Homemade teen ass creampie heathenous family holiday card

Homemade teen ass creampie heathenous family holiday card
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Hey there. I'm Jennifer, or as most people call me, Jenny. By today I'm 18, and in this summer I'll graduate from high school. What I'm going to tell you is about education, but more in a sexual way. You might say 'hey, you're only 18. You've got a mertua vs menantu semi ngentot to learn perky tits girl anita picked up in the streets and3 sex.' but I must admit, that although only 18 I have become a dirty little fuck slut already.

I'm not living my preferences openly, so if you meet me on a street you'll probably see me as a normal high school student, may be a little nerdy with my glasses on and my curly light brown hair. You'll not see what I'm inside, what my dark and perverted desires are. I like to keeps things hidden, as I kept hidden how I beautiful brunette in knee socks gets drilled educated.

So now that you're reading my story, you'll be the first to know how I became the slut that I am. But let me start at the beginning. I was born in the suburbs of Detroit, when Detroit still was Motor City. My father left us when I was only three due to losing his job during the economic crisis following 9/11 so my mother had to take care of me all alone. She always did her best bringing home enough money to pay the bills for the house, buying me clothes and whatever.

Except from my mother, who was away often for work (she's working as a traveling agent for an insurance company), I wasn't lacking anything. While she was gone, normally I stayed with the neighbours, which was, living in a good community despite of the unemployment, no problem at all. When I'm asked, I always tell the people that I grew up with not one mother but with raunchy angelina rides on a fat schlong creampie and cumshot 10 mothers and fathers in total.

One of the neighbours I mostly stayed with was Jared. Jared had worked for one of the motor companies, but then had to retire at the age of 52 due to an accident at the factory, that left him unable to work (he got a stiff leg) but with a good pension. So at the age of 10, I spent most of the days at Jared's place since he was at home all day and therefore was able to look after me.

Jared had no kids and his wife had died years ago in a car accident, so he was happy to have someone around and keep him busy. The thing I liked most being at Jared's place was that he was not very austere about the things I did. Okay he took care, that I did my homework, brushed my teeth and so on, but beside that he allowed a lot of things most parents wouldn't.

For example he didn't care at which time I came home from my friends playing, or allowed me to watch action and horror movies from his enormous DVD collection, not telling me I was too young. At the age of 13 he caught me and my friend Cindy smoking cigarettes we stole from his cupboard in his tool shed, but instead of blaming us he only said, although we might be too young for smoking, we shouldn't do it in secret but at least with him together, so that he could have an eye on us as a matter of faith.

So as I trusted in him, he trusted in me and there were no secrets between us. He was the first to know that I had my period, the one that went shopping for bras while my mother was away and my tits started growing. He also was the first to allow me having a sip of beer or wine, when I was fourteen and after that we sometime had a glass of wine together while having dinner.

He always said 'You better let me show you, than learning it on your own and running into trouble'. Although there were no secrets between us, we decided to keep most of the things secret from my mother and the others, though we expected her to be angry about Jared letting me drink or smoke. In the summer three years ago, I just had turned 15, things started to develop in a new direction. My mom had been home for almost a week and we had spent some good times together but at the end of the week she had to leave for another business trip.

After the driver had picked her up to the airport I sat in our living room reading magazines when I started to get bored. Outside it was raining cats and dogs so going to the pool or being outside wasn't an option. Putting the magazine aside, I decided to go over to Jared's place and grab me a movie from his collection.

I knew he wouldn't be at home until the early evening, but since I had a key to his house and I knew he had no problem with me taking movies out of his collection I went anyway.

Just seconds after leaving home I was soaked, my shirt and shorts sticking my skin. As I reached Jared's house I was soaked to the bones, so I decided to slip out of my clothes to dry them while watching the movie. Naked except to my panties I approached the cupboard when I realized a brown paper bag with what seemed to be dvd boxes.

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'Cool, new DVDs' I thought and took the bag to the couch to examine the contents. What I found shocked me. At least at first. Inside the bag were 5 DVDs, all porn. Most of the titles contained words like grandmas bingo night starts with an orgasm and 'sluts' and the pictures showed of young girls in very explicit poses being fucked by older men.

This surprising discovery confused and flattered me at the same time. Sex had never been a topic between me and Jared. I never even remembered seeing him with a women. Me myself had never really thought about sex as well.

Finding out that Jared had a sexual desire on the other hand made me think about having sex for the first time ever.

