Larissa and sonya have some kinky fun

Larissa and sonya have some kinky fun
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I've always disliked winter for it's cold weather and snow. However this winter was hot. in a manner of speaking. I was sitting in a car,parked by a grocery store waiting for my date, to finish shopping.

When i say 'date' i mean it, 40 minutes ago I've bust a nutt in my 37 year old english teacher at school and was now waiting for her to buy condoms so we can continue our little adventure back at her aparttment. about 5 minutes later,she came out and got in the car (Driver's seat,it sexy blonde teen homemade sex with big facial her car afterall).

She gave me handed me the plastic bag she came out with,i looked inside,and counted 9 packs, equalls 27 condoms, i knew it would be a long night, but not that long. She started the engine and started driving to what i thought was supposed to be her apartment, but after about 10 minutes of driving, she pulled over and drove inside a A multi-story car parking lot, We drove all the way to the third store and she parked in a dark cornered space, it was all quiet and really dark,i couldn't see her, but i felt her moving and then i felt her legs and ass cheecks on my laps, her titts pressed against my chest and i could feel her breath near my left ear.

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She whispered,my son is at my apartment right now,we can't go there, he'll leave in an hour or two,hope you're not too disappointed. I felt her warm lips touching mine, and her tongue rubbing against mine,i heard something like a little *squish* and i felt something wet and wet running down my mouth, i couldn't believe how sweet she tasted, she was rubbing my balls with her ass, we were kissing and dry-humping for a minute or two. It was cold, taking off her clothes was a big 'No' for her,luckily she was wearing a skirt.

She carefully slid her panties off and moved it closer to my face, as she got closer and she started smelling her panties while at the same time kissing me.

That woman was a freak, but it only turned me on even more so! She kept kissing me really dirty while holding her panties in her hand right next to our faces. She unzipped my pants,and i could feel her cold hand grabbing by rock hard cock, i felt some kind of rubber touching the tip of cock,only then i realized she was rolling a condom down my penis.

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She started to move and i could hear her rustle,when i felt my cock entering her warm and wet pussy,she leaned against the car panel and lifed her feet putting her feet on my lap.

It Was a little uncomfortable, considering she was wearing high heeled, black leather boots. She started bouncing up and down, riding my cock real hard.

I've never used drugs, but if i did i'm pretty sure it wasn't as good as having your 37 year old Freak milf teacher riding your cock in a car.

I was swelling in pleasure, everything was so intense, i heard her moaning and grunting as my balls kept slapping her big ass cheeks, after quite some time the same routine started, she started sweating, and this time even more,she had even more clothes this time and she was riding me harder than she was at school, a couple of minutes later the smell got to me it was so strong, but it didn't bother me non, it turned me on even more as my dick got even harder and i started to move my hips more and fucked her hard.

She kept grunting: - ugh uugh, don't stop! i kept fucking her harder and harder. - aaah yes baby fuck me! fuck me harder! i was so busy fucking her, i didn't even notice the car was bouncing. - I'm gonna cum,don't stop,ahh don't stop!! And i didn't, i was about to cum myself when she started moaning really loud. - aaaaaahh god! ugggh. I was afraid someone might hear us so i got to her face real fast and started kissing her, just when i was about to cum.

I came inside the condom,and kept kissing my teacher as she leaned forward on me and moved the both of us on the seat away from the panel. She took the condom off and threw it out the window,and we got back to kissing. couple of minutes after she stopped and pulled her cellphone out of her jacket.

- My son's leaving in a couple of minutes (She said smiling at me) I only smiled back,as she leaned on me and laid on top of me. Her odor was amazing, i started kissing her neck and rubbing and grabbing her ass, her smell was so strong it got me hard again within minutes.

My teacher noticed that. - Would you like me to blow you? (she asked) - uh.yeah! of course (i responded) she slid down the seat and squatted down on the car floor and started sucking my dick rubbing my balls with her cold fingers.

It felt so good i couldn't believe it was happening, she kept sucking me for a minute or two but then things got more intense as xxx story ebony yousex fairy tales download started stroking my dick hard and gagging on.

I felt my balls pulsating. - Ahh shit, i'm cumming (I said in a quiet tone) She swallowed my dick completely, and i came right in her mouth, she started gagging on my cock as she swallowed my sperm.

After i was finished she took a short break and got back into my arms. I've zipped my pants, covering my dick, and enjoyed the time. about 15 minutes later my teacher's phone started to vibrate,she took it out of her pocket (apperantly it was a text message) - Okay the coast is clear She got back onto the driver's seat after putting her panties on and we started to drive back to her apartment.

- Don't worry my son won't disturb us any more, he was only in-town for a couple of days, he's on his way home now. My teacher said trying to comfort me. After a couple of minutes of driving, we pulled family strokes stepdads side of the bed alyce anderson by her apartment.

- Well i hope you're ready, I'm gonna fuck the shit out off you this whole week Said my teacher,licking her lips. Part 3 coming soon.