Blonde pigtailed teen fucks and sucks her boyfriend

Blonde pigtailed teen fucks and sucks her boyfriend
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Well, my Brother/Son, Mark is here with his lovely new wife.

She is a little plus sized but very proprotioned and has a lovely hour glass figure. She is about 5'5" and has red hair and a lovely face that stops a lot of people to look at her aside from her body which is so hot. She is a 42EEE and her nipples are puffies which interracial gangbang session with a desirable brunette unusual for a plus sized girl.

My brother/son, Mark, called one day, "Hey Sis, can I bring my new wife over?" "Sure Hun, you know you can." I said and went right to the shower and cleaned up and shaved and put on my nicest sheer gown for around the house.

They came to the door and I almost died after not seeing him for about a year, he was still so good looking and his bulge was still obvious. Loni was awesome and had on a sundress that was perfect for the day. It had a little belt that accented her curves. They came in and Mark and I kissed, on the mouth, with a little tongue. Loni stood there, "My, you guys are a friendly family." she said her face red.

"Yes we are" I said and kissed her lightly on the lips and moved away putting my arm around each of them and going to the living room.

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I poured them some wine and we all sat down and Mark told me how they had met and how the whole thing happened that they got married. We were all a little tipsy and I was talking to Mark and said, "So son, has she been giving you enough?" He was startled and said, "Mom, she is really hot and loves to do it." We laughed and did not know we had switched to calling each other by mom and son from brother and sister.

Loni sat back and sipped her wine and poured more for us all.

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"You know, I thought you two were brother and sister but now you are calling each other Mom and Son. What is that all about?" she asked. We looked at each other and Mark surreged his shoulders and I smiled.

"Well Loni, Mark and I do have a special relationship. My Mommy and Daddy could not have anymore kids cause Mommy could not but they wanted one that would still be family, you know, by blood. Well, they asked me to have a child by Daddy and the baby is Mark so he is my brother and my son too." "Oh, so you were artifically impregnated by your father?" she asked. "No dear, I had sex with my Daddy until he got me pregnant and a lot before that and after as a matter of fact too." Loni sat there sipping her wine.

"Well, that is wierd." she finally said. "You bbc for cherie deville at the famous hole so?" I asked her and Mark had winked at me and smiled.

Her hand was on his leg and had moved towards his cock slowly until now it was almost on it and he had grown almost to his full length.

"Well, isn't that carrying family love a litle far?" she said. "No, not at all." Mark said.

"Would you like to see how it works?" and he gulped his wine down as she did the same and poured herself another. That one was straight down too and she looked at him, "So is there anything else I need to know about the family I am about frenchmaid pov jerking hard cock reality cumshot marry into?" she said.

Mark laughed and stood up, "Well Mom, shall we let her in on it." "Sure Hun." I said and stood and droped my gown to the floor.

Loni was watching and then I stepped to him and we kissed with his hands all over my body and my pussy soaking wet. I was on my knees now and his cock was free and down my throat and he had his shirt off as I removed his pants and shorts and we were now on the couch next to Loni naked and I was sucking him.

She sat there and her hands went to her tits and pulled her nipples through her dress. "Let's see that body Dear." I said and took her hand and stood her up. Mark pulled her dress off and I took care of her panties and he took her bra off.

Then she was between us and I began kissing her soft and deep and Mark ran his hand all over her and then his cock was between her ass cheeks rubbing. "Oh shit, I can't believe this is happening." she moaned.

We helped her to the bedroom and Mark was on one side and I was on the other and we began devouring her body, eating, kissing, sucking and driving her higher until shecried out and soaked my face with an orgasm as I ate her pussy. Nice, dear, so nice." I said and then laid on my back as Mark helped her to me and moved her so that she was making love to me and she was eating me and then I sprayed her face and Mark was licking it off her face. "Come on Mark, you have not fucked your Mommy in ages." I said and he laid on me and slipped into my pussy making me really moan then I screamed as he plunged into me and told him, "Oh yes, fuck your Mommy Mark, fuck her good." and he was now driving into me like no one else was there.

I did not know for how long but my orgasms came one after another and then he filled me. As he rolled away Loni slipped between my legs and began licking the cum from me that her new husband had just filled me with.

We all laid there making love for hours and then slept. The next day we got up and got into the hot tub and enjoyed a long soak then went shopping. That is the beginning. That was Monday of this week and they are still here. Love sue