Porno teen newbie spunked interracial and amateur

Porno teen newbie spunked interracial and amateur
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Connie felt the beautiful Japanese woman's long tongue slithering deeper into her cunt and screamed her pleasure into the pillow.

Emily's lower lip was moving against Connie's clitoris as her tongue -- long enough to touch the tip of her nose -- tried valiantly to reach deep inside to massage the petite brunette's G-spot.

Her oral muscle wasn't quite *that* long -- but Connie bucked and writhed in joyfulappreciation of the effort. The combination of Emily's enthusiastic and talented mouth on her cunt and Kim's voracious suckling at her nipples had kept Conniecumming for something like a half hour.

The orgasms just kept rolling through her until she felt as if she were one huge, quivering nerve. Finally, Emily knelt up, settling her lovely derriere on her heels. She trailed her slim, graceful hands down over Connie's still-quaking thighs and smiled happily, her tiny-nippled tits quivering slightly. She was deeply flushed and her little nipples were stone-hard. Connie motioned to her. Both Emily and Kim snuggled against her, the three of them kissing and caressing each other, cuddling down after theirpassionate indulgence.

"I thought I was turning inside-out," Connie panted to Emily. "That was hot girlfriend loves anal and cum on her face beautiful!" "I love making love to your femininity," Emily said, with her slight accent and oddly archaic English. "You're taste is delicious and your labia are perfectly formed -- and so delicate!

I could kiss them for hours!" Connie kissed Emily's forehead and cupped one perfectly rounded breast.

Emily's tits were as amazing in their way as Kim's. Though less abundant than the beautiful young dance student's, Emily's breasts were perfectly proportioned to her elegant curves and were much more full than Connie would have expected from an Oriental. And they were so firm!

Kim's breasts wee fabulous in their own right. For one thing, they were large and firm, jutting with all the gravity-defying exuberance of her youth. But the true marvels were her nipples. They were not the usual aureole surrounding a pointed nozzle; the entire ends of her breasts were like huge nipples, swelling as hard and large as the shell of a walnut. "I feel so empty inside!" Connie whispered, writhing between her two lovers.

"Kim! Toy time!" Kim's eyes sparkled. She kissed Connie's cheek, then rolled across the wide waterbed to the edge. She grabbed the tote bag from beside the bed and knelt up straight, a vision of lush, abundant curves. With her rich tangle of hair falling disheveled about her face, she was lust personified.

With a flourish, Kim opened and upended the bag. The dildos and vibrators and lubricants tumbled to the undulating surface of the bed. Emily crawled to all fours across Connie's torso, knees on one side and hands on the other, to inspect the collection. "Oh, my!" sheexclaimed. Connie sat up. The muscles rippled on the abdomen of the dance teacher. "I want pantyhose free amateur bbw porn video 6d-pantyhose4u net tube porn two to agree to do whatever I tell you, now, okay?" Kim nodded at once; after a moment, Emily agreed, as well.

"Kim, outfit Emily with one of Joni's Butterflys, and pick a dildo for me. Grease it up good." "Okay, boss." "Whatever you wish." Kim selected exactly the dildo Connie had expected -- the big twenty-inch double dong -- and lubed it with half a tube of K-Y. Connie took the butt-plug and lubed it. She held it out to Emily, who took it by the flat base, examining it as if she'd never been in the Pink Pussycat Boutique and seen on display.

"For Kim." "Ah, so!" Emily said as Connie took the remote control for the Joni's Butterfly from Kim. The latex rectangle contained a smallvibrator. One side of the latex was flat and smooth; the other, shaped to fit into a woman's labia, was covered with low, rubber protuberances meant to transmit the vibrations to the sensitive inner flesh of the labia and to the clitoris.

The whole affair fitted neatly over Emily's sweet pussy and hot rainia gets free hot sex in the car held in place by an elastic strap that went around her waist and two garter-like straps that encircled her thighs.

Connie carefully thumbed the slide control to its lowest setting and watched Emily's eyes widen -- then half-close as her hips began to trace tiny circles of pleasure. Connie lay back slowly, legs wide. "You, too, Kim," she said, a gesture indicating Kim was to mirror her position, so their pussies would be open and nearly in alignment. "Emily, put that dildo into us." "Oh, yesss." Emily's voice was a lusty sigh as she hefted the large double-dong.

She frowned as she looked at Connie's little cunt. "Don't worry -- my husband is almost as thick. I want it!" Emily bent gracefully at the waist and put her face near the cuntal juncture.

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She smiled and that long tongue came out to lick Connie's cunt, then Kim's. Both recipients moaned and rolled their hips with pleasure. Connie tensed with anticipation when she felt Emily fitting the fat knob of the artificial cock into her cunt lips. She felt herselfstretching and giving way, slowly and with just a hint of the most wonderfully delicious discomfort. She thumbed the control on theButterfly higher. Emily emitted a polite, lady-like squeal and pushed the head of the dildo into Connie's cunt.

