Daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful

Daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful
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From the age of 12, and until I graduated high school, I worked all my summers in wheat/oat/ barley fields for farmers in Northern Oklahoma and Southern Kansas.

I began scooping grain in bins on the farm, which would be used for planting the next year's crop. Wheat and barley was bad enough, but scooping oats was an itchy bitch.

The husks were sharp and would break in your skin, causing constant irritation. Oat dust was worse on breathing, too. The second year, I graduated to driving an old dump truck, loaded with grain, to the elevator. I raunchy angelina rides on a fat schlong creampie and cumshot barely touch the pedals, but once I got the hang of it, they turned me loose.

Over those years, I believe that driving that old International was the highlight of all my farming years… except the summer when I was 18. I worked for a family that year. The old man & his wife (Mr. & Mrs. K), their oldest son, (Wally & his family. wife, Mary; daughter, Maria; and the little boy, Wally Jr.) AND… Kenneth, the youngest son who was married but I can't remember her name… we'll just call her 'Puss'.

She always seemed kind of a bitch to me. During the week, Monday thru Saturday, I lived with the old couple, Mr & Mrs K.

I had graduated to operating the combine, rolling the big grain trucks, and doing all phases of tractor driving (plowing, disking, pulling the springtooth harrows, rotary hoe, mowing… all of it. Mr. K would say, "we need to take care of 'such & such' field," and I would go do it. Noon meals were always at Wally's house, unless we were working a field too far away to drive the tractor there in ten minutes, or less. Right here, I need to insert that the family were Mennonites.

maybe Quakers… maybe Amish… Pentecostal… Wiccans… not definite on that one, at all. I do remember the females always wore dresses or skirts. Many times, I wondered if they wore underwear beneath those skirts. SO&hellip. One day, I was turning dirt in the farthest field from Wally's place, four or five miles to the west.

Not a home, barn or fence line in sight for as far as I could see. Mr. K had told me that Mary, or Maria would bring me my dinner (what we were raised to call the noon meal). He, Wally and Kenneth were going to Wichita to look at some new equipment, and would be gone until late in the day. I was at the far end of the field when I saw the '56, salmon & white, Ford drive up to the tree line and park in the shade.

When I got closer, I saw Mary, Wally's wife (probably 36 or 37 at the time) standing outside the car wearing blue shorts and a plaid shirt that was unbuttoned, but tied at the bottom.

(in later years, I often wondered if Daisy Duke patterned her outfit after Mary's) I can remember thinking, "What the fuck??." Now, this was a nice looking woman; even without makeup, which she never wore.

I climbed off the tractor and told her I needed to step behind the trees for a minute to relieve myself (the vibrations of the tractor were always a little rough on the bladder). Mary told me, "It's okay, Donnie, I've seen a few dicks in my time. Just pull off your jeans and piss. Let's eat; then we'll play a little before you go back to work." I'm pretty sure my brain completely ceased to function as I stood there, watching Mary untie the bottom of her shirt.

Needless to say, my teen cock jumped to attention and I was about to piss my pants as well. But I wasn't about to take my eyes off the sight before me. Now, I hadn't been a virgin for a while, but here was a grown woman, mother of a pretty 19yr old daughter and a 12yr old boy. Her pale tits, tipped with pink aureoles and nipples, were fan-fucking-tastic. My eyes were glued to them when I heard her say, "Donnie?

Have you ever screwed a woman?" That brought me out of my trance and I answered, "Ummm… some girls. But I've never fucked a full grown woman… I mean, my girlfriend is full grown, I guess; but you're… uh… well, you're… ma'am, I've never seen anything like you." She chuckled and asked me if I was hungry or not.

That confused me a little because she already had my mind on tits… and pussy. But I told her yes, I was hungry. "Good. I want you to get all your clothes off and piss. We'll eat, as soon as you screw me real good." I must make a note right here and say that I never heard Mary say the word, 'fuck'.

She always said 'screw'. I tripped over the draglinks on the back of the old Twin Cities four cylinder as I tried to hide behind the tractor to drain my bladder. Mary, of course, was giggling like a teenager the whole time. I know I was as nervous as a dog named Spot, trying to learn commands like Stop, Trot and Squat. Whole I was pissing, I peeked over the hood. Again, my eyes just HAD to be lying to me; Mary was turned toward the Ford, bent over and working her tight shorts down to her ankles.

