 she touched me in anyway.

I told her to lie flat on her back and put her head on the pillows. I grabbed the bag of toys that my husband bought for us. I put her in the handcuffs and then I got on top of her and kissed her. I pulled her long red hair real mom and son secret sex roughly and she said stop. I took my whip and hit her across her legs 3 times, she smiled at me and said, "I like it rough like that." So I whipped her 4 more times telling her she didn't have permission to speak or to enjoy what I was doing unless she asked first.

She then asked me if I could kiss her again and pull hair and so I did. I took off her lingerie after telling her how sexy she looked in it. It was pink with black ruffles all around the edges. It fit her body like a glove and accented every curve. I could smell the sweetness of her pussy as she became aroused. She asked me if I could feed her some strawberries and I told her NO.

I bit her nipple and she cried out in pain. She asked me if I could do it again and I did and told her that I enjoyed how puffy and swollen her nipples were and how they came alive in my mouth. I began swirling my tongue around her swollen nipples.

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She asked me if she could moan and I told her that she could and because she asked I fed her a strawberry. I took some of the whipped cream and put it over both of her breast and I licked every bit of it off. She asked me if I could kiss her all over and I told her I wasn't ready to do that, I was too busy enjoying her nipples.

Pinching them, biting them, plucking madame trixie fat bbw bouncing on fat cock and sucking on them. I was taking advantage of having these nipples in my face. Nipples like these had been the object of many of my fantasies for so long and I wanted to enjoy them. I began to kiss her on her lips again pulling her hair and nibbling on her neck, then softly kissing all the way down her chest, her stomach, licking her belly button, her waist, and her thighs.

I asked her if she was ready to have her pussy licked and she said yes with such a deep longing in her eyes. She smelled so good like fresh roses; I kissed her thighs and slowly made my way to her pussy. I kissed it first causing her to draw in her breath. I kissed it again and then put my mouth on it and sucked in and then licked her entire length. She had a spasm and moaned softly. I licked her again and again and then I begin to French kiss her clitoris.

She thrust herself forward to meet my tongue. I smiled as I increased my assault on her pussy and her clit. I used two of my fingers to spread her lips apart and thrust my tongue inside of her vagina fucking her with my tongue.

Her juices tasted so sweet yet a little salty. She was so beautiful down there. I was truly enjoying this moment. She was moaning so loudly I could feel myself becoming even more wet. She said could you please stop for a moment so I can ask you a question. I softly bit her clit just for the heck of it, and she asked me if I could give her my pussy at the same time I was licking and tongue fucking hers.

I unhooked one of her cuffs and turned around to where my pussy was in her face. She said wow when she saw my pussy and said thank you for allowing her to pleasure me too. I had on crotch-less panties so she has easy access to my pleasure zone. I began my tongue lashing on her again making it hard for her to concentrate on my dripping wet cunt in her face. I sucked her pussy over and over and over trying to squeeze out all of the only u can control hot big ass bounce on playomb how excited can u make her that it had to offer me.

I was drinking her down. She was bucking as she began to orgasm. I took my whip and hit her 6 times for not telling me that she was close although I knew that she was almost there. She apologized, I took out a vibrator and held it down on her clit, she began another orgasm, she begged me to stop but I wouldn't I held it there until she had tears coming down her face.

I wanted her to feel pleasure that she had never experienced before. She was always used to giving pleasure to others but very rarely on the receiving end and this night was just as much for her as it was for me. I was only returning the favor for her fulfilling my fantasy.

I unhooked her other hand and I just laid there next to her. She put her arms around me and one of her legs and we begin to kiss passionately. She took some of the chocolate syrup and the mango and fed it to me. She poured some chocolate on cuties ride boyfriends anal hole with oversized strapon dildos and splash load and licked it up. She swirled the mango over my breast and ate it off seductively. I smiled at her and she kissed me deeply, sliding her tongue in my mouth and kissing me slowly at first and then making the kiss a little rougher.

She slid a finger into my cunt without warning causing me to suck in my breath. She began eating my pussy and sucking on my clit. She pulled out the vibrator and rammed it in my pussy. As soon as I got close to having an orgasm she pulled it out and started kissing me. She continued this agonizing teasing for what seemed like forever, then finally when she saw that my pussy lips were swollen she licked my clit furiously until I was having the most amazing orgasm.

