Two raunchy starlets share a big rod

Two raunchy starlets share a big rod
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Jacob walked into Chris' room after his shower and closed the door. It took all the self-control Chris had not to jump on him. He was standing there with a towel around his waist, chest dripping with water and his usually styled hair was flat on his head.

His eyes were bright like he had just wanked and he had on his sexy half smile. Chris jaw dropped and his penis rose. " showers free." Jacob said loving Chris' reaction. " uh huh." was all Chris could say. " Do you like this look on me?" Jacob asked. " uh huh." Chris repeated smiling. Jacob locked the door and walked up to where Chris sat on the middle of his bed. " maybe next time you can join me." Jacob said almost whispering.

Chris leaned forward and pulled Jacob down onto the bed on top of himself, kissing Jacob roughly. Jacob happily obliged, kissing back and grinding his cock against Chris.

" Christopher! Are you hopping in the shower or not?" Slutty vanessa rides on a big boner pornstars brunette called through the door. " Yes mum. I'm going now." Chris called back looking regretfully at Jacob. They heard her walk away, glad she didn't try and open the door. " I have to go." Chris said.

" I'll be here." Jacob said giving Chris one more kiss before hoping up. He grabbed his towel and the clothes he was going to change into and walked towards the door.

Chris opened his door and ran into his sister. " Is Jacob in there?" She asked as Chris slammed it shut. " Yes. He is about to get changed though so you're not going in there." Chris said. " He looked so hot after his shower, although I'm sure you know." she said smiling. " Shut up and go away." Chris said walking towards the bathroom. When he felt the warm water run down him, his thoughts immediately turned to Jacob.

He couldn't decide if he liked Jacob's hair styled or messy. He thought about Jacob's abs and how the water followed the defined lines all the way down to. His penis. Chris thought about Jacob's penis and how it must have only been a centimetre or two shorter then his own. Chris started to jack himself off quickly. He hadn't noticed himself get hard or even that his hand was there waiting. His thoughts had been occupied by Jacob.

Jacob and his near perfect abs. Jacob and his uncircumcised penis. Jacob and his willingness to explore bi-sexually. Chris's hand happily obliged jacking him off hard but slowly. Chris imagined it was Jacob's hand gripping his cock.

Chris picked up the pace so it was just his fingertips skilfully rubbing his foreskin up and down the head. Chris was coming in no time and he was glad that it all just washed down the drain. Chris got back to his room and was surprised to see Jacob still sitting there. " Aww you already got changed." Jacob said. " It's what I always do. Plus there is other things we should be doing." Chris said. " like what?" Jacob asked. " Like calling Celyren." Chris said.

He hated watching Jacobs face drop. " I need to be distracted again." Jacob said hopping up and walking over to Chris. " and I would happily oblige. But this is something you have to face eventually." Chris said. " Eventually, that doesn't mean right now." Jacob said kissing Chris. Chris kissed back and moaned when Jacobs's hand was straight down Chris' pants to his cock. Chris stopped kissing and pulled Jacobs hand out of his pants. " We can do that as much as we like after you make the call." Chris said.

Jacob sighed and grabbed his phone from next to the bed. " Where is the best spot for reception?" Jacob asked. " Either in the kitchen or outside." Chris said. " lets go outside then." Jacob said allowing Chris to take the lead.

Chris walked out the closest door that lead outside and soon the boys were sitting against the brick wall, hands held and the phone was ringing. Jacob put it on loudspeaker so Chris could hear what was going on. " hello?" Celyren asked. " it's me." Shapely amazing teen plays with twat hiddencam hardcore said. " oh. Hi. Where did you end up staying last night?" Celyren asked. " you know at Saxons house." Jacob said.

" no you didn't because I was there and-" Jacob cut her off. " What were you doing two slutty girls rode a black dick Jacob asked. 'Other then Saxon' Chris thought. " He was worried about you. I went over to comfort him." Celyren said. " Is that what people are calling it now?

Comforting?" Jacob asked. " what are you talking about?" Celyren asked. " how long did you think it would take me to find out he had a party last night and that you and him."Jacob said trailing off. His grip on Chris' hand tightened. " Who told you?" she asked immediately realising what he knew.

" that is not important." Jacob said. " yes it is. I want to know who is my fake friend that ratted me out," she said. "Apparently they are one of my real friends." Jacob said. " There are getting less and less of those," he said squeezing Chris' hand again.

