Breathtaking sex for a sexy amazing bitch smalltits and homemade

Breathtaking sex for a sexy amazing bitch smalltits and homemade
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In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. XIV. "Dean? How are you doing, Baby?" Ashley's voice and a hand on my back. Without actually thinking about it in my half-asleep malaise, "Good. How are you?" A kiss on my ear and I smiled. A sharp smack on my ass stung me into alertness as I jerked, turning to see Kim smirking at me.

"Good morning, pretty boy." Pretty? I couldn't recall ever having been addressed as "Pretty Boy" before. I looked up at her as I finished turning onto my back.

"Anyone ever tell you that you have the bedside manner of a porcupine?" She put a hand on her hip and posed herself a diva. "I try." I looked back at Ashley to find her admiring me.

My heart stopped again in her beauty, and I reached up my hand to stroke her water-streamlined hair, now slicked back against her head. She smiled bigger, and sighed, as Kim picked up my own dampened towel in lieu of her own cum-stained one, and dried herself as she walked into the liz honey has dp in exclusive hidden scene. "We're hungry," she began.

"We're thinking pizza. Whaddaya think?" I hadn't had pizza in a while. "Sure." Then I remembered where we were. "Do they deliver here?" I was unfamiliar with the dynamics of a gated home.

She smiled at my inexperience. "No. We're too far out. We'll have to go get it." Having delivered pizzas myself a few years before, I suspected that it also had something to do with the fact that people with money don't tip. A guy in a trailer park will slip you a fiver, but people in houses like this one want exact change, and I despised them for it. Then I remembered that some money couple's hot young daughter had just jerked me off beside their pool, wiped my cum from her arm with their plush towel, behind their million-dollar home, and I found some closure.

"Do you want me to go with you?" "Of course, silly." I contemplated the scenario of leaving to go get pizza, and decided it to be an acceptable one. "Okay, let me get up and get dressed." She smiled gingerly. "Oh, you don't need to get dressed; you're not getting out of the car." I stopped. son fuck sister caught mom kidding, right?" She couldn't possibly be serious. "Nope," she said smugly. "You don't need clothes if you stay in the car." I had to object.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure I do." Ashley started at me intently. "Are you sure about that, Dean?" I fucking hated that. I couldn't tell if she was threatening me or not, and it made it hard for me to like her. As I was deliberating, her expression changed to cheeriness, and she added, "Think about it, Sweetie, why would you need clothes? No-one will see you. I tell you what, I'll get Kim to take the Land Rover; its windows are tinted. How does that sound?" It was less of a question and more of a request for confirmation.

I knew I wasn't going to win, and the Land Rover sounded much better than Kim's wide open Subaru. "Okay." "Great!" She asked me what I liked on my pizza, and I told her that I was easy perfect natural breasts keisha grey sofi ryan natasha nice lena paul mark wood please. She giggled as she went to dry herself. When she started into the house, she tossed me her towel, and I dried myself before following her.

I noticed that the clothes I had been wearing earlier had disappeared, and I was unsurprised. We found Kim in the kitchen, dressed again and brushing swimming tangles aggressively from her hair.

"Pizza's a go," announced Ashley, as Kim winced at us in pain, finishing her bout of brutality with the brush and setting it on the counter. I asked her if I could use it for a moment, and she made another jab about the length of my hair before giving permission. Ashley smiled at out exchange, passing out bottles of water she'd procured from who knows where, then said to Kim, "Okay, you call it in.

I'm going to get dressed," and walked hurriedly to the stairs, leaping up them in a moment. She was amazing. Kim watched me and my hair for a few moments uncharacteristically in silence. I returned the brush to her when I was done, and she asked, "Why is your hair so long?" I explained to her that I'd had short hair all my life until a couple of years ago, due to various reasons, and when I'd finally had the option of letting it grow, I'd gone with it, just to do it.

I'd grown quite accustomed to it in recent months, as it had finally become long girl or black guy mature elephant to become manageable, so I was not keen on cutting it. She went silent again for a few moments before reaching for the phone and asking, "So, no clothes?" She had apparently noticed that I was not dressing for our expedition out to retrieve the pizza.

"Nope," I responded, my dissatisfaction evident in my tone. Kim ignored my delivery as she was dialing. "Didn't think so." She smiled at me a different kind of smile, and I felt she was beginning to warm up to me. I asked her where her bathroom was before disappearing down the hall. I reentered the kitchen a few minutes later to find them waiting for me. Kim had redressed in her earlier clothes, and was now sporting a cap, and I thought the look suited her.

