All dudes love sex with breasty doxies naturaltits and hardcore

All dudes love sex with breasty doxies naturaltits and hardcore
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We all three met up at a bar having a few drinks, dancing, watching the guys come and go at our table; it was just a regular Saturday night. The three chicks I had chosen to spend the evening with were Shawna, Tish, and Melody.

There was not a doubt in my mind that these 3 girls were very wild.

Shawna had a sleeve tattoo done in fairies and dragons, Tish, was into being pierced in places I didn't know was imaginable at the time. And Melody was the quiet one, with big beautiful seductive eyes.

No matter how much I attempted to talk to Melody she was simply quiet. We finished at the bar and Shawna suggested that we go to her place and play some cards, have another drink or two before we called it a night. It was a good hour ride from the bar to Shawna's house. I was getting tired and thought more than once about turning around and going back to the house and just climbing into the bed.

But I had second thoughts the girls had been fun, and I was interested in getting to know Melody if she would at least speak. We pulled into the drive, Shawna, had a small little white house at the back of a cul-de-sac. It was a nice little house. I followed three girls into the house, my initial assessment of the outside soon changed when I entered the front door. The house was decorated in dragons and fairies, I felt like I had stepped into a Dungeon and Dragon role play. We went to the living room where in the corner Shawna had a girl male striper party fuck lust in translation, she began mixing drinks, and I had not had any and figured we would be here awhile or I could sleep it off.

I asked for an LIT, she obliged. Shawna had been a bartender for years and was very good at what she did obviously. We settled in to the sofa drinking and talking, laughing. Tish then decided we needed to liven this party up some; she turned on some music and started to dance. She was very sure of herself, with long blonde hair; she stood at about 5'6" with long legs and nice perky breast.

She had a pretty face, and was obviously very confident about herself. She moved her hips as she rubbed her thighs with her hands running them up to her firm tits. She began to slowly undress for us. I began to feel a little uncomfortable but at this point I had already drunk four LIT's and was in absolutely no shape to drive. I was determined that I would just sit there and watch, Tish, danced to a slow Kiss song, taking off her shirt, bending occasionally, she would reveal the tops of her ample full breasts.

I could feel myself getting aroused as I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She moved her ass, as she unzipped her tight Levi jeans. She slid them down her legs and kicked them off her feet. She was dancing in a red lacy pair of panties, and bra. Reaching behind her she unsnapped her bra and revealed two beautiful tits with perky hard nipples both were pierced. I watched as she pulled the rings in her tits, and worked her hands down to her pussy.

She continued to dance as the music changed and her hand found her little pussy, she rubbed her cunt through her tight red panties, we could all see the wet spot forming on the front of the way this is going to end is all already known for everybody fingering licking kissing and just l silk panties. She turned and bent over, letting curvy latina honey has her pussy plugged pornstars and big tits all look at her ass.

I decided to glance around the room to see if anyone realized that I was aroused, only to find Melody with her hands in her pants. She had her legs spread, and her head back as she continued to massage her pussy. She was in her little private wonderland as she watched Tish.

I looked at Shawna, who like me, was just intently watching Tish. I became very aware of Melody rubbing her clit through her clothes; her legs were outstretched stiff, as her fingers massaged her clit through her tight jeans.

I could see her hard large nipples poking through her pink t-shirt. Tish was aware that Melody was extremely excited. Tish bent over with her ass in our faces, she began to massage her pussy, spreading her hot little thick pussy lips apart with one hand and massaging with the other.

Melody, moaned loudly, I watched her as she came, her breathing was hard, her thighs quivered as she rubbed her pussy hard still through her jeans. Shawna stood, "I think we need to move this to the bedroom," she said as she waited for a response. Tish picked up her clothes and walked down the hallway. Melody stood and followed Tish. Shawna looked at me, "you in, pretty eyes," she asked? I sat there for a second weighing my options. Actually, there were none, I was horny as hell and really wanted to get fucked.

I stood up and walked down the hallway in the direction the other two had gone. I walked in what I assumed was Shawna's bedroom, inside I found a huge bigger than king size bed, whatever, size that was in the middle of the room. There were nightstands on both sides of the bed adorned with Dragon lamps.

A chair sat in the corner, and in the chair sat Melody naked, with her legs thrown over the arm of the chair. She was already stroking her bald little pussy. The lips were rosy pink and the inside was a hot red, as her fingers rubbed over her amateur blonde eurobabe beata sits on cock for money. Her inner lips glistened in the light.

Tish was on the bed naked as well with the exception of a pair of black panties with a strap on dick hanging off the front. I walked in and stood awkwardly in the corner. Shawna walked in the bedroom, and flipped on the stereo, AC/DC roared to life.

Shawna walked over to me and told me lighten up in my ear as her lips brushed against mine. I felt a major stir in my pussy with that move. Shawna in all her splendor, she was 5'10 with long red hair almost to her ass, and all her blonde teen gets cumshot pornstars and mature tattoos. She slid her red dress down over her voluptuous body.

Under I was quite delighted to find that she wore, a white bra, with a lacy white thong that rode perfectly up the crack of her beautiful smooth ass. She wore a pair of white thigh highs held in place by a white garter belt along her waist. She was more than I could handle and I knew it. She leaned down and kissed Tish on the bed. I realized at that point these two were way too comfortable with one another and definitely they had fucked before.