" whatever. Trust me Jacob, it meant nothing and we swore that it was the last time." Celyren said. " last time? Meaning you has done it before?" Jacob asked getting angry. " only twice before." she said. " That's it. It is over between us. Go and fuck him all you want, I don't care anymore." Jacob said closing his eyes. " Jacob please think about this," she pleaded. " I have thought about this.

It's over Celyren." Jacob said hanging up. Tears started to form in Jacobs's eyes and Chris quickly wiped them away and hugged him. Jacob pulled back a little bit then crushed his lips to Chris'. Chris turned his head away, knowing that Jacobs's thoughts were on Celyren. Jacob just kissed down to Chris' neck.

His other hand went to Chris' cock. " No. Jacob. Not while you're. Still thinking of . Her." Chris said almost giving in to the pleasure. Jacob bit down and Chris moaned loudly, bucking his hips into Jacobs hand. " Stop!" Chris yelled when he heard the door being opened. Jacob stopped and listened. then quickly sat up.

Chris sat up too, rubbing his neck and getting more aroused. Suddenly Chris' dad appeared around the corner. " what are you two doing out here?" he asked in his strong British accent. " Jacob just had to call someone. We were just about to come back inside." Chris said. " Are you okay Jacob?" Chris' dad asked. Jacobs eyes were still a little puffy and he had a hurt look on his face. " I will be in a bit. Just had some really depressing news." Jacob said sighing. " All right I'll let you be for a bit.

When you are ready come and find me. I have a job I need you to do." Chris' dad said disappearing back around the corner. Chris held out his hand and Jacob jumped into a hug, cuddling into him. Chris wrapped his arms around the dancer, making a note to remember this moment when he was strong enough to help Jacob, more then Jacob could help himself.

This moment showed Jacob that he could be vulnerable and Chris would still care. That it was okay not to have to be strong all the time. They pulled away from the hug at the same time, knowing when it had been enough time for them both to feel good.

The rest of the weekend was good. They helped out Chris' dad and did chores for Chris' mum. Sunday night Chris was on his way to the shower, wondering where Jacob was.

Jacob had disappeared after doing a chore for Chris' mum. Chris opened the bathroom door the same time Jacob did. " Oh you scared me!" Chris said. " Amateur sex tape-amateure 17413 tube porn Jacob said pulling Chris in the bathroom with his trademark sexy half smile. " Jacob what are you-?" Chris started to ask when Jacob said, "Shhhh.

" Jacob locked the door and slowly started to undress Chris. Chris stood there shocked. Jacob guided Chris into the shower and dropped his own towel. Jacob was already fully hard. Chris finally smiled and turned on the water. Jacob smiled as well and pushed Chris against the wall, grinding their cocks together. Chris moaned and kissed him hard.

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He could feel all of Jacob's body along his and he went instantly hard. Jacob pulled Chris away from the wall so they were both under the spray of hot water.

Chris' hands ran down Jacob's sides, one resting on his ass and the other on his cock. Chris started to jack him off slowly loving the feeling of Jacob's hands gripping at his back.

Chris started to pump Jacob's cock faster. He was rewarded when he felt Jacob kiss under his chin, along his jaw bone and finally on Chris' neck. Chris moaned knowing what was coming next. Jacob took his mouth off Chris' neck for a second and Chris felt the warm water rushing to take his place. Quickly Jacob bit down and Hot anal masturbation more at shaved pussy and vibrator moaned loud. Luckily the running water was enough to drown it out.

Chris started to jack Jacob of faster and Jacob started to do the same to Chris. Chris' body was feeling so much pleasure and feeling the sharp hot pain of where Jacob was biting was just making it all the better for him. Jacob let go of Chris' neck and continued to kiss his lips. The feeling of the blood rushing back to his neck in the midst of all the pleasure was too much for Chris.

Chris wrapped his arms around his dancer and came on Jacob's penis. After the first couple of waves Jacob was cumming as well. They just stood there and kissed a bit more, letting the evidence wash down the drain. " Come on. We should go before someone gets suspicious. " Jacob said turning the water off. " Yeah your right. Thank you for that. It was quite unexpected but it was amazing." Chris said smiling. " I like making you feel good.

" Jacob simply stated. It was time for school on Monday morning. Jacob had decided he was going to go home Monday after school to get some more clothes and bring them over on Tuesday. They said goodbye at the car and didn't talk all day at school until last period. It was a free period for Chris and Jacob had out of class permission to work in the library. They were the only two in the senior study room.

Jacob looked a little angry. " what's up?" Chris asked as Jacob sat next to him.

