Sex rajwep sex storys com gril sleeping in home funking

Sex rajwep sex storys com gril sleeping in home funking
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Chapter 15 KITTEN COMES TO DINNER On Thursday night, Kitten came to dinner.

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It wasn't Claire's idea. It was her father's. He'd instructed her to invite her friend over after work that morning, as he'd been checking Claire's twat was suitably covered.

Claire had no choice but to pass it on at work.

Kitten was ecstatic, of course. She thought it was a great idea. And so Claire got through her day. Jim only came on her face once, just after lunch.

She worked at harassing and insulting girls online, and she pissed naked in the toilets, both times with Kitten there at the same time. Michael's panties for her were white cotton things bearing the words 'Make Me Pregnant', and when she had taken them off again he showed her a black binder he kept on his shelf labelled 'Fucktwat', in which he was collecting the pictures of her in the various demeaning pieces of underwear.

Kitten was a hit as soon as she entered Claire's house. She hugged Claire's father tightly, grinding her crotch against his groin.

She hugged Steph too, nuzzling her neck in an awkwardly familiar way that Steph didn't seem to object to. She watched as Claire took off her panties and was spanked by her father. Today Claire's dad gave her ten spanks on the ass and then ten on the cunt.

Claire thankfully didn't orgasm this time but she did repeat the humiliation of her father smearing cunt juices on her face and then making her suck his fingers clean. When the spanking was done, Kitten took off her panties as well and handed them to Claire's surprised father, out of 'solidarity'.

At the dinner table she made a point of hiking the back of her skirt so her bare cunt would sit on the seat instead of her skirt. Her father made Claire do the same when he saw it. All this sunny leone milk have a drink boy unremarked on mostly because Claire's mother wasn't home. It turned out she was spending the night interstate on a business trip, so it was just Claire, Kitten, Steph and her father in the house.

'Of course, Claire's a massive slut,' said Claire's father to Kitten over dinner. 'That twat of hers is always drooling. That's why we have to spank her like that.' 'But she has such a pretty twat, don't you think?' said Kitten. 'Anyway, she's lucky. My cunt's always wet but my father has never helped me discipline it.' 'He's not a very good father then.

Have you ever tried to discipline it yourself?' 'Sometimes,' allowed Kitten. 'For a while I used to put all my food in my pussy and then eat it, so it would revolt me and I would come to hate the smell of cunt juices, but it worked the other way and now I like the taste of cunty food.' 'Better than normal food?' 'Absolutely,' said Kitten.

'Well, don't let us stop you, if you want,' said Claire's father.

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'Okay,' said Kitten. She pushed her chair back so everyone could see, then got a hunk of bread, and began to push it into her spread twat. Claire was blushing so hard - she couldn't believe this was happening in her house.

But her father and Steph were rapt, staring eagerly at Kitten's cunt. The bread went in, all wadded up and soggy.

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Kitten sighed happily. She flicked her clitoris a couple of times, and then started digging the bread out and putting it in her mouth. 'Give some to Claire,' suggested Claire's father. 'See if Claire likes it. And Steph too.' He watched as Kitten scooped wads of soggy, cunty bread out of her fuckhole and put them on the sisters' plates.

With their father watching, the girls had no choice but to eat them. Claire almost threw up. It wasn't the taste of cunt, which was actually slightly pleasant, but the wet mealy taste of the wadded bread.

'Careful, you're getting some on your top,' Claire's father said as Kitten kept transferring food to her twat and then scooping it out and eating it. Kitten responded by taking off her top, leaving her completely nude at the dinner table.

When dinner was done Claire's dad and Steph insisted on seeing Kitten dance, so they watched Kitten gyrate nude around the lounge room. Her sensual dance emphasised her tits and cunt, and involved several times shaking her boobs in the faces of Claire's father and sister - and in front of Claire herself.

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Then Kitten and Steph cleared away the dinner plates, Kitten still nude. Claire went to carry some plates to the kitchen to help, but when she got there she found Kitten and Steph passionately kissing.

Steph's hands were on Kitten's nude udders and her leg was between Kitten's thighs. Kitten looked eager and excited and was urgently kissing Steph back. Claire felt a stab of jealousy. That slut!

Kitten was her friend.

It should be her tongue-kissing Kitten. But she contained it and just watched exciting cum hole drilling action hardcore blowjob sister and her friend making out until they finally broke away from each other. 'I'll go out to get more,' said Kitten brightly, afterwards, and left. 'Enjoying yourself?' Claire asked her sister cattily. 'Your friend is so hot!' Steph replied.

'Why didn't you tell me you were friends with a slutty little babe like her?' 'I hate you,' said Claire. How had this happened? How did she have a naked girl in her house, seducing her father and sister? How was her father openly staring at a teenager's cunt in front of Claire? Claire liked Kitten but she was confused and distressed at what had become of her life.

After dinner Claire's dad declared that Kitten would be staying over - in his bed. Kitten seemed delighted; Steph pouted, having hoped that Kitten would sleep with her and Claire. That night as Claire laid in bed she could hear the sounds of her father fucking her best friend through the wall.

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Kitten was giggling and mewling as Claire's father fucked her hard in the pussy. Next to Claire, Steph was trying to surreptitiously masturbate. Claire waited until Steph had brought herself to a less-than-stealthy orgasm and had fallen asleep, and then started her own lubrication for her training device, still listening to her father using her friend as a fucktoy. She fell asleep to the sound of Kitten loudly orgasming, and her earbuds telling her, 'You like having your tits hurt. Claire is a stupid little fucktoy.

Claire likes lezzing off.' (To be continued.)