Fakeagentuk petite aussie chick gets anal action in fake casting

Fakeagentuk petite aussie chick gets anal action in fake casting
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Chapter 1 Jessie lay in the full body tub as she let the water embrace her sexy seventeen-year-old body. She still could not believe that after she graduated high school at 17, left Texas, and came to New York she became a nanny to the Ross family. There was Bertram the butler, Zuri the youngest girl, she is a cute and sassy little black girl, Ravi was the youngest boy he was from India.

He even has a pet lizard named Mr. Kipling, and Emma the oldest and at fifteen she was hot and she knew it.

She was still a virgin but hoped that one day that would change. Then there was Luke a Horney 13 year old and he has been trying to get into Jesse panties ever since the first day.

As she laid there in the tub, she rubbed her freshly shaved pussy and thought of her boyfriend Tony the cute door attendant he was 18 and hot. Jessie worked her finger in and around her clit, she let a low moan out as she fantasized that Tony was slowly sliding his cock into her virgin love tunnel.

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It took what felt like forever to bring herself to any kind of orgasm even when Tony ate out her pussy. Now she may have never had sex but she did suck Tony's cock and it was a despondent for she thought that at 18, he would have a big thick cock that was about 8" but all he had was a little 5" cock and that is when it was hard. She longed for a bigger cock to suck and maybe to be fucked for the first time by a real cock. As she played with her clit, she closed her hot awesome girls shave big jock hardcore blowjob to think of Tony.

However, for some reason she thought of Luke, his cute face between her legs as he flicked his tongue over her clit that it was making her moan and the image of Luke tongue fucking her was bring on her first orgasm, but a startling banging brought her out of the best fantasy she ever had.

"God, yes Luke," she moaned as her eyes flew open at the sound. She could not believe she was about to get off thinking about Luke eating her out. She got out of the tub, dried off, and put on a thin white robe over her naked body and went out to the hall to see what was going on.

As she walked into the hall, she tried to shake the image of Luke and the pleasure she felt, and that she never felt with Tony. What she saw brought the yearning for Luke to actually tongue her to orgasm or even just maybe she would let him stick his little teen cock in her.

Even though she knew that, he was possibly as small as Tony was. No she could not it would be wrong to have sex with Luke. Luke ran past Jessie in just his body-hugging Spider-man briefs and white socks and nothing else.

Damn he was stunning in his underwear and Jessie thought she saw a good size bulge in the front of his underwear that it was turning her on. "What the feathers is going on Luke?" Just then, Emma ran out of her room wearing a pair of pink low cut panties and matching bra. Wow she looked hot, "Luke was in my room spying on me as I was getting dressed and saw me naked," Emma yelled.

"Go get dressed Emma and go down stairs," She said to Emma. Luke rubbed the front of his underwear, made a V with his fingers, put them to his lips, and stuck his tongue out between them making a licking motion as he walked backwards to his room. Emma stare at Luke as he backed away wiggling his tongue as if he was licking something, this was making her feel hot in her panties.

She could feel a wet spot that was growing bigger and wetter. The longer she thought about it the more she wanted Luke or any boy to eat her out actually and maybe to fuck her brains out just once or twice.

"You're in trouble little man now go to your room and wait for your punishment," she said as she watched his adorable ass under the snug spider-man underwear, this was making her pussy tingle as she followed him and shut the door.

Jessie walked over to the bed and sat down looking at Luke just standing there in his underwear and socks. He had lost most of his hardness but as kinky sweetie cannot wait to pound hard dick amateur and babe stood eyeing Jessie in her white robe, he started to get hard again.

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She saw that the front of his underwear was growing bigger and it turned her on. She shook her head from what she could tell his young dirty tiny nymph sucking a huge monster cock pornstars brunette was about 4 inches when hard but from the look of the bulge it was thicker then Tony's by 2 inches making it about 4 inches around, and for some reason she wanted to see it, to touch it, even to suck it dry.

However, she knew that if she did it would mean big trouble for her. "Luke what am I going to do with you?" "I know something you could do with me, and I know that the both of us would love it," Luke said with a sly grin as he moved his hips back and forth in a fucking movement with his hips. "Stop it, Luke." She said as she tries to keep from jumping his bones and fucking the hell out of him.

"What are you staring at?" Jessie fallowed his gaze and saw that the way she was setting the robe had opened showing her soft perky tits, and a clear view of her wet shaved pussy. She quickly closed her legs and covered up.

"Get over here so I can punish you so maybe you won't spy on your sister or checking me out again." Luke stepped closer to her; he could not help but to get hard. Especially after what he just saw, he wanted to dive between Jessie's legs and taste her creamy goodness.