My eyes darted to Melody who continued to fuck herself with her fingers, and rub her tits; she was paying no attention really to anything else going on in the room. Shawna climbed on top of Tish, her pussy brushing over the huge dildo that hung off the front of Tish.

Shawn began to kiss Tish, and move down her neck to her tits. She sucked the left one, running her tongue around the nipple before she bit it roughly and pulled it up with her teeth by the ring that was attached to her tit.

Tish moaned loudly. Shawna worked her way down to the dildo taking the entire 9 inch dick into her throat. Any guy would have been delighted with Shawna. I sat down my bag and moved over closer to the bed. I didn't want to interrupt really but my pussy throbbed and I wanted to play as well.

I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off my shoes which were pretty normal behavior for me anyway. Shawn worked her panties to the side and stood over Tish; she spread her pussy and worked it down onto the big dildo.

I watched bending my neck so I could see if she could take it all into her sweet little cunt. Pulling the inner lips far apart I watched the head of the big purple dick slide into her cunt. She was wet, and it dripped off the red hair that I could see covering her little clit. She sat fully down on the cock, and began to rock her pelvis as Tish began to buck at her pussy.

I watched as they fucked for perhaps five minutes, until Shawna reached orgasm. To my horror at the moment I realized that I had my pants undone and was rubbing my pussy myself. Shawna turned to me, "Well, pretty eyes, it's about time that you got that pussy out for me," she said. I smiled and was embarrassed I had been with girls before but not this many at one time. Shawna moved to me on the bed and pulled my shirt off my head. She didn't bother to unsnap my bra but jerked it over my head as well; she said that my tits were great.

I guess they were I had the biggest set in the room. I stood and removed my pants leaving the panties on. Tish looked at me raising and eyebrow, "Take it off," she demanded.

I shook my head no, I just didn't' want to be completely naked yet. Tish stood up, and Shawna moved out of her way. Tish had something in her hand, I quickly found out what it was a small leather whip; she grabbed a handful of hair and shoved my head down on the bed. She made me stand with my legs spread slightly and my head and tits were on the bed.

She walked behind me. "You get 5 lashes for not obeying me when I tell you to do something. I am the boss here my darling, and you do as I say," she stated.

I understood, I had fucking walked into a domination scenario. Now what was I going to do. My pussy was dripping wet, I was drunk and naked except for a pair of black panties I was pretty much at their beckoned command. I took a deep breath as I heard the whip pull back, I felt the sting on my ass, Shawn counted each time Tish smacked my ass, it stung but was not bad. Melody evidently liked it because she came again loudly.

Shawna opened a drawer on the table and pitched Melody a little gold vibrator. She smiled at her, and went back to work on herself. Tish walked around the bed. I didn't dare move, she walked to where she could reach my head, she reached out and grabbed a handful and made me crawl up on the bed, she made me turn over, and told me to take the panties off. This time I obliged, I removed them. Soft blondish red hair covered my pussy; it was shaved to a neat little triangle just above the lips of my pussy.

busty lesbians laura orsolya amp dolly fox share gigantic red double dong Shawna settled in between my legs, she pulled my lips apart. I knew I was wet, and could tell by the lapping of her tongue that I was soaked. She kissed my lips and sucked each one before she opened me up.

When she did, she began to suck each inner lip and push her tongue into my dripping wet pink cunt. Her fingers held me far apart as her tongue plunged deeper into my pussy. In the meantime, Tish had moved onto the bed beside and had begun to pull and bite my nipples.

She liked the size of my tits and told me so. I was nearing and orgasm as Shawna continued to eat my hot wet creamy snatch. I felt the orgasm coming on and I told Tish, she told me to just cum.

I did, my thigh tightened on Shawna's head as her fingers had made their way into my hole, three of them, as I came she banged my little tight pussy hard. As I tried to regain my composure I moved to the end of the bed. Shawna lay where I had been. Tish began to suck Shawna's tits, I sat at her feet stroking my swollen sucked on clit, and watched Melody and the two chicks on the bed. Tish had moved to stoking and sticking her fingers in Shawna.

Shawna's pussy was creamy white, covered in red hair. It was simply magnificent, and looked good when Tish decided to straddle her, Tish had a sweet bald little pussy with a very hard clit that rubbed on top of Shawna's thick red hair. Shawna was starting to cum when Tish stood up, she was facing me, standing with her legs spread and her lips spread with one hand as she rubbed at her clit. Shawna rubbed her clit, so I in turn rubbed mine.

We were all moaning and gasping as we all fucked ourselves in the room even Melody.

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When Tish started to piss, she started to piss and I was quite certain she was aiming for Shawna's hard little clit. Shawna rubbed harder as the stream of piss coming from Tish's little cunt got stronger and thicker. I was close enough that the piss began to splash as it hit, it covered my tits, and my face.

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I began to rub the golden stream into my hard nipples. It was making me hotter and hotter. Shawna began to scream as she came hard while Tish pissed into her pussy. When she had finished Tish stood there for a moment letting it drip off her lips onto Shawna. Tish swung around and began to lick Shawna's piss covered pussy. I continued to play with my pussy while I watched Tish lick off the mess she had made of Shawna's little cunt.

We fucked for nearly six hours; I was tied down, and whipped, fucked with a bottle, and made to cum over and over that night. But perhaps that's another story for another night.