Connie felt as if she couldn't catch her breath. She struggled to regain control of her breathing long enough to say, "Kim -- hold the butt-plug." As Emily handed the butt-plug to Kim, she worked more of the fat dildo up Connie's hungry little cunt.

Three, four, five inches slid in, stretching and reaming her cunt in the most wonderful way. "Put the other end into Kimberly," Connie instructed. She groaned again as she felt the dildo flex and move inside her, responding to Emily efforts to align it. Kim's sigh and grunt of pleasure informed her when the insertion was made.

Connie groped blindly amateur petite teen fucked up the ass her fingers found Kim's. They gripped each other's hand and began working their cunnies toward contact, swallowing more and more of the big double dildo.

Connie felt Kim's soft pubic hair against her labia. "Roll a little," she gasped. Kim rolled halfway onto her side and Connie forced their cunts completely together. Connie managed to focus her gaze on Emily. The beautiful Japanese woman was staring with heavy-lidded eyes at the lewd sight of two lovely women impaling themselves on opposite ends of the same out-sized rubber cock. The sight was having its effect.

Emily's face, throat and chest were flushed, her breathing was shallow and rapid and her nipples were so swollen, they looked ready to burst. Her soft lips were parted and slightly and from time to time, the tip of her tongue flickered across them.

"Stick that plug up Kim's little backside," Connie breathed. Emily jerked, as if startled. She bent at the waist and kissed Kim's luxuriant hip as she slid the butt-plug into position.

Connie felt Kimberly's stiffening when it began to penetrate, then heard the deep sigh of contentment as the little rubber device was securely lodged. She pulled on Kim's hand to make her lay back flat on the bed and began slowly hunching her hips, fucking Kimberly with the double dong while she fucked her own overheated little pussy.

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"Get down here and lick us both!" Connie hissed. Emily didn't need a second invitation. Her wet, hungry lipsexplored the thighs and abdomen of each impaled woman in turn, then that marvelously agile tongue was tracing the tautly stretched labia -- or as much as she could reach -- and finally moved between two swollen clits.

It was there that Emily was in her glory and her talent was put to the best use. She kept her tongue between the two women and twitched it back and forth, as quick as a pink tuning fork, flicking at the tips of the two engorged clitorises. Connie reached down with one hand to cup Emily's breast. She closed her fingertips around the tiny, hard nipple and pulled on it slightly. She was rewarded with the soft exhalation of Emily's groan of pleasure. Anale teeny party full movie with busty tiziana redfords pinched the nipple hard and Emily shook and shivered and for a moment could only rest her cheek on Kim's shuddering abdomen.

Connie reached over and fingered the garter clasp of the Joni'sButterfly around Emily's left thigh. "Take it off," Connie ordered. "And sit on Kim's face -- but don't stop licking!" Emily complied with suddenly clumsy fingers and was visibly trembling with pleasure as she slowly moved into position, Her tongue never ceased to work its wonders on the two women.

Kim's groans of pleasure were muffled in the liquid softness of Emily's wet twat. Connie slowly worked herself off the dildo, regretting theemptiness its removal left inside her spasming cunt -- but looking forward even more to what was coming next. She quickly reversed herself on the bed, licking the insides of Kim's quivering, wide-flung thighs.

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She gripped the end of the dildo and pumped it quickly, almost savagely, in and out of Kim's young cunt. The strawberry blonde gasped and bucked at the combined stimuli of Emily's tireless tongue and the huge rubber phallus inside her.

Connie pushed more and more of the big fucker into her girlfriend, till fully a foot of it was buried inside Kim's hungry cunt. And then she pulled it out, completely. Connie heard Kim's muffled howls of frustration and saw how her cunt still gaped and drooled. She knew what Kim was feeling, what Kim craved. She groped for and found a tube of the K-Y and smeared it on her fingers. Then she slipped three fingers into Kim's twat. "Yes!" Even muffled by Emily's muff, Kim's cry was clearly audible.

Connie tucked a fourth finger into Kim's sopping pussy and waggled her digits back and fourth in the wet pool of Kim juice. Kim screamed and bucked her hips. Connie kept it up for more than a minute, then slid her fingers out of her beautiful friend and moved up on the bed. "My turn on her face," she whispered to Emily, her voice raspy with lust. Emily sat up slowly and turn passion-glazed eyes on Connie.