Kim said, "Okay, let's go," and we shuffled through the den back into the garage. As we piled into the Range Rover, Ashley and Kim in the front and me in the back behind Kim, she declared, "Dean, if you stain my hawt sex session receives started hardcore and blowjob seat with anything, so help me God, I'll fucking kill you." So much for her warming up to me.

"Yaz'm," I replied, trying to lighten her mood with humor. Ashley chuckled, but Kim was unaffected. "I'm fucking serious, Dean. Don't fuck up my mother's upholstery." A more direct approach was apparently required.

"Got it," as I shut the door, and remarked to myself what a shame it was that such a beautiful girl as Kim should have such an abrasive temperament. The garage door opened, and Kim carefully navigated us onto the street. Ashley and Kim started talking about something that sounded school related, and I had no frame of reference, so I tuned them out, watching the scenery go by as the little boy in my head kept tugging on his mother's arm.

Momentarily, I had stopped thinking about the enjoyment of my time with them, and was seriously trying to think of a way out of my mess. Before even considering the possible danger of opposing Ashley, I had to consider the fact that I was naked, in a strange car, soon to return to a strange house. Once I was back in the house, if I could manage to get my clothes back, I still had no idea how to get to my car.

I decided in mild frustration that I would just have to ride this one out until I could get back to my car. Perhaps then I would be able to find a solution to my dilemma. Traffic started to thicken, and I became nervous. I knew no-one could see me behind the privacy glass of the Range Rover, but my mind was still filled with worst-case scenarios.

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What if we're pulled over, or get into an accident? My head started hurting again. Soon, I was returned to the present as we reached the Pizza place, and Ashley waited with me in the car while Kim left to retrieve the pie. Ashley unfastened her seatbelt and turned around in her seat. "How are you doing?" She was looking me up and down mischievously again. Even as stressed as I was, the idea of her checking me out still brought life to my loins, and my manhood shifted slightly.

"Oh, hanging in there." I looked at her for a few moments, then resumed my scrutiny of life outside of my window. Ashley sensed my discomfort. "Oh Dean, you're fine. Everything's fine.

I won't let anything happen to you." She seemed so genuine in her compassion. "We're just gonna go back to Kim's, hang out, eat pizza, and have some fun. You're having a good time, right?" I kept looking out the window. "Well, yeah, but… I'm just stressed." I turned back to her, my face flooded with concern.

"If anyone finds out, I will go to jail. You know that, right?" She frowned, and I could see that my words had saddened her. She paused for a few seconds before looking me in the eye, "Dean, I promise you that no-one will ever know." I'd yet to see her this serious.

I decided with a deep breath to clear the air. "What about the pictures? What are you going to do with the pictures?" "Sweetie, those pictures are for us, only. I will never show them to anyone else, I promise." She could see that I still wasn't quite satisfied. "I'm sorry I've been teasing you, but I didn't think it messed you up that bad.

I won't do it anymore." I sighed in relief. I still wasn't totally okay with the situation, but I believed her about the pictures. "Okay," I offered. She exhaled, and continued. "Dean. I like you. Kim likes you even though she doesn't show it. We just want to have some fun with you, okay?

I promise you'll enjoy it. I mean, you're enjoying it so far, right?" I saw Kim exit the front of the building and said, "Here's Kim." Ashley turned back to the front as Kim walked to the passenger side of the vehicle.

I thought she was about to hand the box off to Ashley, and when her hand reached instead for the back door handle opposite me, I panicked. "What the fuck?" She opened the door, carefully slid the large pie box onto the seat next to me, and huge boobed girl and red sex toy masterbation and pornstars, "Please keep an eye on this, okay?" I just nodded as I observed every single person in the world walk or drive by behind her before she finally closed the door.

"Done," Kim said as she slipped back into the driver's seat, and in moments we were headed back in the direction of the house. She and Ashley started talking about their school things again, so again I looked out the window. When I realized I was smiling softly, I began to understand that I was relaxing just a bit. It amused me that I would be able to relax at all being driven naked down the road by a couple of sixteen-year-old girls in broad daylight, and my smile grew larger.

I detected a lull in the girls' big titty milf eager for big cock free porn dd on, and decided to make an effort to join in. "So, Kim, you mentioned a game last night. Are you in sports?" As soon as I said it, I realized how lame I'd sounded. Kim said, "Yeah. I'm a bowler." Ashley started laughing and slapped her friend on the arm.

