Beautiful teenager ana foxxx thrashed by throbbing bbc

Beautiful teenager ana foxxx thrashed by throbbing bbc
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Bobby's second full week of carnival life was nearing its end; time was just flying. His outdoor education was almost too much to absorb.

His boss had assured his parents that Bobby would be under constant guidance and supervision. Apparently it was only a ruse as Mr. M., Bobby's boss, needed a quick fill-in and Bobby was available and recommended by the former concessionaire and acquaintance of the family.

Basically, Bobby was on his own from day one. To come from a quiet, respectable family where all his brothers and sisters were college bound, Bobby being no exception, and tossed into the brothel of carnival life was overwhelmingly intoxicating to a young mind.

Not exactly young; fifteen wasn't young, Bobby thought. But eighteen did seem much older. So posing as an eighteen year older, Bobby forced himself to act older and tried to fit in with everyone he met. And, yes, he did fit very well. Thursday night things had cooled down, temperature wise; a thick fog was moving in and attendance was weak. By nine o'clock the midway was a ghost town. Some of the ride boys already had a card game going along with a couple of cases of Miller Lite.

Even though the tent offered some protection from the dampness, Bobby felt he could do better by visiting his favorite carny friends, Corrine, Carla, Carmen and Joe. This had been a very fast paced week and Bobby hadn't seen them at all.

Two important notes; they had a nice warm trailer to shield from the dampness and the women were most attracted to Bobby-all three of them.

As Bobby slogged toward the trailer across the wide lot, he hoped that Joe might be away for the night. Joe frequently had to go into Boston or Worcester for repair parts or equipment. Half way there, he looked up to see Carla and her younger sister Corrine approaching. The babes had similar ideas about tonight.

"Hey, Bobby, you want to come amateur cds in cheap hotel threesome tube porn and get out of this fog and play some games? Dad had to go to Worcester again to pick-up a generator or something.

In this heavy mist and there's no way he'll even try to come back until tomorrow. Mom's hoping you'll come over, too. We think she likes you." The two of them giggled like little girls. They had no idea that their mother, Carmen, liked Bobby more than they had realized. Bobby gladly accepted their invitation and picked-up his pace as he anticipated a night of fun and games.

Bobby followed the girls into their trailer. It was warm and coz; a glance toward the kitchen, and Bobby noticed drinks were already waiting. No Miller Lite tonight; it appeared Carmen had made a batch of margaritas for all of us-even Corrine whom she never let drink. Bobby thought it was a great idea; everyone could get a buzz on and enjoy whatever may develop.

Carmen finally appeared from taking a shower wearing only her robe and slippers. With a big smile on her face that made Bobby feel like one of the family. "Drink up every body. Bobby's been with us almost two full weeks; it looks like he might survive the summer.

Bobby, you like word games?" as Carmen pulled some old game off a shelf from the living room. while mom sleeping daughter sexwith dad

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"Sure, I like any kind of games" Bobby answered "Keyword is a lot like Scrabble "Carmen said as she set the game box on the table. The main difference is that we have added a lot more lettered game pieces to make it easier to spell words." "Sounds like fun. Let's get started," as Bobby was already half way through his drink.

Before the games began, Corrine and Carla also went to shower and get into something sunny leone x mp4 2019 comfortable. Bobby was sensing that these women had ulterior motives tonight. Carmen was on her second drink or possibly third as she automatically re-filled Bobby's glass from the large pitcher on the counter. They indulged in a lot of small talk while they waited for Corrine and Carla to return. Less than twenty minutes and all three women sat around the table wearing only thin summer robes and slippers.

The girls helped themselves to another drink; Carmen had no objections. Bobby still wasn't quite sure as to what was going on as they opened the board and began playing Keyword. The drinks were starting to affect Bobby and Carmen; talking louder and laughing at stuff that wasn't usually funny. The girls gulped down their drink to keep up.

A half hour or so of playing, Bobby could see the changes in their behavior. All robes were gaping wider. As each in turn stretched to place their letters on the board one or sometimes both fleshy mounds became visible. A large areola or two, a soft nipple here and there and soon all nurse and doctors bf xxx were open as the game continued. Carmen got up to pour more. As she stood behind her daughters filling their glasses, Bobby looked across the table to see Carmen's robe open to expose her whole front.

She smiled as Bobby's eyes looked up but made no move to conceal her awesome body. As she poured Bobby's drink and her own, her robe remained open to display her wares before her daughters as well. Maybe this was normal for this family, so Bobby didn't think too much of it.

