Intense threesome action with hot twins cumshots and brunette

Intense threesome action with hot twins cumshots and brunette
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"200 key" Frank explained to his source. His source raised an eyebrow, it was Franks first time coming to him, and he was already asking for a big supply. "How nice public fuck with big boobed german you planning on getting this back to New York?" the source asked with interest. "That's my business, if I get caught, I didn't get it from you" Frank explained, a stern look upon his face.

"Very well" the source stated, gesturing to the armed soldiers at the entrance. The two left to go get the donkeys loaded up. That was how it all started, the giant empire grew from there, making Frank a millionaire over night.

Frank, a young African American, was greatly feared by everyone in the city of New York. Crack whores, other drug dealers, thugs, police all feared the great Frank Lucas. He was pretty good size, a firm body and abs to rock any girls world.

Frank knew he was on top and he planned to stay there no matter what it took. Frank tossed his suit jacket across the bed, as he walked by it into the bathroom. He stared into the mirror, looking at himself, he was proud of what he made. Though he even feared himself.

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Frank shook his head and started to unbutton his white dress shirt. It was slightly stained with blood, from the recent murder he committed hours before. He tossed his dress shirt onto the pile of clothes in the corner of his bathroom, along with his dress pants and undershorts.

He stood naked in front of the mirror, his member hanging between his legs. He was not only proud of his success, but very proud of the hung package he obtained.

His cock was 8 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick. His balls hung loosely below it, willing to slap any cunt it could. Frank took his cock in his hand, gripping it tightly.

It was warm, because of the sudden rush of blood that flowed through it. Yeah, it was sad a massive drug salesperson was getting himself off, but what else could he do? His wife was out with her friends, the maid didn't work tonight, but wait. He owned a good amount of whores, all together they would drain him of his cum.

He grabbed up his cell phone and hit speed dial. "Get one of my sluts to my place, quickly" he ordered and hung up the phone. Frank pulled on his undershorts, his hard member protruding from the slit in them. He walked out of the master bedroom and down the flight of stairs to the living room. He was expecting a visitor in the next five minutes. Every employee of his knew his pleasure was number one on their list.

The whore was right on time. Frank walked over to the front door and opened it up, allowing the slut to enter. "Frank" he introduced himself, as he turned towards the kitchen.

"I know, I'm Christina" the slut spoke, her voice obviously of a younger age then Frank expected. Frank grinned, he knew this was going to be one hell of a fuck. "Well Christina, you know why you are here, but you aren't obviously an usual, tell me, how old are you?" Frank questioned as he opened up his fridge grabbing a cold beer. "Well, I'm 16" Christina explained, biting her bottom lip. Frank grinned even wider, wasn't this illegal?

Hell yea it was, but wasn't his whole fucking life illegal? Hell yea it was. "Very well Christina, may we get started?" Frank suggested as he guided her into the living room. He sat down onto the couch, his undershorts falling to his ankles, along with Christina kneeling in front of him.

She didn't waste any time, afraid of losing her only chance to play with a well respected older man. She felt special, it was obvious that Frank appreciated her visitation and young age, and she wanted this not to be the last time. Frank grinned, the sight of a youngster gripping his cock, sent shivers up and down his spine.

He tilted his argentinian amateur 13 tube porn back against the couch and moaned a moan of satisfaction. Christina grinned, she knew this was going to be one hell of a fuck.

She got to work immediately, working her hand up and down the hard cock that belonged to Frank.

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She felt herself growing wet between her athletic thighs. She pushed the head of Frank's cock pass her luscious sixteen year old lips and started to suck.

Frank jerked his hips upwards, pushing his cock even deeper into the kids mouth. He was going to fuck this bitch with all his might, making sure he fucked his very name into her memory. Christina expected the aggressive behavior from Frank, and she was an excellent cock sucker, always has been since her step-father introduced her to it. Frank grunted with every thrust into the girls throat, the feeling of her gagging surrounding his cock made him shake in pleasure.

He knew with this little girls mouth on his member would soon send him into an orgasmic pleasure, but he didn't want it to end to soon.

He jerked her head back by a fist full of blond hair, tossing her head back enough to make her throat stretch. He grinned and attacked her throat, sucking slutty redhead hussy gets clamps on her orgasmic pink slit dominatrix spanking biting it, leaving deep red marks everywhere his mouth touched her. She moaned loudly, stimulated from the pleasure of Franks mouth on her body. She also loved the pain it caused, yeah she had to admit she was sucker for painful sex, always has been and always will.

She liked when a strong mans hands hit her and forced her to do something she would have never imagine of doing.

Franks biting had eventually caused a little bleeding on her exposed chest.

She wasn't topless, but her low cut shirt showed off a lot of clevelage. Her breast were around a well developed C and they were candy in any perverted mans eyes. Frank took advantage of her position and ripped her blouse off of her body with one hard yank of his hand. She was now topless and exposed to Frank's pleasurable mouth. He attacked the raspberry nipples that stuck out on her firm melons. They were extremely beautiful and her flesh tasted sweet. With all the attention she received towards her breast, the skin broke and more bleeding occurred on her chest.

She moaned a long moan of pain and pleasure mixed together. Frank ripped the rest of her clothes off, tossing them to who knows where in the living room. She grinned, and repeated the kind act for him, tossing his undershorts behind her. She was ready for this black man. It would be her first black man and she couldn't wait for the legendary big black cock to penetrate her little tight white pussy. Frank gripped another handful of hair and pulled her up onto the couch, bending her over the back of it, kicking her legs open.

He propped one foot up on the couch, raising his cock to a perfect line up to her cunt. He was ready to take this young slut, take her for a ride that could literally fuck the life out of her.

Christina wanted it just as hot sluts want to enjoy their dicks, the look on her face and the sound of her pleading whimpers were enough to drive Frank over the line.

He plunged deep into the girls cunt, balls deep, no foreplay involved. Her tight wet sixteen year old pussy engorged Frank's cock.

Her pussy muscles contracting, working all together to one great goal, to juice the cock that was in it of it's cum.

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Frank grunted with each thrust, his breath running scarce, as his balls slapped her protruding clit. It was a sight for anyone to see, no one could pass up such pleasure from such a young pussy. Frank pounded his cock hard and deep into the girls cunt, listening guy bonks anal and cums on body her screams of pleasure and pain as his nails dug into her sides, tearing away at the skin causing her to bleed her young fresh blood.

He grinned, god the slut was a mess, and was a total slave to his very touch. Christina screamed, biting at the sofa trying to prevent her screams of lust, pretty sure that anyone within a mile could hear her cries. "FUCK ME FRANK FUCK MY LITTLE PUSSY!" she begged of him.

He obliged, sending his cock deep into her pussy, braking pass her cervix and ripping into her womb. She could feel his cock now bulging her stomach, a cry of pain and pleasure escaped her mouth, the loudest cry of all.

A gush of blood came flooding out of her pussy and around his cock. Then that was what brought him to his greatest orgasm yet. He started to cum, flooding the girl with his seed.

Christina couldn't handle it anymore as well, the pain, pleasure, and cum from Frank threw her over the edge as well. Her body started to convulse and twitch as she cried out in extreme orgasmic pleasure. Together they collapsed, Frank landing beside Christina, breathing hard.

After a few minutes, he turned to his side and took the bitch into his arms. "Tell me, are you protected?" Frank asked, knowing what the answer would be, because he required such laws among his whores.

"No" Christina replied, a large grin upon her nubile face. Just then, Frank heard the front door being opened and in walked his wife. "Well I see you two had fun, now my turn" Eva greeted the two cummed out persons on the sofa.