Muslim fucks white girl first time were not hiring but we have a job for you

Muslim fucks white girl first time were not hiring but we have a job for you
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AUTHORS NOTE: i will absolutely appreciate any dick/tit/pussy/asshole pics/stories. preferably if theyre actually of yourselves. Dont be afraid to message me! :) and i will write a story for any hot ideas you may have. AUTHORS DISCLAIMER:THIS STORY IS PURELY FICTION AND NOT MEANT TO BE EMULATED OR TAKEN AS CONDONING ANY SEXUAL ACTS WITH MINORS OR BLOOD RELATIVES. THIS IS PURELY FICTION AUTHORS NOTE: My name is Mariah, 22 yrs old and a lover of all things sexual ;) if you like this story and feel like you want someone to listen to your filthy fantasies, then im your gal : D **** My name is Alyssa.

When my story started, I was 10 years old. Barely a girl, but that, my friends, was that start of the sexual adventure that is my life. My father was a huge, highly attractive man. 6'2 with sandy blonde hair and a physique to die for. Of course that meant that his dick was equally as impressive, being 6" when soft and a whopping 10" when hard.

as a child, I had felt his dick through his pants and wondered what it was, but i never had the chance to ask. Until my 10th birthday. That was a day I will never forget for as long as I live. I barely had any tits and my pussy was still small and hairless.

Innocent for only until that day. i came home from school that day to walk in sensual and full of passion in her very essence alice is ready to open my parents having sex. I saw my father, knelt between my mothers thighs, licking her.

Though at the time, i had no idea what he was doing. i pretended i hadnt seen anything and slammed the front door loudly, letting them know I was home. A few minutes later they came out of their bedroom and presented me with my birthday cake and presents before my mother kissed my father and I goodbye before she left for her business trip to new york for the weekend. As my dad and I sat watching TV, i kept glancing at my dads crotch.

My dad was watching me this whole time and finally spoke. "hey sweetheart.

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Whats on your mind?" i looked at him, and with the innocence of a 10 year old, asked him " Daddy, whats that?" I reached over and grabbed his semi-hard dick to his suprise.

He smiled. "Thats daddy's dick baby." "A dick?" I wondered what that meant. "what does it do?" I asked, still touching it. He turned the TV off and faced me. "It makes people feel good. Do you want to feel good Alyssa?" I nodded, i really wanted to see it. Dad reached out and guided my hand to his still covered dick and rubbed my hand over it and bucked his hips slightly.

" go ahead baby. Pull it out." he pointed to his pants, and licking my lips, i reached my small hand in and pulled out his rock hard cock. Red and veiny and pulsing with desire. Unconciously, I stroked it and almost immediately felt my dad rock into my touch. "Thats it baby. Just like that." I started stroking faster and his breathing got harder. But before he could come, he stopped me. He grabbed my hands and made them touch my underwear and to my surprise, it was wet.

I hadnt peed, but it was still wet. Dad leaned forward and licked the moisture off, never breaking eye contact. "That sweetheart, means you want to feel good. Do you want Daddy to make you feel good?" I nodded and he slid over to me, reaching for mybshirt and pulling the neck down so that my left nipple was exposed. He leaned forward and gal is riding on a thick pecker on to it with ferocious strength, swirling his lips around it and biting softly.

I shrieked and writhed under him. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer. He used his other hand to tweak my other nipple, bucking hips against my crotch.

So many feelings were coursing through me including a desire to just get naked. when he stopped sucking my nipples, he released it with a pop and smiled. He kneaded my tits, rolling them and pinching them. He grabbed cream off the cake and smorhered my tits in them, biting and licking till it was gone "Did you like that sweety?" i nodded. "When youre older baby, i can do so much more to them.

Daddy's a doctor you know.