Once more, I thought, "What the fuck is going on?. She always wears a dress&hellip. She rarely smiles. …My God, that's a fine ass. …Is Wally gonna show up and kill me?

…Does she really want to fuck… or is she just fuckin' with me?" I didn't zip up when I came back around the front of the tractor. My cock was still out and hard enough to use as a splittin' wedge, "Do you really mean this, Ma'am? You want me to fuck you?" She bent, put her hands on the back seat, her ass toward me. Looking over her shoulder, she told me to screw her from behind. Hesitantly, I dropped my own jeans and stepped out of them.

I still couldn't believe it, but Ol' Fat Boy homed in on the 'clam', at the center of her crotch. She, evidently, had smoothed a little Vaseline on her pussy hole because I slid into her sooo easily. As bad as I hate to admit it, (but my mind was so damn blown away) that I shot my load within the first ten pumps. Unfazed, Mary stood and faced me, "My goodness, did I excite you that much? I'll make a deal with you; we'll sit on the blanket pissed off ex gf gets punished for smashing her mans car eat dinner, then we'll try it again, if it's okay with you." "Okay with me??

This fine mother-fucker wants me to fuck her again? Fuckin' right I'll fuck her again… if Wally don't show up with a shotgun and blow my ass to kingdom come.

Or worse yet, he could castrate me." We had fried chicken and potato salad with biscuits. I guess they were good, blonde babe with awesome tits boned on the hood of the car all I could think about was the hole between those slim legs, just under the red bush.

I believe Mary smiled at me beautiful asian nailed in lots of positions during that simple, picnic meal, than she smiled all summer… or maybe she was just amused at my obvious reaction. She picked up the plates and forks, pitched me a wet towel, and busied herself putting things back in the car.

I never took my eyes off her, and she knew it.

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She pulled a couple of small pillows from the back seat and brought them to the blanket. Without saying a word, she sat on one and laid back, her red hair resting on the other. She lifted her knees and spread them, showing me what I wanted to see… and what I wanted to fuck. To this day, I can see that lady's cunt, in my mind. She didn't speak as she curled her index finger and beckoned me to her. I crawled between her legs and sank my shaft to the bottom. Her grunt told me it was where she wanted it, too.

My mouth went to her firm tits and I sucked hard; first one, then the other. Mostly, I just wanted to fuck her as fast as I could and empty my nuts again. Not Mary, though… her long fingers grabbed my ass and controlled the speed of my thrusts. A couple of times in the past, one of my girlfriends had claimed they'd had orgasms, but IF they were acting, they could have taken lessons that day. Mary pulled me in when it felt good to her and slowed me down to make it last.

It was a totally new experience for me… blonde mature sex bomb with huge tits I liked the shit out of it. When it was apparent to her that there was no more waiting for me, she jerked me into her and jammed herself upward, off the pillow. She started cumming first, but only by a few seconds.

I thought every bit of fluid between my stomach and my toes was blasting through my balls as I shot, and shot, and shot stream, after stream of hot sperm into her. Even as I began to slow down, Mary was still squealing, "O H, YES… MORE, MORE… DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! DON'T STOP! GIVE ME MORE, DONNIE! YES… OH YES." So I started pumping harder again, and, for the first time in my young life, I felt a second surge force its way from my balls.

Although a much lighter batch, it still felt amazing. Well, being 18, and considering what I just went through with Mary, I felt like it would only be proper to kiss the pretty… naked… sweaty… naked… smiling… naked lady who was under my equally sweaty body.

Nope, that didn't happen, "Don't kiss me, Donnie. Kissing is a sign of love and we don't love each other. Wally is the only man who can kiss me." Sooooo… with even more confusion in my mind, I rolled off her and onto the blanket, "Kissing is a sign of love… but FUCKING isn't?

…Maybe I better join THIER church." As she dressed, Mary asked about my water jug. Although I told her I had plenty, she took it with her and told me Maria would bring me fresh water later, "Just remember, Donnie, she's young so be nice to her… and never say a word about this day to anyone." With that statement, she drove the Ford down the dirt road, leaving me standing there… still naked.

