Flashing and nude on the road tube porn

Flashing and nude on the road tube porn
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"Abby! Could you come in here please", yelled my dad from the living room. "Coming" I replied and hurried to him, everyone knows you don't disobey dad. My father is large man, with bald head and a beard. My two younger sisters were sitting in front of my father on the floor. My sisters are 10 and 12 and look just like our mother, with blue eyes and blonde hair.

I'm 18 and my colouring is completely different, brown eyes and brown hair, more like my father. "Sit down", dad said. I sat down and crossed my legs. "I want to play a little game with you guys today", he said and my siblings cheered. "I bought this today, it can be used to hypnotise people". He held out a small purple object, the size of an orange. "so who wants to go first?" he asked. My siblings began to fight over who would go first, and my father intervened.

"you can both go together. Look away Abby or you will be hypnotised as well". I closed my eyes. "alright, open your eyes Abby". My father then made then do a series of funny things like quacking like a duck, dancing like a monkey and doing handstands. "Okay, you will fall asleep and when I say the magic word you will awaken with no memory of what has just happened".

Both their heads dropped as though they were asleep. "ponies", my father said. And they both woke up. "now girls, do you remember what happened?" he asked them.

"no nothing", said Lucy, my youngest sister. Amy nodded next to her. "interesting", my father said, stroking his small beard, "okay Abby, your turn". I look into the purple ball and it pulsates and appears to grow bigger, I can feel the control leave my body. It was the strangest sensation, I knew what was happening and what I was doing, but I couldn't stop myself. Dad makes me do some funny weird things, making my sisters laugh. "okay, that's enough. Abby when I say the magic word you will snap out of this and remember nothing.

Ponies. Do you remember what happened?" He asked. The thing was, I did remember, why could I remember when my sisters could not. I decided to pretend and say that I didn't remember anything. "very good!" father said, "Dinners ready now, go wash up." Later that evening when everyone was asleep, father came to my room.

He told me to come with him and led me downstairs into his private study. It was sound proofed because when he worked he didn't like to be disturbed. I wondered what he wanted to show me. "father-" I started to say but he interrupted me "be quiet", he snapped, he seemed different, harsher. He then proceeded to get the hypnotizing ball out. "look into this Abby". I immediately felt the control leave my body, leaving me standing there, staring straight ahead.

"Perfect" he said. He started circling around me, looking my body up and down, I began to feel uncomfortable, all I had on was a thin nightgown, there had been no time to grab my robe. "My, my", he said, "you've grown into quite the little lady". I was 5'6, with big supple breasts and curvy hips. Right now my nipples poked through the thin fabric from the cold. He reached over and pinched one of my nipples. If I could have yelled and pushed him away I would have, but I was unable to move, I wouldn't be able to move best girls in the world he the way this is going to end is all already known for everybody fingering licking kissing and just l me to.

He rolled the nipple between his fingers. "You've always been such a tease. I've always wanted to fuck you, fuck you so hard you wouldn't ever forget it," he said menacingly.

I started to get scared. "and this is the perfect opportunity. When my buddy said he could get me one of these, he knew I wanted to fuck you, I jumped at the chance. Now you have to do whatever I tell you, you little slut. And the best part?

You wont be able to remember anything! Do you understand me slut? Nod your head if you do." I nodded my head. "excellent. Take off your nightgown". I couldn't stop myself, I could feel my hands lifting the nightgown up and over my head. I was now standing completely naked in front of my father. "interesting, a shaved pussy, maybe you're not as innocent as a thought slut. You will keep it that way from now on, I like to see a shaved pussy". He leaned forward and grabbed my tits.

He rolled my nipples between his fingers and bent down to lick them. He sucked my one tit harder and groped the other one. He licked up to my face and licked my mouth and nose.

As began to kiss me, I could feel my lips kissing him back, it seems he can control me through his actions as well as his words. "okay slut," he said, "this is how its going to work. I'm your master now and you'll do whatever I say. When I ask you a direct question you will reply, is that clear?" "yes", I say. "Yes master, " he corrects me, "go on say it right." "yes master." He has been playing with my breasts this whole time, as much as this scares me, I can feel my body getting aroused.

He pushes me down to my knees and unzips his pants.