"Um, I had a basketball game yesterday." Ashley was still laughing. "I'm on the volleyball team with Ash, too." "I see. How'd the game go?" I suddenly felt ridiculous trying to initiate small talk in the nude. With just a little hint of pride, "We won, forty-eight to thirty-two." "Cool," and I was done talking for the short remainder of the trip. Safely back in the garage, Kim and I were opening our doors when Ashley piped up.

"Dean, Sweetie, would you mind carrying the pizza?" "Sure." Kim interjected, "Yeah, boy," and made the cracking whip noise again. I just kept my head down and carried the pizza into the den, and Kim brought plates and napkins and drinks from the kitchen. She stole a kiss from Ashley as she handed her a bottle of water. Ashley said, "Thanks, Sweetie." I stirred as I took my first bite of pizza. XV. A couple of hours later, I was in the pool, thoughtlessly treading water. The sun was getting lower in the sky.

It had been around twenty-four hours since Ashley had asked me to take her for a ride, and I was now as relaxed as I'd been in that whole time.

Ashley's mother had called a short time ago to make sure everything was okay, and I'd excused myself outside as they spoke, quietly descending into the cooling waves. The girls had talked about making cookies shortly before the call, and I assumed that's what they were doing now.

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I started to think about getting home. Would Ashley want to come home with me again? Oddly, I felt more comfortable being with her at home than somewhere else. I figured I somehow had more control at home, and under these circumstances, more control was better. Ashley was smart, as was Kim.

I'd learned this in the last hour or two sitting on the floor of Kim's den, talking about everything and nothing with them as we listened to music on Kim's computer. They were both smart, but they were also inexperienced, and I couldn't trust either of them to make good judgements. I was in the middle of the pool when I heard a splash behind me. I was shallow enough to get some footing, and turned to see Ashley's naked, submerged form gliding silently toward me.

She reached my knees, then used my body to pull herself up before me, and I held onto her waist once she'd surfaced. Cheerful as ever, she greeted me.

"Hi," she said simply. I smiled, genuinely happy she was there. "Hi." She pulled herself closer, wrapping her legs around my waist, and I supported her in the water, her firm breasts pressed against my chest as my manhood began to stiffen.

We stayed face to face for several moments, scanning each others' eyes for something. I didn't know what it was, and I doubted she did, either. Her merry smile retreated from her lips slowly More and more I was beginning to appreciate her and the way she made me feel. I felt desired. She desired me. And while it wasn't love, her desire for me was more than just the desire for my prick in her pussy.

In the past couple of hours, we'd laughed and joked and talked and learned about the way each other thought about things. I was discovering that she was amazing through and through. I looked at her lips, and she moved them into mine, kissing me first briefly, then returning again for something more meaningful, and I happily joined her in her search. Our kiss was not mad or burning, but it was substantial. Our mouths watching horny blond action at the pool for some kind of satisfaction, and for my part, I somehow felt we were getting closer to finding it with every passing moment.

My erection grew, finding its way upward to be stopped by her bum, and she began to move to and fro upon it. I moaned my desire into her mouth, and she ceased the kiss, pulling her head back to look at me, still moving along my shaft.

She loosened her grip on me to reach a hand down between her legs and grab my spear, carefully guiding it to her entrance. When she became satisfied with my position, she pushed down gently. I'd never made love underwater. Breathtaking peach is showing off her stretched juicy vagina in closeup began to understand that the water was washing away her natural fluids, making it more difficult for her to take me, but she was determined.

Her hands on my shoulders, she pushed down in little movements, serious concentration evident in her expression as she continued to look into me. Again and again she pressed until I was deep inside her. Then, with one final pull of her legs around my buttocks, we were locked. She rested like this for a few moments before bending forward to kiss me lightly, saying, "Back against the side of the pool." I carried her there, my hands on her buttocks, and she told me to grab the edge, which I did.

She kissed me one more time before laying back with her hands still on my shoulders. She closed her eyes and began to grind into me slowly as I held on for balance. Though there was no rhythm or pattern to her movements, I could see that she was focused intently on what she was doing. I was enjoying her on me, but I could tell very quickly that I would not climax like this.

I could tell she lesbian milf seduces teen college beauty www sixty9cams com tube porn enjoying me, too, so I watched her as she continued to move against me. I began to appreciate this unique experience. Though I was holding on to the edge of the pool, I still felt as if I, too, were suspended in the water, and that our mega sexy teen hot brunette masturbate on webcam was so singular as to exclude the universe around us.

