Kinky lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and splash it out stretching threesome

Kinky lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and splash it out stretching threesome
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The Antique Choker 'Now undress.' She said. She swore she saw the emerald in the choker light up, as the older gentleman in front of her obeyed her commands. Did it really or was it just her imagination? She looked at the matching emerald in the ring on ring finger. 'Slowly.' She said. 'Slowly and sexy.' Again she believed she saw the emeralds flickering. Her art professor started to move his hips around as if he was dancing to silent music, he unbuttoned his shirt exposing his bare chest, his gray chest hair popping out.

Lola walked over, she ran her fingers through the grayish curls on his chest, not all of them were gray, some of them were dark still. His skin warm and soft, she found her way to his nipple and rubbed over the little nodule. She heard him panting. She herself was getting warm and aroused as well. Still she wasn't sure whether it was save to continue. She didn't care about the regular objections, sure he was a fifty two year old professor and she was a twenty three year old senior in his class, but you know that somehow made it even more hot and sexy and secretive.

She worried about the emeralds. She had no idea what was going on with the choker and the the girl is engaged in anal sex from the mout. Her grandmother had bought them as a set in an antique store. She'd given them to Lola as a birthday present with a weird story about a old witch lady.

Lola hadn't given it anymore thoughts, she was to old for fairy tales and her grandmother seemed to be getting demented. However Lola found out after a while that the one wearing the ring was in charge of the one wearing the choker, it was as if they were your slave, they obeyed your commands immediately and without any hesitation or objections. Yet she couldn't figure out how it worked, there was no scientific explanation she could think of, and yet she refused to buy into the story her grandmother told her, she was way too old to believe in magic.

Her professor finished taking of his shirt and now started to unzip his pants. Her pussy was throbbing. She wanted to continue badly, she had been attracted to him since the first day she walked into his class. His wise and soft demeanor, his warm voice melodically, full of wonder and enthusiasm talking about the famous old masters. It was her plan to come to his office hours, to show him the jewellery and ask him if he knew anything about it.

Maybe he could tell her something about the power exchange that seemed to happen between the choker and the ring. He didn't believe that it happened at all so she convinced him to put the collar on to try it out.

Now she could do with him as she pleased. It wasn't her plan, or maybe somewhere in the back of her head it had been her plan indeed. She didn't want to back down now, that much was sure. He unzipped his trousers and pushed them past his hips, exposing his striped blue and black boxer. 'Sit down now,' Lola said.

'Sit on your desk, legs spread apart.' He obeyed sexy blond milf drilled in storage room of a pawnshop. Of course he did. He pushed some of his papers aside and set down on his desk, his knees to the side. Lola came closer. She stood in between his legs and pushed herself against his bare chest.

Her hand cupping his head, the nape of his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. She pressed her lips against his, his stubble chafing her chin, yet she kept on kissing him. Her lips nibbling on his. Her tongue licking past his lips, thrusting in his mouth, wet warm and moist, swirling, playing, toying with his tongue. She was getting wet. She felt a drip of horniness soaking her panties. She rubbed her thighs together. With the tips of her fingers she stroke past his chest, squeezing the nipples briefly, then moving down further, to the brim of his boxer.

She pressed the palm of her hand against the bulge in his boxers. Massaging the throbbing flesh, she felt him getting hard. Pulsing, throbbing, harder. 'You're getting so horny.' She said. 'So incredibly horny like you've never been before.' She didn't know whether the control she had over him through the choker only worked in relation to little tasks or if she could actually order him to feel something as well.

The emerald in the choker seemed to adorable hottie wasnt awaiting to get drilled, however that could also be the sun falling through the window reflecting in the gem, maybe it was just the sun. He started panting loudly though, panting and trembling and moaning. She felt his cock growing in her hand.

Rock hard now. Rock hard and solid. She ordered him to take his boxers off. In awe she stared at his cock for a moment. She had fantasized about it for quite some time, but then she'd imagined his cock would look something like either the cock of her ex-boyfriend or that of a porn star she just watched.

In reality his cock was way more beautiful. It was quite long and it slightly curved upwards, a shiny purple head, with a shimmering dot of pre-cum resting on top. A thick vain curled around the shaft. And then his balls and his pubes. She saw his cock throbbing, it bounced upwards for a moment. She wanted to get fucked by it.

Hard and rough and long. Yet she wasn't done admiring it yet. She dropped to her knees and gave him a little kiss. A kiss right on top of the head.

It bounced upwards again, and her professor let out a brief moan. She gave him another kiss and another an thousand small butterfly kisses all around the shaft and his balls. Then back to the tip, her tongue swirling around around the purple head, tasting the salty pre-cum. She closed her lips around the shaft and slowly took more of him into her mouth. Moving back and forth.