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He pulls out his dick, its huge. "suck it," he says. I open my mouth and start sucking his dick. He grabs the back of my head hard and roughly shoves his dick into my mouth, face fucking me. He pushes it down my throat and leaves it there, he pulls it out and I breath deeply. He does this a few more times. He pulls me to my feet and drags me over to the table and pushes me down. He spreads my legs and inhales my pussy smell.

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"mmm slut, you smell divine," he says smiling up at me, like this is the most normal thing in the world. He leans forward and licks my pussy in one long lick. I can feel myself getting more and more aroused.

He rubs my clit, getting rougher and rougher. "Okay slut, I hope you don't mind some rough play do you?" "I don't mind master," I say. As soon as I say this he slaps me across the face. And then again and again. I can feel my hair flying back and forth. "this is awesome, no matter what I do, you wont be able to stop me." My father says. He pulls me off the desk and turns me around, pushing me down hard until I'm bent over the desk. I can feel his finger trailing around my butt hole.

"ever have anything in here slut". "no master". "good," he replies, "From now on I will be the only one to fuck you, unless I tell you to fuck someone else. If anyone tries to fuck you and I haven't told you to, you will run away." He turns around and walks away from the desk, opening a draw and taking something out.

He returns behind me and without warning slaps me hard on the butt cheek with a paddle. He does it again and again and again. I wasn't going to be able to sit for a week. "that turns daddy on, when you take your spankings like a good girl." He rubs my butt cheeks to smooth them, licking them. I feel his tongue slid to my asshole. He licks around it and I can feel his tongue push inside. He starts tongue fucking my hole and I surprise myself by enjoying it. He pulls his tongue out and I feel his dick at my entrance of my pussy.

He pushes inside with one stroke, I could feel him stretching me out. Before I can fully get used to him, he pulls out and slams into me again, fucking me hard. I bang into the desk with each stroke. "fuucccckkkkk" he says, "im going to cum". Me too I thought and I contract around his dick, milking him.

He yells as he cums deep in me. "this isn't going to be a problem, because your mother told me that you're on the pill." "one more thing," he says, "I shouldn't be expected to go to the toilet when I have a slut like you. Come here and drink my piss. If you spill a single drop, you'll regret it." I open my mouth and the salty, disgusting piss fills my mouth, I can feel it filling my belly. Once he tied tchair and forced orgasm with vibrator finished, he slapped my breast hard, followed by a slap to the face.

"good job whore," he said, "walk back to your room now, go naked, everyone should be asleep. When you get back to your room you will go to bed and forget what just happened." I turn around to leave and he slaps my ass on the way out. "thanks for the fuck, you whore." I cringe on the inside and walk out. I get back to my room and wonder what the hell just happened. Was I going to have to do that again? I sure hoped not, although, I had never felt that good before, I kind of liked it.

The next day, I woke up early and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. My pussy and ass cheeks ached. I groaned a little as she walked down the stairs. I see dad sitting in the kitchen, buttering some toast.

He noticed that I was walking a little stiffly. "everything okay honey? He asked, like he actually cared. He was probably just checking to see if I remembered. "I'm fine dad, just a little sore.

I must have slept weird." I say and he smiles. "that's good honey". He carries his toast out of the kitchen into the dining room. I grab cereal and start to go upstairs, when I hear him on the phone and he says my name, I stop and go back.

"its incredible," he says, "the best fuck I've had in a long time. She remembers nothing. Tonight I'm thinking of introducing her to some more bondage, heaven knows I've wanted to show that little bitch who's boss around here. Okay talk to you later buddy, bye." He carries his plate to the kitchen whistling. "Abby quick come here for a second." He calls.

I walk back into the kitchen. "yes father," I ask. He doesn't say anything, just pulls out the purple ball.

I lose control. "Suck my dick before I leave for work." "yes master". I let him face fuck me again, drool dripping down my chin onto my shirt. He pulls his dick out as I feel him getting closer. He cums, shooting it all over my face and in milf sex lick sex stories movies hair.

"Go and clean yourself up whore. You will wash that off and forget everything. Go now before the others wake up." And he zips his pants back up, picks up his bag and walks out the door. Holy shit, was this going to be a regular thing, I'll just be his living sex doll??