I was pretty thirsty a couple hours later when I saw the old '48 Chevy pickup pull into the shady parking spot where I had just had the most surprising, and satisfying, sexual experience of my life. I would have to be careful that I didn't get a hard on thinking about Mary's tits, ass, laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor and her fucktastic pussy.

My eyes popped out as Maria climbed out of the pickup. It appeared that her body was late in developing ; she was much smaller than her mother… and already nude. She waved as I drove the tractor close, raising the plow out of the ground so I wouldn't cross the symmetrical pattern or tear up a useful terrace… or wreck the entire, fucking, rig because I had more pussy on my mind, and in my eyes.

I knew, immediately, that I was going to fuck that 'little bit older' girl and was hoping for more than once. She handed me the water jug and I strapped it to the front of the tractor… never taking my eyes off her… and the prancing show cameron luv takes on big black cock was putting on for me.

I never wore a shirt when working the fields, so all I had to get rid of was my jeans and shoes… which took a mere three seconds. It suddenly dawned on me, "Mary left the blanket and pillows for this, not for me to relax on, in the shade. She knew Maria would want fucked, too. My, God… I CAN'T believe this shit!" "Donnie? Are you just gonna stand there? Or will you fuck me?" "Uh, Maria, I'm sorry.

I just can't believe what's happening today… or why? YOU surprise me. You're always dressed in&hellip. and your mom never said 'fuck' when she was here, but you just did." "Ah-Ha!

So you DID fuck her! I thought so, but she didn't tell me." "SONOFABITCH!, I wasn't supposed to say anything. Wally's gonna find out and cut my balls off." "Don't worry about it; your dick is the biggest huge boobs blonde milf holly halston gets fucked in the car pornstars hardcore I've seen.

C'mon, let's do it." She hit that blanket, propped her young ass on a pillow, caught the back of her knees with her hands and jerked her legs all the way up, beside her head, "Here it is! Help yourself." I did. Maria's cunt was much tighter than her mother's, about which I had NO complaint. It took three pushes to get my cock all the way into the girl, but once it was there, she started with the vocals, "Oh, my, Donnie, that feels so good.

It's the best one I've ever had in me. Oh, yes, right there… oh, that's good, that's good. Ummmm yeah… just the way I like it to feel.

Ahhh… yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Oh I hope you can last a long… ohhh… a long time. Uh, uh, uh… so good." She finally let go of her legs and wrapped them behind me.

Some day, if they continued to grow, those legs would be locking ankles and really give a man a wonderful fucking. She was much more active in her body moving under me, too.

As I thought about it in my later years, Mary had probably had so much more experience and knew exactly what movements made her feel best. Maria, on the other hand, was trying everything she could to get my cock in just the right place for herself, "Mmmm… I like this, Donnie. I really like this. I wish we could do this all day. Uh, uh, uh… just me and you, mmmm… fucking all day. Oh, God, that would be so gooood…" Other than Mary's exclamations when her orgasms hit, she barely made a sound when I had pounded her, earlier.

Maria, on the other hand, ran her pretty little mouth the whole time. What the hell; maybe if I kissed her, she shut the fuck up.

Unlike her mother, Maria seemed hungry to be kissed. The thought crossed my mind that I would probably have to marry the girl, now that I had kissed and fucked her. Wally would be standing behind me with a 12gauge shotgun, too. My balls began to tingle as I thought there could be worse things to do with my life. I would be married, barely out of high school.

I'd probably be a daddy, but not to my girlfriend's baby. As my nuts started contracting, I buried my cock hard and deep with each thrust. I was going to cum hard in this little girl and she was going to know it. Maybe those tractor vibrations had accelerated the process of recuperation, because I swear I dumped a quart of hot cum inside Maria's tight pussy.

Evidently, the extra warmth set her own orgasm off as she squirmed, humped and swore like a sailor as her young body wracked with tremors. We laid in each other's arms for a while; her hands fondling my cock and balls, my tongue and lips working on her little tits and kissing her small lips. "I have to ask you something, Maria." "About Free Will Day?" "Free Will Day?

Is that what you call what we just did?" "No, I call that fucking. Mom probably just called it screwing, right?" I nodded and asked, "So what is Awesome blonde teen rides her dildo on webcam Will Day?" "The Elders study the moon and stars. About every six months, they will declare a Free Will Day. On that day, men are allowed to find other women and have sex with them. Women do the same, but only on Free Will Day… no other time.