At least I wanted to know, what Jared liked about it. I took the first of the DVDs, 'amateur teen sluts go wild' and put it into the player. As I sat on the couch I pressed play and waited what would happen. The scene on the television started with a girl laying on a bed, naked. The first thing that catched my attention was her shaved pussy. As I started growing pubic hair only two years ago, I always thought it might made me big ass milf miss bunny nailed by a big cock grown up, so I was startled to see that the girl in the movie, who was clearly older than me, had removed the hair on her slit.

As she started to stroke her vagina, the camera moved to a man who might have been in his forties who was sitting on a armchair opposite to the bed with a fully erected penis in his hands.

This was the first time, I ever saw a hard cock. The size of his cock was enormous, almost 7 inch long and the diameter of a deodorant bottle. I thought, how could a cock of this size could in any case fit into that girl? Both started chatting, the man asking the girl questions, her name, how she felt, if she wanted to be fucked. The girl introduced herself als Layla, 18 years old, calling herself a naughty slut.

Asked if she wanted to be fucked she answered 'yes please, fuck me hard.' With that the man walked over to her and put his cock into her mouth which made her starting sucking and stroking his cock instantly. While being cock sucked the man reached down to her pussy and started stroking her shaved slit, inserting two fingers shortly afterwards.

I wasn't really fascinated by the sucking and fingering itself, but by the expression on the girl's face who really seemed enjoying being taken that rude. Even as the guy inserted a finger into her anus, her excitement even increased. She moaned loud, asked him to let her be his little bitch, take her harder. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. While I kept watching, by now he had inserted his big cock easily into her pussy, I realized, that my own pussy had turned from wet and cold caused by the rain into even wetter and warm.

As I touched myself softly with a finger through the fabric of my slip, little stars exploded before my eyes as my body was shaking with excitement. Looking down my body, I realized that my nipples on my already C cup tits had hardened and when I let my finger wander over them a new wave of excitement went through my body.

The feelings I felt for the first time instantly made me crave for more so that I started stroking my pussy as the girl had done in the opening scene, instantly giving me more of that wonderful newly discovered ecstasy.

Inspired by the movie I shoved my slip aside, parting my pussy lips with my fingers only to learn that it was now warm and slimy, strange but also wonderful. In the movie the girl was now sitting on top of the man, constantly thrusting his cock into her pussy while he had himself a finger sticked into her anus. As he gently lifted her up, his cock stood glistering and hard in the air, leaving her fuckhole wide open.

I expected that he would insert his cock back into her cunt, but instead he placed it at her asshole. Pushing her down, the cock entered her ass what seemed to be easily while she let out yells of pleasure.

Suddenly I felt my body taken over by hot and cold waves, shaking me without any chance to resist. Seeing the girl being fuck in her small asshole made me have my first orgasm ever. I almost lost consciousness as the waves shook me harder and harder. Still recovering from my first orgasm ever, I heard the front door being opened and Jared walked in.

He instantly looked at the television where the fucking was ongoing, then turning his head to the couch where he saw my lying with legs wide spread my finger still in my soaked and dripping pussy. Without a word, he came over, took the remote, and turned off the television. For the first time in years I felt ashamed as he watched me. I clearly could see his mind working, as he sat on the chair on mom and son after party drinking sex other side of the coffee table.

After a minute, he took a deep breath. "Well Jenny, I think we have to talk." I looked at him, partly ashamed, partly aroused. "Why haven't you told me that you have those kind of movies?" The words came out of my mouth without thinking and full of excitement. "That's the coolest thing I ever saw&hellip.

Can we watch more?" Jared sighed. "I don't think these kind of movies are appropriate for a girl of your age." "Why not?" I asked, a little disappointed.

"What's the difference to all this horror movies we have watched together? They are for adults only, too." "But Jenny, those horror movies aren't real." "But if those porn movies are real, what's the matter with it. Didn't you see the excitement in her eyes.

She really enjoyed it. Why can't I enjoy it to?" Jared looked at me startled. "Jenny you don't understand. Maybe she enjoyed it, but most of the things they show you in those porns is fake, believe me." I started to get angry.

"Jared, I think it's you who don't understand. So maybe it's fake, maybe it's not. What I saw, turned me on. I wanna know more. I wanna feel what she felt. I wanna be a slut, too." Jared bursted in laughter. "Jenny do you even know what a slut is?" I thought about it for a second. "A girl who enjoys being fucked hard?" He shook his head. "I'm pretty sure there's more to it." "Then show me. When you caught me smoking and drinking although I was too young, you said nothing.

No you're telling me I'm too young to be a slut. You taught me smoking and drinking responsibly, now show me how to be a slut." Jared bent over busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave took his head in his hands. "You don't know what you're talking about. Besides fucking you, and I guess that's what you ask me to do, would be illegal, there are so much things about sex you don't know. There are sexual preferences you cannot even imagine.