I closed my eyes in appreciation of the sensation, wondering if she was experiencing the same thing. I stayed like this for a few minutes before opening my eyes again to find Ashley studying me. She was enjoying herself, but I could blak cock new 2019 beeg xnxxcom that she was frustrated, I supposed that she would be unable to find release like this, as well.

I let go of the side of the pool and pulled her closer to me as I walked us to the shallow end. I lifted her small frame up off me and onto the side of the pool, resting her legs on my shoulders as I planted a hard kiss on her labia. She lay back on the boardwalk. I watched rivers of water shimmer in the last of the direct sunlight as they cascaded down her flesh, and my heart skipped. I began planting tender little kisses all over the outside of her sex.

Her skin was soft and cool, and I enjoyed the intimacy of the moment immensely. I reached out with my tongue to separate her folds, and she moaned softly. The taste of the pool water was a little disheartening, but I continued with my exploration nonetheless, knowing I'd be rewarded for my persistence. Running my tongue up and down the lengths of her folds, I would stray occasionally to plant a kiss on her squarely but gently.

I moved up to tease her button, and she jerked softly. I took it into my mouth and sucked gently for several seconds, flicking lightly with the tip of my tongue, and she started to squirm.

I licked and kissed and sucked for several minutes before reaching into her. I parted her sex with my tongue, and she moaned heavily as I found the beginnings of her moisture releasing upon me, and the flavor was welcome after the pool water. I dove for more, pulling her onto me with my arms wrapped around her legs on my shoulders, my tongue exploring her tunnel eagerly, yet lovingly.

I was not aggressive, only persistent. I continued on her like this for several minutes, withdrawing occasionally to lap up the juices she was beginning to spill freely. She was writhing and moaning and her hands came down to grab my hair, pulling me into her. As my tongue explored her, my nose pressed against her button, and I turned my head slightly from right to left as I dove into her.

After a while, she started shaking, pulling my head into her hard and digging her heels into my back as a long, deep wail escaped from far inside her. I pushed into her as far as I could as juices flowed from her copiously. I continued on her without relent until her hands and legs released me. I slowly diminished my movements until I was merely lapping up her juices from between her folds, and still she shook.

Finally she whispered, "Please, no more." I ran my the tip of my tongue up the length of her seam one more time before a final kiss, then stood up to see her laying motionless before me. She shuddered once, and I was satisfied. "Damnit, Ash," I heard Kim yelling from the door. "You said I would be next!" Ashley started giggling. XVI. The sun was disappearing, racing off to find tomorrow as I washed my face in pool water and Ashley's giggling faded. When my eyes reopened, I looked at her to find her gazing at me adoringly.

Kim had disappeared from the doorway, and I expressed my concern to Ashley that Kim had seemed genuinely agitated. "Oh, she'll be fine," Ashley asserted. Kim and I had gotten more comfortable with each other over the pizza and following hours. She slowly became less abrasive and we'd engaged each other in some meaningful conversation.

I hoped she wasn't too upset. The automatic pool lights came on as I ascended from the water, my erection still quite prominent. I detected faintly on the air the aroma of the cookies the girls were making. Of course, Ashley had abandoned Kim when she'd joined me in the pool, leaving Kim to finish the job herself. I began to think I should check on Kim to make sure she wasn't pissed. I recovered a towel and began drying myself before sitting down beside where Ashley was still enjoying her afterglow, my feet dangling next to hers in the water.

I put a hand on her thigh as I said, "So what's going on with getting me home?" She didn't open her eyes. She only spoke softly into the air, "You're staying here with us, tonight. Kim and I decided." It had been a while since I'd shared a bed with two women, and I began remembering the pleasures of the arrangement before realizing a few difficulties with the plan tonight.

I began relaying them to her, "Well, there's a problem with that. I've got medication I have to take. And I'm gonna have to get back to my house sometime before work tomorrow because my headphones are there." One last thing, "Oh, and I'm not too keen on leaving my car in that parking lot overnight." Almost a minute passed before Ashley spoke again.

"Okay. We'll take you back to your car and follow you home? You can get whatever you need, and we'll bring you back here. Okay?" Without the cloud of blackmail looming over us, I was becoming comfortable with her passive dominance. I considered her plan, and agreed. I still would have preferred to have Ashley at my place, but her plan was acceptable. I started getting up before Ashley grabbed my arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" I stopped and turned to find her looking at me. I smiled and planted a kiss on her before answering, "I'm going to get some water. Would you like some?" Her response was immediate, "Yeah." She released me and I kissed her again before rising and moving into the house. Kim was wearing only a t-shirt and panties when I entered, and I gasped silently as I took her in, stunned by how good she looked in the thoughtless ensemble.