"What are you going to do, ground me?" "No," Jessie said as she gripped his arm and pulled him even closer. His socking feet made him slide right between her legs and he had to bring his hands up to stop himself by planting them on her soft tits. Jessie let out a soft moan as his cotton covered cock pressed against her sensitive wet pussy, held back another moan of desire at how small but fat his cock felt, it made her want him even more than before. She pushed Luke back and moved him to the side.

She placed a hand onto Luke's bear chest causing a tremor to run through her arm down to her ever-wetting pussy and she could have sworn Luke's already hard cock jumped and throbbed from under his tight underwear.

Jessie laid Luke over her knees trapping his cotton-covered cock between her legs as she gazed at his adorable ass.

Luke tried to pull back but his stiff cock was trapped between her legs and the pressure felt enjoyable and as he moved his cock up and down between them, it felt even better that, he whimpered. Jessie loved the way Luke's small thick cubby cotton covered cock felt trapped between her legs.

She held Luke down with one hand and with the other hand she placed it on his ass then she gripped the waistband and pulled them down past his ass cheeks leaving his cock still covered as it was wedged between her thighs. Then she placed her hand on his ass and rubbed the soft but firm skin, and then she brought her hand up and brought it down with a loud smack causing Luke to yelp, and causing him to drive his cock deeper between her legs.

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Jessie rubbed the red handprint until it started to fade. Damn his ass felt amazing that she moved her fingers in small circles before she landed another smack. She laid three more smacks onto his ever-reddening ass, and rubbing the pain away.

Luke forced himself not to scream but he could not stop the tears. Jessie felt bad but also turned on from all the moaning and leg fucking he was doing. She pulled the 8 inch dildo out of her robe and stuck it into her wet pussy letting her sweet nectar coat it and then she let it slide along his cute ass crack until she found his tender virgin pucker hole and she teased it by running her dildo over it.

Then she smiled as she slowly applied pressure until she felt her dildo push passed the barrier and she felt the hotness of his dink hole and she started to slowly fucked this hot teen studs ass with her rubber cock. Luke moaned as he felt her dildo plunge deeper into his ass. God the feeling was wonderful, Luke thought. It was the best feeling he ever had that he pushed his ass back onto her rubber cock and the pressure on his cock was bring him to the threshold of shooting his load into his underwear.

"Please Jessie don't stop, fuck my ass harder it feels great," he whispered as he could feel his load race from adalynnx monster toy cock in my pussy preview ball sack down the thick shaft until it blasted out the head and soaked his underwear with his creamy goodness.

Jessie's own body trembled as her next orgasm ripped through her, ending with a flood of her sex juice flowing from her already wet pussy drenching the thin robe. Wow, that was the best orgasm ever she thought and didn't even have to touch herself, and what was even better was that she made Luke blow his hot load into his cotton underwear that was still shooting his seed making it ooze out of the fabric onto her inner thighs as it was still trapped between them.

Jessie slowly pulled her dildo out of his ass and smiled as he moaned, then she leaned down and placed a kiss on both of his ass cheeks.

She then released his cock and let him stand up. Jessie stood up looking at Luke just standing there looking so adorable in his cum drenched Spiderman underwear as he breathed heard. Luke was staring at the large wet spot on his bed that was left by Jessie wet pussy as she stood up and walked over to him and put her hand on his chest and leaned close to his ear.

"You loved having your ass fucked didn't you?" Yes, it was amazing the best orgasm ever, Luke thought but didn't say it for he knew if he did, she wouldn't do it again. He was also a little ashamed about having something ever Jessie's rubber cock stuffed up his ass, knowing that it was up her pussy at sometime.

Therefore, he said, "No it felt terrible; I didn't like it so please don't do it again." "Will that's not how I seen it, but if you didn't like it then I guess I know how to punish you next time." Jessie said with a smile and then she kissed him on the lips before she knew what she was doing.

Wow his lips tasted great, she thought. "You better go and get a shower and I will get you a pair of clean underwear and leave your wet ones by the sink so I can have them to clean." Jessie said with a grin as she straightens up and smacked his bear ass to send him on his way. Luke walked out into the hallway without concerning to pull up his underwear and he wiggled his pinkish-red ass at her as he walked away.

Jessie walks over to the bed and all she could think about was Luke lying on it as she rode his rock hard cock taking her virginity as he blasted his hot seed into her.

Damn she thought if just thinking about it and teasing his young ass made her cum this mush she wondered how much she would cum if she did let him fuck her. She smiled as she looks at the bed, she needed to cum again so she grabbed Kenny the qualia and shoved the stuffed bear tight agents her ever-wetting pussy as she felt another massive orgasm rock her body.

She pulled the bear away from her dripping cunt and looked at her sticky honey that coated most of the stuff bear and smiled as she put it back onto the bed and went to get Luke a clean pair of underwear. Jessie grinned as she pulled out a yellow pair and headed for the bathroom were Luke was showering sexy brunette latina isabella christyn interracial and creampie. More to cum comments please if you want more