You talk about sluts but you're only referring to that cheap movie you were watching were this girl was just fucked. Believe me when I say, there are things you'll probably find disgusting." I thought about it for a moment. Then I looked at Jared, who was hoping he had made a point but underestimated my will to learn more about it. "Show me what you mean." "Allright", Jared said in a desperate tone, "but don't tell me I've warned you in advance." He got up and grabbed his tablet computer and sat next to me on the couch.

With a few clicks he opened a porn website and typed in the just the word super teen creampie mila marx cum in pussy cream pie into the site's search engine. Within seconds thumbnails of movies came up as results, the word 'slut' always highlighted in bold letters. Along with the keyword others tags described the thumbnails, including words like 'watersports', 'golden shower', 'gang banged', 'fisted', 'cum covered' and more and more.

"Choose whatever you want" he said as he handed the tablet so me.

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Without thinking I chose the first, skipping the intro and scrolling to the middle of the movie clip. What I saw made my jaw drop. A busty woman, maybe in her mid thirties was fucked by 3 men simultaneously, although fucking wasn't the right word to describe the scene. While one guys was ramming his cock into the woman's mouth making her gagging hard, the second was thrusting his enormous prick into her pussy. What the third did was beyond my imagination: he had inserted his complete hand into her anus pushing in and out remorselessly.

After watching for a minute I returned to the search results and clicked another clip. In this movie, a young woman was covered with loads of off white glue that I recognized as cum, as two guy were shooting more loads in her face while wanking their pricks. While letting herself get covered with more and more cum, the woman was fucking herself with a big rubber penis into her fuck hole. When I thought the cum party was over, one of the guys stepped forward and started pissing. I couldn't believe what I saw when she opened her mouth and let the guy piss inside, then starting swallowing the piss.

I stopped the movie and laid down the tablet, looking at Jared bewildered. "Wow, Sex with bushy oriental pretty gal hardcore blowjob haven't expected that." I could see that Jared seemed to be pleased with the effect of the clips on me, but I wasn't completely disillusionized.

"May I ask you a question?" I asked after a minute of thinking. "Sure, everything you want." "But you have to be honest." I added.

"As I always was, when you asked me something" Jarred responded. "Have you ever done things like that?" I asked him, seeing the surprise in his eyes. Jared hesitated for a second, but then he answered my question. "Yes Jenny, I did." "And did you like it? And did the women you did it with like it?" As I stated my question, I could see in Jared's face, that the answer to come was quietus to his efforts of preventing me becoming a slut. He lowered his head and said in a muted voice "Yes I did.

And the women I did it with liked it, too." With a last effort he tried to turn the game, but he knew he had lost the argument. "But they were all way older and more experienced than you are." Knowing that he now had no other chance but to finally give in, I smiled at him. "Then I hope that you'll share your experience with me and that you make sure, that I'll learn to enjoy those things." Jared sighed.

His head still lowered he just sat there, thinking. I knew it would be wrong to push him, so I just sat there and waited. I could see his mind working things out, excepting and weighing the consequences of his next moves. Finally he lifted his head and looked at me sitting next to him in nothing but my pussy juices amber and brandi take a demolishing cock in both pussies underpants.

"You're absolutely sure, you wanna do this?" he asked in a serious tone. "Once we started, there's no way back. And it has to be our very secret. You may never ever talk to anybody about it." I looked at him. "Okay. I'll promise." "Allright" he continued.

"Here are the rules. Everything we do, we decide together. If there's anything you feel uncomfortable with, you tell me and we stop. I suggest you define the pace. Keep in mind the address of the website that we watched the clips on, so you can do your 'homework' and find out what kind of sexual preferences there are.

If you find something you want to try, we go ahead." I couldn't hide my smile. "Sounds like a deal to me." Jared let out his breath loud.

"Huh… let's see where that goes." I'd done it. I had convinced him of teaching me being a slut. I couldn't believe it. It was hard for me to hide my excitement. As we sat there, a minute passed by, then another and a third. Suddenly Jared bursted into laughter. "What…?" I asked joining in.

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Jared looked at me, his eyes filled with tears of laughter. "Well&hellip. we have just made a sincere decision and now we're just sitting here in silence and don't know what to do next." I couldn't help seeing the point he made. "Alright, so what's next?" Jared smiled. "We decided you'll define the pace. So what do you think?" I thought about it for a second.

"You know the first thing that irritated me when I watched you DVD was that the slut girl in the movie had no pubic hair at all. So what do you think about shaving me clean and then give me the first fuck of my slut life?" Jared nodded with a lustful smile.

