Please fuck my pussy i like it rough and hard let me swallow your cum

Please fuck my pussy i like it rough and hard let me swallow your cum
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My twin sister, Cindy, and I both had been together for as long as we could remember. After our parents died, we had been given to our aunt who believed that "the outside world spawned evil," and so we did everything together, except the one thing I did outside- soccer.

This was my time to go do things by myself, which I enjoyed at first.

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However, when our aunt announced that we would no longer be home schooled together, that changed. We wouldn't be spending almost every waking moment together anymore, and I started to miss my sister.

Many girls at the new school I attended considered me handsome. I had brown hair that was so dark it was almost black, tannish skin and bright green eyes. I also had a well toned body from all the soccer I was playing, which included a six-pack. With my 'good looks', many girls took notice.

These girls were the kind that wore shorts as long as their underwear and shirts that were cut so low I could practically see their bra, if they were wearing one at all. They also were the type moaning cumshot compilation and amateur first ass robbery suspect apprehended threw themselves at guys, not for love or romance, but for sex and social-standings.

Cindy was not like this at all. With light brown hair with natural red streaks in it, and lively green eyes just like my own, I'm sure many boys considered her pretty, myself being one of them. But she preferred T-Shirts and sweats, and very infrequently did she dress up. I practically never saw her at school. Not only did we not have ANY classes together, but we didn't even have lunch together. And I had practice after school, so I wouldn't see her until 6.

With the little time we spent together, I started cherishing the moments I got to spend with her. She was smart, funny and just an overall blast to be around.

And with my 'sister time' cut way down, I also started noticing things that I hadn't before. With my aunt traveling all the time, it usually was just Cindy and I in the house. And Cindy would rarely change from her pajama gear if she didn't have to go anywhere. The problem with this was the fact that she just wore T-shirts to sleep in, and these shirts barely covered her ass.

Being the teenage boy that I was, I couldn't help but admire my sisters body, which was thin, but not overly so. It was around this time that I discovered jerking off. I became very sneaky. I would make sure she never noticed me studying at her, and later I would jerk myself to the images of my sister prancing about the house as if nothing was wrong.

And while I knew it was wrong to feel this way about my sister, I started to get a strange feeling when I thought of her, not just lust, but something more.

I wanted to take her out on dates, be able to kiss her just because I felt like it. I wanted to hold her when she was scared, and show her off to my friends.

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I was starting to fall for my sister. One day I just snapped. There was no way I could take her on dates in the small town we lived in, nor could I show her off to my friends.

I started fucking those girls I could get easily, the ones who didn't want a relationship, just to get Cindy out of my head. But no matter how many girls I fucked, I couldn't stop thinking about my sister. While I felt bad for doing this, I started trying to make the girls moan as loud as possible so I could make my sister jealous.

I started leaving my shirt off in the house, which was also an attempt at making my sister want me. But she didn't crack once. Then on Saturday, three days before our aunt was due back, everything changed. It started out relatively normal. I woke at around 10:20, and went down stairs for a bowl of cereal. I was halfway done when Cindy emerged, legs and all. I tried not to stare as she got her cereal, barely able to get out a "Sup, Cinderella.

You sure slept long enough," as I stuffed my mouth with food. As I swallowed, I tried to appear casual. "Don't call me that," she said grumpily, "and it's only 10:45." We ate in silence, and she soon finished her meal. We both moved to the sink to clean up. We had almost finished when the doorbell rang, and since she was closer, she answered it. I took this as my chance to study her legs, but I was so focused on them that I didn't notice Cindy lean back and look at me. She looked indifferent as she told me that one of my frequent "girlfriends" was there.

For some reason unknown to me, I strode over and just slammed the door in the poor girls face, without looking at who it was. I tried to logically explain it by saying "I feel like being by myself today," but I felt as though madisin is dominated by the good son feelings for Cindy were getting more out of control than they kat young having fun with faith belle been just a few hours before.

I plopped down and started watching soccer, reminded Cindy about my banquet that night, and would only move to get ready a few hours later.

*********************************************** At around 7:30, after nagging Cindy a few times, I felt as though I had calmed myself from the days events. I reasoned that Cindy wasn't attracted to me like that, so I should just get over it. But as Cindy, dressed in a tight (in a good way) green dress that brought out her eyes and made her slender frame curvier, came down the stairs, thoughts of her just being my sister were brushed out of my head- all I wanted was to keep her at home, so no other man could see her.

As she sat down and began to watch the soccer match, my eyes couldn't help but eat up the flesh that she was showing. "Maybe you should stay home, Cinderella. I can just go alone," I said to her as she finally faced me. "No way! I'm going to support you," Cindy said, but this only comforted me a little. I quickly got up and practically sprinted to the car.

I normally wouldn't have even attended the banquet, because it's really just bullshit, but the food the moms make is amazing. I stacked piles of lasagna over piles of spaghetti, and went to sit down by my sister. However, instead of being by herself, as she normally was at these things, my friends Timothy and Alex had snagged a seat across from her, and refused to move their eyes away from her cleavage.

Timothy and Alex might have seemed like angels to their parents, but they were anything but.

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While they were my friends, they were way more engrossed in the slutty pickup game than I was. I still felt bad for all the girls that could never replace my sister, but I had to do something to save face with, not only my family, but also my friends. Tim and Alex, however, didn't give a shit and just fucked girls because they just wanted to.

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And they tried to go after the virgin, nice girls, where I preferred the sluttier ones who had made clear that they were just looking to fuck. I was not only angry at my friends, I was FURIOUS. This was my Cindy they were hitting on, not some slut, and I told them so.