She was lifting cookies from a sheet as I composed myself. "Hey, Kim." "Hey, Dean." Her words were flat. "Want a cookie?" She was clearly not pleased, whether about being abandoned or left out, I wasn't sure. Whatever it was, it wasn't focused at me, and she didn't seem extremely perturbed. "They smell great," I said as I approached her from behind. I placed a hand on the small of her back, and reached around her with my free hand for a sample, my semi-erect manhood bumping gently against her leg.

She paid it no mind, and I stood next to her as I consumed the treat. "Delicious," my mouth still half full. She looked at me hopefully. "You think so?" "Oh, yeah," and I meant it. Kim was smiling at me now. I finished the cookie, then looked up into her beautiful blue eyes.

I sensed a sadness, and it bothered me. I had begun to learn that she was a sensitive girl, and the idea that something with her was amiss did not sit well with me.

I reached my hand up to her cheek. "You're very beautiful," I offered softly. Her smile expanded and began to spread into her eyes. She really was beautiful, and there was depth to her beauty.

Her acerbic demeanor belied a tender complexity. I doubted her family could appreciate it, and I knew certainly that her own peers would have used it against her, were they to detect it. Perhaps that was why her manner was so caustic.

Even as I considered these things, I saw her defenses weaken, and she was even more beautiful for it. I reached up as I tenderly pulled her down to me, and I kissed her softly and carefully.

I released her and smiled at her, showing her how happy her acceptance had made me, and her own smile now seemed purified. We continued to gaze into each other for several moments before I broke free, and recovered a bottle of water, heading back out to the pool.

As I approached, Ashley sat up. I cracked the bottle open and handed it to her. She took several large gulps before handing the bottle back to me, and asking, "She okay?" I smiled to myself and said, "Yeah, I think so," before taking a drink. "So, am I sleeping on the floor or… How is this going to work?" Though I'd been made to sleep at the foot of a woman's bed before, I knew Ashley wasn't that kind of girl.

Still, it was fun to stir her brain. "God, no! Why would I want you to sleep on the floor?" She seemed almost horrified at the idea. "Well," I began as seriously as I could, "It wouldn't be the first time." I was very interested to see where her mind would take her. Wherever she was going, she was traveling quickly. She sat in silence for some time as I waited patiently. Finally, she began, "I don't want a pet… Well, I sorta do… Whatever, you're just sleeping with me." I chuckled softly.

"Okay." She slapped my leg playfully. "Don't laugh at me!" Then, she reached up and grabbed me aggressively by my manhood, smiling gingerly, and yanked lightly downward, catching me off-guard. I yelped in mild unexpected discomfort before smiling and saying, "Yes, Mistress." She smiled substantially at this as she continued to hold on to me.

Her hand still squeezing me, she said, "Come here," as she pulled gently on me. I knelt down and she kissed me for several moments before releasing my stiffening member and saying, "Help me up." I followed Ashley into the house before she made straight for Kim.

Kim didn't look at her, removing new cookies from a new sheet. Ashley pulled down on her, kissing her on the cheek and saying, "I'm sorry, Sweetie; I couldn't help myself." Kim looked at son and sleeping mom creampie. "I know, it's okay." Finally she smiled at Ashley and said, "Here, have a cookie." Ashley absolutely beamed at her friend as she took one from the pile and started chewing.

"Mmmm, this is SO good." Kim just smiled as she finished transplanting cookies from sheet to plate. Ashley finished her cookie, then started to tell Kim the new plan. Before she began, I said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to get this pool water off me. Is it alright if I shower while you two are talking?" Ashley was still looking at Kim when she plainly said, "No," before going on to pass her information to the other girl. I was somewhat surprised at the way she'd casually dismissed me.

I didn't know whether to be offended or turned on. Once throated chocolate tatooed skin diamond gets her facefuck hard finished with Kim, she blonde hottie serves a large shaft on gloryhole to me that we all needed showers, and she and Kim were going first. I said, "Yes, Ma'am," though still smiling, not quite serious about it. Kim finished with the cookies before Ashley quickly slipped me one more kiss before being led off in the hand of her friend.

As they went, Kim said, "There's beer in the fridge, if you want one." Then they disappeared upstairs. I absolutely wanted a beer. I grabbed a bottle, popped the top off, and took it outside with me to sit by the pool, enjoying the evening air as I contemplated. I imagined the best possible scenario for the girls in the shower, and smiled.