"That's a good start I would say. Strip naked until I get back with my razor." With that he got up and went for the bathroom, while I pulled of my underpants. When he came back I was lying on my back on the couch, my legs spread wide, my pussy already lightly wettened by anticipation. Jared himself had stripped naked, too, carrying a bowl of water, a towel, a bottle of shaving foam and his razor. For the first time I saw him naked and was surprised how good he was in shape despite of his age.

One could see that he was going to the gym regularly, resulting in a not over trained but muscular body. The look of his cock made me horny instantly. Although not hard yet it had a nice size, about 5 inches long and about 2 ½ inches in diametre with huge balls, all neatly shaved. As he got down on his knees in between my legs he smiled and for the first time he touched me at my private parts. Moistening his hand in the warm water of the bowl, he gently started stroking my pubic hair around sexy blonde nikki facesitting in fishnet lingerie pussy making moan instantly.

"Do you like that?" he said as his fingers slowly explored my wet and swollen pussy lips. Biting my lips I nodded, enjoying the intensity of arousal rising up in my as he kept caressing my slit. He slowly bent over, pulling apart my pussy lips stroking my open slut hole in advance with the tip of his tongue. "Oh god that's wonderful" I moaned. "Go ahead, turn my cunt into a slut cunt and then fuck me. I can't stand it any longer." Slowly he started deploying the shaving foam on my mons and without any further comment started shaving me clean with short and accurate strokes.

Each time the razor cut clean a new stripe, I felt the soft tearing of the sharp blades, leaving my soft skin hairless and slightly irritated. After a few minutes he took the towel, moistened it with the warm water and cleaned away the remaining foam.

Taken himself aback, he looked at the result of his work. "Hell Jenny you already look slutty by now." Looking down I examined his work seeing my lately pubic hair covered snatch now shaved clean but already glistening again from my again pouring pussy juices. I also could see, that shaving my pussy had aroused Jared as well. His cock standing now hard in the air had increased in size and circumference by at least more than a half.

It almost frightened me by thinking that this huge piece of meat was frisky chicks bang the biggest strapon dildos and spray semen all over the place to penetrate me soon. "Ready for the next level?" Jared asked, gently stroking his prick.

"Can't wait for it. Go ahead and make me your slut finally." Without further comments Jared pressed his mouth on the sensitive skin between my legs pushing his tongue right into my juice hole. The feeling of his hard tongue pushing inside me made me shake and cry out my extasy loud. Laying his fingers on my pussy lips, Jared pulled open my cunt, probing my fuckhole and massaging my clit alternately. My fingers grabbed the cushions of the couch as he licked faster and harder minute by minute.

I could feel waves of excitement running through my body as his index finger entered my already dripping hole. Going in without resistance, he instantly pushed his middle finger in as well, making my body shake. Drops of sweat were running down my forehead as his other hand reached for my tits starting to squeeze it. "Oh Jared" I gasped. "It's so good. I think I'm going to cum." Jared opened his eyes, his mouth still pressed to my snatch as he entered his ring finger, making a total of three, stretching my pussy apart.

As I let out a yell of joy, he squeezed my tit harder, pinching my nippel with his finger. My body exploded in lust. Heat was building up as my whole body clenched. As the orgasmic shot through my body, small stars dancing in front of my eyes, a sharp pain shot through my spine. Without a warning, Jared had pulled his fingers out of my exploding pussy, thrusting his index finger right into my ass. Opening my eyes I saw him smiling at me, his face over and over cover with my pussy juices. "Do you like that my little fuck slut?" What started painfully slowly turned into pleasure as he gently twisted his finger in my ass.

"Well it came out of nothing, but it's starting to feel good" I moaned as I recovered from both my orgasm and the anal surprise he had given me.

"If you want you can have more of that later, but first, start with the basics." Without pulling his finger out of my anus, he stood up and knelt on the couch beside me his cock pointing directly at my face. "Suck my cock my little slut face. Take the head into your mouth and lick it.

Show me that you can be a little cock sucking bitch." The kind he talked to me turned me on even more. Slowly I bent over and opened my mouth. Pushing his hips forward his cockhead passed my lips. Like a lollypop I started sucking, letting the tip of my tongue wander around his glans.

Jared started moaning, pushing his cock further into my mouth until I started gagging. He pulled out a bit, then gently started fucking me in the face while his finger started moving in and out my asshole. Every fuck move of his finger stretching my anus made me suck his cock harder. Saliva started dripping down my chin as he increased his pace. I could feel his cock getting even harder, when he finally pulled out from my mouth as well as my asshole. Taking me by the hips he lifted me up, putting me back on my knees on the couch in front of him, placing my soaking pre-stretched fuckhole right in front of his saliva moistened cock.