Mother Nature began calling and everyone had to use the bathroom at the same time. "Intermission time," Bobby thought. "It's time to get up and stretch also; women first." Bobby returned to the game. Glasses were full one more and all three of the women were sitting bare breasted.

Bobby felt his shorts tighten upon this vision. All were happy and giggling. There was an increased amount of touching and wavering of all the drunken women talked. They included Bobby with their fondling and body contacts. Each sentence began with a hand, an arm or breast rubbing against each other. It was unanimous; the game was neglected so everyone decided it was time to quit.

Carmen suggested everyone go in the other room. "I'm going to open the sleep sofa so we can all sit and be more comfortable," as she got up. The girls got up to offer their help. Robes flailing open as they stumbled to the other room It was dimmer in the living room, but that didn't keep Bobby from seeing six breasts swaying as the mostly naked goddesses leaned over to convert the sofa bed Bobby's cock was now being strangled in his tight shorts and he needed to quickly relieve the discomfort.

Bobby arose slowly as they beckoned him to the other room. With a drink in hand and acting more drunk than he actually was, Bobby sidled around the table purposely so the women, if they were looking, could see the massive bulge in his shorts. Any thoughts of embarrassment or shyness he might have had earlier had vanished. His efforts did not go unnoticed as he was welcomed to sit with them on the bed. What ever Bobby did for the rest of the night, he could blame it on the alcohol.

Whether good or bad, Bobby was going to enjoy this evening. Just to break the ice more or less, Bobby emphasized with the slurred voice of someone under the influence and complimented them by saying, "You women stepdad bangs ebony step daughter ivory logan the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen in my entire life." That seemed to get a smile from all; and continuing in the same manner, Bobby slurred a few more syllables and said, "It sure would be nice if I could get a much closer look," as he faked a sideways fall and landed with his open mouth on Carmen's right nipple.

Before anyone knew what happened, Bobby began sucking in is clumsy effort to get up. Carmen let out a soft ooh but did not push him away. Her hand went gently to his head and held him to her and let him continue sucking and licking her nipple. Her nipple was Extended and her tummy became activated. "This is working great," Bobby thought as he lifted his head and tried to look shocked at what he just did.

Quickly he said he was sorry just to make it seem as an accident. Carmen started to say something to the effect that it must be the alcohol but Bobby was already one his way to a closer look at Carla's titties and fell toward her.

She was quicker than her mother and was able to dodge him slightly, but did allow him a very close-up view. Not to be left out, Corrine sat there and took her robe off completely and threw her tits upon Bobby's face.

And yes, puffy swollen nipple was aimed for Bobby's open mouth. A minute later Corrine pulled her nipple from Bobby's lovely mouth. Bobby's cock was aching and he had to get up to straighten his tight shorts. "That must be painful," he heard from one of them. Carmen and Carla said at the same time, "Why don't you take them off? We want to see what you got!" "They were drunk," Bobby thought. He knew that all of them individually had seen 'what he got' but they did not want to let on that they all had Bobby in one way or another at different times in the past two weeks.

As horny as these women were, they still kept secrets as to who they sucking and fucking. "Tonight was going to be a life long memory for all," Bobby thought. Stark naked, Bobby lay spread eagle on his back.

He watched in the dim light as all three were now nude hovering over him gawking at his tremendously huge cock for such a two sexy blondes have some kinky fun lad. Carmen and her older daughter stood at his feet. Corrine was already swinging her leg across his chest as she prepared to slide her pussy toward his face. Bobby knew just what she wanted. Corrine let out a little whimper as Bobby's tongue began to enter her virgin lips. His cock throbbed and bounced as it became more swollen from the fragrance of Corrine's sweet pussy covering his face.

His ears were partially blocked from her thighs, but he could hear Carla talking to Carmen, "Look how big it is. Have you ever…?" Her mother replied with a reluctant, "No!

But I don't know if even I could handle all that," she lied. They were drunk as Bobby heard Carla, "Let's do it together." And then Bobby felt what seemed like two mouths, one on each side of his massive gland His mind drifted slightly from Corrine's dripping cunt as he felt two hot wet tongues riding his tight skinned weapon of pleasure.