When my father returned from work that night, I couldn't help getting nervous, he said he wanted to do bondage? I noticed my father kept looking at me at dinner. He looked excited and I felt my stomach flip. I got ready for bed in daze and lay down.

My father came in about an hour later. This time he just took out the ball and told me to follow him. I followed him down stairs and walked into his study. He led me other to a bookcase and pulled a book down and the bookshelf swung forward. A secret door!

As I walked into the room, I was shocked. It was set out like a torture chamber, with more sex toys than I had ever seen before in my life. "take off your clothes," he says without looking at me, "come over here." I walk over to him. He is getting this wooden frame ready.

It has a noose hanging from the top and chains on the side. He pushes me back and puts the noose over my head and removes the slack, making it hard to breath. He ties each of my wrists using the chains and places a pole between my legs, spreading them open. He stands back and admires his masterpiece. "well slut," he says, "we are going to have some fun tonight." I shiver, the room is icy cold.

He notices. "sorry about the temperature," he says, "but we can't have you getting too comfortable." He smiles at me, its not a nice smile. "I do like having a slave, its very satisfying." I watch him go over to the shelves and select a whip. I watch him bring it over to me and he walks behind me.

With the way I'm tied up I can't turn around and see him. Without warning he brings the whip down across my ass. He whips me all over my body, no part was spared. Red welts rose from where he whipped me. He walks around, inspecting me. He bends down behind me spreading my ass cheeks apart. This is so embarrassing, being inspected like this, but bathroom dickmade with beth bennett part, some twisted part of me, likes this.

I feel his tongue lick my asshole and slip inside. I moan on the inside, not being able to talk. His tongue feels so good inside me. "that feel good huh? You fucking whore, do you like your ass eaten out by your dad?" He asks me. "yes master," I reply. "I always knew you'd be a filthy slut," he says and walks away. Coarse and non stop sex scene hardcore and blowjob selects two nipple clamps and walks back over to me.

He licks and sucks on my nipples, blowing on them to make them stick out even more. He clamps my nipples and walks back to his supplies. He selects a ball gag and a cattle rod, the sort that gives an electric shock.

He places the gag in my mouth. He shocks my nipple clamp with the rod, the metal amplifying the shock, making my nipples tingle. He bends down and spreads my pussy lips, sending shock after shock into my vagina and clit. It was almost unbearable. But then he stops. "I know what you need," he says and abruptly walks back over to that dreaded supply box. He pulls out more clamps and some chains and walks back to me. He clamps one pussy lip then the other.

He then attaches a chain going from one nipple clamp to one pussy clamp and repeats it on the other side. He walks behind me and pulls my legs back, securing the bar to something behind me, making my ass stick out and making the chains pull so tight. Every little movement sent waves of pain down the clamps. "perfect," teen bailey bae gets doggystyled by hung jock says, "you've never looked prettier my slut." I feel him walk behind me and stroke my pussy.

He massages my clit, moving the clamps, causing pain but also excitement. He walks away and returns with the whip. He brings down the whip again and again, always in a different spot on my body, sparing nothing but my face. My father had a manic look in his eyes. He was naked now, having taken off his clothes while he was whipping me. He walked behind, and slammed into my pussy, taking me by surprise.

My pussy still had trouble trying to fit him all in. He pulled out and slammed into me again and again. He was getting close to cumming, I could tell, he was panting and swearing.

He came, shooting his seed deep inside me. He stayed there for a little while, I could feel his dick going limp inside me. He finally pulled out and I could feel his cum slowly leaking out of me and down my legs. "for being such a little whore and enjoying that, I'm going to leave you hanging here for a few hours," he said, smiling meanly.

I was in agony, everything hurt, and every move made it more painful. Finally, after what seemed like days, he returned and unhooked me, he pulled off the clamps and for a second it was more painful than before as the blood rushed back. "clean up this mess," he said, referring to his cum on the floor. "yes master," I say, looking around for a cloth.

"Not with a cloth, you slut, with your mouth," he says. I lean down and lick the floor clean, with my ass in the air. He rubs my pussy and asshole while I clean the floor. "I need to piss," he announces. I open my mouth and take the disgusting liquid. He bends me over, slaps my ass one last time. "you can go to your room now," he says, "you will remember nothing once you are there and will go straight to sleep." The next day was Saturday, and my father told me he needed my help with errands.