I pulled her up to me and ran my fingers into her hair and kissed her tasting my own juices on her lips. She poured chocolate syrup in her mouth and kissed me again. I put whipped cream in my mouth and kissed her.

She said we're making a sundae without ice cream. She reached into the bag and pulled out the strap-on dick. She put it on and asked me to suck it. I sucked it like it was my husband's penis until it was nice and wet she told me to bend over in the doggy style position and she penetrated me and began to fuck me with the penis.

I couldn't believe how amazing the strap-on felt. I wasn't sure if it would bring me pleasure but I was definitely surprised at how great I was feeling. She started to pound me roughly, thrusting in deeper and deeper into my swollen pussy.

I was screaming with pleasure. I told her to turn on the vibrator so that she and I could cum together. She turned it on and I turned over onto my back so that we could watch each other's pleasure. She looked so amazing and hot as she thrust in and out of me. She bent over so that I could suck on her nipples.

I was so happy that she did that. It felt great to have them in my mouth again. She told me that she was close to having an orgasm, I told her that I was too so she picked up the pace again. We both begin to scream as our orgasms took hold of us leaving us both feeling completely satisfied. She fell back on the bed. I got on top of her and mature hot tramp going solo with a vibrator masturbation hardcore the cock back in my pussy.

I wanted to ride her. I bounced on top of her cock kissing her swollen puffy nipples and tongue kissing her. She turned the vibrator back on as another orgasm washed over both of us. We both lay down in the bed side by side drenched in sweat. This night was turning out to be better than I had imagined and the best part was that when I looked at the clock it was only 10:30. She was mine until the next morning and I wanted some more of her.

She said that she wanted to lie down for a while so that we could regain our energy and strength. I agreed and we both set out cell phone alarms for an hour. We slept in each other's arms. When our alarms went off we decided to take a bath 2gether. We ran a hot bubble bath and lay in the tub with each other soaping each other and cleaning each other off.

She pulled the stopper and let the water out and pulled out a long purple double dildo. She licked and sucked on it seductively and put it in my pussy then the other side in hers. We sat up slightly and played with the others clit as the dildo slid in and out.

I came to an orgasm first and then she did. We got out of the tub and went back to the bed; she spread our towels on the bed. I lay on my back and she started licking my pussy again. I had another orgasm. I returned the favor only I fingered her pussy while sucking on her nipples until she had another orgasm.

We were officially tired. We both fell asleep wrapped up in each other's arms her pussy was rubbing against my leg. I had my hand on her breast. We woke up the next morning to a delightful surprise.

My husband who said that he had no desire to have a threesome was on top of me with his dick in my pussy thrusting in and out of me. I woke up moaning with pleasure he kissed me and asked me if I had enjoyed my night. Natalia woke up and asked if she could join in the fun. She put the strap-on back on, so my husband using the juices from my pussy as lube slowly entered in to my ass waiting little by little as I relaxed to allow for his size in me.

When I became really comfortable he began working in and out of me. He then laid on his back and entered me from behind as I was lying on top of him Natalia got on top of us and inserted herself in me too. I was now being filled in both holes. I had NEVER experienced such y anal milf climax hard from rough sex awesome sensation.

My husband was thrusting in and out of me with such intensity. He grabbed Natalia's waist and controlled her thrust in me too. I was overwhelmed with the feelings that I was feeling.

I began to jerk and spasm as several orgasms washed over me. My husband did not stop thrusting as I was cumming and neither did Natalia. For the first time in a long time I began to squirt. I was shaking so hard but it felt so great!! It was Natalia's turn. My husband asked if she wanted it in her ass, he put on a condom and slid in her ass with ease.

She said that she wears butt plugs on the regular because she enjoys the sensation. I took the vibrator and put it on her clit while I licked and sucked her pussy. She had a strong wave of orgasms before she collapsed on my husband. I said to him that he wasn't getting off that easy and I pulled off the condom and sucked his cock into my mouth.

As I sucked and licked him, Natalia began licking his balls and his asshole. At first he shook his head but when I deep throated his cock he lost all resistance. Natalia stuck her tongue in his ass and he squirted loads of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed every drop. We all collapsed on the bed together. My husband told us that he had come in from the strip club hours ago and was in our bedroom watching us the whole time from cameras he had set up to record the whole thing.

This had turned out to be the BEST fantasy fulfilled EVER!!