Corrine slid her wet slit up and down Bobby's face to get his attention back to her. Corrine was swollen and slippery as Bobby continued his assault on her clitoris. Her juices were flowing over Bobby's face and neck. Her hips were bucking up and down over his chin and tongue. It was getting hard for Bobby to breathe being smothered by this delicious cunt; so he reached under her firm round ass and began to hold her in place.

That slowed her down and Bobby rewarded her by sliding his thumb between her lips and inching it into her pussy. As he concentrated on just sucking and licking her clit, he drove his thumb slowly in and out of her. Corrine responded increasing shuddering and shaking. Bobby took a slippery finger and just as he felt her building to the point of no return he penetrated her virgin tight ass. With his forefinger in her ass and thumb in her cunt, Bobby squeezed the two together as he slowly drove them in and out together as wave after wave of orgasmic convulsions contracted on Bobby's ramming digits.

Corrine lifted herself off Bobby's face and just rolled to the side of the bed and collapsed into a coma of bliss. Bobby closed his eyes for a second to savor the delicate treatment of his still throbbing cock. It was dripping and drooling a steady volume of slippery seminal fluid from the thorough tongue dude cheats his gf with ebony roomie. He felt a shift of motion and before he could open his eyes another dripping pussy was planted on his face.

Corrine was still sprawled spread eagled. The bush tickling his face had to be Mom. Carmen planted herself firmly as Bobby went to work once more.

He was tired and wanted to lick this alexis fawx continue to ride brads big cock mature pussy slowly. Actually he wanted to lick and suck this pussy the way he thought an adult would eat a pussy; not quick and awkward like some kid teenager. Grabbing her wide mature hips, he positioned her cunt so it was just where he wanted her. Still holding her plump firm ass, he began his ritual by slowly licking up and down the entire length of her tasty slit.

Her hairy lips tickled his tongue a bit. The more he licked, the slicker her pussy and surrounding hairs became. Bobby's saliva and Carmen's own wetness was going to make this a very slippery ride.

Bobby was caught by surprise as Carla draped her lips over his cock head. Grasping the base of his thick shaft, she plunged her thick wet lips up and down as her lips kissed the hand wrapped at the base with each lunge.

Bobby knew this was going to be difficult to control. Carla maintained a steady rhythm jerking as her mouth plunged the head of Bobby's cock to the back of her palate.

Bobby tried to warn her that he was about to cum hard and fast. His voice was muffled as his lips were covered by another pair of lips.

He tried to take his mind off an imminent penile eruption by savoring the beautiful adult pussy on his face, but after just a couple of mild sucks, Carmen's clitty became engorged to the size of a little penis. He went with the flow and sucked it ever so slowly. Using his tongue on the under side he continued to suck and lick at the same time.

Carmen began moaning and rocking herself madly. Bobby had temporarily forgotten about the great cock sucking as he turned his total attention to satisfying Mom. She was dripping wet as she bucked her hips and pushed harder in to Bobby's mouth of Heaven. She was rocking and moaning deeply. Both her daughters looked up at her. She was oblivious to their stares as she was preparing for the first oral orgasm of her thirty odd years of life. Bobby had to make this right. He didn't know what to expect.

The few women he's had, never reacted like this. Carmen was almost delirious. Was I hurting her or did this just feel out of this world," Bobby wondered. Carmen fell forward with her hands on the bed. With her soaking swollen pussy lifted slightly from Bobby's face, Bobby took a chance and decided to similarly as he did with Corrine. Carmen's face was buried in the sheets facing her daughter when Bobby slipped three fingers into Carmen's well oiled hole.

Easily finding her G spot, Bobby began to massage while he methodically sucked Carmen into a deep oblivion. She slid off the side of his face even though Bobby was still maintaining an internal massage.

Bobby couldn't believe that his cock had not exploded after every thing he's been through. Thinking, "It must be the booze. I got a throbbing hard-on and it feels awesome what's been done to it. More concentration is what's needed. This time I'll keep my eyes open and watch." Carmen's vagina gave Bobby's finger another squeeze.

He looked toward her and Corrine; their eyes were fixed on Carla as head bobbed voraciously up and down Bobby's huge cock. Bobby watched their facial expressions which hinted they wanted some more. Simultaneously for some unknown reason they opened their mouths and licked their lips. Bobby's massive growth was primed and ready. Again Bobby tried to warn Carla but it was too late.

His balls began to empty faster than he could speak.