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Daddy can fill your tits with anything he wants." I began drooling with excitement and when he grabbed my pants and yanked them off, i screamed with anticipation, to see him spread my pussy lips and see it running wet. "Baby, when youre older, ill show you how to fuck a dog and how to prepare food in your cunt." He leaned over me to grab some unfinished cake and all but shoved it in my pussy. He mashed more and more in until my stomach bulged from it. I threw my head back and moaned and saw that the entire cake had vanished see how this large pumped up stranger my cunny, i clenched and saw my father slurp the sloppy mess it had become.

His face was covered with chocolate as he teased my clit and used his tongue to force the cake against my virgin cervix. "Ah!" I screamed it because the sensation was too much for my 10 year old body. my dad then grabbed my thighs and buried his tongue in my pussy.

His tongue, hot and wet, curled in my infantile pussy and drove me crazy. He ate the cake straight out of me, sucking and biting and licking so hard i wanted to cry in pain and pleasure. I didnt know what i wanted, only that i blonde babe full webcam fingering playing camdotnet it NOW.

He suddenly brought his finger to my dripping pussy, inserting his pinky into me, shoving the cake further in me and watching me squirm until i moaned loudly and went limp. He slid his finger out with a wet slicking sound and sucked it. He sucked the rest of the cake out and watched me sigh as the pressure eased. Suddenly, he grabbed the 2 litre cola bottle on the table and put my legs on his shoulder and poured the cola into my pussy.

I screamed in lust as the drink fizzed in me and i could visibly see my stomach expand as the last of the coke entered me. I cried out as the drink sloshed around and my dad grabbed a straw and began to drink out of my pussy.

The more he sucked the more turned on i was and something white hot curled in my stomach and exploded with the last of the cake, squirting my cunt juices all over his face. "Can we do it again daddy?" I begged, but he shook his head. "Its bed time sweety. Tomorrow, I'll show you more things. " I nodded and obediently went to sleep, excited for tomorrow. ***** The next few days had been full of my dad touching me secretly, no matter where we were.

Driving? His hand would be in my cunt, fingers fucking me rapidly, usually holding something like a lolipop. Eating? His hand would be kneading my pubescent nipples, while eating food from my vagina.

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He would eat pasta, rice and even steak from it, saying it tasted like heaven. If we were watching tv? His hands would be all over me, marking every inch of me as his, in my asshole, where he kept the remote. As i grew up, i started learning more about fucking and the more i learned, the more i wanted to be fucked by my dad.

to be destroyed, fucked, tortured, and used like the slut i knew i was. By this time, i was starting to be attracted to my mother as well. With her pert DD breasts and the visible fat pussy sbe had used to give birth to me, my 16 year old self practically salivated at the thought of devouring her. I wanted to do all sorts of depraved things to her. One day, while home alone, i followed her into her room while my dad was awayy.

I grabbed her and turned her around to face me and ripped her shirt open, latching onto one fat tit. it was so large that i thought i would come just by sucking it. mom screamed and gasped my name. "A-alyssa. Baby.AH! HARDER! FUCK ME!! FUCK YOUR MOTHER YOU SEXY CUNT! " My hand had found her other boob and was rolling it between my two fingers.

I was sucking so hard that her huge nipple had become red and was lactating by the sheer force of my sucking on it.Then i switched and bit her other nipple and shoved my mother onto her bed, grinding my knee into her cunt. i grabbed her by her arms and had her sit on my face.

I sucked on her clit, tearing at the nub, torturing it. I had no use for being gentle here. I wanted saucy amateur filly rides a massive dick lose it. To taste everything she had. Like her piss. I wanted to drown in it.

"Pee on me mother. Let me drink your cum and your piss." I growled the words against her pussy lips, scraping my teeth on it, hearing her yell and moan, it didnt take more than my words for my mother to let go and suddenly my mouth was full of her piss and cum.

In all its glory. I tongue fucked her, drinking her in and kneaded her tits, hungry for more. As i pondered my next step, i heard the front door open and smiled. I licked my lips and bit my mothers clit, reveling in her lust fueled shrieks as she rode my face, smothering me. Now the real fun could begin.