"Celyren." Jacob said blankly. " She has been bugging me all day about where I was this weekend and I kept telling her I knew exactly where she had been so it didn't matter but still she bugged me." "Have you talked to Saxon at all?" Chris asked. "No and I don't plan to." Jacob said. " You should talk to him sometime." Chris said.

" I know. At the moment download story sex massage xxxx if I talk to him or see him it will end in a fight." Jacob said.

Chris put his hand on top of Jacobs and Jacob sex fairy tales 8 german 3somemade first busty mature austin citi dating down a little until the door opened and Jacob looked like he had been electrocuted.

He pulled his those adorable girls get greater quantity hardcore massage back quickly and look at the door.

Chris looked as well and saw his friend Jessie walk in with her laptop and a book, oblivious to what had just happened. " oh hi guys." Jessie said cheerily looking up from he book. " hey Jessie." Chris said turning back to his laptop.

" hi. Sup?" Jacob asked a little relieve she didn't see anything. " you know the usual, the roof, fuel prices." Jessie said sitting down. " You left English pretty quick Jacob. Almost like you were meeting up with someone." Jessie said. Chris got scared. He had told Jessie he liked Jacob but hadn't filled her in on the details from the weekend.

Jacob felt betrayed. He thought Chris had told her everything. " Did they not show?" Jessie asked at the relief of both boys. " nah." Jacob said with a little laugh. " That teacher just gives me the shits." " I hear that." Jessie said smiling. " So what are you two working on? Or supposed to be working on." Jessie said still smiling. " Supposed to be homework." Chris said.

" I have a free." " I'm working on not punching a kids lights out." Jacob said sighing. " oh no." Jessie said briefly touching her nose. " What did he do?" she asked concerned. " slept with my girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend." Jacob said shaking with rage again. Jessie looked at Chris briefly who just looked down. Jessie sighed and picked up Chris' hand putting it on Jacobs.

Both boys looked at her shocked. They both tried to move their hands but Jessie held them down. " stop struggling. I saw how calm this made you before I walked in. Don't worry; I'm blocking the window in the door so no one will see. Have your little moment." Jessie said turning around. Jacob was shocked. Chris sighed. Jessie knew a lot more then she should. " Stop being so smart." Chris said rubbing Jacobs hand. " I'm not gay." Jacob blurted looking shocked.

" Never said you were. I just know some people are better at calming us down then others." Jessie said not turning around. Chris put both hands on Jacob's and was amused by the amused look on Jacobs's face. " better?" Chris asked. " better." Jacob confirmed. " good. Now can I move?" Jessie asked. " yeah go on." Chris said. " WAIT!" Jacob said. Both Jessie and Chris stopped. Jessie turned around just in time to see Jacob lean forward and kiss Chris. " Naw." Jessie said as they pulled away from each other.

" Shut up." Chris said poking his tongue out. " Not a word to anyone." Jacob said slightly ashamed but he couldn't keep the smile off his face. " My lips are sealed. Unlike yours." Jessie said with a laugh. Both boys blushed. " we should get back to work." Chris said, then laughed because they weren't actually doing anything. " hey did anyone order a pissed off sexy brunette?" Jessie asked looking out the window in the door. Chris looked and immediately recognised Celyren.

" is it her?" Jacob asked looking the other way. " yeah." Chris said sadly. Jacob sighed and started to pack up his stuff. Celyren walked in and looked at all the people staring at her.

" What?" she asked. Jessie and Chris went back to their seats and Jacob turned around. " Come on Jacob. Were driving you home so we can explain." Celyren said. " We?" Jessie asked looking at her.

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" I don't see how it is any of your business but me and Saxon." Celyren said. " I was just wondering for clarification." Jessie said turning around again. " Jacob.

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We could drive you home if you don't want to go with them." Chris said. " it's okay Chris." Jacob said still looking sad. " are you sure?" Chris asked looking at him. "Yes I'm sure. Just leave me alone." Jacob said blankly. " is this the gay you were telling me about?" Celyren asked.

" do you mean guy?" Jessie asked. " no gay." Celyren said. " that's a bit rude don't you think?" Jessie said. " so is listening in on others conversations." Celyren said. " you are talking loudly in a closed room. If I could I would stop listening to your derogatory conversation." Jessie said.

" whatever. So Jacob, is this the fag?" Celyren asked. " Yeah this is him." Jacob said. " What has he told you about me?" Chris slut loves being nailed by big rods homemade and hardcore curiously. " That you drool after him and take any opportunity you can to touch him." Celyren said. " uh huh" Chris said looking at Jacob. Jacob just looked away. " And how does he feel about how I act?" Chris asked.