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He sensed the enormous blast of hot thick cum as it shot forth from his dick. Carla pulled her mouth of quickly as torrents of hot jizz continued to shoot and squirt all over her face and hair. Carmen's cunt contracted several more times as she watched Bobby orgasm spew on her daughters face.

Her face was dripping down her chin and onto her heavy round boobs. It was her turn now as she moved up to Bobby's lips. She kissed him with her cum covered face. Strings of cum stretched between their faces as their lips parted.

She moved up further until her own drooling cunt lips caressed his chin. Instinctively Bobby's tongue protruded into the slippery warm channel between her slit and began a slow intense licking. Carla hovered motionless. Her mother and younger sister watched with awe as Bobby's tongue continued its path up and down the length of Carla's wetness. Grabbing Carla's tight butt cheeks her moved he to position her clit for better and easier manipulations. He opened his mouth and placed it over her little button and began sucking.

Although it was already swollen, Bobby's oral attack caused it to lengthen into his mouth. Carla felt this new growing sensation as Bobby sucked and licked her at the same time. "God, this feels so fucking good," she thought. "I wonder if this is what he did to Mom to make her cum out loud." Carla was moaning while Mom and Sis continued to stare.

Unconsciously they slipped their fingers into their sticky crotches and began their own rhythmical massage. Two bodies shifted on the bed as Bobby relentlessly devoured his third pussy of the night. Someone was massaging his open legs. And someone or new cummer cute kissy with triple ds sologirlcontent both were sliding their hands the length of his legs up to his still semi hard bone.

Carla began moving her hips suffocating Bobby as she mashed her cunt into his face. Bobby could just barely breathe through his nose. "Pleeeeaassse can I?" Bobby heard in his semi conscious state. "What did that mean?" he thought.

Then he felt it. He couldn't see, but he knew that a new tighter pussy slit was being rubbed with the head of his stiffening tool. Carmen was still soothing his spread legs with a soothing massage while Corrine had straddled his upper thighs and held his cock head to her cunt lips. Corrine's slick wet pussy was now hovering over Bobby's massive weapon of pain and pleasure. Carla was bucking like crazy cowgirl as she was being sucked toward oblivion.

She took two of Bobby's fingers into her open pussy. She never felt them enter, but knew something totally new and Heavenly was starting to happen. Bobby drove his fingers in and out as his sucking worked with her writhing.

Harder and faster he slammed his fingers into her hot pleasure hole. Bobby pressed his fingers to her G spot as he sensed her first contraction. Carla let out a huge scream of pleasure as her head flailed side to side. Corrine also let out a gasp and a shriek as she lowered herself onto Bobby's cock. She only went half way and stopped. Bobby thought he impaled her as far as she could take him. Carla's pussy was continuing with tremendous contractions as Bobby felt them against his fingers.

With each contraction he thought he felt Corrine slipping more of his cock into her tight hole.

Carla was sated and slid off Bobby's wet face. She rolled onto her back and her eyes opened wide to see her little sister stuck half way onto Bobby's cock. With a wry smile she decided to coach Sis. Sis wanted no part of it; she waned to do this by herself.

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Carla really couldn't take much more. With the booze and the sexual workout she was ready to pass out. She stumbled off to bed. Bobby was enjoying his lower half massage immensely.

Corrine moved her body forward so her clit could get some massage work from Bobby's rock hard but soft and smooth love tool.

It was perfect. Bobby now had two gorgeous tits to suck to add to his and her pleasure. Corrine was tight but extremely slippery. She pumped faster as Bobby ravished her round delicate melons. Soon a little squeal and then some quick pulsing squeeze on his cock signified Corrine was soon to dismount.

Corrine collapsed on top of Bobby and just lay there with Bobby's still rock hard dick planted in her young tight love canal. Her spasms died down fairly quickly and she started dozing until Carmen said, "You're falling asleep dear. Why don't you get up and go to bed? You'll see Bobby again tomorrow." With the girls off to bed, it was only Carmen and Bobby still up. Bobby was ready for dream world but Carmen still had more plans for Bobby.

"You can't go to sleep like that Bobby. Your beautiful thick hard cock needs a woman's touch to help. Carmen stretched up and gave Bobby one of the best kisses he had ever had. Bobby's lips and face were covered with the juice of three pussies, not to mention his own cum. Carmen's soft thick lips had to have tasted it all because her lips and tongue licked his lips and chin and every where a pussy was seated.

Bobby felt he had a whiskey hard-on. It just wouldn't go down. Carmen took full advantage. His eyes were closed but he felt Carmen grasp his manhood and begin rubbing it between her thick sticky cunt lips.