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He took his cock with his hand, gently letting his head slide between my dripping pussy lips, directing it to the entrance of my cunt. Taking me by the hips, he started pushing his rock hard prick gently into my hole. "This might hurt a little" he whispered as his cock head spread my cunt wider and finally entered completely. The feeling was overwhelming.

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I never felt anything like it before as his massive prink pulled apart my tiny slit. It felt like my pussy would probably squash his cock, but like an iron bar, it withstood the pressure of my still-virgin fuck hole. "Ready?" Jared asked.

"Stop euro students xmas sex and cum party and fuck me" I shouted in excitement. Without warning he pulled me by the hips and with one hard thrust rammed his cock into my pussy. I screamed out in pain as my hymen broke, my pussy being ripped apart by his fleshy bolt. My legs and my arms got weak as his cock slashed into my bowels, almost entering my up to his balls.

Pushing in to the limit, Jared paused for a second, giving me time to recover. As he started pulling out and pushing in gently, the pain eased away and feelings of lust filled me with every stroke. Slowly his strokes became longer, while my cunt widened more and more being fucked with increasing speed. Every stroke he took made me feel more aroused.

My breathing became heavy, my moaning got louder, sweat ran down my forehead. "Fuck Jared that's soo good. Hit me deeper. Give it to me." "Oh shit Jenny, you don't have to be taught to be a slut.

You already are." Jared whispered from behind. "Yes Jared, let father rapes his daughter in nigeria storyd be classy dames get their beavers nailed hard personal slut.

Fuck me whenever you want, as hard as you want. Show me all the nasty things a slut has to know." "Oh sure I will you dirty little whore." With that he grabbed my curly hair with his hand, pulling my head backwards, like a horse with rein. "Cum for me you filthy little cunt." Pulling my hair he started fucking me harder and harder. I never could have even imagined that what had been my innocent little twat could turn in this loose and wide cunt within only one intense fuck.

As he hit me deeper and deeper, his balls slapping against my buttocks, he pulled harder and harder, finally grabbing around me, squeezing my tit with his hand hard. Without warning my whole body clenched, this time uncontrollable. Every muscle in my body seemed to start shaking as I was losing control of my senses. For the blink of a second I lost sight, as I screamed out my pleasure, my body vibrating in a powerful orgasm.

My stretched pussy clenched around Jared's cock, jerking and milking him as he kept fucking my without remorse. The waves of heat and cold kept coming, pussy juices pouring heavily out of my pumping snatch, when suddenly Jared pulled out.

Without him supporting my stand, I fell over and rolled on my back, still catching for breath. Within less than a second Jared was over me, wanking his pussy juice oiled cock. Letting out a loud groan, streams of hot cum started shooting out of his cock hitting me in my face. As my mouth was wide open longing for fresh air, his shots hit me not only in my face but in my mouth as well. For the first time I tasted the saltiness and sweetness of fresh cum, felt the sticky texture.

Shot after shot hit me, my mouth opened more to let Jared shoot more of his delicious load in my cum loving throat. As his eruption of cum finally ended he moved his cock head into my mouth. Instantly I started sucking, enjoying every little drop of this wonderful glue. Having sucked him clean I opened my mouth, let his cock slip out and presented my empty mouth to Jared. Jared fell on his back right next to me, breathing hard with a broad smile on his face. "Hell Jenny that was awesome." "Can't wait to get more of it." Jared smiled.

"I promise you will get more of it soon. But first I got something else for you." I looked at him surprised. "What is it?" "You see the bag over there? On the shelve next to the bathroom door?" I looked over and saw a small velvet bag. I nodded. Jared got up and walked over. I would have went myself if my legs weren't too weak and still shaking. As Jared returned, he handed me the bag.

As I opened it and looked inside a big smile hushed over my face. Inside the bag were two dildos, a small one about 4 inches long, and a bigger one with a length of something about 6 inches. Along with the dildos came a bottle of lube. "It's a present" Jared commented his gift. "These are kind of leftovers from my wife and I thought you could use them for, let's say, training." I hugged him without warning.

"Thanks Jared. Thank you a lot. For fucking me. For teaching me how to become a slut. And for those nice rubber friends. I promise I'll use them every day.

And the next time I come here." I bent over and whispered in his ear ".and the next time I come over, you'll fuck me in my little slut ass." Jared smiled. "You bet I'll do." ******