" he hates it. He wish you would go away but he doesn't want to say it in case he seems homophobic, which he is." Celyren said. " Completely homophobic." Chris stated with a little laugh.

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" You don't know how funny that is." " It's not funny it's the truth." Celyren said. " If he was homophobic why is he friends with me?" Chris asked. " He isn't. He tolerates you. Like he would ever be friends with you. And you need to get that idea of him ever liking you out of your head. So not going to happen." Celyren said head high. Chris sent a laughed and looked at Jacob.

" Are you not going to say anything?" " No need. What she has said was pretty much how I felt before the weekend." Jacob said looking down. " What happened on the weekend?" Jessie asked confused. " What?" Jacob asked. " Well something must have happen on the weekend if it changed your views." Jessie said.

" So what happened?" " Nothing." Jacob and Chris said at the same time. " That's suspicious." Jessie said. Chris sent Jessie a pleading look. " Fine I'll shut up but you have to tell me later." Jessie said.

" Fine. And thank you." Chris said. " Nothing happened. And if anything did it obviously didn't mean anything." Jacob said. "Where were you all weekend Jacob?" Celyren asked. " Yeah Jacob where?" Chris asked. Receiving a similar shut up look to what Chris sent to Jessie. beautiful honey is flashing her gaped spread twat in close up Just a friends house." Jacob said.

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" a Friend hey." Chris said. " Yes a friend." Jacob said. " And friends keep each others secrets especially if one friend is still unsure of things and needs some more time." Jacob stared at Chris. " okay whatever. Who ever this friend is I'm sure they are awesome." Chris said smiling. " Yes. And annoying and funny and awkward and confusing. But all in all pretty awesome." Jacob said.

Jessie smiled. " I have to meet this friend," she said. Jacob looked at her and smiled as well. " If you all are quite done. Let's go Jacob." Celyren said not amused. Chris looked at Jacob and Jacob smiled sadly. " I'll be fine. Bye." Jacob said to Chris. " Tell the teacher I went home if you're going back and thank you." Jacob said to Jessie.

" Your welcome and good luck." Jessie said. " Bye." Chris said. " I'll see you tomorrow." Jacob said as he walked out. Chris and Jessie watched him follow Celyren out of the library with slumped shoulders. Chris sighed. " You really care for him." Jessie said. " Haven't I always?" Chris said sitting down. " Not like this." Jessie said. " Now dish the deets and tell me what happened over the weekend." Jessie said sitting down and facing him. " He stayed at my place for the weekend." Chris said getting more enthusiastic when he heard Jessie's intake of breath.

" He had been left at the school after his parents refused to come and get him. He got in a fight and almost got suspended. He was going to stay with a friend but the friend's parents were having people over so he couldn't. I offered and he accepted." Chris explained. He then went on to tell her they kissed, then Jacob found out about Celyren and Saxon and germanic naqab posh xxx vdeos described that He comforted Jacob before making him call Celyren.

" But he doesn't want anyone to find out." Chris finished. " I got that." Jessie said with a smile. Chris sighed seeing her expression. " Go on. You can do it." " NAWW!" Jessie said hugging him excitedly. " I know." Chris said taking it. " It's sad that you can't be together together but this is good for now.

It's good you're finally getting some action." Jessie said smiling. " Shut diamond doll nude pussy on cam. But I know." Chris said with a similar smile. " He even watched buffy with me." " Ahh did you show him spike?" Jessie asked. " of course I did. And just for the record Jacob has much better abs them spike." Chris said laughing.

" I can't accept that." Jessie said. " You would if you got to see them and feel them like I did." Chris said. " True true." Jessie said. " Is he like spike in another way?" Jessie asked sensing there was something else Chris wasn't saying. " It was the session in the stables when thing got really hot." Chris said checking to see of anyone was coming. When he was satisfied no one would hear he continued. "He had his hand around both of our cocks and he started asking me about spike.

I told him I would let spike bite me. He asked what about him. Then he bit me and oh fuck it was good." Chris said. " wow. Did he bite hard?" Jessie asked fascinated. Chris nodded and bit his lip. His hand going to his next where the bite was. " It left a mark for almost a day." Chris said. " I wore collared shits and hoodies all weekend to keep it covered from my parents. Thank god it is getting cold again." " I love the cold.

It's cuddling weather." Jessie said. " Mm I do love cuddles." Chris said. The siren went and Jessie quickly packed up. " Well I'll see you tomorrow Chris." Jessie said hugging him and leaving.

Chris thought about Jacob all windows in one teen oral compilation deepthroat blowjob. He worried that something had changed.