His body spasmed. His breathing irregular. Strapon amazing blonde babe fucks her gf with vibrating strapon gulped him into her mouth as far as she could it slightly hurt in the back of her throat, yet she kept on pushing.

She wanted to encompass his cock completely. It needed to be hers. He was moaning louder. His hands grabbing the edge of the desk, his knuckles white from the squeezing. 'Don't orgasm yet.' She said. His body relaxed for a moment. A disappointed cute with glasses wants some hard dick in his eyes. She felt the ring pinching her finger.

She wasn't used to wearing it for such long amounts of time, it was slightly to small. She turned it around for a moment, yet she refused to take it off. 'You're getting so horny, professor.' She said.

'So horny, you'll just loose control. You want me. You want to fuck me. You need to fuck me, to just take me. You can't hold it back anymore.' His hands surrounding her torso. He lifted her off of the ground, ripping her clothes off. She heard fabric tearing, a button jumped away.

His hands running over her body, stroking her shoulders, her arms. Kneading her breasts. His fingers pushing deep into her flesh. Molding. Squeezing. Then unexpectedly tender he took her nipple into his mouth. His tongue sweetly swirling and caressing her very very sensitive nipple. She'd never told him her nipples were so sensitive, but he just seem to know. Could he read her mind? Was that another attribute to the choker and ring? She tried to look at the ring, but as soon as she lifted her arm, the professor grabbed her wrist.

Both of her wrists and held them tightly above her head. He continued to pleasure her nipple. Little electric pulses shot through her body, starting from his mouth and shooting all the way down to her pussy. His hand cupped her bum now. Squeezing her butt, pulling her in close.

She panted. She was high on arousal. It was as if she couldn't think clearly. She just gave in, she was swept in way, engulfed by pleasurable feelings. His cock rubbing against her pussy. She tilted her hips so he could enter her, and he did. He just shoved himself inside of her. Thickly filling her up. The curve upwards pressed into the spongy sides of her vagina, it was almost perfect, she tried to rearrange their position so that the tip of his cock would precisely hit her G-spot.

But he didn't wait for her. He just started thrusting. He took what he wanted. She melted. She melted into his arms and into her own arousal. She wasn't thinking, she didn't want to think.

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Just feeling. Just overflowing sensations. His body squeezing tightly against hers, his sweaty chest hairs rubbing over her collarbone. His fingers grabbing her butt, guiding her into his rhythm.

She was building.

A ball of arousal growing, and growing, bigger, intenser. Her whole body trembling. Her eyes closed involuntarily, her lips parted slightly. Panting. Moaning. Mumbling little encouragements, telling the professor he was doing an exquisite job, that he needed to keep at it, he needed to keep going, no orgasm yet, just to continue thrusting.

Her back arching, her pussy clamping onto his cock. More pleasure. More. And then. Finally. Then came the release. The enormous ball that had been building up inside of her exploded. Arousal flooded her body. It flooded her mind. She was out of it for a few minutes.

Just overflowing. Just pleasure. Just sensations. When the peaks of her orgasm faded into a small ripple, she regained her breath and opened her eyes. Shyly she looked up at her professor. He was still pounding her. 'You can stop now.' She said.

'I came.' He obeyed. He pulled his cock out. A look of disappointment on his face. His fingers closing around the shaft. Moving up and down. Pleasuring himself. 'Didn't you cum yet?' She said. He shook his head. 'I wasn't allowed to.' He said. She shook her head. 'Well come on then. You're allowed to now. Cum all over me if you will.' His body convulsing. His hand moving rapidly up and down the shaft.

His face in an ecstatic grin. He froze for a moment. Sperm dripping out of the cock. Squirting all over her chest, her boobs, her nipples. It was warm and wet and slimy. She waited till he came back from his orgasm, then she ordered him to get some tissue and clean her up. She redressed herself. There was a tear in her skirt and some buttons where missing from her blouse, yet if she wore her coat outside, no one would notice. She ordered him to sexy milf veronica avluv sucking six big cocks himself and then told him to take the choker off and give it back to her.

His fingers prying on the clasp, then it came off.

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For a moment Lola looked at him shyly. Would he remember or would he forget, how did that part of the magic choker work? She didn't believe in magic, but yet, what other explanation was there? She carefully studied his eyes. 'I don't know.' He finally said as he handed her the choker.

'What don't you know?' She asked. 'It's an intriguing piece of jewellery, indeed.' He said. Lola blushed. 'I think we might need to do some more research maybe.' The professor said. 'Yes.' Lola smiled relieved although she was still blushing.

'We need to do more research. Way more research.' 'Way more.' The professor repeated with a teasing twinkle in his eyes. 'Maybe you'll want to come over tonight, to my house, so we can work on it together.' 'I could do that.' Lola said. 'Please do so.' The professor said, giving her a coy smile and briefly patting her on the head.