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Blonde cougar phoenix marie devours lovers schlong
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This is the first story I've ever made. So give me any comments you fell you should post. I didn't know what to write about so I just wrote something that popped in my head so here it goes. I was standing in front of baggage clam to get my luggage. I was tired and my ass Hirt from sitting so damn long on the airplane. 13 hour flight isn't fun at all.

And to make everything worse it was about 5 snow flakes away from being a full blown blizzard. I thought Fairbanks Alaska would be a nice cool place in the fall. Boy was I wrong. All the sudden the conveyer belt stops as well as my heart. No bag. "Son of a bitch!" I said under my breath. I looked around hopefully that I was at the wrong number. I went back to the board and double checked. "Nashville, number 5". I look at the big number 5 above the very spot I was just standing at.

"Son of a bitch!" I repeated only at a normal tone of voice. I finally strode over to the lost luggage like I had something shoved up my ass.

Walking up to the desk I didn't see any life, at all. But it was 1:30 in the morning so I could understand that with a small population. I walked up to the desk to find it abandoned. The only thing at the desk was a pad and pencil and a bell that you ding when your food is ready.

"Ring for assistance" I read out loud. Giving the bell one sharp ding I waited for a few moments. "I'll be right with you" I heard from the back. Finally she came out of the back and I had to remind myself to shut my mouth. The first thing I noticed about i was bored tube porn was that she was of Native American decent. She had light, copper like, skin. Long black hair to accent her big brown eyes. And had the body of a model.

Long legs. Nice, perky, breasts. And a warming smile that made me forget about the snow storm outside. " Hi. How can I help you?" I lost all train of thought. I just stared for a few moments. " Umm ya. My bag kinda didn't show up". " Ok. Let me see if I can find it" she began to type way at the computer before her. I couldn't help but look at her beautiful eyes as she took a sip from her coffee. Did she have coffee when she walked out? Does it matter? "What's the name under?" I lazily handed her my ticket and told her it was coming out of Tennessee.

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"Sooo. That explains the accent." "Is it that noticeable?" "Ya. We don't have many people from the south. But I just love the way you talk" "Thank you. I wish I could say somethin nice about this place but" I pointed out the window." I can't see any of it." "You'll get used to it. It's supposed to stop by the end of tomorrow." "I hope so.

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Rednecks aren't any good frozen." She let out a soft giggle. "Ohh" she breathed as her soft smile faded away. "What is it?" I asked concerned. "Well. I found your luggage." There was a short pause before the continued. "It's in JFK airport" "New York?! How the hell did it end up over there. That's on the other side of the country!" "I'm sorry sir" she said timidly. cute euro teen bangs in fake taxi pov till creampie can have it here in.

Two days" I let my head hang low as the have me the bad news. Man. What am I gona do. That had all my clothes and I've got to fly to Nome tomorrow. My boss was going to be pissed. But right now I had to think of a place to stay. Cheap. The company was going to pay for my room and board but I was a little short on cash. I looked back at her. She was almost wincing. As if I was about to smack her and she know it.

"Do you know of a cheap place to crash for the night?" "Ummm the cheapest place around here is $139 a night" I sighed in protest. "Is there nowhere else?" She just nodded her head and said I'm afraid not. "I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't have any money. Everything was paid for in Nome." "Well. I have an extra room in my trailer. It has heat and everything. You can stay in the extra room" "Would you mind? I'd hate to impose" "No. I don't mind at all.

I'm just trying to help you out" "Well thank you. I can't thank you enuff" I then pulled out my cell phone and let a unfriendly voice mail for my boss. I then seen the beautiful girl walk up next to me. "I get off in 15 min." I just nodded and continued my voice mail. The rest was kind of a blur.

I suppose it was from not sleeping on that small ass plane. But the next thing I know. In at here house. She showed me around and told me to make my self at home. I decided that now would be a good time to use the rest room. When I came out I could see that she was in her room with the door barley cracked.

When I walked up to it and utter a single word I froze in place. Though the small crack in the door. I could see her getting dressed. There she was, in the buff.

Her breasts seemed to keep the same shape as before. It seemed she didn't even have to wear a bra. I was in shock at how beautiful and how even her copper tan was.

By the time I started looking at her lower parts I noticed she was staring right at me. I almost had a heart attack. I quickly turned and left. Sitting down at the living room seemed the only thing to do after that. And even then I didn't seem right. She walked into the room covered in a bath robe carrying some blankets. "Here you go. You might need a few.

