Yonitale beautiful teen silvie luca has strong orgasms

Yonitale beautiful teen silvie luca has strong orgasms
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I was in heaven. My mom had just jerked me off with her own thong until i came all over her huge tits. "well i got a taste of you yesterday when i licked all the cum off my panties for you but, those were tainted with all my juices, lets see what you taste like fresh baby" my mom said as she swiped some jizz off her tit with her finger. She slowly inserted her whole finger into her mouth "mmm" and then took my unerect cock and licked the cum from the tip "delicious" she said as she took one more swipe of cum off her tits and began to rub her pussy with it.

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"how about you get a fresh taste of your dirty mommy's pussy, its so wet" "I would love to get a taste of your perfect cunt, your dildo tasted so good" I went down on my mom slurping up all her juices, making sure that her clit got all the attention it needed. "fuck baby thats so fucking good, im so close to cumming" my moms sweet pussy honey began to leek down her legs.

"turn around and bend over" i said, my mom obeyed and bent over the kitchen table giving me a perfect view of her big round heart shaped ass.

I could see the tan ring around her asshole and spread her cheeks. she had the perfect asshole that was just a little bit open and inviting. i gave her a slap on the ass. "Oh baby, i love that your an ass man, because im an ass girl haha" I knelt down and plunged my tongue into her asshole and swirled my tongue around.

"Fuck baby you know just how to get me, i love asslicking, baby. ugh don.

dont. stop. im so close. ugh im cccuuummmming!!!! aww fuck" I stuck two fingers in her pussy and shoved my tongue farther and farther down her. i continued licking and fingering and i began rubbing her right nipple "Oh fuck baby my nipples are so sensitive, Im cumming again fuck, your so good.ugh.

yes ugh" I stopped everything i was doing and slowly pushed my middle finger all the way in skinny real flexi doll gets stretched tube porn saliva lubed ass. "aww yes honey right there, those were the hardest orgasms ive ever had, and they were back to back, baby your a true pussy pleaser" "and ass pleaser" i said "oh yeah baby, ive never had a tongue that deep in my ass in my life, it was magical the places you reached, lets go up stairs i need some more of that.

And from the looks of it so do you haha" i had a raging 8" erection. we went up stairs and my mom grabbed her dildo and met me on the bed. she handed me the dildo and said "stick this in my ass while i blow that big fat cock baby" "do you have any lube mom" "just stick it in my pussy a few times and it will get nice a slick" "are you sure, it was up your ass shouldnt you clean it" "your right baby give it here" she took the dildo but didnt get up to wash it, instead she took it inch by inch until she had the whole thing in her mouth and began slurping it clean.

"there baby all clean and i lubed now" "your such i dirty slut mom" i said with a grin she slowly traveled down my body until her head hovered over my cock. She began taking it in inch by inch, same as she did with the dildo. She only took about six inches though an came back up. "Damn baby i knew you where about 8" which is why i bought the 8" dildo to play with my self but you are much thicker than the dildo im going to have to work to get all 8" of you in, and as fair as my asshole goes you better start pumping me with that dildo if you want to get me loose enough" "aww mom that feels so good but i dont know if i can reach you ass from here" she lifted her head off my cock "oh sorry baby haha" and then flipped her body around so that we were in a 69 position.

I shoved the dildo into her ass about 3 or 4 inches "ugh fuck. yes" my mom said then slid it out, her ass was very tight. i shoved about 4 or 5 inches again and held it there well i licked my moms pussy that was dripping all over my face. "oo baby your going to make me cum for the third time and i havent even had your fat cock in me" she got up off me and the dildo shot out of her ass "oops sorry baby" she picked up the dildo and began working it in and out of her ass until she had about 7" in her and then squatted down over my dick, still pumping her ass.

"are you ready to feel mommy's pussy baby, because im ready to take that huge cock of yours" "ive been ready for this for years mom" "i love you baby" "i love you too mom" she began to slid down my shaft, her pussy was still very tight and my cock was stretching it to the brink.

"ugh yes baby, that fat fucking cock feels so good in my pussy" she came up a few inches and then went back down and repeated this til she had all of it in. "fuck baby this is the biggest cock ive every had and im about to cum from just sitting on it" "aww mom your pussy is so soft but tight" i began to thrust my hips up and down as my mom took the dildo out of her ass and shoved it back all the way hot babe gets a good anal pounding never dp'ed before baby.

ugh. but it feels so good" we fucked for about a minute before my mom came for the third time and the thought of my moms ass made me feel like cumming "mom i need your ass" "baby i want you in my ass so much too but i dont think its loose enough yet, your cock was almost too thick for my pussy, hold on a minute" My mom slid off my cock and i could see a shiver go up her body.

I was very close to cumming but this break allowed me to regain control. My mom had went into her closet and came back about 30 seconds later. In her hand was a huge butt plug, it must have been 3 inches or so i diameter. "this will loosen it up enough baby" "fuck mom thats huge' "i know baby your aunt Linda gave it to me as a gag gift years ago, ive never used it" "fuck mom is Linda an ass slut like you?" "haha baby well talk later, right now i need to daddy wonrsquot let me play my game this in my ass" my mom began to lick the plug all over and then set it on the floor.

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It was huge, i mean like pornstar huge. she began squatting on it. "ugh. fuck" she almost got to the base but couldnt make it. she got off an spit on the top and then repositioned. she squatted again and got to the same spot. I felt like cumming right then, this was so hot. she slid her hands back and squatted farther down and then it popped in. "that is fucking huge" my mom said with a giggle as she came back to the bed.

I fucked her doggystyle, while we were waiting for her ass to loosen, for a couple of minutes until she came again. "fuck baby my pussy has never taken a pounding from such a big cock" "are you ready mom" "im ready baby give it to me" i grabbed the end of the plug and pulled, it took some force. "pop" it was out. my moms asshole was gaping wide open i placed my cock at the opening.

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