I distracted them with soccer stats until the end of the banquet. *********************************************** I tried to explain that my friends were why I hadn't wanted Cindy to come with me to the banquet on our short drive home.

I left the caveman 'My Cindy' part out, and said "That's why I didn't want you to go." Cindy, being the innocent yet beautiful person that she was, just asked "What do you mean? They go after everything that moves." Without thinking, I blurted out "No, it's because you look so sexy in that dress," I tried to keep my eyes on the road so I wouldn't have to face my sisters reaction, "Jesus C, I didn't even know you owned anything like that." Then, at the red light, she looked up at me, green eyes sparkling and face red with blush, asked " think I'm sexy?" I couldn't help myself as I blatantly scanned her body.

When I reached the eyes we shared, I lost self control for a minute and said, "Yes. I wish." I caught myself before I could say anything that would ruin my relationship with Cindy. But she persisted as we walked to the front of the house, and I finally gave in and whispered "I wish you weren't my sister," after which I fled to the safety of my room.

*********************************************** After checking to make sure my sister was asleep, I snuck downstairs so I could jerk off.

I normally would have just done the deed in my room, but, after the days activities, I knew I was going to make some noise, and it was less likely to be heard from downstairs. I went to and found my favorite porn- one which contained a brother and a sister who were doing all the things I wanted to do to my sister.

I pushed my boxers down and started to jerk off imagining Cindy. I was nearing my orgasm when I moaned "Fuck, Cindy. Stroke it faster." My moans and the TV must have been pretty loud, because I heard a gasp behind me. My eyes, which I hadn't realized I had closed, snapped open as I yelled "FUCK! Cindy!" and tried to pull up my boxers and pause the video as quickly as I could.

My sister just stood there staring at the outline of my dick through my boxers as I stammered, "Um.I wasn't. Li.listen I don't know what you think I was doing but." "Jake.Everything's okay, just calm down and tell me what you were doing." "Cindy, I wasn't! I mean I was, but I know Sexy on the beach along superb saya tachibana shouldn't and." "You were what, Jake?" "I was.I was jerking off.

to you, sis. I know it's weird, but. Ever since I hit puberty you've always seemed so.ugh I can't believe I'm saying this. You've seemed so attractive that I can't. You and your running around the house in just a shirt that barely covers your ass.I just. I can't stop thinking about fucking you but that's not amazing body latina masturbating on a perfect cameltoe it. I wanna take you on dates and show you off and buy you nice things and I.

I don't understand what's going on. I thought that fucking other girls would make it go away but. When I saw you in that dress I just." At this point I was glad to be interrupted from my babbling speech leading nowhere. "I've been doing the same thing," Cindy said, giving me the biggest shock of my life, "I mean I haven't been fucking other people but I've been masturbating to you having sex in the room next door.

I." I cut her off my crushing her lips to mine. While I had kissed girls before, no kiss had ever felt as good as this. Her lips pressed against mine, and I slowly slid my tongue into her mouth.

"Jake." She had started to question what was happening when my fingers reached her zipper. I knew I couldn't stand being forced back into my role as her brother, so I looked straight into her eyes as I said, "Cindy, don't question this. You want it, I want it, we are just two people who are exploring the attraction between each other." I squeezed her hard nipples, enticing a moan out of her, then pushed her back onto the table so I could have easier access to her breasts.

When I started sucking on her nipples, she started moaning louder than anyone I had ever heard. Those moans only grew louder as I licked my way down her stomach, to the tip of her underwear. She was soaking wet as she quickly slid out if her underwear, which I threw behind me.

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Then I slowly lowered my mouth onto her sensitive clit, something I had never done before. I didn't know what I was doing- I just let her reactions explain everything for me. And when I slipped a finger inside of her, she looked like she was about to lose it. By this time, she was grinding her pussy into my mouth with reckless abandon. I was completely focused on pleasing her when she moaned "Jake! Fuck Jake, please!" I took my mouth off of her to really look at my sister.

She looked gorgeous and I told her so before I dove onto her, my motivation reinvigorated. Very soon after this her hips bucked wildly as the pleasure lovesome kitten is gaping narrow twat in closeup and having orgasm orgasm spread throughout her body.

We were both panting as she got up and pulled down my boxers. She studied my dick for a few moments, then hesitantly reached out and touched it. Just the fact that it was Cindy touching me made the feeling all the better.

After she got used to it, she began to pick up pace, causing my knees to get weak. I had to lean against the table for support, and she still sped up, causing me to moan "Fuck!!! Just like that, Cindy!" I closed my eyes, my body overrun with unimaginable sensations. Out of know where I felt Cindy's mouth around me. My eyes opened as I involuntarily bucked my hips into her mouth.

"Cindy," I warned, "You're.Ahhh, fuck! .You're gonna make me cum if you keep this up!" She began to deep throat me, staring into my eyes the whole time. I couldn't help but scream "Fuck, Cindy, I'm cumming!" I closed my eyes as my orgasm hit, but I could feel that my sister hadn't taken her mouth off of my dick. When I had calmed down and reopened my eyes, she swallowed my load for me to plainly see. Even after the orgasm I just had, my dick twitched.

I looked upward as I prayed "Please God, don't let this be a dream!" "It's not. I'm real," she said sitting on the table with me after nuzzling her head into my shoulder, "And I'm still horny." She got up, gathered our clothes and walked towards the stairs. "Are you coming or what?" She winked and began to walk to her bedroom. And of course I followed her.

To be continued (probably)