"My turn," Connie repeated and Emily slowly hoisted herself off Kim's face. Connie looked at the strawberry blonde's face and saw Kim was absolutely soaked with Emily's juices. Kim's face was slack, her lips were open, her eyes were closed, her hair was a mess -- and her tongue was still outstretched. Connie lowered her cunt directly over Kim's yearning tongue and shivered as she felt the slick pink mouth muscle move against her twat and clitoris.

She ground her cunt down onto Kim's mouth, her hands squeezing and pulling Kim's amazing nipples. "Get beside her and lean between her legs," she told Emily. The lusty, lovely Japanese woman slithered into place andimmediately began working her remarkable tongue around Kim's hungry cunt. Kim vented her pleasures on Connie's receptive cunt -- but Connie had something else in mind. She leaned forward and her tongue joined Emily's on Kimberly's cunt and clit. She reached to one side and grabbed the tube of K-Y jelly.

"Give me your hand," she told Emily. Emily moved in slow-motion, offering her hand. Connie smeared it with all the lubricant left in the tube. "Now stick three fingers into her," Connie whispered and felt a wave of lust wash through her as she watch the delicate fingers -- smaller than her own, black haired babe covered with semen after sex she'd noticed while they were eating dinner -- slide into her lover.

Kimberly had taken Connie's cunt, lips and all,completely into her mouth and was wildly licking and sucking. A series of small orgasms was detonating inside the petite ballet teacher's body, but she didn't let them distract her. "Another," she said to Emily anal sex with my real flexi doll watched the beautiful Asian's eyes close almost all the way as she complied. Connie grabbed Emily's forearm and began pumping the fingers in and out of her friend's cunt as if she were using a dildo and not another woman's fingers.

Beneath her, Kim was writhing and bucking, stiffening in orgasm from time to time from the twin pleasures of Connie's tongue on her clit and Emily's fingers in her cunt.

"Now tuck your thumb into your palm," Connie ordered. Emily's eyes widened slightly, but she complied. Connie pushed Emily's forearm toward Kim's cunt and watched Emily's hand begin to sink inside. Kimberly arched, her legs widespread and thighs trembling. She began rolling her hips in sharp, tight circles, trying to absorb Emily's hand. She was sucking crazily on Connie's cunt now, her tongue trying to get ever deeper into Connie's grasping quim. Connie pushed Emily's hand harder and harder, felt Emily tensing with the effort of pushing.

"You wanted to know how it felt to ream a woman? Ram your fist up her cunt!" she hissed. Emily moaned and then her hand disappeared into Kim. "UNnnnnngh!" Kim's loud grunt vibrated Connie's insides. She pushed Emily's hand deeper into Kim, till almost a third of her forearm was buried in the lush young blonde. She could feel Kim's abdomen bulging against her upper chest, could feel Emily's hand move inside. She felt Kim shuddering and groaning.

Emily's eyes widened. "She is having an orgasm!" she breathed, astonished. "I can feel it on my hand!" "Make a fist!" Connie hissed. "Give her more!" Kim writhed as Emily complied and Connie licked her cunt. She was bowed up off the bed now, seemingly locked in the difficult position and seemingly unable to relax from it.

Connie felt the orgasms washing through Kimberly. She moved her hand higher on Emily's arm, near the elbow, and rammed the Japanese woman's small fist deeper into Kim's welcoming cunt. Emily turned her face to Connie's. Her expression was half-crazed and totally passionate.

A tiny, evil smile played across her lips and she suddenly ducked her head forward and kissed Connie hungrily. Connie opened her mouth willingly to that amazing tongue. She relaxed her guiding grip on Emily's arm and when she broke the teen caught big tits milf fucking with her date in bed, saw that Emily was happily, greedily pumping Kim's insatiable cunt with her fist and half of her forearm.

Connie climbed off Kim's face and the young blonde immediately let out a scream of sheer pleasure. Her hips crashed down to the bed and bucked wildly. Connie saw her abdomen ripple and bulge in time with Emily's fisting. Her own cunt was yawning for food. She crawled over to the big double dildo and impaled herself on it, holding it with one hand while the other hand moved frantically over her clitoris. She shook with pleasure, wallowing in the decadence of what they were doing.

She crawled around behind Emily while Kim let loose another wild scream. The free end of the double dong dangled to the bed. It hung from Connie's cunt like an obscene imitation of hermaphroditic mutation. She knelt behind Emily, raised the other end of the dildo and nestled it against the gooey, gushing lips of Emily's upthrust cunt.

"I'm gonna FUCK you!" Connie barked and pushed the big dildo forward. Emily emitted a sharp blacks on kagney lyn carter of surprise and then pushed back with her hips, bracing herself by forcing her fist to the limit in Kim's spasming cunt. The huge rubber knob stretched Emily's small cuntprecariously and then slipped inside.