Because this trailer doesn't hold heat well." "Oh. Ok. Thanks." "You ok?" "I'll be alright." I said trying not to sound nevus. "Ok yell I'm off to bed. Goodnight." "Night" Laying in bed I couldn't stop thinking about how firm her boobs were. Soft and round. Nipples hard from the cold weather. I could feel my dick slowly getting harder. The more I thought of her the harder it got till the point I thought it was going to explode out of its skin.

Just about the time I pulled my cock out my door opened. I jumped at the sudden movement. I felt like I had been commuting a crime. I seen her sweet face come into view. "Can I come in?" Dear god "It's your house. Um ya. Come on in" She can strolling in with those long dark legs.

And sat on the bed next to my raging hard on. Only then did I see that I was pitching a huge tent. "I hope I don't make you uneasy. But I'm really cold. Would it bother you if you slept in my bed. So we can stay warm?" Dear god! "Um ya. Ok. I'll follow you." About the time she stood up she glanced down at my circus tent.

The back at me. And walked away. I waited for a moment to see if my penis would at least soften. No such luck. So I waked into her room with a blanket in front of my dick. She was already in bed.

"Just lay that blanket next to the bed just incase." "Ok then." After doing so I eased my way in between she covers. I was careful to have my back to her so she wouldn't see all of me. Finally settled in I closed my eyes to try and sleep. With my member standing tall for some attention I knew it was going to be hard. Then out of nowhere. She lays her arm across me. My eyes shot open. Her skin was so smooth and warm. Then I seen something that made my heart skip a beat. The bath robe she was wearing earlier was in a pile on the floor.

"No need to be so shy." She said as she pressed her naked body against my bare back. What have I got myself into? "But. Um. We just meet." I could feel the precum ozzing it's way out. "I know. That's what makes it so much more fun." She then reached around and took my long shaft in her hands.

"Besides. I know you want it." She moaned. Slowly stroking my dick. "I seen you looking at me when I was changing. Oh god your cock is so hard. Ummmm. Let me suck it please." She purred. I lost all control. I slid my boxers down as fast as I could. The moment my dick sprang up to life she put it in her warm wet mouth. She just held the head of it in her mouth for a few moments.

She looked deep into my eyes. Her face seemed to glow in the dim light of the snow. Still keeping eye contact she slowly started to swallow my pole. The low the got the more I moaned in approval. Finally she reached the base of my dick. She then began licking my balls with the end of her tongue. "Oh god that feels good. Just like that baby." She finally came up for air after it seemed like she would never let up.

She then began to lick it all over. "It taste so good. It makes me so wet when I can taste his big juicy cock" she moaned "Your mouth is so warm. Can you lick my balls? I want your sweet mouth all over my fucking nuts" "Hmmm you want it?" "I want so bad!

Please baby? I want to feel your tongue slither all over my balls!" I begged. "Ummm. Ok" she then sank down to my balls and then began to massage them with her warm mouth.

"Ohh that it baby. Lick my balls." After a few minutes of that she jumped on top of and began to grind her sweet clit on my rock hard member. As she began to moan loudly I could feel how wet she really was. "Fuck me with your big cock you stud. Show me how you so it in the south." That was all the motive I needed.

I didn't take much effect to slide my penis inside her tight pussy. Tight for bbc watch part on ulacamcom began to fuck her hard from the bottom as I held her body wight by her boobs. Her tits felt even better naughty lesbians fill up their oversized bums with milk and ejaculate it out amateur babe I ever imagined.

She moaned and panted as I repeatedly rammed my cock, hitting her gspot. She tried to keep eye contact with me. But she just felt so good and couldn't stop her eyes from rolling back into her head. "Ohhh god. I'm going to cum all over your fucking cock." She breathed.

And then let out a scream as her body was hit with waves of pure pleasure. I could fell her juices surrounding my stiff prick. She rolled over on her back with her legs straight up. I easily entered her. And resumed my ramming motion. "Ohh fuck. I'm gona cum baby." I could start to feel my balls tighten. I started pumping harder and deeper. "Cum on my face you fucking stud".

That was all the motivation I need.

I pulled out and held her face close to my cock. I shot rope after rope into her sweet face. She kept eye contact the entire time I sprayed my load on her face. She didn't even blink. When I was done I watched her wipe the cum off of her face and eat every last drop. After she properly cleaned her face we fell asleep in each others arms. I began to wonder. What was in store for me tomorrow? So I closed my eyes and went to sleep. So tell me what you think. I would like to make more story's(better than this one) so if you have some tips let me know.