"Nobody asks their wife, or husband, who they were with on Free Will Day. My boyfriend won't ask me, and I won't ask him. It's as simple as that. Once we have some strange dick in us, or they get some strange pussy, it's all over until the next Free Will Day.

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"That way, it's easier for men and women to stay faithful, knowing that another day will come; when they can seek out someone else for their pleasure. "A few of the men stay close to home and fuck their neighbor's wife, or daughter. Most of the men go to Wichita and find whores that will do the dirtiest things they can think of." She pulled on my hardening cock, "This thing is getting pretty hard again. Let's do it some more." I knew there was more pussy in store, so I decided to have a little fun, "Well, if we must.

Thank you for telling me all about Free Will Day. I sure hope I'm working for y'all six months from now.

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Your mom was an flirty teens screw the biggest belt dicks and spray cum everywhere fuck." "MOM WAS?

What about ME?" I kissed her pouty little lips and told her, "Your mom was amazing, my dear, but you are so fantastic; I just want to live with my cock in you for the rest of Free Will Day. But I have to tell you; Remember when I told you I had a question? Well, I had no intention of asking you about all this wonderful pussy." "Huh?" "Yeah, I just wanted to know if you drove naked, all the way from home." She giggled and told me that she did, in fact.

I asked her if she'd ever been on top during sex, a simple thing Irene, my girlfriend, had taught me. Maria had only experienced the missionary position, although Mary had told her about doggy style. I rolled onto my back and helped Maria position her cunt on Fat Boy and slide down in place. She stayed with me the rest of the afternoon while the old Twin Cities sat idle in the shade.

I figured it was my last day alive on the Earth, anyway. Mr. K would fire me for not getting the field finished. Wally would kill and/or de-nut me for fucking his wife and (more than likely) getting his baby girl pregnant. If Wally didn't do it, Maria's boyfriend surely would. Irene and my mother would worry about the disappearance of my body, which would probably be buried in a wheat field, six feet under each year's golden crop of grain.

But, as light began to fade, and Maria had performed her first blow job, we loaded in the old '48 and slowly drove back to Mr. K's place. She made me stop just before the old house came in sight and got her blouse, skirt and apron out of the small box in the floor board. All I wanted, was to turn around and go back to that blanket, at the edge of the field. She kissed me and thanked me for the best Free Will Day she'd ever had… I hadn't thought to ask her how young she was when she started 'celebrating' that day.

The next day was long and hot. I finished the field shortly after noon and began 'roading' back to the next one, which was about two miles closer to Kenneth's place. Mr. or Mrs. K hadn't shown up with my dinner, but my stomach began getting excited when I saw Wally's Ford coming my way. I drove the tractor across the shallow ditch and waited… The first glimpse of the Maria's arm waving from the open window made my dick jump to attention.

It was the same, small, bare arm that had held me close for so long the day before.

The same arm that pulled on my back and thighs as I fucked her, and fucked her again, and again. She stopped the car beside me, smiling, "Hi! Time for dinner. There's some shade about another quarter mile; I'll have the blanket ready by the time you get there.

"No Free Will Day today; it's gonna be sin, Donnie." That day, we fucked… missionary… twice. She had to go; I had to get back to work. The next day, while we ate dinner at Wally's, she seemed excited when she talked about going somrwhere in Eastern Oklahoma for the rest of the summer.

My first thought?. "Some lucky Okie asshole is fixin' to enjoy the rest of his dick riding scene with a breasty lovely bitch naturaltits and hardcore weeks later, my work for the K's was finished. Mary drove me to town that last evening. Since Free Will Day, she had barely looked at me, much less spoken, "Before you leave, I just want to thank you.

You really helped a lot this summer… especially on that one, special day. I hope you work for us again next year; goodbye Donnie." I moved to the big city, got a much better job and never went their direction again, but, two years later, I ran into Kenneth and Puss at the local drug store.

They told me that the whole family was doing fine, Maria was married and had a little, green eyed son; just a little over a year old. Her husband was soon to be home from the Army. Damn the lucky bastard… he'd be in a position to fuck his mother-in-law, too… on Free Will Day. For the record, my eyes are green&hellip.