"Oh! You are splitting me in half!" Emily cried and pushed back for more. Kim screamed her pleasure again and started grunting and sobbing as she came and came again. Connie pushed the dildo forward, feeling the back pressure from Emily's tight twat. She got about five inches into the Japanese woman, then pulled back -- and rammed forward till all but an inch or so remained outside.

Emily fell forward and rammed her hand inside Kim, her face resting on Kim's shuddering abdomen. Connie began fucking in and out of the constricted Japanese cunt, savoring the hunching and stretching of the dildo inside herself while her fingers plucked at her swollen clitoris. She was cumming, too, nonstop, orgasm after orgasm cascading inside her and building strength.

The sight of Emily's long tongue on Kim's clitoris and Emily's arm buried halfway into Kim's lovely cunt, the sight and sound of Kimberly's powerful, unceasing orgasms and her cunt liquidly gripping Emily's forearm combined with the physical sensations and the smell of overheated cunt and sent Connie higher and higher. She couldn't hold herself upright any longer as the pleasures tore through her.

She leanedforward, draping herself over Emily's bowed back as their hips worked rapidly over the long, fat double dong. All three were cumming now, all three were lost in pleasure. When Emily shrieked, "I feel so depraved!" it was the final nudge for Connie. Yes, depraved naughty showing of hot milk shakes hardcore blowjob that was exactly what they were.

Depraved, sex-craving sluts and they loved it. The pleasure got to be too much, the orgasms too intense. She couldn't seem to draw a breath and her awareness was spiraling off and away into a dark, red pit of pleasure. She passed out just as Emily pulled her hand, fist still curled, out of Kimberly's clenching cunt and barely saw her sobbing, strawberry blonde student rubbing Emily's cunt-juiced hand over her fantastic nipples and on her face.* * * It was almost two o'clock in the morning before any of them stirred enough to be called "awake." Connie was cuddled to Kim's left side, Emily to the right.

Emily was lightly cupping Kim's wet cunt; Connie was gently licking the silky side swell of Kim's left breast. "I can't believe we came so much!" Kim breathed softly. "I can't believe she had her whole damn fist inside me and that it felt so good!" "The way you came so hard," Emily said softly. Whom she addressed was unclear and unimportant.

"It was making me cum just seeing it, being part of it." She raised her head and met Connie's gaze. "I didn't know an orgasm could be strong enough to make a woman pass out!" She lowered her face to rest on Kim's right tit. "I was thinking, when I had my hand in Kimberly and you had that huge dildo in me." "What?" Connie prompted. Emily managed to look embarrassed. "I was thinking that I wished we could have photographs of it, to see and remind me." She smiled shyly and her long tongue came out to lick Kimberly's dome-like nipple.

Connie giggled. "Gee, if you'd said something before, I could have set up the camcorder on the dresser. It works pretty good in low light." It was Kimberly who said, "Let's do it!" Emily shook her head. "No, no, I can't take that huge dildo again. It felt wonderfully pleasurable, but it was boys and anty sux xxx vidsex stories, too. Maybe another time." "My pussy can't take that fist again right now, either," Kimberly said, rolling toward Connie.

"Where's that camcorder?" "In the living room, next to the VCR." "Tape?" "We always keep a blank in it. But -- " Kim was already out of the bed and padding from the room, tits and buttocks jiggling just enough to be enticing. She returned a few moments later. "Oh, yeah, I know this model." She pushed some switches and it began a soft whirring.

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She set it on the dresser, aimed at the bed, and mugged momentarily for the lens, pinching her hardened nipples and tugging at her tits.

"I don't understand -- " Connie began. "I do," Emily said, smiling her depraved smile. She coaxed Connie to roll over, then pulled her up on all fours and slid beneath her from behind. Connie stiffened as she felt Emily's tongue hit her clitoris, then groaned with pleasure at the teasing, tantalizing touch of the tongue tip on her again-swollen clitoris. She saw Kimberly stuffing the end of the double-dildo into herself just as Emily slipped three fingers into her cunt.

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"Ohhh, noooo." Connie groaned as the fourth finger went in and she felt Kimberly behind her, straddling Emily's chest. "Fuck me," Connie gasped as Emily began working her thumb into her cunt and Kim started rubbing the free end of the big dildo against her asshole.

"And if we can't both fuck you are once," Kimberly said behind her, "that's okay. We'll take turns -- her little fist in your cunt and then this big fucker in your ass." Connie made a mewling noise as she felt Emily's hand widening her pussy entrance, working its way inexorably into her -- and suddenly, she wanted this, wanted it on tape, wanted it all.desperately.

She leaned back and in with her hips, forcing her cunt onto Emily's hand. "But you *are* going to get reamed, you slut!" Kimberly vowed. "Fuckmefuckfuckme." Connie wailed and they began giving her exactly what she was asking for.