I had to wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans, as faint whips marks were visible on my arms and legs. "why are you wearing that," he asked once we got into the car, "its so hot today." "I don't know," I say, "I was cold this morning." He smiles, knowing the real reason I had to cover up today, but thinks that I don't know how the marks got there. I'm still not sure why I do remember anything. We pull up to the hardware store. "I need some supplies for a little project I'm doing," he says smiling.

"Okay dad," I reply, and we walk inside. We head straight down to the timber aisle. He takes out a few pieces of wood, and while he thinks I'm not looking measures them against me. So this is why he wanted me to come, to see what sizes he would need. I wonder what he's building. Once he has selected everything he needs, including nails, rope, chain, timber and paint, we head towards the exit.

He tells me to stand here with the stuff while he asks to speak with the manager. The manager comes out and its an old buddy of his. They start talking in low tones, but I can just make it out. "Hello Tim, what can I do for you," says the manager.

"I would like these supplies Liam, but I was wondering if I could do a trade for them," my dad says.

"oh yeah, what could you trade for all that," Liam replies. "My daughter," my dad says and I look away as they both look over at me. I start to get a feeling of dread in my stomach, was he really going to trade me for this stuff? "she will do whatever you want for 2 hours, if you give me this stuff for free," dad says.

Liam looks doubtful but agrees to the deal. They walk back over, Liam looking me up and down and smiling meanly. Dad pulls out the purple ball and I lose control. "Listen here, you slut, you will go with Liam and do whatever he tells you to do," he whispers fiercely at me. Liam looks shocked that my dad would talk like this but doesn't interrupt. "I will come back and get you in 2 hours." He leaves, wheeling his products to the exit, the alarms go off, but the manager says, "its fine, his products are paid for." And my dad is allowed to leave.

Liam leads me back into his office. "well, what to do, what to do?" Liam asks. I don't reply. "I have had the cameras disabled in this office, so I don't need to worry about anyone seeing this," he continues, "take off all your clothes." I strip.

He grabs my tits hard and pinches my nipples. Seeing no reaction, he does it harder. He slaps me across the face, hard, my head whips back and my cheek turns pink.

"wow, no reactions," he says, "interesting." He pushes me natural lesbian babes squirting hard keisha grey abella danger maddy oreilly cadence lux anna de vil to my knees, unzips his pants and shoves his dick into my mouth. His dick is smaller than dads, but still big. He throat fucks me for several minutes. He zips his pants back up and leaves the room, he comes back several minutes later carrying a set of stocks.

Where he got them, I have no idea. He pulls me to my feet and bends me over, locking my head and wrists into the stocks and slaps my ass. "Well my dear," he says, "time for the real fun to begin." I feel him at my entrance and he pushes himself in, in one big stroke.

He fucks me hard, almost pushing me over several times. My pussy felt so stretched. He pulls out while he's still hard and I feel him at my other entrance. I want to say 'no stop', but I cant say anything, so he just pushes himself into me, slowly at first, getting faster towards the end until his whole length is inside me.

I feel too full. He starts to fuck me, getting harder and harder. Finally, he explodes deep into my ass. "we still have an hour left, slut," he says, "what should we do? I don't think its fair that I get you all to myself." He leaves and returns with two other men. One big fat guy and one tall skinny guy. "omg you weren't kidding Liam," the fat man fantastic czech teen is seduced in the mall and fucked in pov laughing at the sight of her in stocks, helpless with her ass and pussy hanging out.

"Harry and Peter this is my new friend, her name is slut," Liam says. "hi slut," says the tall man. "go on, what are you waiting for," Liam says, "fuck her fucking brains out." They don't need anymore encouragement, pulling their pants off and whipping their dicks out. One goes to my back and shoves his dick right into my pussy, already hard. The other goes to my mouth and starts to face fuck me.

I've never had two men fucking me at the same time. It takes them a few times, but they eventually develop a rhythm. After a few minutes they switch. This continues for a long time, I could see Liam in the corner of my eye stroking his dick. He walks up to me and puts his dick in my hand and tells me to stroke it for him.

All three men come at around the same time. Covering me with their cum. They laugh and walk out, leaving me stuck, with cum dripping off me. They don't lock the door. All someone would have to do, is open the office door and they would see me helpless here. Should I keep writing??