Sleeping daughter and daughter friend

Sleeping daughter and daughter friend
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Author's Note: This is my first story and I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Luckily being a teen guy myself I have experience in these areas.

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This one gives a bit of background and might be a little slow but there will be faster-paced and more "down and dirty" stories to come, some of which are hinted at in this one. Please let me know what you think! Hey, I'm Josh.

I'm a 16 year old guy living in a typical suburban town in Pennsylvania.

I guess I'll try to describe myself--I'm 5'11" and have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm pretty skinny and not really that muscular, but I'm starting to work out so that should change soon. Monday morning found me awoken by the sunlight streaming through the curtains in my bedroom at around 11:00. It was summer, so I had practically no place to be so I spent awhile looking up at my ceiling trying to get back to sleep.

I rolled over onto my stomach and felt a moment of pleasure when my dick rubbed against the mattress. Damn was I horny. Of course, being a teenage guy, I was pretty much always horny but ava devine and brandi mae play with toys boner was definitely a step above the morning hard-on I usually got. I rolled out of bed to lock my door (I've had close calls with my parents butting in before) and got back on my bed.

Since it was hot, I was only wearing a pair of blue American Eagle boxer briefs. They already had some wet spots on them from precum, but I ignored that and just pulled them down. My 6.5 inch hard, cut cock sprang out. It isn't the biggest in the world, but I don't think it's too bad for a 16 year old compared to what I've seen in the locker room and stuff.

It's surrounded by a mess of brown pubic hair which I trim sometimes and once even shaved entirely, but for now I just leave it be. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled my laptop onto the bed next to me.

Typing in one of the websites I knew from memory, I found a porn video of this hot blonde chick, probably about 18 but pretty young looking, masturbating in bed. I started pumping my hand up and down my cock, leaning back and watching the video while my hand and dick made squelching sounds from the precum. As I jacked myself off, I found myself wishing that it was my girlfriend doing the work for me.

Leah and I had had some pretty intense kissing but that was about it. It definitely left me hanging which is why I had to watch porn to get myself off. Something definitely had to change. The video ended so I leaned back and closed my eyes, imagining it was Leah's hand on my dick. Soon I could feel the familiar intense feeling that I was about to cum and I moved my hand faster and faster on my shaft as I shot all over my chest. As my hand slowed down and my dick started to get soft I laid there panting and in ecstasy.

My dick shrunk back down to its 4 inch soft state and I got up on wobbly knees, shed germanic naqab posh xxx vdeos boxer briefs, and walked over to the bathroom attached to my bedroom to take a shower. After about twenty minutes of the hot water running down my body and cleaning off all the cum in the process, I turned off the shower and wrapped my lower half in a towel.

I went back over to my laptop and checked Facebook. Oh, a message from Ben! Ben is one of my best friends. We grew up together. He lives a few stunning honey flaunts big arse and gets butt hole screwed asstomouth and spreading away but his family comes to visit his grandma, who lives down the street, often. He was the one person I could talk about pretty much anything with.

|hey josh i'm gonna be visiting my grandma this weekend so we should hang out |or something. u free fri or sat? |-ben This was great--maybe I could get his advice about what to do about the whole thing with Leah. I replied back: |yeah great man--just come over whenever i should be here |-josh I forgot to mention that Leah is on vacation with her family in the Caribbean until next week so I haven't really seen her in awhile…but I sure knew I wanted to plan something special for when she came back.

I just didn't know what yet. I wandered over to my dresser and pulled open the top drawer. I got a pair of underwear from the top of the pile and as I picked it up I uncovered something. It was the sealed box of condoms that had been sitting there for massage girl gets pounded by big cock daniels nice few months, unused. I figured my parents wouldn't ever snoop in my underwear drawer so I'd be safe hiding it there, along with a porn magazine I'd gotten (that's another story) and a little thing of lotion I used for lube once in awhile.

I made a mental note to myself that I should probably try sometime to put one of the condoms on so when I had to use them I wouldn't look like an idiot. I guess I have a confession to make. Nobody's ever seen me naked besides myself, the guys in the locker room, and I guess my parents when I was little. The way I talk to my friends you wouldn't really guess it, but the truth is I haven't really gotten any action like I was saying earlierwith Leah or any other girl.

I've just had my fair share of personal experimenting you could say. I certainly knew how to make myself feel good and like any horny teen guy I jacked off once a day, sometimes more.

I'm surprised my parents haven't noticed how I went through Kleenex and hand lotion pretty fast although they probably wouldn't ever say anything anyways.

I put on the boxers and went back over to my laptop. Since I haven't really had much action most of my knowledge came from my friends or the internet. There was this one teen forum that I went on once in awhile that had a lot of good discussion on a bunch of different topics.

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I logged on and typed a new message under my screenname, lax1993: |ok so here's my problem. my gf hasn't really wanted to do anything and it's really leaving me feeling |frustrated and of course really horny lol…any suggestions on how to change her mind?

I clicked the Post button and shut my laptop. I might not know how yet, but I was somehow gonna get some action this summer.

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