Every thing became slipperier and hotter as Bobby felt his massive tool being inserted. With a low grunt and a sensual growl Carmen began filling herself.

Soon Carmen was fully stretched and impaled by Bobby's tool of love. She leaned forward and her massive globes were positioned over Bobby's face. "Oh, Bobby," she said in a sing song like voice. Bobby opened his eyes as he saw a huge breast ready and wanting to be kissed and sucked. Her left nipple immediately got a tongue and lip massage. Bobby sucked and licked one then the other as she shifted her body. Carmen slowly began her rocking and pumping on Bobby's unbelievable wonderful cunt stretching cock.

Carmen wished Joe would even come close to this. Bobby's head flopped side ways the nipple being released as he dozed off. Carmen was still riding him like kimmy kahn does an orgy wild stallion. Bobby didn't know how long he was out.

He felt Carmen still on top of him. He opened his eyes to see her breasts bouncing and swaying before him. "More suck time," he thought as he took a nipple into his mouth.

Carmen had been on the verge. All it took was for Bobby to do just what he did. She moved harder and faster atop of him. Bobby knew what she was trying to do. She wanted to cum badly. Her body was aching for another orgasm tonight. Bobby matched her thrusts, her pumping, and her attempt to make him go deeper.

He thrust up as she plunged down. Soon her wait was over. She stiffened and shuddered as she lay on top of Bobby.

Her cunt began tightening and releasing around Bobby's cock. Bobby could feel her cunt walls trying to milk his swollen member. "Well, Bobby. It looks like you still need further treatment!" "Yes, I think you are right," Bobby replied. She dismounted and began to suck and lick her juices from Bobby's cock.

It pulsed and jumped as she licked him clean. Facing his feet she straddled him and guided his cock back into her insanely wet hot hole. It felt hot after the cool licking it just received. The sensation of cold to hot was electrifying. His cock felt as if was growing more, "How could it," he thought. Bobby watched this time as his long fat cock stretched its way into Carmen.

Slowly he watched it inch its way in as she lowered herself onto him. Soon her wide hips had settled and her firm plump ass was resting on Bobby's tummy. "Yep," he thought. "She is definitely skewered." Slowly Carmen began to ride the unimaginably huge piece of meat that had impaled her.

It was big even for her, but nothing ever felt better. Carmen often dreamed of a cock like this. Cocks like this only happen in dreams. She felt herself lubricating this tool within her depths as she picked up her pace.

She knew she was going to cum-again. Bobby was mesmerized watching his huge dick slam in and out of this mature adult pussy. He never in his wildest imagination knew that women of all sizes and ages could go so crazy over a freakishly huge dick.

Two weeks ago it was only used to pee with and maybe an occasional jerk off. But things have surely changed for the rest of his life. His hands reached forward to grasp Carmen's hips as he steadied her plunges. He could feel his cock go deeper. Several times he felt its rubber tip crush into her cervix. She continued her pumping faster and harder. Bobby didn't miss a stroke as he watched her hot steamy love hole engulf his manhood.

She would lift up almost until his cock fell out. Bobby watched as his massiveness tried to pull her luxury lingerie and pantyhose on schoolmates with strapons lesbians erotica inside out as it withdrew.

Carmen was truly stretched; her slick pussy tightly clamped around the entire length of his shaft. Carmen was huffing and puffing as she pounded her way to a blissful ending. Bobby was now about to explode for the final time tonight. It was going to be huge for him also. The deep in and out action was becoming to much for Bobby too watch any further.

His balls were getting ready to release a violent eruption. Carmen started with that deep growling scream of rapture. Bobby grabbed her by her hips to pull her harder on each stroke. His huge fucking pole was hitting bottom on each and every drive. His body was stating to feel the vibrations of Carmen's orgasming cunt. "Oh, oh Carmen," is all he could say as his cock rocketed an explosive blast of cum deep into her cavity. Her convulsing pussy enticed Bobby's cock to continue filling her with his hot load.

His eruption was massive.

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It felt like he emptied a quarter of a cup of love syrup into her depths. He didn't remember Carmen getting off of him, but when he awoke she was lying next to him. Both totally bare ass naked. Bobby was asleep on his back with Carmen on her stomach. One leg was wrapped over his and one arm on his chest. It sounds unbelievable, but Bobby woke up with a hard-on.